Unification News for October, 2001

Song for a True America

Jon Schuhart

The love of god enrays our shores, more bright than the brightest sun.
From every land upon the earth the yearning people come

And people from around the world in all their different ways
Were made to come here by their Lord for love and better days

Here men in joyful friendship live and children shout with glee
And all partake of God's good grace, the gift of liberty

Here in God's true america you're free to love your lord
In aspects He reveals to you to make you true and good

Here hearts are joined and spirits sing and wars of hatred fade
That makes of you a better man and a better world is made

For every man has hopes and dreams like yours and just as strong
And joined together heart to hand will work to right all wrong

For 'tis God's will that men should live in peace and brotherhood
And truely it's this way of life that makes our nation good

What, then, makes the might of america when all is said and done
Why it's all the people gathered here, the love of everyone

God Bless our True America

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