Unification News for June 2001

National Messiahs to Micronesia sure Could Use Some Help

by Daniele Cohen

This is a message sent to me from a beloved friend and sister, who is the National Messiah, along with her husband Ray, to Micronesia. She has been given time on Cable TV in her country, to show videos. If anyone could please help her out, with the DP videos she is describing below, God bless you! They are working so hard, and making such rapid progress! This is part of her message:

What we are using now is excellent. It is an Introductory Divine Principle diagram videos made by the sister (Eleonore de Watteville) in Sacramento. She has this nice Native American Flute Music in the background and the diagrams kind of dance on and off the video in a very relaxing, and interesting way. The people here really like watching it. However, we have shown the same video that has three sections and is almost one hour many times already. We would appreciate any other one hour videos of Free Teen Lectures, IEF Character Building Programs in Action, or someone giving Mrs. Eu's Divine Principle Lecture that we practiced in Chung Pyung. The video does not have to be of professional quality as long as it is understandable. They show home videos here on cable. English is the official language here but it is also their second language so simple words with diagrams, lectures with the main points emphasized by diagrams, or interactive programs with the audience would be wonderful.

Also, if you know of a source where someone could donate books, especially children's books, they would really appreciate it here. The library doesn't have too many books. They got a book mobile van donated by Japan and the Japanese Club donated some books but they can use more. I know I just gave away tons of children's books that my children outgrew before coming here and they really could have been used and appreciated here. If you have any extra books, we would really appreciate them. If you send them by book rate or even G Bags (I think that's what they are called) it is not too expensive. We sent some of our DP Study Books by G Bag. It took three or four months but it got here and each heavy box was only about 10 dollars. If anyone sends us some, we will take pictures and show them how much they are appreciated. (We will also put the pictures and a story in the local newspaper.)

Kathy Sabo P.O. Box 2115 Kolonia,Pohnpei 96941 Federated States of Micronesia E-mail: fsmpacific@mail.fm

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