Unification News for October 2000

21 Days Sisters’ Workshop at Chung Pyung

Chok-Ying Sue Burghardt
October, 2000

Since the beginning of this year, I was not feeling well physically and spiritually. My physical body was being weakened by stomach pain (ulcer) and chest pain. Spiritually I became powerless as five of my spiritual children, candidates for the February Blessing this year, were all rejected by their mates. They felt disappointed and left. I began to blame myself for not being able to take care of them, and I did not realize I had been invaded by an evil spirit which caused my sicknesses until I came to Chung Pyung.

When I heard the news of True Parents' direction for university graduates worldwide to attend a 21-day workshop at Chung Pyung, I felt spiritually pushed to respond immediately. I felt strongly that I needed to revive my spirit at Chung Pyung. When I told my husband my decision, he supported me 100 percent. For this I was deeply grateful. I knew it was almost impossible financially for me to go because we were struggling to pay many bills at that time, but miraculously on that day spirit world really helped my husband to break his record by making $1,000 in three hours. So in my heart I knew for sure that God wanted me to be there at Chung Pyung and I began to make conditions to prepare my heart for the workshop.

Personally I felt that this workshop was not only for the sake of providential mobilization to work on the front-line in order to fulfill certain providential conditions, like the mobilization of Korean blessed wives in 1972. More importantly, it's to give us the opportunity of regaining our spiritual power through a rebirth experience. Also it's to show us how much we are really connected with True Parents' heart through absolute obedience, and to make a foundation to receive heavenly fortune through the grace of Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim.

During the workshop we were going through a constant cleansing process through ancestor-liberation clapping sessions, called an-soo in Korean, three times a day to get rid of evil spirits inside our bodies caused by our personal sins and our ancestors' sins.

In the beginning of the workshop, I was fortunate to hear a testimony from a sister from Taiwan who has the same ulcer problem like I have. One day she had such a severe pain in her stomach that she could not participate in the clapping session. She just sat at the back of the hall and wept. At that moment Dae Mo Nim suddenly appeared before her and wiped away her tears. It's like she knew the suffering that this sister had gone through and she knew the cause. Then she stepped on that sister's stomach strongly but carefully. The sister cried out loud and she saw something come out from her mouth. It was the evil spirit that caused her the most pain. It was a shock for me to realize that evil spirits had been the cause of my sickness for so long, and I needed a lot of strong an-soo and repentful prayer to cleanse my sins and my ancestors' sins. Since then my attitude changed. I took my every action in Chung Pyung seriously. My prayers were the deepest I have ever had. In front of every holy tree, in the prayer hall (Cheong-Shim Won), during the an-soo sessions, whenever I prayed my tears just poured down like flowing water. I felt like my ancestors were crying together with me so that no matter how hard I tried to stop, I could not stop my tears. This was an incredibly deep experience for me.

The most incredible blessing we received at the workshop was that we could participate in the direct lineage ancestor liberation ceremony. We could liberate our ancestors on our father's side and our mother's side up to 21 generations. We also had the chance to participate in the ancestors' Blessing ceremony. We were told that 40 days after the Blessing, we could pick up our ancestors from Chung Pyung and bring them back home with us. They will help us and our family to solve all kinds of problems and difficulties after we assign them their missions. This time after the workshop I brought home with me generations 1-7 of my ancestors on my father's side. They had received the Blessing last year in August when Dao Mo Nim came to America.

Incredible love and blessings came from Dae Mo Nim the final day. Dae Mo Nim told us that the second workshop we were attending was different from the first one in that our group of sisters were older and many had serious health problems such as breast cancer and liver and stomach problems, and therefore Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world especially asked the angels to come with special medicine to heal us. So we all rd how much hope we have now with the help of the spirit world. The only thing that worried me was that True Parents expected to see 2,000 sisters participating there at the workshop, and yet the response was so disappointing. The participants in the first and second workshops together totaled only 518.

At the graduation ceremony, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim shared her testimony with us. I was moved by her sacrifice and difficult course. She said, "My personality is very shy, not being able to speak in front of people." She reminded me of myself. This was why she first rejected Dae Mo Nim's offer to use her body as a medium. Then she went to the spirit world one day and saw the reality of the blessed couples in the spirit world. She had thought all blessed couples could go to the Kingdom of Heaven, but that was not the reality. This changed her mind to want to help the blessed couples to live a principled life on earth before it was too late. Since then, from 1992 to 1994, she has gone through an unspeakable indemnity course. She had to separate from her husband and her three children. Her husband could not understand her and persecuted her. Therefore, she said she could understand our situation, how difficult it is to be working away from the family, especially the children. That is why she volunteers to do conditions for us. Dae Mo Nim also mentioned that even though we are away from home to do our public mission, still our main concern should be our family. We have to pay attention to our family and not think that God will take care of them because we are doing the public mission. We have to convey our love and heart even more than if we were at home. This means we should be able to balance mission and family. Then we can be victorious in our mission. A mother's heart is the strong point to bring victory, because a mother's nature is detailed, keen and hardworking. Therefore, we have to make the utmost effort to be successful. We were all moved to tears as she prayed so fervently and sincerely for each one of us. We indeed received a lot of love from her. She showed so much concern for us since she is a woman and mother herself. She really understands our situations.

The graduation speech given by Vice President Mr. Cha was very powerful. He shared that before he accepted the new mission of working at Chung Pyung as vice president, Father asked him, "Should I envy you or should you envy me?" The fact that we have a physical body means we are in the position of holding the key to liberate the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim would still like to have their bodies so that they could work for the redemption of mankind and do what they could not do in their youth. True Father who is in his 80s spoke to Mr. Cha who is in his 40s. Surely True Father envies our youth. Mr. Cha said the reason why Father sent us to this workshop is to begin the second 40-year wilderness course. We should prepare ourselves to step into this new era.

In conclusion, Dae Mo Nim went through incredible indemnity conditions to make the Chung Pyung providence possible, so that her body can become God's temple so that God can work. The conditions she has laid become her property, her treasure. Likewise, as Mr. Cha said, "The suffering and hardship you have gone through will become your property. This is the way of life we are striving for."

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