Unification News for December 2001

International Leadership Conference New York

by Nanette Doroski

The New York ILC was held in the Crystal Room of the New Yorker Hotel. It was an excellent event with 156 participants and 142 Ambassadors of Peace appointed. New Jersey and Pennsylvania participated to make this event a success.

Mr. Bill Lay and Mr. Farley Jones were the moderators. Mr. Neil Salonen, my spiritual father, did Dr. Walsh’s Power Point presentation. Neil spoke of our ethics. How the workers at the Marriot Hotel next to the twin towers that went down, ran out and did not even warn the people staying in the hotel. Neil, with his humor, mentioned how we long for the day when we won’t have to open up our Christmas Cards wearing gas masks and rubber gloves.

Iman Ameer Pasha Salawhidin, director of the Islam Center, gave an excellent speech. Alexa Ward spoke about the Women’s Federation. David Konn and Rev. Dr. Raymond Rugen Blanchette spoke on "One Community One Family"; the AFC effort in New York and New Jersey to help after the Sept. 11 tragedy. Carol Probanz, representing the Religious Youth Services, spoke on the Young Ambassadors of Peace. Young people going out and helping the world. At the luncheon I gave an explanation of Parents Day and the American Century Awards and asked for nominations.

Under the AFC portion, Richard Panzer spoke on "Violence in Male and Female Relationships" with a Power Point presentation. Rev. Carlton Barrett spoke on a program called "Marriage Missionaries." One woman spoke with him and she explained how her minister wouldn’t help save her marriage. Ministers just marry you and forget about you. The woman’s present minister stood up and said he just wanted everyone to know he wasn’t the minister of her church when all this happened and everyone had a good laugh.

Then I gave a presentation on 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families. Many leaders came to me and told me they were interested to come to a full program. This was my second presentation. I gave a presentation at the Suffolk Community College.

The ACLC Portion was moderated by Levy Daugherty. Then Bishop Stalling, Bishop Billings and Rev. Jesse Edwards all spoke. It was absolutely amazing collection of great speeches. I wish I had filmed this to show at other conferences. It was my biggest mistake. It was a very strong team.

The final program consisted of Tyler Hendricks presenting a Power Point presentation on the Spiritual World and the Blessing. This was to educate our Ambassadors on the Blessing to prepare them for receiving it and also for the future transition into the next plane of existence. Christianity has so little idea about the life after and how our daily life affects us in the next life. I was sorry we did not have more time. In my next program I am going to allocate more time for this area. The best part of this conference was that we had so many visual presentations and videos and not just speech after speech.

I used as readers two AFC Alumni that I have taught Divine Principle to completely and who accepted our Founder. Rev. Dr. Sapphire Anderson and Ebony Kirkland, CEO of Ebony Marketing and Research. Our program ran from 10AM to 4:30PM. At 5PM buses took everyone to the Zion Methodist Church where the Family Federation sisters prepared and served a wonderful dinner: salmon, chicken, shrimp and Mother spoke to later to a gathering of 3,000.

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