The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True Parents' Day is my True Son's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1996
Peter Kim, Translator

Even though as blessed couples you may have many children, if you do not have your nation you will not be able to register your babies names. We will have heavenly passports. The Kingdom of Heaven will be were we belong. When you are asked where do you come from you will be able to reply, I come from heaven. Is your family, tribe, nation and world worthy to dwell with True Parents? Once we reach the tribal, national and world wide level then the world includes all the smaller levels. We must go after the world. Because of the understanding of this ultimate truth, our goal is the restoration of the entire world. What we have been doing is going after the world. Father has blessed our brothers and sisters, internationally and inter-racially and through such marriage we experience life at the world wide scale. Through this we are establishing from the individual to the world wide level the foundation to receive True Parents and build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. In this kingdom we will sing our songs and seek the truth and beauty of the world God originally desired.

When Father blesses 3.6 million couples, is this a world-wide scale or cosmic scale? (Cosmic) That is correct. Originally Adam and Eve were supposed to receive the blessing of marriage through God. However, due to the fall they received the blessing of marriage from Satan. In the Last Days, when God looks down and sees Reverend Moon bestowing blessing upon millions of people in place of God then He will say that Father is even greater than God. Without the fall, God would have given only one blessing to Adam and Eve. Naturally that blessing would have continued and multiplied. Now 3.6 million blessed couples represents an available power that exceeds God's power of blessing viewpoint. How wonderful it is. (Applause)

Can I have the concept of myself? You want to become the center of your family. It is possible only when you take the subject position within your family through inter-personal relationship with other family members. You cannot do this alone. Also you want to become the central person amongst your relatives. In order to take such a position you have to influence them in a good way. That means you have to invest yourself in them. Investing yourself for their sake means to become more humble. As your body side goes down your family side will grow up. There is no other way. God Himself applied this very principle of investing and forgetting eternally.

One world under God is without the limits of boundaries. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. Is that an easy way or a difficult way? God has endured thousands and thousands of years to realize this ideal. If you recognize that reality you will realize how long your restoration may take. God understands and so He sent the Messiah to shorten this course of restoration. That has been God's purpose. Who is the Messiah? In the Garden of Eden there was Adam, Eve and the Archangel. The process of the fall was from the Archangel to Eve to Adam. The restoration way is the opposite. God promised to send the Messiah as the new Adam. Then restoration flows from Adam to Eve to the Archangel.

Two kinds of mothers and children appear here. In the original world of creation there was only one mother. Fallen mother and children are going down. How can they go up in order to get into heaven. There is a one way course to heaven. That is a one mother and children course. This is the elder sister [indicating to the board] this is the younger sister. Younger sister means concubine position. In Jacob's family we see these two branches. The denial of elder son and father took place. Restoration means 180 degrees opposite direction.

In Jacob's family his mother cooperated with him to deceive the elder son and father in order to gain the birthright for Jacob, who stood in the position of the younger son. Elder sonship was lost in the Garden Eden. Eve made this kind of mistake. This has to be restored so that the younger Jacob took the birthright of the elder son Esau. This is the principled viewpoint. Until now no one has understood this. But before Jacob could return to God he was challenged by the Archangel. His hip bone was dislocated by the Archangel but still Jacob would not give up until the angel gave him his blessing. At last the angel bowed down and blessed him.

God's side can create a restored family. Elder brother becomes younger brother and vise versa. This was Jacob's course. God could connect with the seed of Jacob and restore Abel's family. Jacob was forty years of age when this happened. Then there is the story of Tamar who lost two husbands without bearing children. She was denied marriage to the third brother and so she tricked her father-in-law into having a relationship with her. This is the worst action. Then how come God allows blessing to such a lineage? No one could understand until now. Why should God bless Jacob. How could God protect the action of Tamar with her father-in-law? In her womb two twins fought each other. She prayed to God to know why. God clearly explained that within her womb were two nations. In the future the power and blessing would go to the elder son.

God has always been with the younger son providentially. From the lineage of these families Israel emerged. Israel means victorious race. The Roman Empire spread to a world wide base. It represented Satan's elder nation. God's settlement was not in the elder position. God worked to purify the lineage in order to send the Messiah. Israel was in the position of Cain to Judaism in the position of Abel. Without unification between Cain and Abel there is no foundation for the Messiah to stand.

Historically Cain and Abel have failed to unite and this has caused tremendous problems in God's providence. Satan has always invaded due to this disunity. Even though the Israel nation was God's chosen nation, when they failed to recognize and unite with Jesus, who stood in the position of Abel, they lost everything. They fell under Satan's dominion. The same is true today for this nation of America that represents Christianity, if they fail to recognize and unite with the Lord of the Second Advent they too will end up in hell.

Elder son position

Adam is God's elder son. By the same meaning, at the time of their engagement, Joseph was in the position of elder son. Jospeh's father approved of his son's matching to Mary. He hoped to make a new family and peace centering on the father and son. But Mary conceived Jesus before the marriage took place. Once this happened Joseph's father didn't want Joseph and Mary to marry. Even though Joseph did nothing. Actually Mary took the opposite direction to Eve in God's providence. She deceived both her father and the elder son.

Without Joseph's protection Mary and her conceived child would die. How to protect them? God came to Joseph in a dream and told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. This protected Mary and the child within her womb. Mary was in the position of the handmaiden of the Lord. She obeyed God's direction absolutely. [Father draws on the board] In Zachariah's family we have elder sister and younger sister and Cain and Abel. How to turn around to the original position? Also within Jacob's family there was the same phenomena at a different level. Leah and Rachel were unable to unite with each other. Without creating the foundation of unity the Messiah could not come.

The mission of Elijah was to make clean the environment in order to welcome the coming Messiah. The Old Testament makes this promise. At the time of Jesus Elijah appeared in the form of John the Baptist. The mission of John was to cleanse and purify the chosen people in preparation for the coming Messiah. The position of John the Baptist was that of the heavenly Archangel.

At the time of Adam the blood lineage became stained. Therefore, it was customary in the Jewish tradition to circumcise the male children. At the time of Adam Satan invaded man's sexual organ. At the time of Jesus the cleansing was through the power of love. This is the restoration course. Then a new breed of people could emerge centered upon John the Baptist. He gathered the people and urged them to purify themselves through baptism and repentance. Therefore, John and his followers stood in the position of Cain who were awaiting the coming of Abel.

Jesus came as the second True Parents of mankind. The original first parents were Adam and Eve. If Jesus did not die, the unification between Judaism and Israel would have come about centering upon the Eve, mother position. The Messiah comes in the position of parent and king. The king needs his queen. Jesus stood in the position of the bridegroom and his 12 disciples, 72 apostles and 120 elders were all in the position of the bride. Once the bride and bridegroom positions united, then it was possible to return to the original true lineage. Israel doesn't realize this. The Christian world doesn't realize this.

The first Israel and the second Israel both have made the mistake of believing that the Messiah comes exclusively for them. However, the Messiah comes for the whole world. The True Parents position is for all mankind, not for some denomination, religion or church. God's salvation purpose is one. Today so many Christians still believe that the Second Advent will be only for them. It is a completely wrong concept. We talk about God as being our parent, but in order for a parent and children relationship to come into being there needs to be blood lineage. Without blood lineage there can be no parents and children. Blood lineage comes into being through the unity between man and woman's sexual organs. Woman was born to connect in love with man's sexual organ. Man and woman's sexual organ are the place of the true love palace.

Why is man subject and woman object? Because man carries within him the seed of life. Woman does not contain the baby seed. Women's breasts are the property of her babies. Her hips are the home of her babies. (Laughter) Who likes woman's face? (Man) Man is not so good. Rather woman's face exists for her husband. In God's ideal there is only one father and one mother. In this world of Satan there are many different mothers and fathers in one family. This is miserable for the children.

We have to clearly understand the divided family system of two mothers and two children and how to unite them into one from the historical restoration viewpoint. Without such a united family appearing on the earth, history cannot be cleansed. It is a serious matter. Do you understand? (Yes) Zachariah represented God's position. The result of the cleansing of the blood lineage in the mother's womb. Mary deceived Joseph and Joseph's father as well as her own parents. This was to restore the deception of Eve. Younger sister becomes the elder sister, and the elder sister becomes the younger sister. Younger sister stands in the mother's position and the older sister stands in the position of the daughter.

Mary stood in the position of the second wife to Zachariah. Why in the Last Days does God permit divorce? The culture of hippies was that of no home, no partnership, no property and no traditional birth. They were without virtue. Those who followed the path of the Unification Church out of this culture all were turned around 180 degrees. Unificationists have a connection to everything just like God. God desires such a love partnership. Every human being should hold the concept of kingship and queenship. Without that you are unable to connect with God.

That kind of ambition originates in God. That kind of value concept was completely lost because of Satan. The fallen history of humanity has been one of lost value and the inheritance of hell. You have to know that. How can we permit Satan to continue in this world? No matter how difficult our situation might be, we cannot permit that. We have to clean up our actions and our concepts. Who has to have that kind of concept? True Parents children do. God cannot clean up this world alone. He needs the cooperation of His children. He has endured with agonizing suffering waiting for this time to come. The principle does not allow God to take action on the earth. The appearance of the True Parents is needed. True man, true woman, true love, and true ideal centered upon God.

Two thousand years ago, John the Baptist testified to Jesus. He understood who Jesus' father was. They shared the same father. At the fall there came about two directions, two roots. In the time of restoration one root has to be established again. The only way is for the elder brother to welcome and serve the younger brother. Zachariah, Mary, Jesus. What should Mary have done centering upon Jesus? She should have been concerned to assist him in bringing about his marriage. Two kinds of marriage took place within one household. (Father illustrates on the board) This is the elder position and this is the younger position. God, Adam, Cain and Archangel. Adam should absolutely follow God. The Archangel should absolutely follow Adam. This was the original ideal course.

John the Baptist did testify to Jesus at the Jordan River. Heaven opened and he received the revelation from God and he saw the dove descend upon Jesus' head. When he felt the spirit of God he testified to Jesus. However, afterwards he was blocked by allowing himself to think from his own viewpoint. Elizabeth was Mary's elder sister. God claimed back the elder sister's husband through Mary. Mary then stood in a position to be stoned to death through this action. That is the kind of atmosphere that surrounded Elizabeth and Mary. Within three months Mary conceived Jesus. This is an historical concept, not Father's concept. Jesus' father was Zachariah. Mary was in the position of the second wife, or concubine. John the Baptist understood that Jesus was the son of his father's concubine. The original wife, John the Baptist's mother, suffered so much agony through this.

From a human viewpoint, John the Baptist felt unable to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Also Jesus spoke of having to marry within one family. In Eden Satan took Adam's younger sister. In the course of restoration, the true Adam, Jesus, had to take back that younger sister. Same situation only 180 degrees different. John the Baptist was in the position of Cain and his younger sister was to be Jesus' bride. She stood in the position of Eve, younger sister. Whilst Jesus stood in the position of Adam, elder brother. John stood in the position of the Cain side elder brother. Jesus was the first true father to appear on the earth. Jesus' wife would have been true mother. Once the true father and true mother embrace as one then the true tradition would have been established.

Had Jesus' family established such a foundation then automatically it would have expanded to the tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Adam's position is that of the king. Through the true Adam God would have dominion over the whole universe. Centering upon God such a foundation could have easily over turned the Roman Empire. Satan divided the world at every level. However, God is the absolute settlement pillar of the one true love world.

Which side did Jesus' mother Mary stand on? Was she in the position of Jesus' mother or his daughter? Mother's position? (No) Only one mother is Eve and only one father is Adam. On the national basis there is only one husband and one wife. From that viewpoint which side is Mary standing on? (Daughter) What kind of daughter? Mary, Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist were all obstacles to Jesus and caused him to travel the road of indemnity. All of them, as a family, were supposed to automatically follow behind Jesus. Mary was supposed to help him in his marriage. This was her mission. Seven times Jesus explained his marriage situation to Mary. He urged her to assist him.

Originally Mary risked her own life in order to conceive Jesus according to God's directive. She could have been stone to death and so Mary declared that she conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary explained that way. Who guided her to explain that way? Zachariah. Mary did not want that kind of concept. Mary was engaged to Joseph, she traveled to visit with the family of Zachariah for three months. When she returned she was pregnant. Automatically Joseph asked whose baby was she carrying. It is natural that he would. God intervened by giving Joseph a revelation in a dream not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. Therefore Mary and Jesus were protected.

Because Joseph took this kind of action the bible refers to him as a righteous man. It was God's desire that Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist surround and protect the Messiah no matter how difficult their family situation might be. None of them wanted to protect Jesus. Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist all knew how Jesus was conceived. They all were opposed to Jesus marrying their younger daughter. This family secret phenomena became the basis for the problem of incest.

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