The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


The Leaders' Conference

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 7, 1995
Washington, DC
Translator -- Hideo Oyamada

Mr. Oyamada is the representative of the Eve nation. The Adam and Eve nations need to make unity. Therefore, he will be my interpreter. [Father laughs.]

This is my seventy-fifth birthday and Mother's fifty-second birthday. That is why I invited all the overseas missionaries to America. The fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II marks a period of change. A new era and a new dimension is beginning. From the providential point of view, we don't have a heavenly nation. We don't have a heavenly fatherland. The great desire of all human beings is for our original parents and our original fatherland. That is the original human desire ever since our birth. Because of the fall we lost our original human ancestor and our original fatherland. Christianity has tried to find the original ancestor and original fatherland. Human history after the fall records the search for this original ancestor and original fatherland.

[Father writes on the blackboard and Mr. Oyamada reads the words he wrote:] God, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel; Satan, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel. If the human ancestors had not fallen, Heavenly Father's orders would go directly to Adam, and Adam's orders would go to Eve. Then Eve as the mother would give orders to Cain, the oldest son, and finally they would reach the youngest son. This was the original heavenly order. However, the fall completely disturbed this heavenly order, and all family members fought each other. Because of the fighting and lack of unity, Heavenly Father could not dwell there. The original heavenly world was lost, and everything was completely nullified.

In place of Heavenly Father, Satan has controlled the whole world. In place of Adam, there was fallen Adam. In place of Eve, there was fallen Eve. In place of Cain, there was fallen Cain. You should clearly understand that, because of the fall, we lost the original concept of order. History has been the story of salvation, restoration and re-creation. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration and re-creation.

The Formula for Restoring Everything

There is a heavenly formula for restoring everything, which goes back to the original process by which God created the world. First, Heavenly Father created the environment, including the sun, air, water and soil. Without these four elements human life and indeed all living things would die. Within the environment there are always subject/object relationships. This subject / object relationship is the formula. If you carefully analyze the mineral kingdom and plant kingdom, you can find plus and minus in a reciprocal relationship. There are male and female animals. Human beings exist as men and women. The whole environment consists of plus and minus, subject and object.

Without subject and object, there can be no action or motion. The universe originated through some force or power. What was this energy, and where did it come from? Take, for example, the husband/wife relationship: where does its energy come from? Which comes first, energy or action? A boy looks at a girl and then action starts. Action comes before force or energy. Reciprocal action does not come from a single existence; there need to be dual characteristics. When there is a reciprocal relationship between subject and object, the foundation for energy is created.

Then how do subject and object become united? The motivation is True Love. Love is the motivation, and action is the result. A reciprocal relationship starts when one invests one's self. God's work of creation started with investment. God invested Himself and then forgot it, over and over continuously. Heavenly Father stands in the subject position and gives love to us in the object position. When we receive this love and investment from Heavenly Father and return energy to Him, that is the start of a reciprocal relationship. On that foundation, a bigger plus, a higher-dimension plus is created. That is why God created our original mind and gave us the desire to move from the individual level to ever-higher dimensions, including the family level, clan level, tribal level, worldwide level and universal level, until we finally become the object of God.

What is the motivation of God's creation? To create the object of love. Heavenly Father kept investing more and more, in order to have a bigger object. Heavenly Father has the same type of feelings as a human being. If you are lonely, what kind of partner do you seek? An object of love. As an absolute subject, God eternally invests and forgets, invests and forgets. As objects in front of Heavenly Father, we should also invest and forget, invest and forget. In this way we can become the objects of God.

To invest and forget means to sacrificially serve another person; that is the origin of the universe. As the subject of love, Heavenly Father needs a love object. That is why He started creating the universe. As horizontal objects of love, we need to create the foundation upon which Heavenly Father can settle on this earth. The foundation of Heavenly Father's settlement is the family. This is the most fundamental unit of Heavenly Father's creation.

Everything will be organized and mobilized through the family unit. Through the family, Heavenly Father wants to dance and sing with us, enjoying a relationship with us. The core of the family is man and woman, husband and wife. Husband and wife should each be united in mind and body. On that foundation, the husband becomes the plus and the wife becomes the minus. Within the couple, plus and minus should be united. Through this unity, the husband and wife become a higher-level plus, resulting in the creation of children. The husband and wife become parents, giving birth to children, who grow up and become parents in turn. These three generations compose the family.

God's formula is based on reciprocal relationships. When you look at your face you see two eyes, which function in a reciprocal relationship. You don't have just one nostril; you have two nostrils, functioning in a reciprocal relationship. Everything exists for the sake of the object. What is the force that enables mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children to unite? True Love. Where does True Love come from? If you look for a marriage partner, do you want a spouse who is better than you or worse than you? Where does such a motivation come from? Heavenly Father also looks for a partner of love. That is an eternal, original, absolute desire: the desire for a superior object of love. We want to experience love on ever-higher levels. Through True Love, we can connect to the whole universe. The standard for all these levels of love is the family. Even the president of the United States connects with people centered on the family. If Adam had not fallen, he would have connected to the whole universe centering on the family. He would have been an unchanging subject, representing the whole universe like a king.

The president of the United States represents the whole nation. Adam and Eve would have been the king and queen of their family and eventually the king and queen of the the tribe and nation. Heavenly Father is in the subject position, and human beings are automatically in the object position. There are kings and queens on different levels, but however large the level, they should completely fit into the formula, which is True Love.

Investing and Forgetting

True Love starts with total investment and forgetting. To invest and forget means to serve others and think in a sacrificial way. The person who constantly serves other people and thinks in a sacrificial way always becomes the central figure. Do you follow? This is a most important teaching. Why is Heavenly Father the eternal subject? From the beginning of creation, He has been eternally investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting, in a sacrificial way.

If there are ten members in a family, the one who is most sacrificial, sacrificing himself ten times more than the other family members, is the central figure. To serve others and sacrifice one's self for others is our moral standard and our teaching. Because Heavenly Father is that kind of eternal subject, as His objects we should automatically have the same attitude and follow the same principle. One family member sacrifices for the others and serves them, and then that family sacrifices itself for the clan and serves the hundreds of families in the clan.

In the creation, Heavenly Father started with the mineral world, investing Himself and forgetting, until the higher level of the plant kingdom emerged. In the plant kingdom as well as the mineral kingdom, everything consists of plus and minus. Everything followed the formula.

Children are educated in kindergarten and then elementary school according to this formula of plus and minus. After they finish elementary school, they go to junior high school and high school; at every stage they meet the concept of plus and minus. When they go to the university and pursue a doctoral course, they learn plus and minus. On that foundation every level, including the national level and worldwide level, follows the same formula of development through the reciprocal relationship between plus and minus.

If you go witnessing in your state or nation, you should be the subject of that environment. You begin in the object role and serve people, until finally you gain the subject role.

If you look at the course I have been pursuing until today, I connect with the academic realm, the political realm and the media realm, always making connections on the highest levels, by following this formula. I begin from the position of object and serve the people in that realm. Finally I gain the subject position. That is the absolute formula, the iron-clad law. I served the famous professors and scholars, and eventually they learned that the Rev. Moon is superior to them. If you follow this formula, you will be the central figures. In the academic, political and media realms, I have been continuously investing and forgetting. Even Nobel laureate academics who thought they were at the center of knowledge are as nothing in front of me.

Individualism is a big problem. People always want to receive without investing. However, first you have to invest and then you can receive. Do you understand? You know clearly the universal formula. When you enter the elementary school, you have to unite with your teacher. Then you can go the next higher level, which is the junior high school. The same thing is true with high school and university. You should unite with the subject and then move up to a higher level.

By following the formula of investing and forgetting, you can develop from the individual level all the way to Heavenly Father. How much money has our movement invested up until today? No record has been kept of how much was invested. I forgot everything. I just invest and forget.

However, all these processes can be completely integrated within the family. All the family members should be connected, each of them existing for the sake of others. What is the motivation of all the actions in the universe? Although there are many different dimensions, they all follow the formula of True Love.

What kind of people were the saints and sages? For example, Jesus Christ taught that we should love our enemy. That means to forget the wrongs and forgive the enemy. When was the decision made to publish the Washington Times? While the court case was in progress. I was considered the enemy of the country. They brought a court case and put me in jail. However, I invested and forgot. That automatically made me the central person. This is an application of the universal formula.

Sacrificing for the Whole

Look at my hand. The hand by itself has no meaning. What is the meaning of my eye, nose, ears and legs? They exist for me. They have no value apart from the whole. Even the nose exists for the whole. The five or six organs are for the sake of their object. What about my lips? They exist for myself. What are my ears for? They exist for myself. All the organs of my body exist for the sake of myself. Thus we should know clearly that in all the world nothing exists for its own sake but for the sake of the higher level.

What is the starting point of the material world? What is the motivation of its existence? All material things desire to connect to human beings. What is the motivation for existence of a molecule or atom? To reach the higher plant realm as soon as possible, to be absorbed by some subject in a higher realm.

The individual sacrifices for the sake of the family. All beings seek the higher purpose. Each being seeks to unite with a higher realm, representing God. We need to step to higher realms in order to eventually reach Heavenly Father; we go from the family to clan, clan to nation, nation to the world, and the world to Heavenly Father. This is the traditional, historical formula which all things must follow.

In relation to the animal world, human beings occupy the position of God; human beings represent God to the animal world. Human beings are in the top position of creation. All creatures want to follow human beings. What is the motivation of the mineral realm? To become part of the plant realm. When you look at this as a vertical and horizontal process, if the horizontal realm puts pressure on the vertical aspect it pushes the vertical aspect higher, and if the vertical aspect pushes down on the horizontal aspect it becomes wider. What does this teach us? If we sacrifice our flesh, our mind will become higher. If our mind becomes higher, our flesh cannot complain. We find here the principle that the horizontal aspect should sacrifice for the vertical aspect; that is why we sacrifice our flesh for the sake of our mind, which is our vertical aspect.

Plants sacrifice themselves because they know that by sacrificing they become part of a higher level. The whole plant world would sacrifice itself for a small worm; a worm will sacrifice itself for a rabbit, and a rabbit will sacrifice itself for a tiger, because the tiger is on a higher level. Finally, the whole animal world will sacrifice itself for the sake of human beings.

Although our body of flesh does not want to sacrifice itself, it should sacrifice for the sake of the mind. This is why all religions teach us to sacrifice our body of flesh for the sake of our mind. However, our body never wants to sacrifice itself; therefore, we have to push our flesh in order to enable our mind to rise to a higher level. By itself, if our mind tries to approach Heavenly Father it would take a thousand years; but if we sacrifice our body completely we can reach Heavenly Father within a second. We should know that the traditional, universal formula for development is to sacrifice oneself, invest and forget. Because this formula was lost, people have not been able to develop.

The Dwelling Place of Love, Life and Lineage

What do all things want to approach? The place of love, the place where love is exchanged: our sexual organs. All things want to connect with love, life, blood lineage and conscience, which are all linked in the place where man and woman unite: the sexual organs. This is the dwelling place of love, life, blood lineage and conscience. Every purpose dwells there. The movement of the universe is based on this formula.

As human beings, we should follow Heavenly Father's way. As human beings, we should connect to the deepest part of Heavenly Father. All human beings approach the original place of love as children, as brother and sister, as husband and wife, and as parents. People in all four stages of human life approach this original place of love. This is the place of sexual intercourse. This is the formula for this world's existence.

As human beings, we should go towards God. The animal world goes towards human beings and, through them, towards God. The motivation of the animal world is to reach the realm of God's love through human beings. This is the formula. If we nullify this formula, everything that exists in this world will be destroyed. This is the fundamental concept of our being.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was completely incorrect. He talked about the survival of the fittest and the weak ones being sacrificed for the stronger ones. People are confused because they don't know what is subject and what is object. They don't know the formula governing the subject/object relationship. They don't know which is first, concept or substance. The concept, or love, is first, followed by the substance, man and woman. There is concave and convex. On the foundation of unity between concave and convex, love and life are established. Through the reciprocal relationship, plus and minus unite and form a unity on a higher dimension. This is the formula of development.

Take our eyes, for example. Which was first, concept or substance? Before the eye developed, did it know that the sun existed? It didn't know, but the purpose of the eye is to look for the sun. Did the nose know there was air before it existed? No. It didn't know. What is the motivation for the eyebrow? It is just like a screen. Did the eye know that things would be flying everywhere and thus it would need an eyebrow? The substantial eye did not know, but the concept knew. You may think there is no meaning to the eyebrow, but before the eyebrow existed there was a vast background of knowledge that gave rise to the substance. Do you know why the eyelid blinks? Did it know there would be dust in the air? Did tear ducts develop because the eye knew there would be dust in the air? The eye didn't know these things. Do you think the eye would be more beautiful and more convenient without an eyebrow? However, without the eyebrow how would the salty sweat be kept out of the eye? Why do we have lines in our forehead? They are sweat lines. Thus we know that concept existed before substance.

Did the man's sexual organ know before birth that it would go into a woman's sexual organ? [Laughter.] No. The concept was first. What is the meaning of nose hairs? [Father laughs.] For a woman to have nose hairs is a very terrible thing. The concept is first and substance is second. Do you follow? Concept is first and substance is second.

Between the amoebas and human beings are thousands and thousands of relationships. Human beings come on that foundation. Without the connection of the love relationship, no new baby can come to exist. Every step of development, from the lower levels to the higher levels, always took place through the love relationship. Without that we could not reach higher levels. Thus evolutionary theory is false; it is the way of thinking of a thief. Concept is the priority.

Can you see love? We cannot see or touch love. How do we know this? Without an object of love, we cannot know that love exists. We have love, life, blood lineage and even conscience, but because we are so completely one with them we cannot feel them. How many times do you blink your eye? Can you calculate the number? Why don't you know? Each square centimeter is affected by air pressure, but we don't feel that pressure. If you put your hand on your breast, what kind of sound do you feel? Your heartbeat. How many times does your heart beat each day? It makes a big sound, but we don't realize it because we cannot feel it. Why? Do you put a big mask in front of your nose when you go to the bathroom? Because we are completely united with it, we do not sense the smell.

The Zero Point

Why did God create us so completely united with aspects of ourselves that we cannot even feel them? If you have a love object, you can suddenly feel love, life, blood lineage and even conscience. An object of love creates a big stimulation; it is a powerful stimulus, like an electrical shock. If we invest only thirty percent and neglect the remaining seventy percent, we cannot receive anything from the subject of love. However, if we invest a hundred percent and more, then we can feel the shock of love, through the subject of love. A hundred percent shock, all open! Unless we live a hundred percent for the sake of others, we cannot feel the love-shock.

If our mind and body are fighting against each other, how can we move? We cannot approach the zero point in such a condition. The zero point is where subject and object, plus and minus connect. Thus you should unite your mind and body first, and then unite with your spouse. American people especially need to understand that individualism cannot produce unification. You have to warn American people to change and go to the opposite side. Can you do it?

This is the formula we need to learn from the sun, air, water and soil. They sacrifice themselves for the others. These four elements sacrifice themselves and serve others. For instance, if there is a small opening, water will go through it. In the body, the blood penetrates the smallest openings. In a tree, the fluids rise to the top branches. Air itself follows the same formula. It invests and forgets; it gives in a sacrificial way. Even the sun works so hard, but does it take a rest? For a hundred million years it has been giving light, without stopping. The sun represents God's position. It is the life element without which no being can sustain its existence.

Is love more similar to water or to air? Both air and water flow. Does high-pressure air flow toward an area of low pressure, or does the low-pressure air flow to the high-pressure area? High-pressure air flows to the low-pressure area. Just like the sun, just like high-pressure air, Heavenly Father invests and forgets, coming down to the low area. Suppose water is heading down to a dirty place: will it protest going to a low place? Water and air freely flow everywhere and occupy every place. This willingness to flow is the formula of love.

Suppose a Japanese cloud said, "I hate American clouds. I do not want to be matched to an American cloud." Would that happen? Suppose a Japanese ocean said, "I don't want to circulate in an American area." Or suppose water in an American ocean protested against circulating 4,000 miles to Japan. Does that happen? Does water discriminate between developed and underdeveloped countries? Are there national borders dividing the currents? How do human beings compare to the currents of water? They create borders and discriminate against each other.

Do American sparrows and Korean sparrows chirp differently? [Father says, "Da, da, da, da."] Why do Korean men and American men use different languages? They cause damage. Who caused this? They hate each other and fight. Parents and children fight. Even the rice -- or bread, for the Western world -- doesn't want to hear such sounds. God does not dwell where there is fighting. If your mind and body are fighting, God does not dwell with you. Universal law does not permit it. We should clearly understand this concept.

Restoring the Family

The formula of re-creation involves reversing the positions of Cain and Abel. Because of the fall, the original blueprint was lost. Restoration means coming back to the original point, the original family unit, the original family formula of parents and children. Because God lost the family, He has been seeking the family. God comes down to the lowest part, seeking the lowest Abel in the satanic world. Satan occupies the head place in the satanic world. God has been coming down to hell. How miserable God's situation is! From the providential perspective, how amazing indemnity is!

Until today, Cain and Abel have been fighting. Abel is the right wing, and Cain is the left wing. They have been fighting. Where did this fighting start? In Adam's family. Adam and Eve were the parents; Cain and Abel were elder brother and younger brother. Because of the fall, Adam and Eve were not true parents; therefore, the elder son and younger son began to fight. If parents are centered on True Love, the elder and younger brothers will embrace. However, without parents there is no embracing power; the children fight with each other.

Thus the family level was lost. To restore this, a higher-level, national foundation was needed. Judaism developed in the Abel position and the nation of Israel was in the Cain position. They should be united as Cain and Abel. When Adam and Eve are completely united, centering on Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father can dwell there. When the mother and elder son are united, universal power operates. This is the formula of re-creation. Do you follow? When there is unity between subject and object, universal power dwells there and heavenly fortune guides them.

Why do we feel pain when we have a disease? Pain exists because of the lack of unity between subject and object. When there is no unity between husband and wife, heavenly power is chased out. Therefore, they feel pain.

Thousands and thousands of electrical bolts are operating in the universe. In electrical terms, if plus and plus are always fighting, how can they unite? If thousands and thousands of electrical bolts come down, what will happen? Will electricity gradually start to flow when there is only plus? When plus and plus unite, and minus and minus unite, then plus and minus will begin to cooperate, creating some kind of reaction.

Protecting the Subject/Object Relationship

Before marriage, sisters live together and brothers live together. Before marriage, sisters are friends with sisters and brothers are friends with brothers. They meet every day, talk together, and sleep in the same place together. However, after marriage they focus on their spouse. Once the subject is decided, no other subjects are allowed. The heavenly formula guards the unity between plus and minus. Before a reciprocal relationship is made with an object, it is permissible to connect with others. However, once the reciprocal relationship is established, no other subject or object is permitted. You tell them to find their own spouse. Universal power protects the partnership; it is a helping force. When husband and wife are united, other influences are kicked out. If you see some handsome man, are you interested in him or not? [No! Everyone laughs.] This is the formula for settlement. Is it temporary or eternal? Do you want temporary love or eternal love? [Eternal love!]

We know that Heavenly Father always invests and forgets and that He protects the subject/object relationships. This is an eternal partnership. True Love means eternally to invest and forget. On that foundation, the world of eternal peace, happiness and love can be established. On the foundation of our own unity we can connect with our environment. When the horizontal base is established, the vertical dimension operates, creating a place where the children can settle. Subject and object, plus and minus need to be united. When the central point of unity is established, horizontal expansion to the four corners of the earth is possible. This is the formula for the environment of reciprocal relationship between subject and object.

Because of the fall, the elder son became the younger son, and the younger son became the elder son. Restoration means to take the reverse course and return to the original position. God could connect only to the younger son, while everything in the higher position was connected to Satan. Everyone in the family and on the national levels persecutes those in the lowest position, who are in the Abel position. Because of this persecution, those in the lower position automatically rise higher and higher. Thus the younger brother becomes the elder brother.

Why does God's providence of restoration take such an incredibly long time? Because the elder son always persecutes and tries to assassinate the younger son. Finally, he is conscience-stricken; then he apologizes and gives everything to the younger brother.

Resolving Conflicts

On the national level, Jesus Christ came. He was crucified between the right-hand thief and the left-hand thief. Because of Jesus, they fought each other; Judaism and Israel fought each other. However, this did not fit into the formula course.

The fighting in Adam's time was on the family level, while the fighting in Jesus' time was on the national level, and the fighting at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent is on the worldwide level. Right wing and left wing are represented by the democratic world and the communist world. True Father is the third Adam, embracing the right wing, the democratic world, and the left wing, the communist world. How can they be unified? At Jesus' time they failed to unite. True Parents have to digest both communism and the democratic world. At Adam's time there was a family-level failure, while in Jesus' time there was a national-level failure. Both of these failures should be indemnified now on a worldwide level by Father. As the True Parent and the third Adam, I will completely digest them and embrace them, without fighting.

The worldwide-level communist leader, Gorbachev, and the national-level communist leader, Kim Il Sung, should be digested by True Parents. Because True Parents unified the plus, or democratic, world and the minus, or communist world, that means that what was originally lost on the family will return on the national level. Because of that, I declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Why have Cain and Abel, or left wing and right wing, emerged in history? People don't know. Neither the communist world nor the democratic world knows what direction they should take.

We should know our historical mission. I am using the Eve nation, Japan, to embrace the archangel nation, America. That is the process I am using now. Fallen Eve separated from Adam's world. How can Eve, the mother's position, unite the archangelic and Adamic world? If women work for the unification of the world, it will be no problem for men to unite. The women's age is coming. American women are like queens, and American men are like servants. The man stops the car, gets out, and opens the door for the woman exactly like a servant. Such a standard of action cannot continue forever. Only until the year 2000. Only another six years.

When the real king and real queen appear, people will follow them. People will have to follow the real king. The year 2000 will mark the beginning of that age.

You have to come to the zero point. You have to cancel the attitudes of this world and reach the zero point. You have to connect with the true subject, True Parents, and heavenly love; then you and your partner can create the realm of a unified couple.

The course of restoration is seeking this original ideal. Until today, the history of restoration has focused on restoring the positions of Cain and Abel. Cain tries to kill Abel three times, but then Cain is conscience-stricken. Feeling sorry, he will give the elder sonship to the younger brother, Abel. Because of this process, the history of restoration takes a long time. Because they could not bear Heavenly Father's direct blood lineage, they sacrificed their blood lineage.

God has no concept of enemy. God's way is always the loving way, not the hating way. Finally, even Satan will obey me and naturally surrender to me. This is the original idea of creation. In order to unify the right-hand side, I came to America and worked to unify with every realm, including the Congress and the United Nations. By unifying the right wing and the left wing, I laid the foundation to restore everything and safely settle True Parents and the Completed Testament age. Thousands of years ago Heavenly Father lost the original position. Through the indemnity course, Cain becomes the younger brother and Abel becomes the elder brother, regaining and restoring the original position.

The crossing point is the point of complete negation, a zero. The whole satanic world must be nullified. That is why religions have always taught people to leave their home town. Traditional religions could not teach people to return to their home town. For the first time in thousands of years of human history, the hometown providence is possible. Unification Church members have not understood how important the hometown providence is.

Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden. In the process of restoration, we will come back to the original position of Adam and Eve. Because of false parents and false marriages, the process must be reversed. Because of false parents, people have been destined to go to hell. But with True Parents, the process is reversed and we can go to heaven. This is the final goal sought by all religions; even Heavenly Father has been seeking this original standard. Thus, the central concept is a family. On this foundation, people can unite and their positions can be reversed; for example, the children's position becomes a minus and the mother's position becomes a bigger plus. We must follow the reverse course back to the original position.

The mother's position is the bride religion; this has been the role of Christianity in history. Christianity becomes a minus and seeks the new bridegroom, the messiah. Thus the mother and children, centering on the bride, return to the original Adam. Then we can kick out Satan. The messiah comes down from heaven. The heavenly bridegroom should seek the bride and children. When mother and children unite, they are in the minus position in relationship to the bridegroom, who is the bigger plus. This is the formula of development. Then the restoration is finished.

Through the unity between Cain and Abel, the birthright of the elder son is restored. On this foundation parents are restored, and if Heavenly Father dwells there, the kingship or heavenly sovereignty is restored. Finally the fighting between brothers and sisters is solved.

What Father Taught the Japanese Women

Why has American democracy been declining? Free sex, homosexuality and AIDS have spread all over the country. People must desperately follow me; otherwise there is no hope. Why am I doing things this way? The archangel caused Eve to fall, so Eve should restore the archangel to the original position. When high-level men meet the Japanese women, they melt. The fallen archangel melted Eve, but now Eve is melting the archangelic world.

Until today no one knew the secret of the heavenly formula course. Because of that, no one can deny me. This is the process of restoration, but I have been giving women more insight. I have been teaching Japanese women the nature of women's role in God's providence. You should know the content of what I have been teaching the Japanese women.

Centering on Heavenly Father, there have been two kinds of women after the fall: the original or legal wife, and the mistress. From the two kinds of wives, two kinds of children have emerged. Originally, there should have been only one type of children and one type of wife. One is the elder sister and the other is the younger sister, and their positions coincide with Cain's position and Abel's position.

How could fallen Eve be restored at the time of Jacob? Jacob suffered for seven years in order to marry Rachel. Why has the history of restoration been so complicated? The things that happened to Eve should have been restored in the case of Jacob and Rachel. However, Jacob's family went through the same course. Why did Laban send Leah, the elder sister, to Jacob's tent on his wedding night? In order to restore the original position, Jacob had to love the enemy, the elder sister. In Jacob's family, the elder sister, Leah, should have taken the position of younger sister and the younger sister, Rachel, should have taken the position of elder sister. That is how restoration would have been accomplished. However, Leah and the servant girls claimed the heavenly lineage for their side. These three women bore ten children for Satan's side. The original, heavenly wife, Rachel, was completely denied. Leah and the concubines had ten children, while Rachel had only two. Originally, Cain's wife and children were supposed to follow Abel's wife and children. Abel's plus and minus (his wife and children) were supposed to be united on the foundation of Cain's plus and minus (his wife and children). That was the formula of restoration. However, everything was reversed.

Along these lines, the kingdom was divided into the northern part, Israel, and the southern part, Judah. The dynasties fought against each other. All twelve sons and tribes of Israel should have united to welcome the messiah. Otherwise there was no foundation to receive the messiah. Plus and minus should be united centering on the messiah.

Before the Lord came, Elijah was chosen by Heavenly Father to help the northern and southern kingdoms unite. Finally, on Mount Carmel, there was a showdown between the 850 false prophets and Elijah in order to determine who was the true God. All morning the other prophets prayed, but nothing happened. Finally, Elijah placed water on the altar, and Heavenly Father worked. However, the people could not accept Elijah as a heavenly prophet, and they tried to assassinate him. Finally, he escaped and prayed, "Heavenly Father, please take my life." Heavenly Father said, "Don't worry. I have been preparing things. Seven thousand people did not worship the false gods." If they united with Elijah, the messiah would have been welcomed. Because of the failure at Elijah's time, however, the restored Elijah had to return before Jesus could appear. Because Elijah ascended into heaven, the people expected Elijah to come down from heaven.

That was the time of John the Baptist. Among the tribes of Israel, if there were 7,000 prepared people who could welcome Jesus, the heavenly providence would have been completely fulfilled. If John the Baptist and 7,000 followers had united with Jesus, Jesus Christ could have restored all the people of Israel centering on the family of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. However, everything failed.

Who was the father of Jesus Christ? [Zechariah.] Zechariah. This followed the same formula of legal wife and mistress. The mistress was Mary, and the legal wife was Elizabeth. The relationship between Elizabeth and Mary was just like that between Leah and Rachel. Zechariah's family should have restored Jacob's family; they had exactly the same course. Elizabeth should have restored Leah's position and then introduced Mary to Zechariah. The result of the relationship between Zechariah and Mary was the birth of Jesus Christ. With Mary and Jesus united as plus and minus, and Elizabeth and John the Baptist united as plus and minus, a greater plus and minus would have been created by the unity between the two wives and two sons. If this process of unity had taken place, all of history would have been completely restored. Everything would have been solved if Jesus Christ had been safely married.

Why could Jesus Christ not get married even by the age of thirty-three? Jesus Christ is the true Adam, isn't he? As the completed Adam, he was connected to the True Love of God. If one such man and woman are united in marriage, they would have the position of royalty on the national level. If this marriage had been completed, everything would have been accomplished.

Why couldn't Jesus get married even by the age of thirty-three? Restoration is accomplished through indemnity. The fall involved a relationship between the archangel, Eve and Adam, culminating in Cain and Abel. Lucifer's betrayal involved taking away Adam's sister, Eve. Jesus' position was Adam's position, and John the Baptist's position was the archangelic position. All these historical events led up to John the Baptist's younger sister being in the position to become Jesus' wife. With Jesus destined to be in the elder son's position, John the Baptist's younger sister would have become Jesus' wife and all of history would have been restored.

When Jesus Christ was seventeen years old, he told Mary whom he should marry. Jesus Christ spoke strongly about the necessity for this marriage, no matter what sacrifices might need to be made, but Mary could not accept it. Mary went through such a severe course after her relationship with Zechariah. She experienced much persecution from the environment. If this sexual relationship had been publicized, people would have stoned her to death. If Joseph had not declared that her baby was his son, Jesus and Mary would have been stoned to death. Joseph was the savior of Mary and Jesus Christ. If Mary had confessed who her child's father was, there would have been a problem. Thus Jesus and John the Baptist's sister had the same father, but different mothers. They were half-brother/sister. John the Baptist knew very well that Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child. When John the Baptist received the revelation that Jesus was God's beloved son, he could not accept that an illegitimate person was the messiah. Under these circumstances, for Jesus to marry John the Baptist's younger sister was unacceptable. Although they had different mothers, they were both children of Zechariah. How could people accept such an incestuous relationship?

The Need for a True Center

Why have there been so many miserable incestuous relationships in America? The Lord of the Second Advent clarifies all these situations. The Lord of the Second Advent chases out such situations; they have no center; they lead to hell. The free world has no center. The Christian world has no center. I am turning them back toward heaven.

Because they chased out the central figure, they have been declining for the past forty years. People have engaged in free sex. Sexual relationships between man and man and between woman and woman follow the archangelic way of life, not the heavenly way of life. At the end of World War II Great Britain, America and France were in Abel's position, and Japan, Germany and Italy were in Cain's position. If I had been united at that time with Sung Jin Nim's mother, who was in the bride position, the heavenly providence would have been completed forty years ago. The central family, central tribe and central nation would have been united around Korea as the core of parental unification. Centering on Eve's position, all nations could have surrounded that country, making the atmosphere of unification.

However, the same thing happened as in the Garden of Eden, and I was chased out. The Christian world did not welcome the second advent, so I was chased out into the wilderness. The family was lost, and only Adam remained. The satanic realm chased God out.

How can the Lord of the Second Advent make the family, tribe, nation and world a second time, culminating in the year 2000. At that time I will be eighty years old, the same age as Moses.

Centering on North America in the plus position, the Unification Church is plus and Christianity is minus. On the foundation of this reciprocal relationship the South American countries, which are primarily Catholic, are Cain and North America is Abel. The two continents have been fighting, as hostile, enemy nations. The Protestant and Catholic civilizations should be united.

The archangel should unite with Eve, creating a sisterhood centering on Christianity that can unite with True Parents. Centering on Father, Cain and Abel can return to their original position, and America will take the plus position. In the reversal process, enemy countries become brother countries.

North America should go down to South America and unite with them. The united North and South America will become a big plus and Europe, centering on Germany, will automatically be in the position of a big minus to them. Martin Luther tried to unify Protestants and Catholics. When Protestants and Catholics are united in America, they will automatically be united in Europe.

The united Americas and Europe will become a still bigger plus, and Asia will automatically be in a minus position to them. Then everything is finished. There will be a new United Nations. In Asia, north and south, Cain and Abel will all be completely united centering on True Parents. This is the path of restoration. Through this course we will restore Roman Catholicism and the Roman Empire. Finally, even Adam's course will be completely restored through this process.

Eve's Mission

Because of Eve's fall, the family was lost. On the worldwide level, the family will be restored, centering on Eve. That is why I have been advancing the worldwide providence centering on the restoration of women. Therefore, the Japanese women came here to establish sisterhood bonds with women from America, their former enemy nation. Korea and Japan have been enemy nations, but through the sisterhood bonds everything can be solved. Therefore, should we stop now or should we continue stronger and stronger? [Continue.]

I know everything that we need. We cannot deny that we are following the same historical formula. Who should be responsible for this? Each of us. Abel should take the responsibility. We should be responsible for that. You should be responsible from your head down to your foot.

Are you united with Japanese women? If you don't speak Japanese and the women don't speak English, what should you do? Will the archangel follow Eve or Eve follow the archangel? You should speak Japanese.

The woman's responsibility is the mother's responsibility. Women have a difficult mission. Western civilization has been in the plus position, and the Oriental world has been in the minus position. How can those positions be exchanged? Only by me.

Now you understand the role of women on the front line. Centering on the mother, Cain and Abel can unite with the true Adam. When the mother embraces Cain and Abel, a worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood is created. This is the women's mission.

What is the individual role of women? Because Eve fell, the elder son, Adam, was chased out and Heavenly Father was chased out. Because of the fall, Eve lost the elder son and the father. According to the Old Testament teachings, the law of restitution is eye for eye and tooth for tooth. Because of satanic Eve's actions, God uses heavenly Eve to restore everything.

Rebecca's Mission

First, Rebecca helped betray the elder son and helped her younger son restore the elder sonship. The second son had to gain the birthright, or the elder sonship. Centering on Rebecca, Jacob, the second son, was restored as the elder son. What kind of mother would let her younger son take ownership of everything that belonged to the elder son? For the second son, Jacob, to get the blessing, Isaac and Esau were betrayed. This is the process of restoration. Thousands and thousands of years ago Heavenly Father started the history of restoration.

Twenty-one years after fighting with Esau, Jacob headed back to his home town beyond the Jabbok River. Jacob was sleeping in the desert near the Jabbok River when suddenly the archangel came and asked, "Why are you sleeping here? Wake up!" They began to fight. They fought all night. When it was morning the angel begged to be released. "Unless you bless me I will not let you go," Jacob replied. The archangel said that Jacob had won the victory not only over men but over God, and he gave him the name Israel.

Jacob was in Adam's position. His victory meant that Adam dominated the archangel and restored the Garden of Eden. The invisible archangel was completely subjugated by Jacob; then the substantial archangel, Esau, could be automatically subjugated. Thus Jacob got the birthright and could go back to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Tamar's Mission

Jacob got the victory over the invisible archangel and the substantial archangel, but still the fallen world had started from Eve's womb. The period of life up until forty years of age remained to be restored. In place of Rebecca, Tamar became the central figure. Tamar betrayed her husband and father-in-law. Because Tamar knew how precious the blood lineage was, she risked her life to preserve this blood lineage. Tamar's husband had died without fathering a child. In the Israelite tradition, if a husband died without fathering a boy, his younger brother should take the widow as a wife. But the second son avoided his role. Tamar waited for the third son, but he was still young. Women have a special time period in which they can have a baby. Although it was difficult, she decided to approach her father-in-law, Judah. Thus Tamar dressed as a prostitute.

Could you do that? [No answer.] These are not my words. This is the historical background. The satanic root must be removed.

In Rebecca's case, her two children fought within the womb. She prayed to God to understand why there was such a struggle. God told her that two nations were fighting within her womb; the bigger nation would become weak and the smaller one would become strong.

Tamar also prayed to God and got the same answer: the stronger would become weak and the weaker would become strong. The midwife put a red ribbon on the hand of the baby whose hand came out first. That was Zerah. Then he pulled his hand in. Therefore, within the mother's womb, the blood lineage was changed, and the second son became the elder son.

Do you understand? This was the first time in human history that the elder son and younger son changed positions within the womb. This was an ultra-victory course, an internal victory. On the foundation of Tamar, Heavenly Father was able to have direct dominion freely.

The chosen nation started from this point. It was an astonishing thing that chosen people could emerge on earth. This was the historic start of God's ability to freely control, beginning from the environment of the womb. The historic victorious foundation started from this point. From this eternal change of blood lineage came the Israelite nation. On this foundation the messiah could come.

It took 2,000 years for the messiah to come. Because the satanic world had already developed to the national level, the heavenly side should also reach the national level. The Cain-type foundation in the satanic world had reached the national level, but God's side didn't have that national base. It took 2,000 years to reach that level. For 2,000 years the Israelite people went through difficulties: they were enslaved, they were captured by other nations. They had to cleanse the stained blood lineage.

Mary's Mission

Then Mary came in order to restore the position of Abel on a national level. On the national level, Mary betrayed the elder son and husband when she betrayed Joseph and the father of Joseph. Joseph's parents were dreaming beautiful dreams about the children that their son's future wife would bear, but she completely destroyed this dream by becoming pregnant before marriage. They heard that Mary had become pregnant. Joseph was in Adam's position. Eve had betrayed Adam and went to hell. Now Adam had to save Eve (Mary) and restore her.

If Joseph had said the baby was not his, Mary and Jesus would have had to die. He saved Mary and Jesus. That was a tremendous, amazing thing. From the family level to the national and worldwide levels, all historic conditions were indemnified at this time. Why did such a thing happen? Because Eve was tempted by the archangel, she had to restore the archangel. Otherwise, there was no way for him to return to his original position. Originally, Mary should have restored the national-level mission, but she failed.

The Failure of Christianity

After World War II, Great Britain was in the mother's role, in the position of Eve; America was in Abel's position and France in Cain's position. England represented the Christian civilization as well as the Holy Spirit position; it was the center of the spiritual civilization of Christianity. Forty days after Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Spirit descended to earth in order to restore the physical world. Because the Christian civilization did not accept the Lord of the Second Advent after World War II, the time for restoration came around again forty years later.

On Cain's side were Japan, Germany and Italy. Originally, the Lord of the Second Advent was to bring a spiritual civilization to Japan, Germany and Italy, representing the material civilization. These two should have united, as plus and minus, and accepted the Lord of the Second Advent. The unified foundation of spiritual civilization and physical civilization would become the minus position in relation to Heavenly Father and True Parents, as the big plus. If they had united, a peaceful, unified world would have developed.

However, Christianity did not accept me. The peaceful, unified world was lost. Heavenly Father and I were chased out into the wilderness after World War II. Every foundation was lost. Just as in the Garden of Eden, the heavenly Adam and Heavenly Father were chased out. Korea was divided into north and south; Kim Il Sung ruled North Korea as the false parent, while True Parents were in South Korea. The two nations fought each other, and the north attacked the south.

Creating a National-Level Foundation

Seventy days after the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church, Kim Il Sung died. Seventy days after I declared Godism and heavenly thought, Gorbachev and the Soviet empire declined. Now Kim Il Sung is gone, and Gorbachev is my younger brother. This means that kingship can be restored. Without me, it is impossible to unify North and South Korea. I have been working for forty years to restore the situation that existed at the end of World War II. I have been working through Japan, America and Germany to indemnify those lost years. Now we can make a new heavenly model nation. Within the Korean peninsula, as I become the plus and the Korean people become the minus, the fatherland can be unified; North and South Korea will be united. On the worldwide level, North America is in the plus position and South America is in the minus position; if they unite centering on me, a worldwide nation will emerge. Because of this we desperately need to cooperate centering on South America.

Among Japan, America and Germany, America is in the Abel position and Germany is in the Cain position in relationship to the new bride nation. Centering on True Mother, America and Germany are uniting and moving toward Japan. Taking the reversal course, Cain and Abel must unite through the mother, Japan. Centering on the U.S. Congress and the whole United Nations, unity can be achieved. This becomes the horizontal foundation which can be raised up vertically. The archangel caused Eve to fall; in the reversal course, Eve should restore the archangel.

Because Mother doesn't have the national-level foundation, I am sending out 1,600 Japanese women. When Mother came to Japan for her speaking tour, she spoke to the Japanese Diet (Congress). The American Congress and Japanese Diet could connect as Cain and Abel to the mother and, through her, return to the father. Because of that foundation, she could connect to the Korean Congress. On this foundation, the second-generation people in both north and south can be united, and the unification of the Korean peninsula will be completed. Within the Korean peninsula, four factions have been fighting: the pro-Japanese, pro-Chinese, pro-Russian and pro-American. The second generation is completely different; when they completely unite with True Parents, the peninsula can be unified. When Mother spoke on forty university campuses, the leftist student groups completely united with CARP, enabling CARP to restore the elder sonship centering on Mother. Now all the leftist students in Korea are connected to CARP. South Korean students, in the plus position, and North Korean students, in the minus position, are unifying to hold the Asian rally that I am promoting.

Mother's role centers on the Women's Federation for World Peace. When CARP is completely united with her, there will be no more fighting with communists. Now is the time for the unification of the Korean peninsula. The vertical foundation of 160 should be connected horizontally to 160 nations. Within the satanic realm there is fighting, but I am working to horizontally unify 160 nations. How can we help underdeveloped countries? We need to unify the horizontal world, restore the history of fighting, pay indemnity and connect to True Parents. Shall we do it?

In South America, Uruguay is in the plus position and Paraguay is in the minus position. On this foundation Brazil and Argentina can also completely unite as plus and minus. When these two pluses and minuses unite, all of South America can unite, creating a godly national base. That is a special site for God's providence. How can we make a new country? I don't want America, Brazil or the European realm. I don't want some high-level satanic country. Instead, I want to build up the lowest country. The time for highly-developed countries with grand buildings has passed. Pride and arrogance destroy everything. I was in the lowest position, but I always make bigger and bigger plans. I am just in a servant position. We must go over the satanic world.

You need to know that the formula for restoration starts with the family. Re-creation follows the same formula.

[After a break for lunch, Father resumed speaking, listing the following directions and commenting on them:]

I will give direction to you. On February 2, 1995 at the national leaders conference following True Parents' Birthday, the following directions were given:

I. New start of true ancestor and true nation
A. Resolve the resentment of the fallen family.
B. Indemnify the Blessed family.
C. Go toward the perfected family.

In this world there are three kinds of families: fallen families, Blessed families and perfected families. Blessed families have not yet reached the completion level. Because of that I gave the Family Pledge and the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace.

1. Establish new ancestor and new country. We should be the new first ancestors.
2. Inherit True Parents' tradition.
3. Unify mind and body, unify husband and wife, and unify parents and children.

The family is the original unit. On that foundation we unify the family, the nation and the world. The family is the fundamental unit.

4. Centering on the Family Pledge, we can complete the family.
5. Establish elder sonship, parenthood and kingship.
6. Establish a new heaven and earth and a new model nation.
7. Establish a new culture, the unified culture of the new country.

II. True Parents' victorious realm and the unification of the United Nations.
A. Federation for World Peace
B. Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace
C. Women's Federation for World Peace
D. World CARP
E. Youth Federation for World Peace

I am working to unify the divided UN. Centering on True Mother, mind and body should be united. The Federation for World Peace is the extension of the body, and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace is the extension of the mind. Because of the human fall, mind and body have been divided. How can they be united on the worldwide level? True Mother and True Parents are in the plus position in relation to the worldwide mind (IRFWP) and the worldwide body (FWP), which together stand in the minus position to True Parents.

True Mother is represented on the individual level, the family level, the national level, the worldwide level, the cosmic level and the level of Heavenly Father. These six stages center on True Mother. All mothers are extensions of True Mother. Horizontally, high school students are plus, or Abel, and college students are minus, or Cain. Because the younger children are closer to True Mother, they have the plus position. All eight stages of plus and minus should unite centering on Mother; eight levels of children should be completely united in the minus position to True Mother. [Father writes on the blackboard:] The Youth Federation for World Peace is in the Cain position, while high school and college students are in the Abel position; they should form vertical and horizontal unity centering on True Mother. The big plus position is religion, represented by the IRFWP, and finally the FWP.

All five organizations will integrate into a new UN. Until today the United Nations has represented only the political realm. Why do True Parents need to focus on unifying the United Nations? Because of the fall, Eve's mind and body were separated, and there was a division between older children and younger children. Thus in the worldwide providence, everything will be restored centering on True Mother. Through True Mother's complete unity with True Father, and Father's complete unity with Heavenly Father, everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden will be restored. Through the United Nations, we can connect to the whole world and unite the whole world. The world is the extension of the family. Students, centering on True Mother, will form a big plus in relationship to the big minus formed by the IRFWP and FWP. Centering on True Mother, mind and body must be completely united, and on that foundation True Mother goes to unite with True Father; then all children, young and old, will all be completely unified, resulting in the unification of the whole world. That is the mission of the Blessed family.

Why am I planning a new model nation? That will be the model nation which the whole world will follow. Because the family fell in the Garden of Eden, we will restore everything through the family. The True Family will connect to the eight stages that were lost. Through this we can restore every stage of the historical foundation.

Until today the United Nations has only represented the body; it does not represent the mind, the mothers, the students, or the youth. Centering on Mother is equivalent to WFWP. Cain and Abel on all eight levels need to connect to Mother. Centering on True Mother, all mothers should connect to high school and college students. They are Abel, and other youth are Cain. Through mothers they connect to True Mother and then to True Father and Heavenly Father. In this way, we can unite the world.

Because of Eve's fall, mind and body were separated, children were separated, and everything was separated. To restore everything centering on the family, especially the mother, everything needs to turn around 180 degrees and come back to the original point.

The standard or model nation needs to be created. In my plan Paraguay and Uruguay will unite vertically, while Brazil and Argentina will unite horizontally as left and right. Centering on these four nations, the model nation will be created. Centering on these four nations, it will be easy to expand to the thirty-two nations of South America. Then North America as plus and South America as minus can easily be united. Until today the North American Protestant civilization and the Latin American Catholic civilization have been fighting each other. However, they need to stop fighting, reconcile with each other, and form one large America. Until today European Protestants and Catholics have been fighting. Although they have the common base of Christianity, it is very difficult to unite Catholicism and Protestantism. I am making a foundation and centering on South and North America, which can become the formula for the unification of all Europe.

God's original plan was for the Roman Empire, centering on Christianity, to guide the world. But the Roman Empire centered on itself and used Christianity. That was a big problem. They should have sacrificed themselves centering on the Christian civilization and dedicated themselves to living for the world, but that didn't work at that time. All the Israelite people, centering on Judaism, should have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the world; that was God's plan. But the Israelite people could not do that. They have the same role as Abel. Abel is the center of the family, but Abel should sacrifice himself for the family and the family should sacrifice itself for the world.

We should prepare for a big transition. Because of that I established a sisterhood relationship between America and Japan. Later there will be a Men's Federation for World Peace, which will establish brotherhood relationships. The World CARP and YFWP will do the same.

III. Big Transition Period
A. Transition period of blood lineage.

Because a woman fell, the blood lineage will be reversed centering on women and True Mother.

B. Transition period of ownership.

God wanted to give the ownership to Adam and Eve but they lost it. Centering on Eve everything must be regained and brought back to the father's side. That is the big transition period of ownership.

C. Transition period of heartistic realm.

In the heartistic realm, three stages are especially important: the individual, family and tribe. To restore these three stages of the heartistic realm, we should do tribal messiah work and restore 160 families.

D. Registration in the heavenly kingdom on earth.

Once we have restored the ownership, blood lineage and heartistic realm, we have the foundation to register as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

E. Transfer of the fatherland of the unified world. That is our new model nation.
F. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

On the foundation of the unified Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, we can transfer to God's side. After we make the foundation on earth and the foundation in heaven, we can transfer. This is the only way we can register in the new Kingdom of Heaven. The completion of ideal love is the turning point of perfection and liberation. Perfection of the ideal brings complete liberation through True Love. [Mr. Oyamada and Father had difficulty trying to translate this concept. Mr. Oyamada said, "You should learn Korean."]

Even Heavenly Father and True Parents have not been able to unite one hundred percent centering on God's ideal, because of the fallen world. The fallen world must be completely nullified in order for us to transfer to God's side. On that foundation, Heavenly Father and True Parents will become completely united.

G. On the foundation of the perfection of the ideal of love, Heavenly Father and True Parents can transfer to the heavenly side.

That's a big title. It means the construction of a new system and a new order. What does this mean? Human beings and all creation must be united. Human beings are in the plus position, and all things are in the minus position. Their relationship should be like that of a unified mind and body. Our mind represents heaven and our body represents all things. In restoration history, mind and body have been divided; the mind has been on one side and the body on the other. However, from now on, everything should be united, like mind and body, and be restored back to God. People should unite mind and body, and their activities, such as witnessing and fundraising, should harmonize. Our care for material things is represented by fundraising and our care for spiritual things is represented by witnessing. In heaven we will strengthen both our mind and our body.

Then the whole world will become just like one nation or one family, centering on True Parents and Heavenly Father. Within the nation there are men and women. Both men and women belong to the spiritual world and the physical world. The mind is connected to the spiritual world and the body is connected to the physical world. Both men and women need to develop mind/body unity. Do you follow this?

The nation is automatically the extension of the family. Because of that, we desperately need the family and the nation. Because of that, we should invest sacrificially for the nation and for the world. All families and all nations should work to establish a new model nation. This is our direction. The individual lives for the family, the family lives for the nation, and the nation lives for the world. We should invest and forget, always sacrificing ourselves for the higher dimension. What kind of people can be central figures? Those who invest more and forget more. From now on, we will keep records of the amount of money people dedicate each month to create this new nation. That will be our heavenly tradition, showing our filial piety to ten generations of ancestors, investing and forgetting as we sacrifice for the heavenly kingdom on earth. This is the kind of system we should construct.

[Father called the next point number three, but on the tape there was no mention of a preceding number one or number two.]

3. Centering on the family, we need professional education.

First we made some physical or material foundation. From now on, we witness to restore people from the satanic world to the heavenly nation. That is the 1-1-1 formula: one person per member per month. If we restore one person per member per month for seven years, that makes eighty-four people. The eighty-four people include the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ and the seventy-two elders. That is the foundation to connect the tribal level to the worldwide level. We should pay indemnity for the failure of Jesus' course; that is the meaning of the 1-1-1 formula. We absolutely need to fulfill our mission of tribal messiah. I asked Rev. Kwak to make a form that can be distributed worldwide; we should develop materials and make certificates. How much we contributed or dedicated to the heavenly world will set the tradition for the next six generations.

4. United Nations.

We should establish a new system that transcends national borders. Within the heavenly kingdom white, yellow and black people should live with no racial discrimination. No discrimination should be allowed in the heavenly civilization.

5. We should prepare leaders who can educate the whole society in each nation.

Social educators and instructors are needed. Centering on the church, we will educate leaders to serve the people of each nation.

What is the position of the Unification Church in relationship to the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace? In the formula of restoration, one side is plus and the other side is minus. The Family Federation is plus and in the subject position, while the Unification Church is in the minus position. So the Unification Church just follows the Family Federation. The roles of subject and object had not been established in the past, but this should be clear from now on.

Twice a month, on the first and fifteenth days, each family should have a pledge service and hold a family meeting. As members of the Family Federation, you have a firm responsibility to educate people. Don't give your own speech. Read the Divine Principle book and the books of Father's words. Teach your relatives what True Parents have done. That is the formula course. We have many materials. Show the videotapes of the ceremonies; show the videotapes of what True Parents have done.

Each Blessed family should have the books of my sermons and all current materials. The Family Federation should prepare them and make them available. I instructed Rev. Kwak to collect all information and make reports on what is going on. We should not cease our efforts. We should continue to work hard. We should make living materials, not dead ones.

Until today, we have not had systematic training. True Parents have showed the tradition and set the standard. You can succeed horizontally by doing what True Parents have done. You have the truth that True Parents have given you -- not your own. Deliver this truth to the world. Not to do so is a very big crime, a big sin.

As tribal messiahs you should be responsible for all the families and relatives. Later you will be national-level messiahs. As a messiah you must take care of everything that is happening in your nation and be responsible for it. We will organize people as family messiahs, tribal-level messiahs, national-level messiahs and worldwide-level messiah. As messiahs you should always compare yourselves to Father, the worldwide messiah, and the hard work he has been doing until now. As a family messiah, are you working harder than me? The worldwide messiah works so hard! In your limited area, you have to work harder than me. True parents are needed on the family base, tribal base, and national base. To be a messiah means to be a parent, investing and forgetting from the parent's position. As children of True Parents you should think of what True Parents are doing. With that determination in a short period of time, you can go beyond the level of a family messiah and become tribal and national level messiahs, approaching even the level of worldwide messiah. As the sons and daughters of True Parents, you should rise to the level of national messiahs. That is my original plan.

Centering on your family there should be twelve families. On that foundation of twelve families you need seventy-two families for the tribal level. Twelve represents Jacob's course, seventy-two represents Moses' course, 120 represents Jesus' course, and 160 represents the course of the Lord of the Second Advent. True Parents are working on a worldwide level to restore 160 nations; you should follow Jesus' course.

I gave In Jin Nim the title of Chuk sa jang, meaning the "blessing-control chief." As a family-level messiah you absolutely must restore twelve families. The requirement for tribal level Chuk sajang is seventy-two Blessed couples, and the requirement for the national level is 120 Blessed couples. The requirement for the worldwide level is 160 Blessed couples. Centering on 120 families you can connect to 120 nations. With 72 Blessed couples you can connect to 72 nations. Do you understand? Through this we can save all the satanic nations. Your mission is to send twelve Blessed couples as overseas missionaries.

[Father writes on the blackboard.] This is plus and minus. When plus and minus are united, universal power and heavenly fortune will support us. This is the formula of re-creation. Centering on Korea, I reach out to the whole world, following the plus/ minus formula of re-creation.

From now on the standard should be set by the seminary graduates. Therefore, the most excellent members should be sent to the seminary. Centering on the ideal family, we will extend to the world. This is the way we will follow.

For this new period, we should make a new system and create a new order. We should keep statistics on the number of hours you invest in fundraising and the number of hours you spend witnessing. Then we can analyze the statistics and set the standard. Your good ancestors will check everything every seven years. On that foundation we will set a standard. The first twenty-one year course was finished and a new twenty-one year course has begun. The first twenty-one year course was from 1960 until 1981. In 1982 the next twenty-one year course started. The third twenty-one year course is to make a new model nation. The purpose of the worldwide course is to make a new model nation. We should be responsible to invest in the establishment of a new model nation. Bring a bulldozer or some heavy machinery and dedicate it for making a new model nation. Members of 160 nations will work to establish that nation.

The Japanese women are working. Next the women of the archangelic world will work hard. Eve nation women and archangel nation women join together to separate from the fallen world and connect to heaven. How hard will American women work? The women of the archangelic world should set a new archangelic tradition. This is something that the women, not the men, need to do. The women representatives of the Eve nation and the archangelic nation women must work hard and set a new tradition. Do you understand? Really, these are not my words. This is the viewpoint of the principle of restoration. You should proudly do hard work, bending your backs to do hard work. Will you follow Father's way? [Women answer: Yes!]

I am sending brother missionaries from Korea to forty nations and ten Japanese sisters to each of the 160 nations. True Mother spoke at forty universities in Korea, and on that foundation Koreans were sent out to forty countries; each of those countries represents four nations. Forty times four is 160. Each country should expand its membership to 4,000; then they will establish sisterhood bonds. That is the future plan. True Mother set the heavenly standard. Mother sacrificed and made a foundation; within one year each nation should expand to 4,000 members. Within each group of four nations, there should be 16,000 members who can establish sisterhood bonds; this will eliminate so much hostility. On that foundation I prepared 160,000 sisterhood pairs. These forty nations, each representing four nations (160 nations altogether) will hold sisterhood ceremonies.

During the Korean War young people from sixteen nations were mobilized. The number sixteen is a multiple of four. The number four is the total satanic number. The Cold War started from the Korean peninsula. People from 160 nations attended the 1988 Olympic Games in Korea. On the foundation of the Olympic Games, North and South Korea were admitted as members of the United Nations: North Korea was the 160th member and South Korea the 161st member. To indemnify the number 160, I sent sisters to 160 nations and instructed each nation to grow to 4,000 members.

Now brotherhood ceremonies between Korean and Japanese men have been held, with 16,000 participants. All of this is to indemnity the satanic number four and restore it to God's side. Because of the human fall we lost the four-position foundation. From Adam's fall until the time of Noah was 1,600 years. Those of you who attended this ceremony should return to your own country and raise up 4,000 people to participate in this sisterhood ceremony. Every country leader should focus on how to get 4,000 women to participate in a sisterhood ceremony. If you make such a condition, the blessing of the connection between America and Japan will go to your descendants. Then all the surrounding countries can participate in the same partnership foundation. If you fulfill this, heavenly fortune will always protect you.

Our coming big wedding is based on the number thirty-six, which is four times nine. Nine is also a satanic number. Nine plus one is ten, and the number ten means reaching heaven.

National representatives, please raise your hands. Each state should have some kind of sisterhood ceremony. If one state has a thousand participants, that will be a powerful foundation when elections are being held. Shall we do this? American side, how would you like? [Do!] The Japanese side has no problem; they always make complete preparations. Can you continue the sisterhood activity on a large scale, involving more Christian women leaders? Do you understand? [Yes.] This is the only hope for the survival of the Christian world. When women register, men will follow automatically. Men are no problem in America, because every woman is the owner of the home. Is that true? [Yes, I guess so.] Not guess. It is really so. [Laughter.] Women are the key to reaching the men's realm and making it strong. If you can make women strong, the men are no problem. Women are like the needle and men are like the thread. This is true. I understand clearly.

So we should continue. Please, when you return to your home state, find 4,000 women to participate in sisterhood ceremonies; these people will be the new hope of the nation. If you do not do this by the next election, they will die. You should have this kind of strong foundation in every state. These sisterhood relationships will give you added power. Many senators and congressmen are interested in this activity. They think it is beautiful to have queenly power in their state. At election time, you can connect male leaders with these women. To gather a thousand women in one place will be no problem.

Is this a hopeful world or a hopeless world? [Hopeful!] Do you think so? I have that kind of power all over the world. The Parents' Day proclamation was signed within seventy-four days. It normally takes fourteen years to get such a proclamation passed.

There are no enemies, no obstacles in front of us. Use the subject/object pattern to advance. Cain will follow us then.

God's springtime love is visiting the earth. The seeds of spring have the power to grow and produce flowers. Butterfly and birds will visit the flowers. All that is necessary is one springtime seed. So shall we decide to do this? Those who decide not to do so, raise your hand. [Laughter.] Someone was sleeping in the back and didn't hear me, so I will repeat:

[Father speaks in Japanese:] Japanese members, do you understand? Any problem? Mr. Kamiyama, do you understand? Yes! I am planning to send famous American leaders to Japan. [Father asks various Japanese leaders and they respond.]

By now you have received enough from True Parents. You are representing True Parents. As kings and queens in place of True Parents, you should do your national mission. How do you feel? How many members will you gain?

I may invite the best of you on a world tour. I may pick the top fundraisers and witnessers and make them examples for the whole world. I may give an outstanding person a position in a worldwide business. If people are evaluated according to their achievements, no one can complain. Such a time has come. In elementary school and high school students are evaluated and on that foundation are recommended for a higher level. Not only good things and bad things will be checked, but everything will be checked and evaluated. Therefore, all the national leaders should prepare such a kind of system.

Now I am preparing new leaders, centering on UTS and Bridgeport. I want to train at least 4,000 centering on Bridgeport, Barrytown and Sun Moon University; then I can choose people and send them to the whole world.

Until today I just paid indemnity and didn't check anything. From now on, everything will depend on your fulffllment or achievement. Now the time has come for me to check everything. I am preparing a standardized form to check. I will examine the computer records of our worldwide movement, and if there is good achievement, True Parents may visit these countries. We will send some students to be the future leaders. Church activity and student activity will be recorded every month and every year. Centering on the World Mission Department, a recording system will start. Centering on the Chuk sa jang, everything will be prepared.

All leaders should be seminary graduates; otherwise you are not professional church leaders. Even I graduated from seminary in Korea. I am also planning to establish a graduate-level seminary at Bridgeport University.

Is this sparking the imagination in your brain? Do you have a clear concept?

[Father speaks in Japanese.]

Everybody stand up, please. The main leaders have to make preparations to drive bulldozers and heavy machinery. Do you understand? Woman leaders, too.

[Everybody bows to True Parents and joins in cheers of mansei.]

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