Unification News for October, 2001

America's Providential Opportunity

Andrew Wilson
October, 2001

Recently I was re-reading Father's speech, World Unification and North-South Unification Will Be Accomplished by True Love (which is found repeated twice in True Family and World Peace). I was struck by how perfectly Father's guidance in that speech applies to America in the current crisis. Anyone seeking guidance for America in the "war" with terrorism should read this speech.

And this led me to thinking:

Father has long expected that the Korean people, and Korea's political leaders, will take his advice and pursue the project of North-South Unification based upon Jesus Christ's principle to "love your enemy", waging peace through the spiritual principle of self-sacrifice. The example of unity on the Korean peninsula would then be replicated all over the world, bringing about an end to war and the inauguration of the veritable Kingdom of God on earth.

The American movement has been only a supporting player in this peace-making providence, by supporting Korea and creating the international environment to favor unification. Conditions that Father made in South America were likewise seen as supportive of Korean unification, creating the enabling spiritual conditions.

Yet until now, Korea has not responded to Father's call.

Suddenly, America finds itself in mortal danger, facing an intractable foe with an ideology that contains elements of both communism and religion. Suddenly, the conflict between communism and democracy, as represented by the war between the two Koreas, seems like ancient history, replaced by the fresh conflict between the West and Islam. Years ago, Father predicted that the war with Islam would be the next stage after the war with communism.

Meanwhile, here at UTS, Father is sending the cream of the new generation of Korean leaders, who have cut their teeth by working in Japan. Father is telling the new Korean and Japanese students that they need to learn English by all means, because only through knowledge of English can Father use them as leaders on the world stage.

Moreover, the providence in America has harvested a strong cadre of Christian and government leaders who listen to Father. And all over America, we can find sentiments about how to deal with the current crisis that are in accord with the message of "love your enemy" that Father is promoting. I believe that America, with its Christian cultural background, is far more ready to heed Father's call to wage peace with Islam through love and service instead of retaliation, than is Korea, whose cultural background is not Christian.

Could it be that God is running out of patience with Korea, and He has decided to give America the chance to establish the model of peacemaking through love and service that is the key to establishing world peace? Is this the providential reason for the WTC disaster?

Ponder with me the possibility that this is an unparalleled providential opportunity for America to take the lead in world restoration.

What shall we do?

* Support Pres. Bush in his war against terrorist groups, while discouraging him from engaging in a wider war against Islamic countries, including Afghanistan.

* Promote America's new spiritual identity as a God-centered nation of diverse religions, as exemplified by the frequent scenes of religious leaders of all faiths praying together at public gatherings. Make "God Bless America" the national anthem. Let Father's vision of "One world under God" which America represents in microcosm become part of America's public persona, a more-than-Christian America that includes all faiths united in community. Let "faith" stand alongside the values of freedom, democracy, and opportunity that define America. Then work on moral renewal to match this identity. (This is important if Islamic peoples are to recognize our righteousness and not continue to regard us as secular infidels.)

* Help Americans to understand that world peace is indivisible, that as long as nations languish in poverty there can be no peace. America should recognize its role as the elder brother nation and repent of its callous and arrogant attitude towards the nations of the Middle East and South Asia. America should engage in a "Peace Offensive" that rewards moderate Muslim nations with economic support and aid. Provide aid to Afghan refugees.

* Promote understanding and compassion for Muslim peoples, and put this compassion into action through a revived Peace Corps and other people-to-people projects (IRFF?) to build a brighter future for impoverished Muslims around the world. Let Muslims know that America cares about them and that they can work with America to improve their lot.

* Mobilize IIFWP to educate Muslim and Christian leaders around the world in the Principled path to peace.

We have the opportunity to lead America to rise to this occasion and become a victorious Abel, ultimately winning the heart of the moderate Muslims who are not extremists and thus making extremism unpopular even in the Islamic world.

If America is victorious in this, the Koreans will look to America as the model for peace-making and unification on their peninsula. Wouldn't that be a sweet irony?

Comments may be sent to Dr. Wilson at awilsn@valstar.net

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