The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1995


We Have To Restore The Original Seed

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 1995
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

Are there any volunteers to read what Father has written on the board in Korean? Is there a non-Korean volunteer? The first character reads kubon which means origin. If you are able to read Father's handwriting you will be able to master Korean! Please repeat after me, Kubon (origin), ssirul (seed) and barojapjah (to straighten out, or to restore). It means that we have to restore the original seed because the seed planted at the beginning of history was a false seed. We have to restore it back to the original seed. This means we have to receive the true seed of life, love and lineage.

The diagram Father drew on the board represents Adam's family. Originally Father didn't plan to come here this morning to speak with you. However, if he were to miss this Sunday, there is only one more Sunday in December when he could come. That Sunday happens to fall on December 31. Therefore, Father decided to come today. The message Father will share with you this morning is the essence of the message Father has been sharing with the brothers and sisters throughout the world during his speaking tour. Please give your undivided attention to Father. The reason Father was a little bit late in arriving this morning is because right after Pledge service Father was sharing this content with True Children for forty minutes. He will now share it with you.

We have to know the reasons behind why God creates. God has love, life, lineage and conscience within Himself; however, when He is alone He does not feel them. As human beings we all have love, life, lineage and conscience, but when we are totally alone we do not feel in possession of these qualities. For example, if just one strand of your hair is touched by someone you immediately feel that vibration. Yet, when you keep blinking your own eyes -- which is a much larger movement of your body -- you do not notice it. Do you count how many times you blink within one hour, one day or a year? In the morning, when you go to the bathroom, do you wear a mask over your face against your own smell? Suppose someone else makes that kind of smell? You would run at least thirty or forty feet away. Why don't you feel uncomfortable concerning your own waste? Sometimes you even analyze your own waste according to smell instead of feeling disgusted by it.

When you place your hand over your heart you can feel your own steady heart beat. Even though you have this heart beating within you constantly, you don't hear it. Why? Because these things are totally one with you. Once they are in perfect balance they are able to move up and down, right and left, front and rear without causing any friction. Men and women need one another. The concept of love does not exist by itself. Woman alone cannot create love. Likewise, man alone cannot create love. In this sense, homosexuality and lesbianism should not exist; they should be chased out. These kinds of practices are destroying the original value of human beings. In order to achieve love you need your object.

When we observe the creation, we know that God created the environment first. Sun, air, water and so forth were created before God created human beings. The history of restoration is the history of recreation. This kind of recreation process will occur within the Last Days. In the creation there exists the contents of the original formula. If we go to a place without clearly understanding the circumstances of that place in advance we stand more of a chance of failure. The restoration of the human race is a recreation process, and we shall see what kind of recreation process should take place in the Last Days. Just as God created the environment before He created man, so in the Last Days, for the recreation process, the environment has to be established prior to the restoration of humanity. The same principle applies in the secular world. Even in the satanic environment of a drinking bar in the secular world, subject and object relationships exist. If you want to restore the atmosphere of such a place you have to first take the subject position. Do you understand?

When Father mingles with scholars he becomes the best scholar among them. As an evangelist, who can be greater than Father? Whatever Father touches it turns to victory. The secret being that Father completely understands the creation process. Whatever Father does, he follows the creation process. Therefore there is no failure. When it comes to the process of recreation it involves the environment first and then the subject and object relationship. As Father is showing you on the board, on this level Cain and Abel become totally united. When one minus and one plus become one they move to another level of reciprocal relationship.

On this level there is a plus and minus. Cain and Abel become totally one. Either as a bigger plus or smaller plus it becomes either subject or object of a greater level. Once it reaches perfect unity, then it becomes one unit as a perfect Abel and then joins with another Cain. As a larger unit it unites with another subject. This plus side goes to the minus side because this is a reciprocal relative relationship. This is the formula for recreation. First the environment and then the subject-object relationship combine into one. This makes up the Abel position which then unifies with another Cain at a higher level. This is how the smaller units grow bigger without friction. This is the process of recreation.

Once we understand this principle we can apply it to the recreation process. Therefore, when we look at the world of creation, we see that God created the world in just such a way, following the formula of creation. The mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms and the human world all follow this formula. Also, we find subject and object relationships within all. Everything in creation exists in the pair system. Having this pair system in the creation has a greater purpose to reach to a greater level. The lower level existing beings should go higher up the chain to reach to the higher beings. The mineral kingdom reaches the plant kingdom by going up certain steps. This is how the universe has been created. Minerals are being absorbed by plants. Plants grow by absorbing nutriments from the mineral kingdom. Otherwise, the plant kingdom could not exist and this would cause the animal kingdom to become extinct. When we cut plants we see liquid come out from them. This is exactly like the shedding of blood when we kill animals. It is on the plant level.

Plants do not like to be killed or chopped up. Bodily desire is always for expansion and lasting longer. Human beings usually are aware of things at the horizontal level, but are ignorant of things on the vertical level. The horizontal level is representative of the body. The body always wants to grow bigger, expand and last longer. The function of the conscience, which represents the vertical aspect, operates up and down. If the horizontal aspect of life becomes expanded, this means the vertical aspect of life becomes shrunken. If you pursue only your bodily desire, then you lose your spiritual sense. However, if you focus upon your vertical life, then your conscience can be strengthened and your body can become disciplined. This is why religions always teach people to focus on the vertical aspects of life so that the bodily aspects of life can be diminished. However, secular people always think of how they can expand horizontally.

By going up the vertical ladder step by step, the ultimate goal is to reach God. In order to reach God, the entire creation has to go through man; reaching man and then God. As a culmination, humankind represents the horizontal aspect of the world and God represents the vertical aspect. As each level has a plus and minus reciprocal relationship, in culmination, when we reach God, there is still plus and minus. This is the formula so please understand. Our bodies too have everything existing in pairs. Our mind and body are a pair system. Are your two nostrils in harmony? Yes. How about your two hands? Two legs? How about your mind and body? This is the original base, and this original base is in conflict. This is a problem. No one has realized this before. But due to the Fall, our mind and body are in conflict. We always have to remember this. No matter where Father may go, he always remembers this formula and figures out whether he has to be in the subject or object position in any given environment.

Once Father establishes his position as subject or object, he immediately forms the perfect oneness. Then a reciprocal relationship takes place. This is the way every existing being develops and grows, following this formula. The desire of the mineral kingdom is to vertically reach to the plant kingdom. In order to reach to higher levels, then, this horizontal aspect should be shrunken and the vertical aspect should be expanded. This is the way we travel higher. This is where the relationship between up and down, right and left, front and rear makes a three-dimensional sphere. In our bodies we observe that our organs are round. There is a sphere here. Up and down is the relationship between parents and children. Right and left represents the husband and wife relationship. Front and rear represents older and younger brothers' relationship. In the center of all of these relationships is where God exists. This is how we draw the number eight which makes a perfect sphere. This is how this ball can begin rolling. Once you form this perfect sphere, then no matter how far you roll there is no breakdown. It is a perfect sphere. When we describe a personality as being rounded, it means there are no rough edges, no conflicts. In order to reach that level we should have mind and body unity.

This is the formula which we can apply to every individual. As an individual you need parents, children, brother and sister, husband and wife. This is the basic unit of human relationships. Once we clearly understand this truth there is no room for communism or evolutionism. There is no concept of conflict here; it has to have unity and harmony. Just as we desire to become higher, if you want to reach that higher goal you have to overcome your bodily desires. It means making effort, working harder. That action is required in order to advance yourself. This is the formula which we all need to practice. Do you need your parents? Yes. Do we need husband and wife? Yes. Do we need brothers and sisters? Yes. What about children? Yes. Childhood, brotherhood, parental level, and conjugal level, then we have four different stages. This is the formula. Without exception, as a human being, we all need brothers and sisters, wife and husband, parents and children. This is an eternal formula. Do you understand?

Is there any room for homosexuality in this formula? No. Homosexuality means the destruction of this formula. When homosexuality is practiced, does man need a partner as a man or as a woman? What is it? Same sex. Concave needs convex. Do you understand? How can we say that man is for man? Man was originally created for the sake of woman. Because of woman, man was created and vice versa. This is the formula which God applied in the beginning of creation. With the study of evolutionism we learn that the stronger eats the weaker. That is where the concept of conflict begins. Even looking at the history of Christianity, there was constant conflict here. That is why blood was shed all over the world. In the end this concept will be opposed and taken out. They are ignorant of God's formula.

On the surface it does appear that the strong eats the weak. But internally the lower level is reaching toward the higher level vertically, growing closer to God. Do you follow Father? When it comes to the plant kingdom, the living formula is being absorbed by the animal kingdom which is a level higher. Do you understand? The vegetable world is absorbing the mineral world. This is the formula. In other words, your body may shrink but your vertical self will grow proportionately. People have been ignorant of this formula. That has been the problem. Eventually, regardless of the level, the ultimate goal of all creation is to reach God. The center place is humankind. The vertical position is one pillar, not two, whereas horizontally there are many different positions. All of creation is seeking how to connect with that one vertical pillar.

The existence of men and women is not an accident. God created them in this way. But atheists claim it was all accidental: the big bang theory. When we divide the different levels of human life, there are eight different levels: individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world, universe and cosmos. From the individual level we develop and expand toward the high levels. It is like a fan shape as the size increases. This is where man and God meet. Wherever you may go, you have to make sure to find the vertical path that you can follow toward the meeting place of man and God. Even horizontally we can think of these eight different levels. Individualism cannot exist within this formula. It would be impossible for all of these eight different levels to exist if extreme individualism occurs at each level. Because of the Fall this formula was destroyed. Individualism emerged. Satan's formula. This is a formula for Hell. Making harmony and living for the higher purpose is the formula for the Kingdom of Heaven.

What does this particular center point indicate? [indicating the diagram] What is man born for? Love. Individual, family, tribe, society, nation and world are all connected. Looking vertically it becomes horizontally expanded.

We all have a certain desire to become the central person on the individual, family, tribal, societal, national and world levels. Your position is the culmination of all eight levels. This central point is where man, woman and God meet. It is the crossing point where the vertical and horizontal foundations meet. The vertical length and horizontal length should be the same and then you can form a perfect circle. These principles can be applied to the existence of God from the individual level to the cosmic level. Do you understand? How can plus and minus unify? There should be eternal harmony, with no concept of conflict. This is the way that there is a perfect harmony and love relationship between God and human beings. We all have to go back to that original place, the place where God is the vertical owner and man is the horizontal owner, in a subject and object relationship.

In order to have this perfect relationship there has to be perfect unity between God and man. This is where the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as the Kingdom of God in Heaven exists. The Kingdom of God on Earth represents the horizontal kingdom. The Kingdom of God in Heaven represents the vertical kingdom. Where can we find these kingdoms? Right here [indicating to the diagram]. God's standard is absolute love. Do we as human beings want to reach to absolute love? Yes. Why? Once we reach absolute love we become absolutely one with God which will be unique, unchanging and eternal. God only desires True Love. For this He needs His partner.

Why did God create man? The first reason is because God needed form and shape. God created Adam and Eve as His children with visible form and shape to live in this physical world and eventually to join the spiritual world. As Parent and King, God needs form in order to deal with them. Therefore, God wanted to have an external form. What kind of form? King of elders form. King of parents form. King of kings form. God wanted this. The four different levels of love made this new form. God needed this. This was God's first purpose of creation. Is this clear? Not material form. Not knowledge form. Not power form. God needed True Love form.

All the elements of the mineral kingdom want to reach a specific point, the place where human beings' sexual organs form. Because there they can connect with true love, true life and true lineage. Without that nothing can be connected. All the elements which went to form the human sexual organs, also formed God's sexual organ. Forming God. Therefore, we can conclude that all the existing beings in this world are born for the sake of love, to live for the sake of love. When they take any action it is for the sake of universal love. Only True Love connects with universal love. Without True Love there is no way to connect to the universe. Is this clear? We are all walking toward God's love. This is our ultimate goal.

We eat three meals a day. Through this action we are feeding the fertilizer factory three times daily. When we eat meals we enjoy it and are happy. However, as soon as it reaches approximately one foot down there exists the factory which produces fertilizer! It is an entirely different level of being. Do you understand? Even though we have this fertilizer factory within us, because we are totally in balance and oneness, we do not feel that it is dirty at all. Father wants us to understand this point. If you cannot understand this concept fully, image the function of your sexual organ. Through what do we release our waste? Through the same organ. When they are in perfect balance it is all valuable and precious.

The Unification Church may have the highest doctrine of truth, however, we have to live by going all the way down to the bottom and practice the lowest level of life. This truth within the Unification Church tells us that we have to go down to the lowest level and go through all manner of struggle and pain. When you pass waste from your body in the morning, you cannot dislike yourself for this act. When you are urinating you don't feel badly about it. In order to obtain the realm of preciousness you must first obtain and occupy the world of dirtiness. Father has had to overcome the dirtiest levels. We can draw the conclusion that if America is ready to take on the burdens and difficulties of the entire world, then America will become the central nation. If America is willing to shrink, it will automatically expand and grow. If the horizontal assets of America were given to the less fortunate nations of the world, then vertically America would be elevated into the greatest position.

Centering upon True Parents, we have practiced the life of beggars. This is how we have progressed. Once we form this perfectly round shape, once it starts spinning, the highest place will come down and take the lowest place. The positions will change. Do you American youth like to study? If you don't like to study then you will lose out to the Orientals who are determined to study hard. The structure of the human being is so complicated and yet we try to pursue the simple way. That is how we lose out eventually. America has been choosing the easy way and losing as a consequence of this action. As long as you continue to practice the life of sacrifice you will become the victor. God created in such a way that by sacrifice the lower level could be absorbed by the higher level. God is at the center. In order to reach to the center we have to shrink, not expand. We have to become smaller and smaller in order to reach this focal point.

Do you black brothers want to work hard? Once you know the truth, and you know the value of it, even if you may become a servant of others, that is the way you will conquer them if you have a clear understanding of this truth. The entire world, including America, pushed Father down further and further to the lowest level. However, Father reached to the center point and he became the axis point. Therefore the world is revolving around Reverend Moon, not the other way around. Do you like the way of sacrifice? Do you truly like that?

As a Unification Church member, if you just sneak around and find some easy way that means you are Satan because that is a satanic way of life. Prosperity is connected to following the way Father is demonstrating to us. If you are constantly just analyzing everything, that will lead you to Hell. You can go to the best place or the worst place. Recreation is the way to reach to God's place, the Kingdom of Heaven. This means investing and forgetting. God's way is not the individualistic way. The public way is for the sake of others. This is God's way. The lives of patriots were always sacrificial lives. Some of them even lost their lives.

The concept of beauty is both internal and external. Subject and object. The world of art is the harmonizing of these two aspects of beauty. The individual, the family, the nation and the cosmos should all be centered on God. God loves art which is centered on love. When the heart of man and woman are both burning with love, God will want to become their absolute partner. Without love, no partner can appear, no life, no lineage, no unification place. Woman alone does not have that power. But when a man sees a beautiful woman, he feels he wants to follow her. He wants to admire her face and everything about her that is beautiful. Then man and woman want to extend their hands to embrace this partner world. The man touches, the woman touches; there is absolute freedom. Father is talking about the relationship between husband and wife. We can conclude that the second purpose of God's creation was to have a partner of love. Man and woman were created to be His partner of love. Do you understand? If God possessed a certain amount of love do you think that He would want to give away just a certain portion of it? How much do you think He would give? Do you think that He would give away the total amount or only a portion? Total amount.

What is the original seed? Original love, original life, original lineage and conscience. Father cannot experience these things alone. He needs His partner.

Without a partner there is no value to existence. What kind of attributes does God need? Love attributes. God cannot experience love alone. This is why human beings have the desire to become even greater than God. Just as we have always learned from Father, we always desire a spouse who is superior to ourselves. God feels the same way. God wants to see His love partner become far better than Himself so that God can experience lightning and thunder, like the expression you just saw on Father's face! God wants to be in a state of such excitement that He doesn't know whether He is touching the ground or not. God wants to be proud of the whole world. He wants everyone to say, "I want to follow God's ideal." His ideal is not to have His partner following money, power or knowledge. God wants man and woman to follow the love partner way. That kind of partnership would bring God so much excitement and stimulation. If He touched us, His love would burst out in ecstasy and power. How wonderful! Amen. That means number one man!

Now we understand that the false seed was sown and we have to find the true seed. We also know that God needs an external form and He needs a love partner. When we are alone, if we are able to feel thirty percent of the love within us, if we then receive love from our ideal partner, because you already have awareness of thirty percent of your own love, you will take only seventy percent. It is not the completed level of love, give and take relationship. If you want to reach to the absolute level of love, life and lineage you cannot do so alone. You have to give 100 percent. That is how creation takes place. God is the only one who is able to give that kind of power of excitement and stimulation. Do you understand this formula?

What kind of partner do you want to become toward God? The ambition or desire of our conscience is limitless. It has the desire to reach even higher than God. That is the original state of the creation from God centering upon True Love. However, due to the Fall we deviated from this position and have been led by our bodily desires. This is totally against God's original intention. Now Father will erase this diagram of the formula. You now clearly understand, right? We need parents. We need brothers and sisters. We need the conjugal relationship. We need children. This is the point [pointing to the board] where all these different relationships become perfect. Right here. Where the marriage occurs. This is the place of marriage. God's love comes down to this place. Man represents east and woman represents west. This is front and this is rear.

All four different kinds of love perfect themselves here. This is their terminal place. Marriage is that precious. Through marriage you stand in the position of raising children to become brothers and sisters, to complete conjugal love, and to become parents. This is the determining point. If this person's husband is an American and his brothers and sisters come into her life, instead of closing her life she has to open up in order to welcome them so they might feel comfortable. Everybody begins life from the level of an infant. We all grow into brother and sister level and conjugal level. This wife then has to be totally open so that they can experience these different stages also. Children learn from the parents' example. First, children experience the parents' love. As children grow up, they learn the love of brotherhood and sisterhood. When they become adults, they learn the love of marriage. Eventually they learn the love of parenthood. This is the original creation course. God was the first created being. Adam was the second being. After Adam created a baby, this baby grew through brotherhood to the time of conjugal love. But there was no solid foundation of give and take between the parents. The parents represent positive and negative, and sung sang and hyung sang. When they have a child, this is origin, division, union action. God created through love. Love divided to create man and woman. That is where perfection meets. God is a substantial being who is invisible, like a man you cannot see. This invisible being wanted to become one with the horizontal flesh being in a parent-child relationship. God wanted to come down to connect with Adam and Eve, taking the central position of their settlement. This is the way of love. Without the way of love we cannot find settlement. What kind of love? True Love. Is this clear?

What about the third purpose of creation of God? With one vertical axis there is no space; therefore, the vertical, spiritual world does not have any capacity of reproduction. When God created this vertical axis, He created it to meet with the horizontal world. This is where limitless space will be created, in order to have room to create. This is a three-dimensional shape here (as shown on the board). After putting on a physical form and having the world populated, God wanted to see as many heavenly citizens be reproduced in this horizontal world as possible. That is why God created the horizontal world with space for multiplication. Adam's family was the beginning point and from here it expanded. This is how it grows horizontally. Within this boundary there is interconnection and unification. One can travel anywhere and still be connected. As long as you are within this atmosphere of love, as object you will be totally harmonized. Any person entering that love atmosphere will become minus. The love center place is plus and the atmosphere is minus. The front and rear become one as well. This is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This influence extends in all directions.

The vertical relationship is the parent-child relationship. We have to serve parents. This vertical axis is only one so there is no room to create. Therefore, God created this world. Centering upon this 360 degrees, it can be expanded further and further. Centering upon true love, if you live for the sake of others you can dwell in the world of total freedom. You may travel to any place and still be harmoniously connected. The self-centered life however, will confine you to one spot. You will not be able to move. You can describe this world as the world of relationships. All the many various relationships exist here. Without relationships you cannot exist. There are teacher student relationships, president-citizen relationships, man-woman relationships, eyeball-tooth relationships, everything is relationships. Everything has its center common place. This is not the individualistic concept place. This is the place where the central concept is life for the sake of others and life for the sake of the world. With this center, nothing is a problem. Individual, family, world, Kingdom of Heaven on earth forever -- all, no problem. This pathway has an open gate with no obstacles. Some countries fight for their own sake. I am more than the history and the future. This kind of country, from a principled viewpoint, in the past, present and future, will be my property. They will connect to the True Love center. This is God's place where life is for the sake of others. Everything good connects there, and out of this partnership world comes hope. No matter how much persecution came to Father he did not fall down. Father has always stood in the place connected to God's eternal vertical pillar. This is the eternal settlement place. Even though America struck me, I did not decline. Instead America has declined.

This means that even partnership existence cannot control the center. Subject and object should be absolutely one. Individualism shuts others out. But life for the sake of others opens everything up. The public way is the way of settlement. The person who lives for the sake of others will become the central person. Unification must happen no matter how difficult the situation becomes. Reverend Moon has always gone the public way. That is why he is the center, and there is where unification can take place.

The individual should live for the sake of the family, the family for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the sake of the society, nation, world and cosmos. This is the way. The mineral world, the plant world, the animal world and humanity. The same formula applies. Do Americans have this kind of concept? You only have the horizontal concept which is that of husband and wife, the conjugal concept. Therefore, do you think that we still need senior citizen homes? The welfare policy is ruining this country's economy. However, once everyone understands the Principle we won't need the welfare system. What is the first purpose and reason of the creation? God needed completed shape and form. In order to wear this completed external form, husband and wife have to become absolutely one. Also parents and children, and brother and sister need absolute unity. We have to live the formula life. Even if we extend these vertical and horizontal lines to eternity, forever it has to fit. Once you begin with the correct formula it is simply a matter of extension. Then you will eventually fit. Many families will become tribes. Then more families will become a nation.

We have a family here and a tribe may consist of one thousand families. When there are one thousand families, can you insist that all of the 999 other families sacrifice themselves for the sake of your own family? That is the way of destruction. Rather you have to be sacrificed for the sake of the 999 other families. That is the way of prosperity. The spirit of democracy dictates that the majority is the leading force. The minority always have to follow the majority. Do you understand this concept? The title of Father's message today is, We Have to Restore the Original Seed. Father could speak for over ten hours on this topic alone.

Originally the mind and body of man and woman were supposed to be one. However, due to the Fall of Man, mind and body came into conflict. Minus tried to take the position of plus. That is why conflict began. Satan planted the false seed in our body. The body was supposed to be in the position of minus. Yet Satan planted the seed of false love there as plus. The body is the military site of Satan's false love. Originally the conscience was supposed to be in the position of plus on the heavenly side. Yet, because Satan has sown another plus within our flesh, these two came into conflict. One true plus and one false plus fighting. Whose side is supposed to win? Mind or body? Mind. In our daily lives what is the reality? Does the mind lead the body or does the body lead the mind? We are back and forth between these two positions. If we were totally following the mind's directives we would have returned to God long ago.

Between God and human beings there is only one strict path. Just as between the North and South poles there is one line which is the shortest distance. There is no double line. There are not two ways. Rather there is only a one-way course and that is the way of True Love. This way is eternal and unchanging. This way connects with the heavenly kingdom and is the base of God's expansion of the heavenly kingdom. Do you understand? Since individuals began in conflict, when they formed families, instead of one plus and one minus, four plus positions emerged. Constant conflict emerged. When children were produced in such a mind set, these children were born with conflict within them. In Adam's family there was a fight to the death between his two sons. Do you understand that? Do you imagine that such a family could become the dwelling place of God? If God would be drawing close to such a family and witnessed the murder of Abel by Cain, He would want to run far away from this family. How could He possibly deal with such a horrendous situation?

The division of human beings' minds and bodies was the beginning point of all levels of separation within this world. This plus [as shown on the board] represents the body at the family level. In the Last Days it will represent the world of politics. The plus representing the mind in Adam's family will represent the world of religion in the Last Days. Do you understand? The seed that Satan has sown will be reaped by the satanic side. Whereas the seed sown by God will be reaped by the heavenly side. In the world of politics there is always division and separation. In the world of religion there should be unification, because religion represents the original world of conscience. The world of politics represents the body. The practices that are being implemented in the world of politics are manipulation, cheating, and 'any means justifies the end'. Nothing is sacred. These two worlds are fighting each other. The present world is dominated by politics. God, who knows this situation very well, has been preparing the concept of the Lord of the Second Advent. The three stages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament can go beyond the world of politics and then the world of unification can appear. For this purpose the Lord of the Second Advent should appear in order to unite all of the religions.

The mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is to educate humanity on how to unite mind and body as individuals centered upon True Love. True Love not false love. That is the restoration. Upon that foundation husband and wife should become one. Not two plus positions. One plus and one minus should come into total unity. Their conjugal love should be based upon this complete reciprocal relationship. Do you understand? Consequently their children will be harmonized. Due to the Fall these three different stages were lost. At the time of the Second Advent these three different stages have to be restored. That was the original seed of the family. The loss of this original seed was the result of the human Fall. We have to reverse this course in order to return to the original state of love. All has been divided due to the Fall; now we have to reunite and harmonize them again.

If you are a self-centered person you will meet destruction, just as in Adam's family. In general can we say that American families are on the satanic side or the heavenly side? Satan's side. There is not even one single American family which is totally centered upon True Love, the ideal form which God intended. That is why we see families where grandparents are separated from their children, parents are separated from their children, brothers and sisters are all individualistic. The families are divided, the nations are divided, and the entire world is all divided. To restore all this is not easy. In a single moment Eve took the lost love way. One day's action has resulted in this divided and miserable world. In the families of this world the whole order of love is being violated through free sex and incest. God created the original love foundation but this cannot be found in this world. Animals don't engage in mating between the same sex. This only occurs in human beings. This is very bad. It is creating Hell on the Earth. This is the harvest time of Satan's fallen love.

Since AIDS has appeared, it will take less than forty years to exterminate the entire human race if it is left to go as it now is. The entire world has become a global village that we can encompass in travel in one day. AIDS has the potential to spread overnight to the entire world. Within one day you are able to reach to a far off continent and meet a man or woman and contract AIDS through them. How can humanity be protected from this most fearful disease? Is there any nation or military power that is able to control this? No, there is not. Not even political power, educational power, economic power, diplomatic power nor religious power is able to put a stop to it. Only God has the power through absolute love. AIDS will not be able to occupy a world of True Love. Do you understand? Only the Unification Church has the potential to stop AIDS at this time.

Human history began with a broken family. Therefore, in the Last Days, we will witness this phenomenon on a worldwide scale. Through this false start, the descendants right down to the present day have inherited this. We have to find a central root and follow that original root. One world under God is God's original creation concept. America claims one nation under God. That isn't good enough. One world under God is what we need. This is to take place in the time of the Second Advent. America's national base cannot control the world base. The national base has been controlled by Satan until now. But Satan cannot control the world base. Fallen Satan cannot inherit the place of direct dominion. The place of direct dominion is a separate world belonging to Jesus and God. Now is the time of God's direct dominion. Do you understand? Centering upon True Parents, family base, tribe base, national base, and world base. Since April 10, 1992, Father proclaimed that the national level was over and the worldwide dispensation had started. After that, the 30,000 Couples Blessing took place on a worldwide scale which transcended the national, racial and religious boundaries. Three years later, 360,000 couples were blessed in 1995. All the different religions, races, and nationalities participated in this Blessing. Father's goal is that by the year 2000, the entire world will move into one direction of establishing God's ideal family. The only way to accomplish this is through the Holy Blessing Ceremony.

This movement of the Holy Wedding Ceremony on the worldwide scale will lead the entire human race toward the goal of building the ideal family under God. Do you understand? Mind and body unification, couples' unification and children's unification must take place. Then the family seed will be planted. This can be extended to the true tribe, true nation, and God's true world dominion. Before Adam and Eve fell this was God's original ideal. This means the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Once this foundation exists, the course of indemnity and recreation will not be necessary. On April 10, 1992, Father declared the liberation of the women of the world. Up until this point, God had been working to restore the original Adam, the perfected Adam who is Father. Then upon this date, April 10, 1992, Father declared the perfected Eve. That is why the declaration of the liberation of the women of the world occurred. In order for Mother to go beyond the national level she had to be pushed by Father. Since that time Mother began to stand on the front line. She had to go beyond the national base. Until that time Mother followed completely in Father's shadow. Do you understand? Mother was not able to stand side by side with Father. However, Satan cannot connect beyond the national base. Once Mother went beyond the national base, Mother could stand at Father's side. Do you understand? Then liberation for the entire world of women was declared.

Until Father reached this stage, Mother could not stand on the same level side by side with Father. Rather Mother had to stand behind Father and be educated and shaped to reach the level where she could stand side by side with Father. Upon the declaration of women's liberation by Father, Mother could stand side by side with Father as an equal and on the worldwide scale front line. From April 10, 1992 until the end of 1995, within three years, Father bequeathed all of his lifelong foundation to True Mother. Therefore True Mother is able to stand on an equal foundation with Father. Do you understand? Father had Mother speak at both Capitol Hill and the United Nations. The Capitol represents Abel's position, and the United Nations represents Cain's position. That atmosphere of subject and object combined into one. Do you understand?

In the world viewpoint, South America is in Cain's position representing Catholicism. North America is in Abel's position representing Protestantism. Brotherhood. The Protestant world has stood against the Unification Church. After World War II God made a One-World-Under-God foundation. At that time, had the allied nations welcomed the Second Advent then the family, tribe and nation would have connected. Centering upon that foundation, horizontally many nations could have connected into one. The Korean Peninsula would be in subject position to all nations in the object position. That is all that would have been required to create one world under God; a world of rich variety of tribes, nations and personalities. There would have been no boundaries dividing people. Starting from one family, reaching to the cosmos with total freedom. Had that occurred, the connection with the eternal heavenly world would have been no problem. This is God's ideal creation world: all people connected to the ideal love base.

During this time period Father gave first the motto, True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. The second year was, The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. This year's motto, Let Us Inherit the Victorious Foundation of True Parents. That's all! Inheriting everything, both vertically and horizontally. With what kind of concept? For the sake of others. From the first time Father arrived in this country he has been living by the concept of parents for the sake of kings. All the historical ancestors of the United States had to bow before me. None of the presidents or people of America had power over me, because I sacrificed the most. I invested and forgot the most because this is God's way. I have to save this country no matter what. That was always Father's attitude. American people have to follow Reverend Moon or they will have no hope in the future. The Unification Church stands in the Abel position, whereas other churches are standing in Cain's position. How to unify them? Unification Church's position is to invest and forget. Father has invested manpower, economic power and spiritual power into this country. Father's sacrifice has been more than that of Christianity, more than that of thousands of years of fallen history. God's way is investing and forgetting. Father has the same concept. All of America was against me. Father stood in the position of receiving this persecution, of being struck first, then claiming for God.

No matter how proud Christian leaders might be, they have to follow behind Reverend Moon. They will lose everything. How can Reverend Moon say that? These people are not teaching in the grade schools, middle schools, high schools and universities. Those who don't know Divine Principle should follow behind Reverend Moon. I challenge everyone less than 30 years old. Father discovered in Africa just how beautiful black faces are. They shine so beautifully. White people's faces cannot shine in that way. That is true. Black faces shine so strongly. Amazing! Love power is almighty power. When these black faced brothers and sisters shed their tears, the tear drops appeared to be white on black faces. That was such a beautiful scene. The same white tear drops on white faces don't stand out. However, on black faces, these white tear drops stood out. It was so beautiful. Father felt that he should match black and white couples from now on. Father wants to create a worldwide fad of black and white marriages. One extreme meeting another extreme. Like bird's migrating from one climate to another. Do you think that it would be a good idea?

The leaders of the world who will be the ones able to produce smart children will be couples from two extremities: black and white, North Pole and South Pole. The more diverse, the more wonderful unification. Do you understand? Until now this was not done. However, absolutely centered upon God it can be done. How amazing! Therefore, Father intends to form the International Marriage Federation or Association. The time has come to do this. God is the King of wisdom and knowledge. Don't you think God would agree with what Father is now teaching us? There is no way to measure how vast and how deep this truth is. Therefore, if you share only one piece of it maybe it cannot be understood. One has to go in depth and follow the formula. Once you establish a formula then it can be used no matter how much it is expanded. This is absolute providentially-proven truth. In 1992 the Holy Wedding Ceremony of 30,000 couples was conducted. This represented the formation stage international, interracial marriages. The 360,000 couples Holy Wedding Ceremony which took place 1995 represented the growth stage of Blessing. When we reach the 3.6 million Holy Wedding Ceremony which will occur in November 1997 it will be the perfection stage. After this, when thirty-six million couples are blessed it will reach beyond these three stages and will belong to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth centered upon True Love.

When this happens the whole world will begin to follow our position. The whole world will echo with mansei. How wonderful this will be. That is the way we can liberate God. Minus perfection can create plus perfection. Unification living is always becoming higher, centered on True Love. When God's ideal partner appears, the original plus-minus world can come into existence. Perfect minus and perfect plus. As long as there is perfect plus then perfect minus will take place. And vice versa. Until now God has been unable to make the ideal perfection place. He needs His ideal partner. When we reach perfection as the minus position, we can perfect God who is in the position of plus and we can liberate God. Just as when we find our love partner then our love becomes activated. Do you understand? When we are absolutely alone we cannot feel life, love or lineage. Where does God dwell? The original love seed is God: the seed of life, seed of love, seed of lineage, seed of conscience and seed of family. All of them have God as their central root. Root means origin. This original seed comes from God. However, this original seed was turned upside down. We have to make it right side up once again. We need to find the true seed.

Formation, growth and perfection stages. Four different levels and three different stages. Children, brothers and sisters and conjugal relationships. By the year 2001, when we will have the 36 million Couples Holy Blessing, the entire world will be strictly under the Kingdom of God on Earth. WOW! That is true. Imagine, when we have 36 million Unification Church Blessed couples all over the world, no matter how remote a village you may visit, you will always find the Unification flag. Where there is a Unification Church Blessed couple in any remote country or village, if you go there in place of Father you can stay there for a week and teach them and serve them. You can share with them all that you have experienced. They will want to welcome visitors from all the nations of the world. Then the entire world family will begin to launch a campaign to visit as many families as possible, as many nations as possible, to share with one another and build one world under God.

Since Father has established a foundation in over 160 nations of the world, why then doesn't my family invite families from 160 nations and treat them in Father's place? When the representatives from 160 nations come, then as a tribal messiah, if you have 160 families already under your control, a representative can go to each family and stay there. Do you understand? In other words, you are now engrafting the Lord of the Second Advent's good fortune and fate into all those 160 families. How wonderful our tribe will be. Everyone will be laughing and dancing with joy. No boundary will exist there. No visas required. Father doesn't like visas. I don't like boundaries. I don't like distinguishing between colors. I don't like different habits, different culture, different lifestyles. The Absolute God will make a One World culture based upon God's original concept. Isn't that right?

One language, one culture, one happy family behind Father. Isn't that true? One nation which will become the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The spiritual world will like that. All of your ancestors will come down to this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Now is that age. There will be no boundaries. This world of politics in the Last Days came to appear as the United Nations. This world of politics actually has abused the world of religion. This is how this world has persecuted Father all these years because Father is in the position of the king of religions. This concept is the messianic concept. The Messiah means True Parents. No matter how famous any nation or individual might be, they all need True Parents. Japanese, Americans, Koreans all need True Parents. Isn't that true? Man, woman and families all need True Parents. Absolutely individuals need True Parents. (Yes) Father says no! (Yes) You have to absolutely know this. All the families of the world absolutely need the formula of True Parents. Centering upon True Parents' family then they form their tribe. Do you understand?

For 40 years Father has been forgetting everything except that content. Satan has occupied everything. Ever since the fallen world appeared at the time of Adam and Eve, families and tribes have added to that fallen realm, creating separation. Now at the time of restoration, everything should become one. Abel's position should occupy everything centering on Mother. When Cain and Abel are unified, they will form a larger Abel. Father is an even larger Abel position. Do you understand? Parents and children are going up to the original world. The restoration course is the reverse course. This is where elder sonship, parentship and kingship are derived from. When you have total unity between Cain and Abel the elder sonship is restored. When these two children, Cain and Abel become totally united with the mother figure, then parentship is restored. Then they become united with God. This is the point where the messiah was chased out. Once you become one with God then kingship is restored. Do you understand? In Adam's family the king of the elder sons, king of the parents, and king of kings should have all been established. The king of the elder sistership, the king of mothers and king of queens. This position was supposed to be established in the family of Adam. When Father uses the word king it refers to the topmost position. It doesn't matter if we say king or queen here. Do you understand?

If this foundation had been established at the time of Adam, then it would have been naturally expanded to the worldwide level. If the ideal family foundation had been established it would have become the central family. This is how the concept of the chosen nation originated. The God of Jacob, God of Abraham, that kind of concept. This is elder sonship. That tradition, from one particular chosen family would be established for the entire tribe, nation and world. The concept of democracy does not figure into this plan at all. In the concept of democracy there is always the Cain and Abel relationship, plus and minus concept. However, by building harmony between plus and minus, eventually we have to come to the point of parentship which means kingship. Through this one family, one lineage would have been established. King connects with parents, parents with children, and brotherhood is established. Everyone has to receive that blood lineage. That original central elder son family should expand horizontally, forming many brothers all separated into various nations. Do you understand? Royal familyship, national familyship. United into one. Then separation cannot come into being.

Power cannot be taken away from the family base. If elder sonship, parentship and kingship are lost in the family base, then how can restoration take place? That would be a bigger foundation. The small is absorbed by the big place. The national base lost the family. Only sacrifice can establish that perfection place. When the national base is established, within there are many family bases. The national base existed at Jesus' time. However, Jesus was unable to create the family base and lost his physical body, leaving only a spiritual base. At the time of the Fall, Adam and Eve split. Why? Because Satan occupied Adam's body. Then Adam had to be divided into Cain and Abel. Originally getting into Heaven was not based on individual perfection. It was based upon that kind of family which is absolutely centered on God. With God as the plus and the family as minus, they connect centering on True Love. This eternal, unchanging relationship is the base which connects to the Kingdom of Heaven. From the family comes the tribe. The formula of tribal messiahship includes visiting many homes and making unity with them. How can you make that perfect restoration place? In the national base, there are many homes and many tribes. Adam's side lost that. Adam disappeared. He lost original perfection. At the time of Jesus, the national king's position reappeared. Jesus was the true elder son. True parentship. True kingship. National base.

Jesus had kingship of the national base, not the family base. There were many formulas given there. Jesus, standing on that national base, saved that country creating an absolute nation. Therefore, all those Old Testament believers should have followed him. Judaism equaled plus while the nation of Israel equaled minus. How could they find mother? The Israel nation did not realize who Jesus was. Neither did they realize that the messiah needed a wife. The entire nation of Israel came against Jesus. That is why Jesus lost his body. Those two, combined into one, turned their backs: the Israelites occupying the Roman world base. World base would have been no problem. Why? This is God's side. The ideal family base, national base, and world base is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Satan cannot get in there. That means, at the time of Jesus, the power of Rome should have gone down. Israel, connecting to Asia could have created a world religious foundation. Asia is a huge continent, including China and India. Jesus could have been the king of that foundation. The religious world could have combined into one beginning in Asia and spreading out to the world. There would have been no problem with Roman Catholicism. The subject plus and the object opposite could have combined into one, centered on the king of kings. Centered on parents, true brotherhood could appear.

The time has come when the entire world is seeking to restore Jesus Christ's body. When you look at the world trend it is returning to the Pacific rim culture. This is the place Jesus came from and where the Lord of the Second Advent came from. Originally, directly after World War II, had the allied nations centered upon Christianity united with True Father, then the Kingdom of God on Earth would have begun. However, they failed. After forty years of wilderness course, the time has come again, just like after World War II, when the entire world can be united with True Father.

In the near future, religion will play a major role in the United Nations. Just as division began with Adam, now the entire world is divided into two different spheres -- politics and religion. Therefore, religion should come into the United Nations and take the subjective position. The United Nations is presently centered totally upon politics. This is Satan's strategy to convince the world that religion is unnecessary. Because if the world of religion emerges then Satan's side will be chased out. A change is happening to that trend within America. Republicans are trying to restore prayer in schools once again. In order to enter the Kingdom of God there should be one group. There should not be divided blocs of people. The course of restoration is the way of reversal. That is why the younger son position should restore the elder sonship and become united with the mother position. This is the only way that we can enter into the Kingdom of God.

The reason that the Cain and Abel world are fighting is because they are without parents. The position of parents was lost at the time of Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel positions expanded to the national base. At the national level brothers are fighting each other. Republican and Democratic parties are fighting one another here in America. This represents brothers fighting one another. Parents' position represents headwing. Abel position is right wing and Cain position is left wing. At the time of Jesus the thief on the right and the thief on the left of Jesus represented right and left wings. Jesus did not leave the ideal family base on this Earth. If Jesus had been able to make that foundation then automatically Judaism and Israel would have united into one. This would have been equivalent to mind and body uniting. Then the national base would not have taken that fallen route with the world following. When unification appears centered on headwing ideology, expansion happens automatically. Unification of the world is the result. This would be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Jesus' body was lost. This means the Earth based Kingdom of Heaven was lost. Father represents Heaven and mother represents Earth. After death, resurrection represents man's place in Heaven. Eve's position represents the land. Jesus descended from the spiritual world. The Holy Spirit represents the position of mother. The Christian world doesn't know that. Jesus did not make completion. God's shape was not completed, so restoration had to continue. Jesus came down to make the foundation complete on the Earth. Eve's position was working in the spiritual world. Eve's position descended on the Earth. Jesus was unable to form a marriage. This was a problem. Jesus represented Heaven on the Earth. Earth represents the Holy Spirit's body horizontally. Judaism and Israel were in children's position. If Jesus had children on this Earth, that foundation would have expanded over the past 2000 years. Imagine how different this world would be.

We know the Christian world doesn't need the pope. Christianity separated into two sides which are fighting. Jesus is at the center. With Jesus in the elder son's position, parents' position and kingship position, the national base would automatically expand to the world base. Jesus is the expansion seed of many family bases everywhere. Jesus wasn't able to make that kind of fruit on the Earth, in the family. That is why the messiah must come again. Why? To get married. Now the Christian world is representing the bride's position, or Eve's position. They have been preparing for 2000 years to welcome the bridegroom. The main hope of the Christian world has been the coming of the Second Advent. Even if Jesus came down on the Earth, he would be occupying Satan's world, the space controlled by Satan. This is a big problem. There are many individuals and many polarities coming under Satan's side. How can Jesus come down victoriously there? God and Jesus have to tear down the barriers to get to the family base. After World War II, all those allied countries could have created one world under God. Cain and Abel were in a position to unite centering on mother. The Abel position was held by America. England and America were in the same position. The Cain position was held by France. Those allied countries of World War II made a victorious foundation. Included were the spiritual mother, and the Cain and Abel Christian world. This physical body was completely denying the satanic society. Germany, like America, is on the God's side Abel position. The separation between Jewish and Christian people should have completely disappeared. The emergence of one world under God came into being for the first time in history. Do you understand? That unification world base connected with True Parents.

True Parents are connected to the true nation base, the true tribe base, the true family base, and the prepared nation base which is the Korean peninsula. World War II liberated the free world base. It was the first time in history God opened the world base on the foundation of the national, tribe and family bases. Father made all the preparation. The Korean peninsula is connected to four different countries with independent kings and fighting parties. These four parties include the Chinese party, the Soviet party, the Japanese party and the American party. The fighting of these four separate nations liberated the Korean peninsula. The Korean Christian world is at the front. American Protestant missionaries led the Korean Christians. There is only one country in Asia representing the bride's position. It is not Japan, not China and not Russia. Only America is connected to that Christian world. If Father had been welcomed at that time, the two worlds could have been united. This is represented by the woman's world and the man's world, the Cain and Abel sides. When True Parents appeared there, true brotherhood, the second generation would have connected there automatically. Why was the Christian world against me? They expect Jesus to come on the clouds. The millennium. Satan's side represents the loss of Adam's authority. At the time of Jesus the chosen people were expecting Elijah to come down in a fiery chariot from the sky. That kind of prophecy existed. What represented Elijah? Jesus stood in the position of the completion of Adam's position on the national basis. The family base was open. The national base, Adam's place was lost. John the Baptist represented Elijah. Jesus was in the world base Abel position. The Israelites and Judaism stood in the world base Cain position. Jesus and the Second Advent had the same purpose, like Elijah's position. The national base and the world base were lost after Adam.

Many nations were in the John the Baptist position. All over the world, Christianity became the cultural background. If all of these John the Baptist countries had combined into one centering on Father, there would have automatically been a John the Baptist world base. This was lost at the time of the Old Testament. The Second Advent time is the time of unification. Centering on Father, all the Christian nations can combine to create not just a national base, but the world base. True Parents. If Sung Jin Nim's mother and Sung Jin Nim's father had been eternally connected, they would have been welcomed on the family level, the tribal level, and by the entire Korean peninsula. The Korean peninsula would not have been divided. The John the Baptist position was responsible for denying that, chasing out Reverend Moon. Where? Into the wilderness. All humankind lost their position. There was only one man remaining with the entire five billion people of the world against him. Reverend Moon was the last man standing on the world base. How can the rest of mankind climb up? Old women of 70 or 80 years old who were spiritualists, were working underground. They knew that the Japanese would resume control of the Korean peninsula. Father made that kind of fruit. When Adam's position was completed, Eve's position could be realized.

Woman's restoration course started with old women spiritualists, working down to teenagers. The Christian world lost the world bride. This represents seven generations from 10 to 80. One category. Your tribe hopes for that seven generations. How can we find the world bride's position again? Invest. The Second Advent owner, Father, had to invest to recreate the original base. Going through 1945 to 1960 is 40 years. There were seven years of formation and seven years of growth. Fourteen years after appearing on the Earth, the Holy Wedding took place. The formation and growth stages are the place of indirect dominion. The perfection stage is the place of direct dominion. The fallen place is the place of formation and growth positions. Restoration is close to that same level. After the Fall, Adam's family went down. Father's family lifted the people up. The perfection stage is another seven-year course. This is the explanation of the 20-year course; formation, growth and perfection. Vertically and horizontally we have to set up these three seven-year courses making 20, 60 and 80. Father is standing on the family base. He is surrounded by Satan's side who are kicking Father's family. They are going up the seven years of perfection to reach direct dominion. The mission is to bring the family up.

Since the Holy Wedding of True Parents in 1960 Father has had to walk three seven-year courses. Because the entire world was in the indirect dominion, Father had to walk the second seven-year course. Therefore he prepared the years 1971, to 1973 and then came to America and completed his third seven year course here in America on a worldwide scale. That is the time in which Father had to deal with worldwide scale persecution. Originally, Christianity was in the position to be totally united and surrender to Father and be united with True Parents. But instead Christianity was in the forefront of the persecution and opposition of True Father. Father's three seven-year courses were supposed to be over by 1981. Due to Christianity's persecution, the third seven year course that Father was going through in America became a failure. This third seven-year course became extended for another three seven-year courses.

From 1981 until the year 2000 which equals three seven-year courses, this entire American Christianity has to be totally united with Father in order to have hope. Since 1992 Mother stood on the front line and led the movement. Mother was in the position of the Abel bride, and Christianity in the position of the Cain bride. Mother would lead the Cain bride into unity with the bridegroom, True Father. Mother addressed the U.S. Capitol and the United Nations because Christianity stands in the position of the Cain type bride. The entire world is represented by the United Nations. In addressing the United Nations, True Mother united the Cain world with the Abel world. When Mother was due to address the United Nations, just two hours prior to the event the United Nations still had not given permission. But at the last moment, Father pushed and pushed and within two hours Mother was able to speak there. Through the International Religious Foundation, in the position of Abel, we finally got permission from the United Nations for Mother to speak. Then Mother, in the position of Abel, gave her speech. The Christian cultural background is representing that bride's position that was lost after World War II. Mother connected to that lost Abel's position which is America. After Mother's victory at the United Nations, the free world of America was able to connect to Mother's place and stand behind Father. Cain and Abel could connect centering on that foundation.

The Protestant world automatically means free world. The free world includes Cain and Abel, or Roman Catholic and Protestant churches combined. That means South America and North America connecting. This represents world brotherhood centering on world parentship. This position was lost. Now it is being restored. The world base foundation consists of South America and North America representing the world Christian brotherhood. This continent should join into one. South and North America combined into one will become a new Abel position. From there, connecting to Europe will be no problem. The gate will be open. Tomorrow a conference is starting between Protestant North American leaders and Catholic South American leaders. Centering on Father, high level leaders will attend there. The opposite worlds of South America and North America will connect. An extension cord will come down combining Protestant and Catholic churches. These enemies will become one centering on Father. All the leaders will go down. They will say, "Without Reverend Moon, we have no hope." They never had the concept of unity between North and South America. Only Father has that kind of power in the North American Christian world. Then we can utilize our grassroots foundations in many countries. We have that power. That's true.

South America and North America need to connect into one. Then the world base will connect with True Parents. Now the American president is saying, "We are connecting to Europe, and to Asia." It is different there. North America has been fighting that side for 50 years. China was looking down. America cannot prevent their future power and authority. Russia was behind there also. People kicked out of Asia wanted to go to America. They were floating on the Pacific Ocean with no settlement place. This is the first time there has been the possibility to combine North and South America. This one foundation could go to Europe. No problem. World fighting base. Asia could chase out America. This is one way of finding that world victorious brotherhood, centering on True Parents. The 50 states of North America will connect with the main 15 nations of South America. South America and North America will combine into one Christian world base. Then go back to Asia, Eve's position. The opposite way. Cain and Abel connect with Eve's nation. Satan seduced Eve, creating the fallen world. After that, the Eve country failed. This time is different. Catholic South America and Protestant North America combined will make up the Abel world base, connected centering on True Parents. Mother nation doesn't have that base. Japan is against me. America is against me. Germany is against me. Why? The strongest countries are Japan and Germany. The Christian world is occupied by Satan. Reverend Moon's enemy. Father was proclaimed a heretic by the Christian world because they imagine Jesus must come on the clouds. Until now they have tried to tear down Reverend Moon. During that time of fighting between the leading nations, Father created his ministry. International marriage. Mainstream. The bride's time was lost. When Catholic South America and Protestant North America combine, they will make that kind of strong foundation. Then the religious and secular worlds can combine. They can all be blessed and given fruit. Why? Because there will be a true nation base. Satan's blessing places and nation bases are now Father's bases. Father's base is now a worldwide base. This is the place of the direct dominion. Satan's world is the place of indirect dominion. The formation and growth position. Father has made a worldwide family base which can connect with everything. Satan's side cannot make claim on this. America is only a national base. Reverend Moon's base is worldwide.

The nation base follows the world base. Making a worldwide family centering upon True Father. From Korea, extending to the world. 1994 over. Immediately there would be a vertical connection. In there is the world base. Indirect dominion would be over. Satan's world is horizontally connecting with America. The world base is centering on Father. That is a free place. That is the place of the liberation of the women of the world, centering on Mother. For the first time Mother is following in Father's footsteps. For the first time True Motherhood could appear. In the fallen world, parents are going down. If we turn that upside down, they are getting to Heaven. We have to turn everything around making the tail part into the head part. The head is going toward the purpose in the future world, centering on True Parents for the Kingdom of Heaven. The secular world is going the opposite way. We have to turn around 180 degrees. The connecting place is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the world base, not the family base. The family was lost, unable to make a victorious place because Jesus lost his body. Centering on Jesus, the right side thief is right wing. The left wing thief is communism. This fighting between two parties is going on in the time of the Second Advent. Second Advent means the resurrection of Jesus in spirit and body. When Jesus lost his body, the fighting between brothers reappeared. Why? Because they didn't have parents, as in Adam's family. After Adam and Eve fell, the brothers were separated into God's side and Satan's side. Reverse way, same meaning. Because Jesus' body was lost, there was no parentship position.

When Jesus returned as the Second Advent, what was the purpose? To work through the American foundation to recreate God's original ideal family base. This time it is the world base, representing the bridegroom. Cain and Abel, connecting to the world base, can go back. Japan is terrified at this time of that strong Christian nation. Civil war beginning. Yankee. This is Cain and Abel with Reverend Moon in the Abel position. The world will be unified into one. Abel will become the American president. The couples' world will appear centering on Mother. Japan is getting there. At this time America in the Archangel position is helping Mother, helping Eve. Pushing that Korean Adam's nation forward. Japan made that kind of foundation. It can be proclaimed publicly how much Reverend Moon is helping the free world. Japan has become a powerful nation on that kind of foundation. Japan has been against this base. Many high level people are interested in the contents and results of the Unification Church. With all five senses open, Reverend Moon can work all day and night, all seasons, all his life. There are many gates to South America and North America. No problem. Going in one direction, the world can march on. With the strongest band and the strongest orchestra, we can look back at the five billion people following. Red, white, many colors, as one race. With that God will make a peaceful world. Everyone will go up and over with one purpose: to make a peaceful world, that so called Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth!

The content of Father's speech completes everything. Individual viewpoint, national viewpoint, parents, Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, God's perfection, God's liberation, everything is finished. That means the world base is made upon the completed nation, the restoration of lost Adam's family. At Jesus' time the nation base was completed. At the world time, Father chased out Satan. Satan cannot extend his open hand to Father's base. Jesus lost his body. That cannot be taken back to Satan's side. How did you come to realize those complicated contents? This is the mainstream of God's viewpoint. Many religions don't know how to complete God's Will on the Earth, including Christianity and the Russian churches. Only the Unification Church knows this. Individual, family, tribal, national liberation are all possible. Man and woman liberation is also possible. Any problem is no problem! This is the most fearful armament of truth. Once you hear this truth there is absolutely nothing to say. Starting from the mind, the spirit can go over the original boundary and the national boundary. There is one direction. The individual sacrifices for the family. The family sacrifices for the tribe. The tribe sacrifices for the nation. The nation sacrifices for the world. The world sacrifices for God. God sacrifices for True Love. This is the one eternal direction. To follow that way, you cannot take a rest. That kind of world has remained lost for 4000 years. How can we restore that in 40 years? This is not a concept. This is reality. Until now Father has been talking with too much strong power. Father is speaking in English once again. This is very bad. It is not good. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is only one language. That is the language of the True Parents. Without speaking Korean it isn't possible to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. These are not Father's words. This is God's principle. There are too many languages in this world, over 1,600. How much effort and manpower is needed to translate these languages one to another. With one language everything would be so much more simplified. One language is so powerful.

Most people are not aware of the reality of the spiritual world. Reverend Moon is so powerful. Although he is approaching 80 years, how can he have more energy than young people? Because he is always connecting to God. God cannot take quiet action. God cannot sleep. Up until this time God has worked under such difficult and painful circumstances. Father has understood clearly God's agonizing situation. Humankind cannot accuse Him. Man lives only 60 or maybe 100 years. In less than one century, how can man understand God's heart while toiling for thousands and thousands of years to make recreation. There is no comparison. God's situation is hundreds of times more painful. Man cannot accuse Him. If Unification members complain that it is too much hard work to follow Reverend Moon, they will immediately get hit.

From now on Father will not stay in America. Father will go back to Korea. Father will only focus on the unification of North and South Korea from now on. When there is a world base, Europe will embrace us. Immediately Asia will be no problem. Christianity will become one centering on Reverend Moon. Father had been working to connect China and the Soviet nations. No idea can compare to that kind of powerful foundation. Father has made such a strong base. India has 900 million people. Proud Americans thought they were invincible, more high level than Reverend Moon. How can those types of people lead this country? There is only one way. Step down and shut up. Is the feeling good? That is true. High level leaders in authority will step down and shut their mouths. You don't know me. I know you well. From now on they will only listen to me. How much time will they give, 15 minutes, 20 minutes? During that time they will have to keep their promise for 15 minutes not to open their mouths. After 15 minutes, without saying a word, I can ask them, "Do you want to follow yourself or do you want to follow me?" From now on there will be that kind of high level disciple. Reverend Moon has been talking, connecting the world with this. Father has been telling them, "You are high level, senior people. If you teach this, how wonderful that would be." They absolutely welcome it, seeing that this Principle is true. Their eyes do not blink.

Father restored the failure of Adam's family. Also the national base and the failure of Jesus' time, centering upon the world base at the time of World War II even though Father was chased out into the wilderness. At that time, the tribe was lost, the family was lost so that Father divorced. Most miserable situation. Everything was lost. After fourteen years the Holy Wedding of True Parents occurred. Do you understand? Satan's side thought they had won. Leaders heard those kinds of concepts and wondered how Father could continue to teach about ideal family and perfection despite walking the path of divorce. Even the Unification Church members made bad rumors centering upon Father, making bad results and adding to this history. Father was labeled the worst religious leader in the world. You have to know these things. Father was chased out and all alone. Father stood in the position of God. Until now God has been confined and alone. You have to clearly understand this. You cannot compare your value with Father's value. The entire cosmos, past, present and future cannot be compared with Father. Do you understand? Father is the center. The individual cannot change. The family cannot change. The nation and world concepts cannot change. They are all eternal. At the time of creation God had absolute faith. If we do not have absolute faith we cannot get into Heaven.

So God made all creation with Adam and Eve at the center. With absolute faith and absolute love, partnership becomes limitlessly stronger. Everybody wants that kind of love partner. If you have seen many lies, you feel that partner is more impure than you, or more experienced than you? That is not the desire of humankind. God has limitless spiritual love. That is the kind of unlimited ambition of true human kind. Why? To attain an unlimited love partner. That kind of powerful personality originates in the ambition of the mind. The ideal owner of the greatest kingdom is the mind. The mind originates more than your parents, because it is connected to God. Life does not belong to your parents, but to God. Our original ancestor is God. You come from God's lineage, not your parent's lineage. Everything belongs to God. Do you understand? You have love, life and lineage, but they do not belong to you. They belong to God. Do you understand? You are not the owner of love, life and lineage. You are not the owner of your conscience. There is only one owner and that is God. Do you understand? We must protect the purpose of the providence. How can you claim for yourself "my love, my lineage, my conscience." Those belong to God. You cannot take away God's purpose. You have the position of co-creator. This means investing and forgetting forever. Then that most high level love partner will appear. God has been seeking and waiting for a very long time for humankind to become his love partner. That relationship was lost. It has to be built up to reach the original position at creation. This means True Love, True Life, True Lineage and True Conscience. The secular world must connect to this. Instead, the fallen world connects to dirty love, dirty life, dirty blood lineage, dirty conscience.

"I" am standing up in God's place. "I", myself, am creating true ancestors. This is the formula for recreation. If you want to take that kind of ownership, you have to go down. Then God will automatically come to that place. Otherwise there is no way. Father taught the truth of the Divine Principle. Have you understood clearly? The Christian world will not get to Heaven. The real heavenly world is made up of people belonging to a complete nation. That is the home which is centered on God. God dwells there, and True Love connects there. Without forsaking your living family, you could not get into Heaven. Until now that has been the way. So Heaven has been a vacant place. True Parents appeared fulfilling that purpose and creating that true blood lineage. That is God's property and God's heart-field area. Over seven generations there is one king. Starting from there, tribes and nations will appear centering on Father, and Blessed couples and Jesus. Centered upon Father Blessed couples are in the position of tribal messiahs. God sent the messiah to the Earth to create that family system. Connecting vertically, God and True Parents horizontally created one ideal family and many Blessed couples all throughout the world. Passing through family, tribe and nation without boundaries. Within the Unification Church Blessed couples there should be no boundaries. No division of blood lineage. No property. The property of the twelve tribes belongs to God. It is not ours. Family property means belonging to the world family. One blood lineage. Is this true? The Three Day Ceremony, what is that? Strange action. Without passing through this ceremony you cannot go to the ideal world. It is a condition for restoration. Even though Father is different from you, Father has always followed 100 percent the way of indemnity.

In 40 years Father re-indemnified 4000 years of history. Do you understand? How can you inherit True Parents' tradition? That means controlling and occupying everything as Father has done in the Archangel world. The Cain and Abel countries of South America and North America are connecting. Eve's nation made a foundation centered upon Father in this time. This means the restoration of the Fall. At the time of the Fall the Archangel seduced Eve. In this time the Archangel position is helping and supporting Eve. Japan is a problem place. Abel represents the church leader. The world is represented there. The family is there. Combined into one, there is a nation base. That makes a sandwich, or a hamburger. That is true. When the nation base is finished, everything else follows. When the north and south parts of the country combine, there will appear a complete nation and a complete world. Adam's children come from the family, nation and world base. World base Korea represents the position of father. Korea needs to combine with Japan, America and the free world. That is all. South Korea is in the Abel position and North Korea is in the Cain position. If these two brothers unite with True Parents, all universal, national and family settlement bases will be easy. Do you understand? North Korea is following in Reverend Moon's footsteps. The second generation belongs to me. No matter how difficult it is, they have to follow behind True Parents. That is the way of survival. Their ancestors understood. The ancestors of the second generation are descending to help them out. North Korean and South Korean ancestors are helping in the same way. Young people are connecting with True Parents. University members are coming to help. CARP was completely chased out in Korea two times, in 1992 and 1993. Now they are working in the university world. That is amazing. The communist world is connecting with us. And the Christian world youth are connecting there.

The whole universe is becoming Unification Church color. The Christian church and the communist activists are both connecting with the Unification Church through the university world. Eventually, they will surround the entire Korean peninsula and the Christian world. That is amazing. Those opposite sides will both make a mansei to the Unification Church. Mansei with four branches lifted. That is true. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This mansei with four branches raised up will control the center of the universe. How wonderful. God will come down to see this wonderful event on the Earth. Do you like that? I don't like that. (Laughter) Why? So much hard work for God and Reverend Moon. Lazy people don't understand these contents. It is like a big colorful diamond. It is the first time the world did not value a diamond. That stone is being used. Unification people don't know that Father's work digging out this foundation has more value than a diamond. Your eyes have colors like glass. More value than diamonds. God creates every diamond naturally, by hand. Making, no problem. Mining, no problem. Unification Church work remains hidden, in that kind of situation. Unification Church members don't like to study too much. Behind the Unification Church, there lies a bad future world with a narrow path. It depends which way you choose.

It is necessary to sacrifice your generation. Otherwise your descendants will accuse you. They will see your picture showing that you were a contemporary of Father's. You will want to be able to say clearly that you walked the sacrificial way. The contents of Father's speeches and books are always there for you. They will ask you, "Grandpa, grandma, why didn't you follow True Parents' teachings? Why didn't you learn Korean?" Korean is the home language of all humankind. This originates from the original love, True Love. The whole world originated from fallen love. Satan's purpose was to separate God's Divine Principle world from the center. From there it would grow out everywhere. You want to connect to True Love, and forever send out that kind of love. Whatever level you are at, your conscience understands clearly. In your lifetime you want to make every effort so that your conscience will understand that kind of historical event. The Christian world cannot take that. In the spiritual world, you cannot open up. You cannot talk independently. You absolutely need True Parents. From the individual to the family. From the family to the tribe. From the tribe to that most important and valuable concept. The individual will harvest more creation. Where the family invested and sacrificed, they will harvest on the national base. How many times did you pat your back?

It is a logical conclusion, that if a foundation is not made first at the individual and family base, then there is no way for it to spread out to the world level. Do you realize the preciousness of all that True Parents have taught you? God is an Absolute Being, but He needs His eternal love partner. How can God's love begin? When we go back to zero point, God's love can open. The entire three levels of creation, the mineral world, the plant world and the animal world all want to represent the center place. The place of man and woman's love in marriage is that place. That is the place of absolute freedom. There are no secrets there. Combining into one, not two. Do you understand? This is the creation of the love partner. With absolutely open face and absolutely open love, this fruit appears. This is God's partner, the so-called human ancestor. How very precious and valuable are human beings at this level. However, after the Fall human beings lost their value. They fell into a valueless position. The place that Satan hates the most is the place that God loves the most. Satan hates God's love place. The secular world has made a lot of noise over the years in opposing Reverend Moon. The secular world needs to change its direction 180 degrees. Then the arrival of a peaceful world will come about. Man and woman are the problem. Isn't this right?

There should be a political United Nations which represents man's body, and a religious United Nations which represents man's mind. Cain and Abel were supposed to have united with one another, and then united with their mother. Father organized the Student Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace. These organizations have Cain and Abel relationships existing between college students and religious students. The Student Federation is in the Abel position and the Youth Federation is in the position of Cain. Once they become totally united they will assume the position of Abel and secular national governments will take the position of Cain. Once these two unite centering upon Mother, they will connect to this life. The mother position originally lost everything after the Fall. Mind and body became separated right up to the world level. If the United Nations connects with Mother, this will make a settlement place for the mother position. This will expand to the national base, then to the world.

The political and religious worlds will become one centering upon Mother; every nation centering upon Mother for the restoration of Cain and Abel. These two brothers will not fight but rather will unite. The Student Federation has within itself the positions of both Cain and Abel. Middle school and high school students represent Abel. University students represent Cain's position. That family base will connect centering upon Mother. This will then become a large Abel and will connect with the Youth Federation. When these two are united as one, they will connect with the Cain secular world. Centering upon whom? Mother. Mind and body connecting into one. Cain and Abel connecting into one centering upon Mother. This will expand to the whole world creating a unified base. Once the United Nations connects with society, then all United Nations countries will connect to God's world. Now the United States is at the top. From here, expansion of the United Nations is no problem. Centering upon Mother power, connecting with Father power, the United Nations will turn around to the heavenly side. This will embrace 160 nations and turn them completely to God. At this time, the United Nations and American conservatives are creating problems. Americans don't like this way because it means they will have to pay too much. The United Nations and America can combine. This vertical world can make that friendship. That will be an amazing event. America is going to understand those vertical contents. When they analyze that, they will see that it is a good way for the future. We won't separate. If the United Nations and the United States unite into one, the world unification will come about quickly. Otherwise it will be very difficult.

The United Nations has not changed since 1960. Outside is changing so fast. That is making the United Nations a problem. God wanted the way of family resurrection and perfection. The United Nations will have to be partly rebuilt. America is proud of being on God's side. Father has been working for several years to unify the United Nations. This unification is faster and easier than the unification of America. America is so complicated, with so much individualism. In one room, there are 10,000 different opinions. How can that connect into one?

Compared to the former Soviet Union, the United States of America, with its strong individualistic way of thinking, is far more difficult to turn around. Whereas the citizens of the former Soviet Union were all trained in one direction and are thus easier to deal with in the course of restoration. Once they recognize that Father's teaching is at a higher level than communism, they easily all agree. However, the free world has so many different mind sets. How wonderful if all middle school, and high school students were able to study our textbook of Divine Principle. China could learn that so fast. That expansion is in front of us. From behind the gate, we can welcome and invite everybody in. America continues to sleep until they become dirty. Which way do Americans prefer? Sleeping-way, lift-way, open-way, get-up-way? The result is a repentful situation. How can you go the get-up way? You cannot do that. Father understands clearly. I lived in South America. I lived in the communist world. America values its contents too much. Until now they have been analyzing everything. They say, "We don't know about that spiritual world." Following-behind way, not front-way. Wake up America! Who can wake them up? The contents of Unificationism can wake them up and then the way will be easy for the world. Are you able to accomplish that kind of activity? You make a big noise but you have to make big action. Father understood the true contents of this life, and made the fruit. But the opposing world has been making problems. Still, that kind of brilliant white diamond cannot be destroyed eternally. No matter how great the actions, that kind of power is spreading out from inside.

Centered upon Mother, Cain and Abel must be united. Based upon this foundation, then unite with the Lord of the Second Advent. This will eventually become the foundation to build the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as in Heaven. Once this foundation is established in each family, such a family will be the family with the original seed. Who is the center of each family? The mother. The bride position. Heaven is represented by the husband, and the Earth is represented by the wife, mother. Do you understand? Mother's position is very important. Mother is the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Cain and Abel connect with mother and unify the family base that was lost in Adam's family. Do you understand? At the time of the Fall everything stood at the family base level. Today we stand at the world base level. The world open base. Everything connects with True Love, True Life and True Lineage. Everything connects to that love, and harvesting that fruit.

Who shall control this problematic woman? The origin of free sex was Eve. Woman opened her sexual organ and made a problem. How can this door be closed now? God cannot make cement. Automatically, when Eve opened that place, all the women of the world had the gate shut against them. Can Unification women do this or not? (Yes) I don't believe you. Especially American women. In the home you control your husbands. I want to use American women. From their high level, they will go down to the bottom of Hell. Otherwise America cannot make the Kingdom of Heaven. Who should get down there? Man or woman? (Woman) Man! (Woman) Absolutely man! (Woman) You make a big sound. We must understand just how much suffering and pain God had to pass through in order to find Eve in this physical world. Therefore, our task is to be absolutely united with True Mother in order to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is our ultimate task. God has been going through suffering all these years in order to find the perfect restored Adam. True Father. Now True Mother has to shed blood, sweat and tears in order to establish you women as true mothers. Mothers represent all of the religious world. Mother is leading in liberating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Do you understand? (Yes) God created the Heavenly Kingdom centered upon the Second Advent owner. Bridegroom. Heaven and Earth will combine into one. Earth represents the bride position welcoming the husband, the bridegroom. Representing the family center, national center, world center, Kingdom of Heaven on Earth center. God's original ideal of creation is the true subject and true object partnership of horizontally combined families. This is the role of the Holy Ghost and True Mother and you. Combined in absolute true love, absolute obedience. Absolute obedience means having no concepts.

Hundreds and hundreds pull out. Completely back in place. Open hole. Audibly taking opposite action. The absolutely vacant place is at the bottom where there is no concept of God. Touching absolute zero point is the one place where the universe can begin to break out. God loved humankind, that opposite sex part. Continually wanting to pull out. The universe is moving eternally in one direction. This circulation takes us to the point of origin. Getting there, we can experience the starting point. Every happy person's ambition starts from that one point. Pushing down there. All conscious human ambition is at the center and at the top. All women want to be in the position of the finest queen. They think about being in the position of the king, but men kick them out. God permitted his love partners to be in a higher position than himself. The meaning of the original seed begins from the individual level. The true seed of life, the true seed of love, expanding to the family, tribal, national and cosmic level. Please understand this clearly. Individual base and couples base. This original seed was planted here [indicating to the board] at the family level. Due to the Fall this seed became a false seed at the family level. Therefore, the family level, parental level, conjugal level, children level are all different levels of the original seed have to be restored. The extension of this is at a worldwide level of the United Nations. Upon the world wide foundation the United Nations now emerges as the extension place. The original seed entails three generations, children, husband and wife, and parents.

This is the message which Father has been sharing with all nations during his world speaking tour. The time has come when the world level of elder sonship, world level of parentship and world level of kingship have begun. Therefore, those nations opposing Father, representing the world, will perish. In each family where there are grandparents, parents and children, these seeds can then be planted at the world level and we will be able to combine the physical and spiritual world into one. This means that the spiritual world will be able to come down to our physical level and work through us and help us to accomplish our mission. We have to overcome the hurdles of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. When we are referring to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, we are referring to conjugal relationship. Adam and Eve failed to follow the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Due to their mistake all of humanity still suffers under satanic dominion.

Conjugal love has that kind of power. You are restoring that perfection. Even with that kind of attitude, if you take fallen action again, your next generation will have to take a more difficult path of indemnity. How fearful is the way of love. Do you understand, you American women? (Yes) The world of free sex is completely opposite to the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. All American women are like queens and your husbands are in the Archangel position. Husbands open the door for you and attend you. From now on you have to bear and organize the Abel king. The Unification Church has a strong woman's organization. You have to obey the Abel king. Your children have to go a different way, otherwise you cannot go to the original Kingdom of Heaven. Father has made many queens in order to restore many Cain and Abel kings. The Women's Federation for World Peace is growing up and becoming stronger. All nations need to send out their Women's Federation leaders to the United Nations. With the Women's Federation for World Peace, the student and youth organizations all connecting together, there will be no problem. The religious world, the youth world and the mother's world are all connected there. All the first ladies should go to the United Nations embassy. This decision would create the prosperous way, the political way where all members would be recognized. If the first ladies went there, in one day we could make these four organizations. No problem. We need that kind of woman's foundation. Even the Secretary General of the United Nations should come from the religious world leadership. Because the Mind side of religion should lead the Body side of politics. Once we establish a foundation within the United Nations, the restoration of the U.N. means the restoration of the entire world. This will be easier and quicker and easier than restoring one nation such as Japan or America. Because the United Nations doesn't have a root. It is still floating so to speak. It is just a matter of grabbing hold of it. Women can be proud of leading this center. Can you do it? (Yes) Now your faces appear so beautiful. Please remember this restoration of the original seed.

Please join me in prayer.

[Mr. Peter Kim offered the prayer]

Father Continued To Speak

The sisterhood conferences between Japanese and American women must be continued. The Eve nation connecting with all American women. Do you understand? The women from the Archangel nation of America must stand behind the women from Eve's position. This is how you will be able to restore your identity. By doing so, together with Eve nation women, you can find recreated, completed second Adam through True Father. Then receive the Blessing and get into the Kingdom of Heaven. The relationship between Korea and the United States is building that foundation. The Archangel's and Adam's position need to connect. Adam's position is to connect with the women's world. The fallen world is not Adam's world. Without doing this we cannot get rid of Satan. Satan is very clever. He is absolutely against Father and God. He wanted to confine their position. How could we overcome that? We have to know the Divine Principle and heavenly law. There was conflict between Satan and Father concerning that law. Father has been changing Satan's and God's concept with this law. By taking this kind of position, then for the first time Satan will be expelled. Is this clear? (Yes)

[Three cheers of mansei]

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