The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

God's Word is Alive

Sun Myung Moon
October 9, 1994
Excerpt from Speech, "Absolute Faith and Absolute Love"
Unofficial Translation

Reflecting on your life in the Unification Church, you can remember times when you were so excited and acted like a crazy person, running day and night, saying to yourself, "It is no problem to unify this world with this truth." Then, fast forward several decades from that time, are you more excited or less excited right now? Please put your hands on your heart and ask your conscience. Your conscience knows your reality. There is no conscience that does not know their heart.

Well, are you alive or dead? The answer is simple. Your standard of heart is less than the past -- or not? The real question is whether you are more passionate and filled with such spirit that you would be saying, "It is no problem to go the way of the cross in order to unify the north and south, the entire Asia, and then the world. Let me go first to go this path." If you are filled with such spirit, we can say you are alive. Are you alive? Or are you dead? Please ask this question to yourself. Stagnation is the same as death. Anything that is alive should be growing.

When I look at faces of the members of the Unification Church, they all look shriveled-up. Why did you do seven–day fasts? During your seven-day fast, when you reached near midnight of the seventh day, all your senses -- your eyes, body and mind -- are focusing on food such as soft rice and soup. Then how many of you at such a moment, thought about God's will, liberating God from His lonely position and saving this world from descending to Satan's hell? How many of you went over the final hill longing and thinking about God more than food?

Did you fast in order to know how precious food was to you? You did it in order to prepare your spiritual attitude to overcome any obstacles that appear in front of you while you go the path of God's will in the future. With such a base, like Cape Kennedy Satellite Launch Pad, you will not just jump but leap forward.

If you are staying in Korea, you should be working harder than me -- right? Who will save Korea? If I go out to the world in order to save the world, you as you remain in Korea, must at least work hard to save Korea. I see so many of you have good bodies like mine. Why then can't you do it? You spilled out my words that I spoke to you without digesting it. How can you avoid the accusations of the word? I instructed you after I fulfilled these words myself. I did not speak to you frivolously. Do you know if you do not practice the word of God, the word will judge you? The word will block you from entering the Heavenly Kingdom, asking, "Did you fulfill such conditions?" You may be in a state of near death. But the word of God is alive.

Find out all the important issues that I taught to you over the last several decades. (Yes) Then, give the list to these leaders here and have them memorize it all. (Yes) All of you must go over these hills even starting again now. The words given to you never die. I gave those words in order to set up values worthy to be my objects. These words were given so that you may be prepared to enter the same Heaven. There will be no objective substance if the words are not practiced by you. So, unless I help you become recreated, you will end up with a destiny that you cannot go where you need to go. This is not acceptable. If you failed to respond to God's call once, there is no reason why He would call you again. 

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