Unification News for October 2000

DP Video

by Ruth-Eva Konno—Skokie, IL

My friend Tina Coneally in Newburgh asked me to share my testimony with you. She sent me the new book, The Exposition of the Divine Principle, by Mrs. Eu (the wife a past president of our church in Korea). I use it to make a video production on the Public Access Channel here in Chicago. I show the diagrams (I color them) one by one on the screen and read at the same time the text that is next to the diagram, with a nice lighting effect. It really looks great and attractive, very colorful!

I love to teach the Divine Principle this way. When you teach others, you teach yourself. Public Access Channels are a great opportunity to teach the Divine Principle to many people at the same time. We can be so immensely creative teaching the Principle, can't we? And to use Public Access Channels doesn't cost much money -- it's almost free!!! I also produce videos of our events, such as ALC (American Leadership Conference), etc., so the public will be able to see it on the local channels.

I can't wait to see the time come when the Divine Principle will be taught in all kinds of media, and when movies are made to inspire people for the sake of goodness.

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