Unification News for November 2001

Los Angeles Leadership Workshop

by BillieAnn Sabo

The West Block Leadership Workshop was held at Pasadena House from October 29th to October 31st. This was the first time that leaders from other states gathered here for a learning workshop. Rev. Baek Joong Ku is the West Block Director of 15 states and Regional Director of Los Angeles. We had 13 leaders from other states attend along with seven from the Los Angeles area..

Those who attended from other states were: Rev. Hun Suk Lee, RD/Seattle; Rev. Moon Shik Kim, RD/Oregon; Rev. Soo Won Kwon, RD/Arizona; Rev. Sung Jo Hwang, RL/Utah; Rev. Byeng Chul Kim, RL/San Francisco; Rev. Shang Chih Hu, RL/Hawaii; Rev. Chang Woon Jeong, VRD/KEA-LA; Rev. John Dickson, VRD/Oregon; Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger, VRD/Seattle; Rev. Katsuhisa Suguri, SL/Nebraska; Rev. Kevin Thompson, VRD/San Francisco; Rev. Chuck Frumin, Pastor/Hawaii; Rev. Eric Sylte, Church Leader/Washington.

The theme of the workshop was Church Growth. The topics covered were: Witnessing and Church Growth; Church Outreach and Church Growth; Worship and Church Growth; Effective Sermons and Church Growth; Sunday School, Education and Church Growth; Family Management and Church Growth; Counseling, Pastoral Visitation and Church Growth; Tithing and Church Growth.

We also had a six-part Power Point Divine Principle Presentation given by Rev. Tim Henning, Pastor of the Los Angeles Church.

Registration started at 5:30pm on the 29th followed by a fellowship dinner and opening meeting and introductions. From the very beginning, the workshop was high spirited, exciting and full of energy.

Day One, on the 30th, began early with Hoon Dok Hae at 6:00am, followed by breakfast then a full day of educational lectures. Day Two, on the 31st, basically followed the same schedule, however, in the afternoon, all workshop leaders were taken to our Santa Monica Witnessing Video Center, then to a wonderful Korean restaurant for a closing dinner. Nov. 1st was an open day for returns or sightseeing to Universal Studios.

A reflection form was completed by all participating leaders who shared appreciation that such a workshop could be held under the guidance of our Los Angeles Regional Director, Rev. Ku. They greatly appreciated the information given during this workshop especially about tithing and counseling and worship and how to develop their own state leadership and church growth. Many personal testimonies were given during this workshop and one of the most inspiring was Rev. Ku's personal testimony about the time when he was a pastor in Korea at a very young age and also about taking care of older members and members who already left the church.

All the leaders left Los Angeles with a strong "I Can Do" spirit and determination for their own states and members. We plan to hold a similar workshop at least once a year and will encourage more leadership to join.

BillieAnn Sabo is the Regional Coordinator for the Los Angeles area.

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