Unification News for August 2001

World CARP - Hyun Jin Nimís Tour: Service for Peace

Ken Bates

There's a unifying force moving around the world that is bringing together many different departments and organizations both in our movement and in broader society a force that inspires young people and old alike. This force comes with a message, a power and a plan for action that is all encompassing and yet at the same time very simple. The force I'm talking about is Hyun Jin Nim's World Speaking Tour on Service for Peace.

Hyun Jin Nim started his tour in Japan from June 29th to July 9th, speaking to over 50,000 young people in Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya and Tokyo. Those who came to these spectacular events were treated to a message that is rooted in the traditions and words of True Parents, and is applied to really making a difference in the world around us. Service for Peace pulls together the fundamental belief of living for the sake of others with the vision of building a lasting world peace, which is based upon the expansion of familial relationships. The result is a call to action for young people everywhere. It's a call that no one of conscience can oppose, and which strikes a chord with the original mind and heart of humanity.

"In the past, the more active we were, the more enemies we made," Hyun Jin Nim said, "but with Service for Peace, the more active we get, the more friends we will make, for no one can oppose the act of truly living for the sake of others!" When people are moved by our True Parents and True Family, they want to help. Service for peace is a project that is stimulating and meaningful, helps to build the character and spirit of young people, and provides a valuable service to their society and nation. Our dedicated, full-time core members are still the nucleus around which meaningful activities revolve, but to make a real change in the world, we need many millions of people who can participate in the activities that put into action the teaching of True Parents. The principle of placing the larger purpose before oneself, and of living for others are unchanged since the very beginning of Father's ministry, and are still the source of bringing harmony and unity in today's world.

Victory in Manila

As CARP members in the Philippines prepared for Hyun Jin Nimís arrival, they experienced an amazing Pentecost on college campuses. There were 34 new campuses requesting that a CARP center be established there and professors would regularly turn over their classroom to a CARP member for them to present an introductory lecture, and provide students an opportunity to sign membership and attend Hyun Jin Nimís rally. The professors themselves encouraged students to go to the event, with some even providing class credit for students who attended Hyun Jin Nimís speech rather than coming to school!

Just before Hyun Jin Nim was to leave for the Philippines, we received new information regarding the security risks, and he was advised not to attend his own event! Instead, Vice President Ken Bates went there as Hyun Jin Nimís representative. Of course, those who anticipated the arrival of Hyun Jin Nim himself were disappointed, but everyone united with the continental directors, Dr. and Mrs. Kim, to focus on the spirit and the message of Hyun Jin Nim. This built a basis for a total victory. The event went on as planned, with 15,000 people at the Araneta Coliseum, and Hyun Jin Nim was presented in absentia with two awards signed by the President of the Philippines.

A Mountain for CARP

The next morning we had the chance to meet with the Speaker of the House in the Philippines, Joe de Venecia. When he heard that Hyun Jin Nim was initiating service projects around the world, and wanted to start something significant in the Philippines, he got very excited. He has wanted to start a huge tree-planting project but lacked the people-power to get it launched. When our CARP president, Mike Zablan, offered thousands of CARP members who wanted to provide service in the Philippines, the Speaker immediately went to his phone, and called a colleague. He directed that our CARP chapter be given 100,000 hectares of land with a 25 year, full-use lease CARP could take their pick of any one of seven mountains surrounding Manila that had been deforested and needed tree planting. We committed to providing the labor for planting the trees, and he committed this huge land for our use over 25 years. The Speaker offered to help kick-off the project with a media event, and suggested, "Maybe we should rename this mountain, Reverend Moon Mountain!"

Reprinted from World CARP News

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