Unification News for September 2001

Russian CARP Band Ready to Rock

by Marina Pakhomenko

Vtoroye Pokolenie is a Second Generation band formed by several CARP members from Moscow. For several years, we have successfully combined our musical career and our work for the Pure Love Movement. I want to share our story.

First of all, why second generation and not third, for instance? Our parents grew up, under the Soviet system, and that’s why their reaction to all the changes that started taking place in our country in 1980s was much more painful than ours. Some people always wanted to compare things with how everything was before, longing to return to the past. It was kind of natural for them to yearn for stability.

We were different, growing in the whirlpool of changes with quite an obscure idea about the benefits of the communism. We had only our own dreams about the ideal world to compare with the tragedies and crises of our reality. So all we could do is to go forward and never look back. That’s the drastic difference between the first and the second generations. We liked that—vision of the future instead of the nostalgia about the past.

We started to perform together in 1998 when we were invited to participate in youth festivals around Moscow. The motto of those festivals was ‘Pure Love and Life without Drugs.’ What do we sing about? About sore points of our life, about our dreams, but mostly—about love. Not broken love, true love. From my childhood I always hated songs about love that is gone!

I believe that music can be a very strong educating factor. When the music touches the strings of people’s souls, the lyrics are imprinted in their minds. A person who writes music is responsible for those who are going to listen to it. When I write a song, I don’t just try to express myself, but also think of what good it will do to those who listen. Last year we recorded our first trial album Vernaya Dusha (Faithful Soul) with 12 tracks. The circulation was rather small, but our CDs and tapes were sold very quickly after our concerts.

We almost always use live sound and we like things that we do together. The high goal that we set up in the beginning of our journey helps us to sing for the sake of others. We feel that if our music helps some of our friends, the numerous young people we meet, and maybe even our country, then we will fulfill our dreams.

You can visit the website of the Russian Second Generation www.sgeneration.narod.ru .The site is available only in Russian, but you will be able to see some pictures and enjoy the music. To order a CD, contact the band direct by email at: sgeneration@mtu-net.ru

Reprinted from World CARP News.

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