Unification News for October, 2001

Dry Your Tears

Mardi Esselstyn

A higher rise than the one before
The loving hearts collect hi score
To render to the world a peace
Thru brand-new lineage white as fleece.
So listen carefully all you ears
To how the True Parents can allay your fears.

Dry your tears. The Lord has come
Hooray, hooray, the Kingdom won.
Now all we need is to think of that
And become proverbial copy cats.

So start anew and do your best
No longer few, but all the rest.
The sun is warm, the water clear
True Mother's charm is always near.
Hunger and thirst for truth on high
Best and first comes clear as sky.

Sing a ring of angels
Sing a happy song
Sing aloud hosannah
No more sadly wrong.

The earth is full of song birds
The sky is full of plans
We'll do the best you ever heard
So we'll lend True God our hands.

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