Unification News for October 2000

Abstinence Message Is Taken to the High Schools by National Parents Day

by Isabelle Sarah Davati

Juniors academy in Ontario, CA, held an abstinence rally. The performance and testimonies were led by the Third Floor Family Christian Raps. "A healthy lifestyle starts with making a commitment to abstinence," said Sam Perez, age 22, band director.

Adam Johnson, age 20, who played quarterback at the Chaffey Junior's College, said, "Abstinence is the formula for a lasting and successful marriage."

"Unfortunately, through the comprehensive sex education in high schools we are led to believe a lie: that ‘safe sex' is safe. Studies show that the average HIV-positive patient stated that they have used safe sex. Sexually infected patients stated that they have used ‘safe sex.' Most pregnant teenage girls stated that they used ‘safe sex.' Apparently, safe sex is not working. Yes, abstinence is the only solution. Abstinence is the only safe solution," said Isabelle Davati, Program Director.

We are living in a very permissive society that ridicules most of our basic ethical and moral values such as abstinence. We are bombarded daily by the images and messages that are imbued with sexual connotations, from the media--TV, magazines and comic books--to video games to lewd jokes in everyday conversations. Since there is much confusion about love and sex, we believe it is important for students to have a better understanding about how the core ideas and concepts of love, sex and marriage came about.

Between 1960-1970 America went through a period of dramatic changes. A general transfer of values took place from conservatism to liberalism. The sexual revolution was conceived through the concepts and ideas of its three father figures: Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine; Sigmund Freud; and Alfred Kinsey. Their ideas were not based on facts. Instead they attempted to derive facts based on their ideas, such as: sex is a form of recreation (it is fun like playing baseball or tennis); it should be free from the confines of marriage; and monogamy is a restriction to personal freedom. They made it seem as if it is inevitable to have sex, so let's teach our children how to use a piece of plastic called a condom and make safe sex.

They glamorized free sex, publicized and commercialized it through their magazines and publications. However, after only a decade you can see the results of the free sex idealism: the rise of teen pregnancies, in which the father often leaves and the teenage girl seeks an abortion or ends up with an unwanted pregnancy. In many cases she drops out of school and since she does not even have a high school diploma, she is not able to get a good job. Therefore, welfare becomes the only source of survival for her and her baby. And you and I pay their bills through our high taxes. Does it sound good?

Abstinence is the key to your future happiness and success. We also promote Second Virginity. It is never too late. Just because you made a mistake in the past, it does not disqualify you to choose to make a commitment to abstinence," said Isabelle Davati.

As the event came to an end, all the students held hands and made a pledge to a pure love lifestyle. The pure love pledge reads as follows:

The pure relationship between a man and a woman is a sacred gift to be cherished and honored for the sake of building a true family, a healthy society and a world of peace for future generations. Once that love is consummated, it should never be broken. Therefore, from this day on, I commit myself to:

1. Respect and honor the ideal of purity in myself and others. Practice pure love as a child, friend, spouse, and parent.

2. Refrain from sexual relationship before marriage.

3. Dedicate myself to absolute fidelity within marriage.

4. Encourage others to do the same.

All of the students who were invited by their teachers to participate in this program held hands and recited the Pure Love Pledge, followed by the Holy Candy. The school district superintendent's representative was there as well to see what we had to say. Some of the parents as well as teachers were present. The program was held on the school level in the main auditorium.

This was another victory for God. But Satan has done his best to block me and discourage me from continuing with NPDF foundation. I was attacked physically and financially I struggled a lot. Since I am devoting many hours of work of love to NPD projects, I have to sacrifice my own livelihood in order to keep the Parents Day projects going on regularly. I never received any financial support nor was anyone even sent out to do any volunteer work from the Unification Church. God has opened the hearts of Christian churches to be friendly and supportive of my efforts for the NPD programs. Without the help of the Christian churches, NPD, which was founded by True Father, could never have been successful here.

However, the president of the Latter Day Saints stakes in Ontario, who is my neighbor, volunteered to direct the NPD program in 2000, in my absence. It means this Christian leader (and his wife) and his churches are serving True Parents indirectly through NPD programs.

I was blessed to obtain a big house in Apple Valley (based on much prayer for the past two years) which will be used as a center for NPD projects and home church activities. I am moving to Apple Valley very soon to establish NPDF in High Desert and the San Bernardino County. I pray that NPD will be used to bring Christian leaders in religious, political, academic and business fields together in order to receive the Holy Wine Blessing from True Parents.

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