The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

The Dispensation to Gather and Unite 7,000 Ministers

Sun Myung Moon
October 9, 1994
Excerpt from Speech, "Absolute Faith and Absolute Love"
Unofficial Translation

Moses also was a pitiable person. After having endured countless sufferings and pains, he gazed with longing anticipation across the river Jordan, intending to cross over into the Promised Land, Canaan. Then, when Heaven told him that he would not cross over into the Land, Moses lost the word as his heart was filled with indiscernible sorrow. How desperately did Moses pray and beg of God to be allowed into Canaan?

Moses appealed to Him as to his tragic and sorrowful situation; however, God was stoic and never responded to his request. If a desperate appeal of the personal situation would change requirements for His providence, the long history of the providence of restoration was not necessary. If so, there was a way to complete the providence of restoration in Adam's family. However, human appeals will not affect the required providence. God had to be ruthless toward him, and Moses perished in the wilderness together with the first generation of Israelites.

Only two first generation Israelites, Joshua and Caleb, were able to enter the Blessed Land of Canaan. Twelve men representing the twelve tribes were sent with a spying mission into Canaan. However, ten representatives gave faithless reports opposing entering into Canaan. As the people of Israel heard this report, they wept aloud and grumbled that it was impossible to capture any of Canaan's cities. However, Joshua and Caleb were never influenced by these surroundings, but rather proclaimed that it would be no problem to capture Canaan for the Lord was with the Israelites. Thus, only they were allowed to enter Canaan.

This dispute and division became the remote cause of dividing the United Kingdom of Israelites and the 12 tribes. Also, as you recall, in Jacob's family, ten and two brothers were divided and separated among Leah's and Rachel's sons. This division also was a condition to divide the Israel kingdom later. You should not forget that these internal and external divisions became two major historical conditions for the United Kingdom to be divided into the Heaven (Southern Kingdom of two tribes) and the Hell (North Kingdom of ten tribes).

How hard was it for God to conduct His providence to establish the idea of the restored Israel Kingdom using only the remaining two tribes? The United Kingdom should have been established before Jesus would appear. However, it was not established; thus, God sent Elijah during the period of the Divided Kingdom of North and South. He conducted a movement to bring about the unified nation. Placing Baal, Ahab and 800 prophets of The Northern Kingdom at one location, Elijah poured his offering water and then brought down the fire and burnt them all.

800 prophets representing the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom prayed to their god and offered their sincerity to the god of Baal, saying, "Separating North and South Kingdoms is not God's desire. We must become as one. This is our desire. Let all the prophets be united around the living God." However, nothing happened. Then, as soon as Elijah appeared alone and prayed to God, the fire came down from heaven. It burnt all the prophets and alters. After this, they said to Elijah, "We will kill you for you killed our chief prophet and prophets." Elijah hearing this ran away.

Elijah prayed to God saying, "My Lord, my Lord, I am the only one left. Please take my soul." However, Heaven replied and informed him that there are seven thousand in Israel -- all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal. Almost all of the ten tribes were lost -- only 7,000 people remained. God told Elijah that he should undertake the holy mission to unify the North and South Kingdom centering on these people. In another word, God informed him to establish God's Kingdom. This mission has not died in the course of history.

This mission should have been manifested and realized in Jesus' time. Had the seven thousand Israelites united with Jesus centering on the leadership of John the Baptist, Jesus would not have been died on the cross. In his days, people who did not know how to resolve and untangle the history of resentment and bitter sorrow should have followed him with absolute obedience. However, they lived selfishly without knowing the fact that they were the cause of national ruin. Then, they were destroyed and lost their nation.

Do you understand what I am talking about? This is why I conducted a special dispensation to bring and unify 7,000 pastors and ministers of America while I was in Danbury. I initiated and carried out this from the prison. I conducted this work of bring 7,000 ministers and pastors to Korea, united with Korea. 

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