Unification News for November 2001

Los Angeles Interfaith Prayer Breakfast and Minister Gathering

by BillieAnn Sabo

The We Will Stand In Oneness Interfaith Prayer Breakfast held Saturday, October 27 in Los Angeles was absolutely life changing and powerful. It was attended by over 200 ministers, pastors, imans and guests. Our keynote speaker was Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings, Jr., Founder and Patriarch of the African American Catholic Congregation Imani Temple on Capitol Hill. He and Mrs. Stallings flew in Friday night and didn't leave until Sunday night. They stayed at Pasadena House, real True Parents' home. Besides giving the keynote speech at the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast, he also addressed the Los Angeles congregation at Sunday service.

His speech at the breakfast received huge applause and a standing ovation. His message was True Parentism and Interreligious Unity. The wonderful thing about his speech is that he was speaking True Parents words, True Parents vision, True Parents hopes and desires, but he was also embracing all the Christians and Muslims in attendance so they could receive the word. Our second speaker was Dr. William E. Baker, Founder and President of Christians and Muslims for Peace (CAMP). His message was a powerful plea for unity between all faiths ? working together in harmony.

We were also blessed by the attendance of Rev. Michael Jenkins, President of FFWPU and Co-Chair-man of the National ACLC who flew overnight Friday night to attend our Interfaith Prayer Breakfast meeting. Rev. Jenkins gave a short but very powerful speech on "We Will Stand In Oneness", working together, standing together as children of God. We are one!

Dr. Kene Holliday, Evangelist and National ACLC, did a fantastic job as usual as our MC. Dr. Wiley Drake, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Buena Park gave the Invocation. During breakfast, two of our local singers sang "From Heaven the Lord Looks Down" followed by our Regional Director, Rev. and Mrs. Baek Joong Ku singing a Korean song "hometown".

Our breakfast meeting included a gospel reading and prayer, given by Rev. Harry Hendricks, Pastor of the Church of the Living God; a Qur'an reading and prayer, given by an Iman from the Islamic Center of Hawthorne and an excerpt from Rev. Moon's recent speech on Oct. 21st at the UN Assembly 2001 in NY and prayer, given by Rev. Jack Ashworth, ACLC Coordinator of Los Angeles.

An introduction to next month's Interfaith Bridge Crossing Ceremony was announced followed by a door prize drawing of Father's book: Prayers. This was a very inspiring door prize and other pastors wanted to buy copies to have for themselves. During the entire prayer breakfast, ministers were applauding, shouting Hallelujah and some were in tears because of the powerful message. This was a wonderful prayer meeting and extremely high spirited. This was the largest prayer breakfast in Los Angeles so far.

Evening Meeting

That Saturday evening, we held a high-level ministerís dinner at Pasadena House. It was a very elaborate 4-course meal, which pleased their physical bodies. Fellowship was encouraged during the dinner.

After dinner, we showed the 60 Couples Blessing tape from May 27th featuring AB Stallings couple, Dr. Holliday's couple and Dr. Harris. Afterward, Archbishop Stallings gave a wonderful testimony about his blessing and why he started working with Family Federation, why he joined the 50 State Speaking Tour and why he can accept Rev. Moon as the Second Coming. The ministers listened very carefully with open ears. It was very good for them to hear.

After that, Rev. Jenkins gave a very internal, very necessary talk on the fall of man and the course of Jesus and Rev. Moon. Again, the ministers listened with very open ears and applauded both speakers when they were finished. Restoration took place during this dinner and many Los Angeles "John the Baptists" were born.

Saturday was a new beginning for Los Angeles. It was a victory in the morning and a victory in the evening. It has brought our minister providence to a higher level. Now their next step is to support and participate in the Interfaith Bridge of Peace Ceremony and the 3-day Minister Workshop in November.

The weekend finished with Archbishop Stallings addressing our own church congregation Sunday morning. He gave a wonderful speech to our members about "Don't Give Up". Once a seed is planted, with nourishing, even if it takes 25 years, life can still sprout. This was his personal testimony and our members were very encouraged and inspired to hear it. We are thankful to God and True Parents for this past glorious weekend and we are determined to make victory!!

BillieAnn Sabo is the Regional Coordinator for the Los Angeles area.

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