Unification News for November 2001

Ambassadors for Peace

The Ambassador for Peace initiative began at WCSF 2001, on the foundation of the Coronation of Godís Kingship, and at the time of the World Peace Blessing. At WCSF2001, a resolution was prepared, inviting leaders from all fields to join together as volunteers to work together with the IIFWP for the sake of changing the world, and ushering in an age of peace.

After WCSF 2001, two International Leadership Seminars were convened in Washington, D.C., and these participants were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Soon thereafter, Rev. Kwak was directed to travel to each continent, convening leadership seminars and appointing Ambassadors for Peace. These seminars were convened in Miami, Florida, USA; Praha, Czech Republic; Moscow, Russia; Montevideo, Uruguay; Sydney, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand; Nairobi, Kenya; and Istanbul, Turkey.

In May of this year, at IIFWPís International Symposium, held in New York, several hundred world leaders, including many former heads of state, were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Shortly after this conference, True Father initiated a speaking tour in Korea, and appointed 2000 Ambassadors for Peace.

At the present time, Rev. Kwak is carrying out educational programs in 21 nations, and included in this program is the appointment of Ambassadors for Peace. At the recent, Assembly 2001, the leaders gathered in New York (October 19-22) were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace, and in the USA, International Leadership Conferences are now being carried out in every state, with the goal of appointing 2000 new Ambassadors for Peace before the end of the year.

In the highest sense, Ambassadors for Peace are the direct representative, not of a people, religion, or nation, but of God and True Parents. In this sense, the Ambassadors represent Godís ideal kingdom. The certificate they receive bears signatures prepared by Father and Mother specifically for Ambassadors for Peace .

Although True Parents do not have a sovereign nation which would naturally have ambassadors, these Ambassadors represent Godís ideal nation. From heavenís point of view, current nations, and even the United Nations, do not represent Godís original ideal. Thus, this worldís ambassadors are not truly representative of Godís ideal. The Ambassadors for Peace are to be representatives of Godís ideal.

There are three guiding principles for the Ambassadors for Peace:

1. Live for the sake of others. This is the central principle of the citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. 2. Become an exemplary family, fulfilling the ideal of the Blessing in your family. 3. Overcome the barriers---race, religion, nationality, culture, class---that divide people.

In general terms, an Ambassador for Peace is someone who has studied Fatherís vision, affirms its basic principles and practices, and chooses to work together with us to bring about changes in the world; changes such as promoting character education and purity for youth; strengthening marriage and family; encouraging and practicing interreligious dialogue and cooperation, and so forth.

Rev. Kwak stresses that Ambassadors for Peace should adopt Fatherís basic philosophy of practicing true love by living for the sake of others.

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