Unification News for November 2001

Interreligious and International Federation For World Peace - Peace Prayer and Walk for Global Peace

by Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi

The Peace Prayer took place on October 12 at Data Darbar Lahore, Pakistan. In this event more than 30,000 people participated. I was requested to attend as a special guest of this grand event of prayer.

The other event was a "Walk for Global Peace and Role of Pakistan." It was organized by our Daily Pakistani Newspaper Din and I was asked to lead this walk as an IIFWP Ambassador for Peace.

At the end of both events I conveyed a message of good will and peace on behalf of IIFWP Chairman, Rev. Dr. Kwak. Most of our Urdu newspapers have published cover story of both events. My Ambassador for Peace mission assigned by Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh has been highly appreciated by our people.

People of Pakistan pray for success of our upcoming conference and hope it will bring awareness about peace and harmony globally. Finally, I would say that I am availing every moment my stay for God's Providence.

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