Unification News for November 2001

A Call from God to My Blessed Central Family

Susanna Henny

Blessed Central Families are all already united on the identity of our invisible enemy. Now since the Coronation Ceremony on January 13, 2001, I feel we all have received a great commission to unite centered on God. After the Coronation Ceremony, God has found a new faith through our True Parents, and He has ascended to become King and True Parents.

My faith is the story of the Prodigal Son. The light of my faith was the Divine Principle. There is a greater light that came on 13 January 2001. Through the Coronation Ceremony I see the light of grace, the gift of grace. The True Parents gave me faith through the Divine Principle. They matched me, they gave me the Blessing, they registered me, and they gave God the Coronation Ceremony. Now God is returning grace to me.

I would like to testify to my experience this year, and my rebirth in the new age. God is real. It started Easter Monday 2001 at True Parents event in Washington, DC with the Christian ministers. There I felt God confirm that I was a Christian. We had been going through the course of the cross, but True Parents went beyond the cross, and through the success of the event I felt that I, too, could go beyond the cross.

Then one morning in May I was on my way to work and felt God calling me in a vision. That day I felt that God was calling me to liberation. I realized that at the same time that there is a war in our movement against the enemy, the enemy was able to sometimes create a Civil War within our movement. I came to realize that the war is over, that God has won and that He is victorious. All He wanted was to become our true parent and for us to make peace among brothers. In this Civil War in our movement, there were many casualties of war, and many brothers and sisters were left on the battlefield. Some of them are lost like prisoners in the land of the enemy. I feel compelled to try to comfort and heal them. The declaration of the Coronation Ceremony is the declaration of peace at the end of the war. Satan has already surrendered, but the remnants of Satan are in those who continue to do his work. There are no more works of Satan; evil is the work of the remnant. The time is now to rebuild our enemy at the end of the war.

After the Coronation Ceremony all religions can come to agreement with all religions that our God is the same—original True Parents. The word has become flesh. God always was the parents, but now he has become flesh. I invited Him in to my life and He rushed into it. We have to stop fighting among ourselves. Before we were in a master/servant relationship, but now we can have a father/son relationship which God. Looking back, I felt intense compassion and felt that if I connect with God now and serve Him as a son, I will be able to embody the nature of God. Before I was serving God as a servant, but now God is giving me an inheritance as a son.

I became convinced that God is so powerful now that He is going to reveal to the world who the True Parents are on earth. We won’t have to try to prove any more who the True Parents are on earth. I feel that that is not my duty any more. I have the duty now to testify that God is our True Parents. God will reveal who the True Parents on earth are. God is so touched by our True Parents, and He will reveal it. Nobody loves True Parents more than God, our original True Parents.

In a sense, this is no longer the age of Divine Principle; it is the age of the Coronation Ceremony. Those who understand the Coronation Ceremony will want to come and devour the Divine Principle. We will not have to force it on them.

I went to the Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem where Father announced the Coronation Ceremony, and all my feelings about the importance of the Coronation Ceremony were reaffirmed. Father was proclaiming it there for the first time to Christianity. I felt liberated and anointed to bring the message of God’s Coronation.

From then on I listened to every message at Sunday Service in the new light of the Coronation. If I sense that most members do not feel the same enthusiasm as I do, so I am trying to testify to my experience. I feel more connected to God now. Before I was connected through the Principle. The explanation of the Principle is right, but the Coronation light brought even greater enthusiasm out in me.

On the day of infamy—9/11—I was at home listening to the radio, and I heard there was an attack on the World Trade Center. I turned on the TV and saw immediately that it was an attack of hate—the terrorists. We know from history that evil attacks first, and this was a massive attack on God’s children—good children, especially those who came to save the others. They also were massively attacked; they gave their lives for everyone without discrimination. This is God’s nature. It is God’s nature to give Himself for the salvation of others. But then I learned that a plane had hit the Pentagon. It immediately became personal to me because my wife had told me that morning that she was going to the Pentagon. I asked God, why? I already experienced losing her the day I had a call telling me she had been kidnapped by deprogrammers. I was so far away from the United States in Switzerland, and the only thing I could do is turn to God in prayer. I pledged to God that I would never leave Him. I am sure that God believed me, and by grace my wife overcame her ordeal. Now I felt as though I was walking through the valley of death. I knew that God was with me, and I felt sorry that I had not been able to protect Him. I pledged to Him to wear the armor of my new faith . I felt that the enemy was actually awakening the sleeping giant in me. In this final phase, what the enemy is doing is awakening the God in us. And as for Unificationists, he is awakening the True Parents in us. He is True Parents and has given us that connection to the new light. The Coronation Ceremony is truly the Internet of the heart through which God enlightens us with His deepest love. We were justified through our connection with True Parents, and now God can sanctify us.

I think the total victory is already here because the Coronation Ceremony was the start of peace. As people commit to that ideal, the true peace will come. The accuser, the enemy, has surrendered, as Dr. Sang H. Lee has revealed. Let all of God’s people call upon His name—"True Parents"—and humble themselves…

9/11 was God’s call trying to reach me. The terrorists said they wanted to become one with God and make Him king and ruler, but they were using force. God is showing that He is using love to transform His children. The God we understand and know will transform us by love. God is ready to show that He will take the first blow and show that He loves us despite our ignorance of His love.

The ongoing war is one between my mind and body. The mind of God should be the Lord over the body. Jesus was like that. In our husband and wife relationship, God the True Parents should be, and wants to be, Lord of that relationship. The ultimate war is already won. Everyone has to win the war in themselves.

True peace can come when we realize we have the same parents as the terrorists, and I believe the same peace will come to all Christians when they realize this. God will make us all one through true love. God is not just our master; He is our True Parents.

I have to stop myself from falling into the same trap as the terrorists, thinking that I can change the world through indemnity and sacrifice. We will change the world through true love. The ultimate sacrifice was made by Jesus through the giving of his life. Now True Parents have made the total living sacrifice. What I want is to liberate the True Parents. We can do that by becoming True Parents ourselves, and by connecting with God the True Parents. True Parents will receive so much love from God. I believe that all they want is for us to become True Parents like they are—one with God with the grace of the total living sacrifice on earth.

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