Unification News for June 2001

UTS Crucifix Exploded by Thunderbolt

by W. F. Hill

I suspect this news sounds a little like something out of the National Enquirer, but it really is true. A few days ago, a severe thunderstorm hit the Barrytown/Red Hook area. Strangely enough, a bolt of lightning struck the stone crucifix above the main entrance to UTS and completely shattered it! There were eyewitnesses and the explosion could be heard way up by Apple Cottage. There is an apparently useless lightening rod on the roof just a few feet away from the crucifix.

I don't want to get jumped on for theologizing too much about it, so I won't. However, it really is remarkable in light of the fact that Father just last week said that Christian churches should eventually take down their crosses because they symbolize God's sadness.

Many other things are happening at UTS this week. Father is attending UTS's 25th graduation, his first time in 14 years. TPs will be receiving an honorary doctorate at the ceremony. Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim will be graduating, magna cum laude. Father will also get to view for the first time the permanent CAUSA exhibit in Lecture Hall 2, colorfully displaying TPs work against communism. Father even changed the date of graduation to coincide with the celebration for Day of All Things, which now will be held on the soccer field after the graduation ceremony. Bishop Milingo, other noted ministers, the national media, and hundreds if not thousands of people will be attending.

Dr. Hill is Dean of Students at UTS.

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