Unification News for June 2001

Cameroon IRFF Project

by Mike Lamson

This is just to send a big Thank You to all that adopted a village for the 18th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial sponsored by IRFF Cameroon. The event is organized by the Global Health Council and the World Bank Group out of Washington, DC.

So far we have reports from 108 villages and expect to hear from another 30 or 40 in the next day or two. This makes this years event bigger and better that last years by far. This year theme "One Voice, Many Faces..... United for Life" was perfect as this year we focused on rural areas instead of the cities. In the rural areas the populations are most often left to fight the battle against HIV/AIDS alone as most funds and organizations are not able to intervene in the smaller villages. Our interventions there helped many find hope and strength to continue as the event connected them to others around the world caught in the same struggles.

We have also been gathering signatures for the International Declaration to be presented at the Special UN Session on HIV/AIDS in June 2001. To date we have gathered around 6,000 signatures (collected by CARP).

These events inspire members and those associated with us so much as they feel their efforts are making a concrete difference in their communities and nation.

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