Unification News for June 2001

New Children's Hoon Dok Books

by Yun Jong Hong—FFWPU International

We are happy to announce the availability of five children's hoon dok hae and study books, translated from the Korean under the direction of the Family Federation's international office in Seoul.

Three Words to Live By (Level 1), Words to Grow By (Level 2), Words to Thrive By (Level 3) originally produced by the Korean Second Generation Office and independently translated into English, share the same multiple themes (and quite a number of the same illustrations). They cover God's relationship with His children, the fall of man, the historical figures through whom God worked, and the life of faith that we need today. The content is developed and added to at each level, making them appropriate for children from kindergarten to the later years of primary school. It includes simplified readings of Father's words, spiritual guidance, and content for thought and discussion (and even some puzzles). Each volume is organized into fifty-two lessons that can be used for Sunday school or just in the home. The books are beautifully illustrated in a colorful, animation style.

Two other companion books Living with God (Book I), The History of God (Book II), originally produced by a team from Sun Moon University, are intended for slightly older children. One deals with issues of a life of faith and the other is an overview of God's work from the creation to the time of Jesus--in effect, a children's Divine Principle book. These, too, are brightly illustrated in color.

The books deal specifically with the Unificationist viewpoint of life, and introduce the reader to concepts specific to the Principle and our understanding of the fall, restoration and blessing.

The books are widely used in Korea. In that they are translated, rather than originally written in English, they retain something of their Korean cultural flavor.

The books can be ordered individually or in any combination. The cost per volume is $10 and mailing costs (but no handling fee) will be added to the total. All five books can be purchased for $45. Larger discounts are available for bulk orders (see attached information).

For more information or to order, please contact: Hong Yun-jong, 12th floor Dowon Building, 292-20 Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu Seoul, Korea 121-040. E-mail: mission@tongil.or.kr Tel : (+82-2) 6383-3202 Fax: (+82-2) 6383-1500

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