Unification News for August - September 1999

Former President of Uruguay Receives Honorary Doctorate

His Excellency Julio Maria Sanguinetti, former President of Uruguay, was honored with an Honorary Doctorate on June 2, in a ceremony at the Mertens Theater in the Arnold Bernhard Center.

His Excellency served as President of Uruguay from 1985 to 1990, and again from 1995 to 2000. In the 1960s he worked for reforms in the Colorado Party of Uruguay and became the Minister of Industry and Commerce in 1969 and then the Minister of Education and Culture in 1972.

In 1983 he was elected as General Secretary of the Colorado Party and was a driving force in securing the return of Uruguay to its proud tradition of democracy. In 1984 he was elected President of the Republic of Uruguay with the highest percentage of votes cast since 1926. His administration was characterized by a progressive spirit, a respect for human rights, the consolidation of democracy and the economical reorganization of the country.

Again he was elected President in 1994, the third president to be re-elected in the history of the country and the first to be re-elected by direct vote. He is a journalist, editor and publisher, as well as a leader in promoting arts and culture.

UB Host to International Conference on Character Development and Family Education in the 21st C.

The University was host and co-sponsor of an international conference for students and educators from May 31- June 2. The conference was entitled, "Global Perspectives on Character Development and Family Education in the 21st Century," and involved about 1,000 students and college professors, mainly from Russia, China and the US. The group also had meetings at the United Nations and Columbia University.

Sun Shines on Ninetieth Commencement

More than 900 students received their diplomas on May 14 under clear, cool skies during the outdoor ceremony next the Arnold Bernhard Center. A highlight of the ceremony was the conferring of three Honorary Doctorate degrees bestowed upon the President of Malta, a United Nations official and a Bridgeport humanitarian.

Beylul Solomon, senior class president and a native of Eritrea helped open the ceremony with a heartfelt speech in which she recounted her journey here as a student. She expressed how much she will miss her friends and her alma mater and expressed her gratitude to the University for her experience.

University President Neil Salonen led in the conferring of the Honorary degrees. Martin D. Schwartz, President of the Kennedy Center, the largest social service agency in Connecticut, and located here in Bridgeport, was first to receive his degree. Next was His Excellency Ibrahim A. Gambari, the current Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Advisor on Africa, who gave the convocation address. The third degree was received by His Excellency Professor Guido de Marco, President of Malta, who gave the commencement address.

A luncheon for the Honorary Degree recipients and their families was hosted by President Neil Salonen in the Tower Room of the Bernhard Center following the graduation.

Laurence Wanser, ’87, the newly appointed Alumni Association president, welcomed the new graduates to the Alumni Association. Several Golden Knights — alumni who have graduated 50-plus years ago — joined the ceremony on the main stage.

Honors Convocation

The annual Honors Convocation took place on Saturday, May 13 at the Merten’s Theater on campus. High achieving students from every school and college at the University were given special recognition and an award for their results.

Dr. Gewrae Kim, Distinguished Teacher of the Year for 1999, gave an inspired and theatrical speech to the students, beckoning them to walk through the ‘door of life’ as he displayed his words with imaginative props. He announced that psychology professor Dr. Kurt Frey was voted Distinguished Teacher of the Year for 2000.

College of Chiropractic

The College of Chiropractic’s 11th Commencement Ceremony took place on May 13. Thirty-five students received their Doctorate of Chiropractic.

The Commencement speaker was Dr. Robert Hoffman, D.C., the current President of the International Chiropractic Association and the immediate past President of the New York Chiropractic Council. The valedictory address was given by George Sloane Russell, III.

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