Unification News for September 2001

Leadership Training 2001!

by Catherine Dufour

Leadership training 2001 was if I had to define it in one word about bonding. This being my first leadership, I didnít know what to expect. At first I was kind of disappointed because a lot of people were complaining about not drilling a lot and, it seemed like everyone was that the 1st leadership was the best ever instead of focusing on making this leadership great. Plus no one really seemed to be giving 100% including myself.

An example of this was on 2nd day of the workshop, we were doing unity activities. One of which was hitting a volleyball to each other and with out it touching the ground have everyone hit it. Sounds simple but it took us an hour or so. After many, many ideas didnít work, including the creative idea of hitting the ball on a roof and having it roll to the next person. After a while we finally got into a circle and everyone shared their ideas. Finally the winning idea, get in a circle and when someone hits it have them step out of the circle.

I think the first real bonding experience for me was the night on the beach during the heritage hike. After a few people shared their testimonies, the brothers and sisters broke into two different groups. The brothers went into the woods and drilled while the sisters stayed by the fire and told testimonies. I canít speak for the brothers but after hearing them talk about how much they bonded, makes me sort of wish the girls did something more intense. The testimonies were really good, A bunch of the sisters really opened their hearts and shared themselves. The next night we had more testimonies even though only a couple gave testimonies, it seemed like everyone was opening up. I gave a testimony and it felt so good to just open up and share.

So by the end of leadership after working together and sharing we had bonded and built a great foundation for One Heart Camp.

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