Unification News for September 2001

Poem - The Little Store-Front Church

Wesley Samuel

This poem is dedicated
to all little store-front churches in America,
and throughout the world.

The little store-front churches
have a congregation
of about 50 to 300 membership.

This small congregation of people
may seem insignificant to some,
but they work very hard,
providing all the spirituality
that keeps the community strong.

The little store-front Church is supported
by the little one dollar donation,
it’s not much,
but it helps out.

The usher board sells Saturday afternoon dinners
to buy their beautiful white uniforms
they wear to usher in the congregations
to their seats.

The senior choir gives a little concert to purchase
their beautiful robes they wear on Sunday morning
to sing the songs of Zion.

The little children go door-to-door
selling raffle tickets
to help out.

The entire community
gets involved in supporting
their little store-front church.

The pastor?
Well he’s always available,
he stops whatever he’s doing
when the call comes in.

Whether sickness in the home,
some one stranded,
tragedies on the highways…
just call him— he’ll be there.

Family problems?
Or the last hour?
Just call him.

This poem was inspired from a recent trip
to Boston, Massachusetts.

I visited Plymouth Rock,
for the first time.

There I sense the spirit of those Pilgrim-fathers
who bravely crossed the Atlantic
with one goal in mind,
that was to serve GOD.

When they arrived
the very first building was
a little store-front church.

From there came
the greatest Nation in the world:
those beautiful skyscraper buildings.
the bridges that run from river to river.
the roads we built that will take us
from one end of the country to the other.

Museums that are packed
with awards and great accomplishments.
All the beautiful homes we just marvel at,
as we pass by.

Yes, all that, and much, much more.

Then, what has happened to us?
Have we forgotten God?
Have we forgotten those pilgrim fathers?
Have we forgotten the sacrifice it took
to build this great nation?

Well, take a look at us today:
Family break-down which is the very core of our society.
Immorality that is out of control.
Young people are confused
and continue looking for stimulation.

Have we wondered, of course?
The answer is yes, yes we have.

God will never give up.
Will we?

When He’s rejected by the strong,
He finds some other way.

Recently, The Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon
engaged in a 50 State speaking tour, preaching:
"Rebuild the family,
Restore the community,
Renew the Nation,
And the World."

The Pastors of these little store-front churches said,
"You are not alone, We will stand with you."
And they did.

This small congregation of people
packed their little store-front churches
with Love, Prayers, and good-wishers
50 consecutive nights.

God is always looking
for a way He can bless His children
and lift them up.

This is the time,
a new Millennium.

God is calling once again.

We may not understand or agree sometimes, for He said,
"My ways are not your ways, said the Lord."

He has sent his messenger, a new voice,
The Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon,
the True Parents of humanity, are calling,
"In the name of Jesus,
Let us rebuild the family, restore the community,
renew the nation, and the world.

Yes, that’s our calling today.

Are you with me?
Are you really with me?

If you are, then Let us rebuild the Family,
Let us restore the Community,
Let us renew the Nation,
and Let us restore the World.

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