Unification News for October, 2001

Sri Lanka Launches another RYS Peace Initiative  in October

Ratna Thiliagaraja

Preparations are now being made for a national RYS project in the Western part of the country (Murungan).   RYS alumni are working with the Assistant Director of Education to put together a suitable work service project which will be to make a play area for the local school.

We are expecting 40 to 50 participants selected by the Department of Education and the National Youth council. We are planning to use a Methodist Church Residence for our housing.

In Sri Lanka's sensitive political situation it is important work with organizations and individuals that are respected by leaders from both sides of the civil war. In this region of Sri Lanka the education officers are considered neutral in the conflict for they work fairly with people on both sides. The project is taking place close to the zone of conflict and it seeks to provide public service, religious cooperation and a model of community building.

This is the ninth project RYS has held in Sri Lanka since the 1992 regional project.   Since January, 2000  four projects have been held and their has been a continuous interest and follow-up after each program.  Projects have drawn support and worked in cooperation with organizations such as the Rotary and Lions Club,  various religious organizations and the inspiring Sarvodhia movement.

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