Unification News for October 2000

Testimonies from the IIFWP International Seminar

True Love + True Marriage. I cried the whole seminar. All hidden pains from the painful family was out (And I’ll do this seminar in Thailand if IIFWP want to)—Montanee Tantisook, Thailand

This conference far exceeded my expectations. I derived tremendous joy meeting so many academics and spiritual awakened people from all over the world. What a symposium of races and cultures brought together by the vision of enlightened man: Rev. Moon! As a very long established executive member of the UNA in Great Britain who has advocated Reform, I was most interested and impressed by Rev. Moon’s proposal for renewal of the UN and offers of material help and would endorse these whole heartedly.—Frederike Rice, UN Association UK

Good although more citations from Rev. Moon’s concept of "true love" with more examples of true love as expressed by Rev. Moon, would be wonderful.—Genevieve Rey, France

I did learn a lot. Now I know more about my responsibility for the world peace. I want to start at once!—Marcelo Maldonado, Ecuador

I think the discussants are highly motivated to illustrate their stories of success in light of Rev. Moon’s teaching, and recommendations.—Dr. Lee She Poong, Kenya

The vision has positive and stable foundations for global peace-which if follows would surely fulfill its aims for a god like global community. This would probably take many more generations but again the seed has been sown.—Steve Manchester, UK

I was overwhelmed to know that there are so many people who think like me-I visualize the world as one big happy family, free from violence, hunger, discrimination and subjection. I feel spiritually enlightened and believe others can also do so and purge themselves of bitterness. I feel Rev. Moon is trying to improve family values. This is a blessing for mankind. God gives as the wisdom to understand the importance of it and of world peace.—`Mrs. Safia Farooq, Pakistan

There was an abundant display of world fellowship and love among delegates. An impression of hope for world peace.—Joe Kpenge, Ghana

Vision of the IIFWP could touch my heart. In my country I will take responsibility to organize similar conferences for 360 VIP from society.—Koromhaz Igor, Slovakia

"Renewing the UN". This is the new agenda of the world. It carries the new meaning of peace for the world.—Dr. Wilboon Shamsheun, Tailand

This is the best conference I have ever attended. It was a large group of people representing the same ideals. They were warm and compassionate. The organization was marvelous. Rev. Moon’s speeches are clear and straightforward. They describe the world in spiritual terms like in the case of a Father who advises His children how to behave to reach salvation. —Ryszard Pachocinski, Poland

I have seen our world in one hall and I became stronger in my aim more than before to build a new world for all nations.—Gulam Reza, Sherahmad, Afghanistan

Rev. Moon engages himself and his organizations in a noble enterprise: to bring together different cultures, people and religions, which is the foundations and steps of peace between them.—Xinzhong Yao, UK

The discussants’ insights into the teaching of Rev. Moon revealed universal values for world peace. These notable expert applications of Rev. Moon’s knowledge, made clear how Rev. Moon’s mission brings the world peace through this wonderful organization.—Thomas Owen Mastric, USA, Ohio

Congratulations on the big success of this seminar. I am grateful to the IIFWP and other c0-sponsoring organizations for the precious opportunity to learn more about international public service and culture of peace.—Yuh-Chao Yu, Taiwan, R.O.C.

(Question: what was your most significant experience?): Seeing a person like Rev. Moon committed to serving humanity.—Hon. Typene Nusura, Uganda

All of them are teaching the need to learn to live for the sake of others. This aspect can be source of many educational and social service programs.—Catalina Bobocea, Romania

Realizing how many different people could get together and be inspired by the same ideals.—Tatiana Tsyrlina, Russia

Very educational. I will prepare a summary that will be distributed to all other legislators within my state and at several National Legislative Organizations that I belong to.—Matt. Throckmorton, USA

Challenging but realistic, let’s get on with it!—Ajay Rai, UK

In Asia Region, India and Pakistan are rivals and enemies but because of this seminar , people sit at the same table like a family. —Zulfiquar Ali Kazm, Pakistan

The words of Rev. Moon are high spiritual level that really makes us understand the road that God gave us to carry out on Earth to propagate his love through service to others.—Shaykh L. Fadika, Cote D’Ivoire.

May God bless the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and I bow my head with respect to him . My heartistic congratulations to the sponsors of this very successful seminar of great value.—Tarlok S. Bacca, UK 

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