The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

Jacob's Strategy and Esau's Sorrowful Wailing

Sun Myung Moon
October 9, 1994
"Absolute Faith and Absolute Love"
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, April 22, 2011

Look at what Rebecca did during the time of Isaac. God asked her to do things that cannot be imagined by any worldly standard. Rebecca deceived her husband and then usurped the birthright from her older son in order that she could give it to her younger son. Can you find such a mother in this world? In the process of the fall, God's will was wronged. In order to restore this, what was wronged must be corrected. Since the fall took place this way, in order to restore it, you must go the opposite way. In another words, this should go up instead of going down. So, you must do and act in the opposite way. Let me explain.

In the process of the fall, Eve deceived Adam, the elder son of God. By so doing, she betrayed her father (God) too. Through this process, God lost the birthright; thus, He had to use the second son for His providence. God knows that because of this, history had to go over the hills of bitter sorrow and that humanity will face hills of lamentation for thousands and tens of thousands of years in the future. Rebecca did not know this content. However she did not hesitate to act according to the direction of Heaven.

Today, when reviewing Biblical history, you cannot deny that providential leaders must pioneer the reverse course. If the foundation was not only lost but destroyed, you must use the same genuine part in order to repair it. Thus, restoration through indemnity had to go the reversal course.

In the restoration course of Esau and Jacob, because the younger brother stole the birthright that belonged to his older brother, Jacob had to go the twenty-one years of drudgery. Can you imagine how hard and painful his life was while serving in the house of Laban? He spent months and years filled with many difficulties. An ordinary person, especially a man, would not able to endure and remain in such a situation. What kind of person was his uncle? Laban was a thief. Despite this painful situation, Jacob endured all hardships and difficulties, for twenty one years, without uttering complaints. Because of his attitude, Heaven looked after him as he went through this lonely path, without being recognized by anyone. In this situation, ironically, a person who seemed to be on the verge of perishing never perished; but the person who looked strong and prosperous ended up perishing.

Then when Jacob returned to Esau's home, how did he prepare to meet his brother? He sent flocks of 50 to 60 sheep over to him several dozens of times. If he had sent and offered his flocks and herds altogether at once, Jacob would have been greeting him only one time. By dividing his herds and flocks in several dozens of groups and sending them over several dozen times, he created opportunities for his servants to greet Esau, all these dozens of times. Think of this. How meticulous and precise his strategy was? After all these offerings, when Jacob met his brother Esau finally, he greeted showing a hundred times more appreciation than the sum total of all the gifts of herds and flocks. There were four hundred men surrounding Esau who witnessed all the gifts of flocks of sheep that were offered.

Then, when Jacob finally met his older brother Esau, he did not say, "Hi my brother, how have you been?" He praised Esau calling him, "My lord, my older brother." As he approached where Esau was, Jacob bowed down to the ground seven times while saying to Esau, such as, "For to see your face is like seeing the face of God." He did this deliberately. Notice, he did not run up to him. Had he ran to his brother, do you know what could have happened to him? Facing the soldiers who were prepared to kill him, in order to avoid any harm, he moved forward while bowing and shedding tears.

This environment that was created by his efforts moved his brother, and then Esau embraced Jacob. Jacob cried out while pressing his face to Esau's, saying, "My lord, here the sinner is finally visiting you. Even if I say my gratitude thousands of times, it is not enough. So, please kill me right here for my sin against you." Hearing such a plea, Esau accepted his gifts. Although Esau never had a loving heart, he could not take any action against Jacob. So, he accepted the gifts.

Who then could realize that it was the turning point in the history of Heaven and earth that these two brothers had reconciled and become as one, shedding tears for each other? This event was just one man who acted at one moment. However, its content turned upside down countless years of the history of Heaven and earth. At this moment, an unimaginable change in the standard of value took place. Who would have known that it would have set the foundation that makes possible turning Hell into Heaven? 

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