The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

Adam's Family Is Not Dead

Sun Myung Moon
October 9, 1994
"Absolute Faith and Absolute Love"
Unofficial Translation

As you all know, Adam's family described in the Divine Principle is not dead. The family is still alive. Their failures are not the failures of a dead family in the past, but rather remain today as living examples. God had to use these failures as living examples in order that their successors would build victorious foundations; thus, it was possible for Jacob's family, Moses' racial and Jesus' national level providences to enter into God's Kingdom. The Lord of the Second Advent will be the same. All of them are still alive. Once you study the Principle, you know that Adam's family is the same as your family.

It is the same with Noah. Have you ever gained the same level of faith demonstrated by Noah? Where in the world can you find a person crazy enough to build a ship at the top of Mt. Ararat for 120 years? If you want to build a ship, it is acceptable to do it by the river, right? Since he was doing it on the top of a mountain, how much was he opposed and ridiculed? Of course, he was called crazy. Also, he was the subject of all kinds of terrible rumors and was persecuted in various ways. Even all the animals from East, West, North and South –including insignificant tiny animals in the mountains -- pointed at the back of Noah saying, "There is no body more senile than this old man. Where else could you find such a crazy old foggy?" You must know that Noah established that God's power and authority -- that He -- was alive, even if everyone and every living thing totally ignored him; and this became the flood judgment.

Now, how about you? Have you ever believed the Unification Church and invested your efforts for the Church with such faith? Noah never rested while he was building the ark. Even with rain or snow, you would have to work for 120 years to build a ship to accommodate all things of creation in it. Did Noah get any appreciation or donation in his own village? His own people mocked and laughed at him calling him a crazy old foggy.

Abraham went the same course. God called Abraham from Ur of the Chaldeans. Since Abraham was the eldest son of an idolater, how did he really believe in God's calling when he left his home? He believed an unbelievable order and followed it. Later, God ordered him saying, "Sacrifice your son, Isaac as a burnt offering." God blessed Abraham saying, "Look up at heaven and count the stars -- if indeed you can count them. So shall your offspring be." Then, what kind of order was this to sacrifice his son Isaac, as a burnt offering, the son who was born when Abraham was 100 years old? This is madness. Who can believe this order?

If you believe in the position impossible to be believed, you can establish your foundation. Why is this so? The fall took place; the human ancestors did not believe in God while standing in the position where they should have had no reason but to believe. Therefore, unless you believe in God from a position where you have reason not to believe Him, the bud of faith does not sprout. This is the traditional realm of faith. This is in accordance with God's providential formula in the time of transition.

Didn't Abraham fail to divide his symbolic offering? He thought it was no big deal to divide the offering. You should not think what I teach is no big deal. What I share with you is historical proclamation. How much have you carelessly dropped my words that are more valuable than dividing the offering? You must know that the words you dropped are the conditions of accusation that will remain for thousands and tens of thousands of years.

God's Will, that could have restored the victorious sovereign that was separated from the satanic world in both Heaven and earth, was frustrated because Abraham failed to divide a little dove in half. Therefore, you must realize that your attitude and actions of disbelief before the Will of God will be tens or hundreds of times more damaging than Abraham's failure in offering the symbolic sacrifices. 

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