The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

True Parents And The Creation Of The Ideal Family

Sun Myung Moon
February 15, 1994
World Mission Center
Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Do people in general truly know the will of God? What is the definition of the will of God? In trying to deal with this question, many professors and theologians have come up with all kinds of answers. It appears to be a very easy question, but in actuality, it is a very difficult question to answer. We Unification Church members must know very clearly what the will of God is. The will of God is to fulfill the ideal of creation.

What, then, is the ideal of creation? It is the completion of the four position foundation, which means the establishment of the ideal family. In order for the ideal family to come into being, True Parents must first be established. Without such a center, there is no such thing as an ideal family.

What would be our evaluation of the reality in which we live? Is it a good society or a bad one? There are so many people living on the face of the earth, so many nations exist, but the common conclusion we come to is that the world in which we live is not a perfectly good one. Why is that? There is no true peace in this world; rather, it is a world of fighting and struggle. God cannot dwell where disharmony and struggle exist. Goodness cannot be accomplished in such an atmosphere.

Who is the winner in this struggling world? Satan is the winner. The work of Satan is to make men and women into enemies. Because of the Fall of Man, this world has become a world of disharmony and struggle. Originally, Adam and Eve were supposed to live in peace, but Satan came between them and divided them.

The Bible tells us that the cause of the Fall of Man was the act of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What is the root of sin? It is whatever the fruit of good and evil might be. In order to cure a disease, you must discover the root cause of the illness. After the fallen act, Adam and Eve hid the lower parts of their bodies. It is human nature to cover the part of one's body which has transgressed. The Bible tells us that prior to the Fall, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed, but after the Fall, they felt shame and hid their lower bodies. Through this it is very apparent that the sin committed by the first ancestors of humankind had something to do with the lower part of the body. It had something to do with illicit love, not good, wholesome love. A humanity born out of illicit love should be referred to an illicit humanity. Unfortunately, we have had to realize that we are not the fruits of True Love.

Father sees many great ministers sitting here in the front. He would like to ask them, "Were Adam and Eve chased out of the Garden of Eden or did they voluntarily walk out?" They were chased out by God and after this, they bore their children. There were only two people in the Garden of Eden and when they left the Garden of Eden, they bore illicit children. From that point on, humanity proliferated.

Do you suppose they had a baby one year later, two years later, three years later or twenty years later? Common sense dictates that they had their first child within five years. They became husband and wife, but do you think that God officiated at their marriage? (No.) If you were God, what would you think about such fallen children?

Who is Satan? He is the seducer of God's children, and once Adam and Eve became servants of Satan, God certainly could not bless them and claim them as His children. Therefore, we can logically conclude that humanity, from Adam and Eve on, were married under the auspices of the satanic sovereignty. This is the most fundamental question every minister must consider. If you have not yet considered this question, you are not yet a serious minister. You are not only not serious -- you are a bad minister! (Laughter.) Without getting down to the root of the disease, how is it possible to heal that disease? To think we can do so goes against scientific principles.

Do you think God has ever made an exception in the case of any couple and given them the blessing? Absolutely not. God's ideal of creation is to create an ideal family. In order to have an ideal family, there has to be a marriage. When should God plan such a marriage to occur? God has been concentrating on one basic foundation in order to create the ideal family. That is the installation of the True Parents. That is the beginning point of the work of God. In order to have True Parents, first of all, there must be a true man and a true woman.

Here we have two men, both of whom are very reputable ministers. Please answer this question. Without being completely perfected men and women, do you think it is possible to become True Parents? Are you true men? (Laughter.) Let me ask all of you gentlemen ministers here. Are you true men or not? No, you are not. Each one of you knows that your mind and body are fighting and are not in harmony. You cannot deny this reality. When fighting and struggles are going on, there is no room for God to come and dwell in peace.

If we have a struggle between our mind and our body, we must ask ourselves why we have become like this. If struggle and fighting were originally meant to be, then there is no God. God also has a mind and a body, even though they are invisible. Do you suppose that God's mind and body are fighting? No way! How about all of you? This is the most fundamental, basic problem, and yet so far in history no one has stepped forward with the solution. The struggle within our minds and bodies came from the false parenthood of Adam and Eve reaching all the way down to each one of you. Until you completely cut off from the false parenthood and return to the True Parents, this problem cannot be resolved. Do you imagine that you can walk into the Kingdom of Heaven while fighting and struggling? No, you cannot.

The world is evil because it is a world of struggle. Here in the United States, there are all kinds of levels of society. Can we find any oneness or unity, wherein people are completely helping each other? Can we honestly say that we are experiencing no differences between the races? As ministers, can we say deep in our hearts that we have not felt this struggle? During all the time this situation of struggle has been going on and has not been dealt with, can we say we have been good ministers? No matter how proudly we consider ourselves good men, if this situation has not been solved, it is clear that we are not good.

Many of you ministers might be thinking that you came to the wrong place today! (Laughter.) You were thinking you came here to celebrate Reverend Moon's birthday, but all you are getting is a big thump from him. (Applause.) I am just trying to be absolutely honest with you this morning. After all, we must be frank with each other and ourselves because we have come to the edge of the world with no place to go. We have to turn ourselves around and look for our roots. (Applause.) We must look for our real roots, not from some theological viewpoint, but the real root of the true man and true woman. I am not referring to Mr. Harry Truman, but rather to a true man. (Laughter.) A true man has his mind and body completely united, without contradiction within. When your mind and body become united without any contradiction, then God can find a dwelling place in you.

We have two eyes, but they do not operate as two eyes; rather, they operate as one. We have one vision, not two. We have two nostrils in our noses, but are they fighting each other as to who will breathe first? (Laughter.) Are your two ears hearing two different stories or only one story? They are working in harmony with each other for one purpose. The world is not wrong. It isn't the world that has trouble; it is men and women who are wrong. Men and women are the problem. Once the problems of men and women are resolved, the problems of the world will be resolved.

The world has a population of five billion, but it consists of men and women. One man represents the 2.5 billion men of the world, and one woman represents the 2.5 billion women of the world. You are the representatives of all women and men. Individually, you represent the whole of the female race and each individual man represents the whole of the male race. You are the champions. Ten years ago you were a champion and ten years from now you will still be a champion. Our first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, were the representatives of the whole of posterity.

The problem in this world today is that we have not been able to find true men and true women. Once they come into being, the problems of the world will be resolved. Don't look outside yourself for the problem because the problem is within you, your mind and body fighting within you. Without uniting your mind and body, how can you tell somebody else that they must have peace within their heart? It's impossible.

Peace works on a horizontal base. If there is a tilt of any kind, there will always be instability. Today we hear cries for freedom, but freedom operates on a horizontally unified base. Only upon completely level horizontal ground is there freedom, hope, relationship and peace. Your freedom can only come into being when your mind and body are at a very peaceful level. Happiness can be found there. Peace, happiness and hope reside above that line, above that flat horizontal base. When the mind and body are struggling within you, then you have no level ground within yourself. You are unstable, so you cannot find your peace and happiness. Men and women both have a mind and a body. If these two minds and two bodies are struggling with one another for their own selfish reasons, where can peace be found? It is impossible.

We hear that America is a problem today, New York is a problem, society at large is a problem. We are missing the point, because we are the problem! (Applause.) Adam and Eve's mistake has been spread all throughout humanity until today. They suffered in the Garden of Eden, and we are suffering today. After the fallen act was committed, do you suppose that Adam and Eve experienced complete harmony and unity between their minds and bodies and experienced happiness and hope in their lives? Their consciences kept on fighting back against their bodies, and even though the body tries to overcome the conscience, it will not work. If the ministers here today had been really pinpointing the fundamental truth which Reverend Moon is trying to propagate here in America and had gotten down to the root, then this country would have been changed a long time ago. People try to negate the evils of society by claiming they have nothing to do with it. However, the problems of the world are your problems. They surround you because they originated from your heart.

St. Paul lamented that while his mind tried to follow the way of goodness, his body dwelt in sin. He asked how he could be delivered from this body of death. This vividly illustrates the struggle between the mind and the body. I am not speaking of some theory or concept; this is the reality right now between our mind and body. We have to know the root cause of it. Where did this disease originate from? We are trying to change our course, and our mind is willing to go in that right direction, but our body pulls us back.

Between the mind and body, one is always allied with goodness. Your mind, your conscience, is your ally, whereas your body is your fearsome enemy. We have to conquer this body, even by force. Would you like to be able to correct yourself within a month or would you like to take ten years? Would you like to have a quick fix or a slow fix? (Quick fix.) Everybody wants the faster remedy, but that means you have to take drastic action. All of our senses can be classified as good or bad, so if you wanted to rectify all of your sick organs, then maybe you would have to have shots in all of them. That's drastic. That's true. Truth is hard to take and the giant minister becomes smaller and smaller in the face of it.

The problems of the world are not the difficulty. The problem lies within each individual. If each man and woman becomes a true man and true woman centered upon True Love, then the problems of the world can be resolved. The mind and the body can be united centered upon True Love.

How should we go about this? Because of the Fall of Man, the human body has become the dwelling place of Satan and we didn't know that. The blood that flows through you is of the satanic blood lineage. The Fall of Adam and Eve occurred during their teen years and today is the harvest time of those bad fruits. We find so many teenagers behaving immorally. As you sow, so shall you reap. We have to get down to re-seeding, because all the good American homes are now in trouble because of their children. Parents have become helpless to save their own children from the miserable direction they are headed in. We have to expel Satan from our lives. Is Reverend Moon wrong? (No.) Then we have to begin cleaning up the house from today on. (Applause.)

World peace is on everyone's mind today. How can the United States find peace with Russia? In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is trying to make a nuclear weapon, and the United States is very upset about this. Where shall we begin to solve these problems? When there is a problem between husband and wife, do you have a very nice day after that? It doesn't matter what a person's rank is. The President of the United States has the exact same human problems. When the mind and body are struggling within his heart, he cannot find peace.

So many young people are suicidal today because they have not found any hope, they have not discovered how to overcome the struggle between the mind and body. People are discussing this huge topic of world peace in general, but before we begin to discuss such an enormous topic, first and foremost we have to deal with ourselves. No one can ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven until he or she becomes peaceful within themselves by uniting their mind and body. (Applause.) On the contrary, when there is perfect harmony between the mind and body, then God dwells within that person and they become God's prince or princess. Once you are united within yourself centered upon God, you then become God's children and part of God's royal family.

You want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but have you united your mind and body? This is the problem. Adam and Eve were created as God's son and daughter. They were truly the prince and princess of God. If Adam and Eve were created that way, then what about us? Once we become a true son or daughter of God, we are His princes and princesses. Men and women are supposed to fulfill the cry of their consciences. If Reverend Moon is truly showing you how to become a son or daughter and a prince or princess of God, would you follow Reverend Moon?

In a way, Christianity is anti-world. Instead of helping the world today, Christianity is bringing the world down. God once had great hope for Christianity, and after World War II, He gave the world into the hands of Christianity. It was God's hope that Christianity would create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth right after World War II, but instead what do we see today? Many churches today have become like cemeteries. In the face of today's insurmountable social crime, the churches have become helpless.

One thing is for sure: those who are truly following Reverend Moon have nothing to do with AIDS, drugs, free sex or pre-marital sex. These are the kind of people I am creating. When the Christian church becomes so helpless, they need to be re-educated or revolutionized.

When we are trying to revolutionize the churches, we cannot think in terms of color. God does not see color. What color is love? It is a rainbow color because the human race is the color of love. If Reverend Moon were a white man, would he have been persecuted in the way that he has? No. If Reverend Moon had been without persecution, he could have done the most incredible job in America. However, the racial barrier became an obstacle. Americans have opposed him so much, but now there is nothing more to oppose because there is no solution other than Reverend Moon's solution. (Applause.)

Today's topic is True Parents and the Creation of the Ideal Family. Because of the Fall of Man, the Old Testament came into being. Without the Fall, there would have been no such thing as an Old Testament era. The Old Testament became a necessary process of healing because of the Fall of Man. When Jesus Christ came proclaiming a new truth, the New Testament era began. God did not end it all with the New Testament. This is very important for the ministers here today to understand. God is not merely making promises throughout the Old and New Testaments. He will fulfill it all some day, so there must be a Completed Testament.

When you look in the dictionary can you find the words "Completed Testament"? Can you find the words "True Parents"? (No.) Reverend Moon went around the country proclaiming True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. If someone wanted to oppose him, they could not find a basis. The dictionary gives no definition of these terms, so if you wish to oppose Reverend Moon, you have to come to him and learn what they mean. Then you may oppose him if you want to.

The amazing thing is that when you are living in a one-eyed society and you have two eyes, you are really a monster simply because you can see. Today we are living in an almost totally one-eyed society. Adam and Eve had not only physical eyesight but also spiritual eyesight. They could see both physically and spiritually. This was God's gift to man, but because of the Fall, this gift has been lost. We only see with one eye, our physical eyes. The greatest problem today is that we are so ignorant of the spiritual world. You don't see what Reverend Moon can see, you don't understand what Reverend Moon understands. Even though it may be difficult for you to hear, the truth of the matter is that Reverend Moon has two eyes and you all have one. Therefore, when I am talking about another world, you believe me to be heretical. When you come here to Reverend Moon he tries to make you into two-eyed men and women. Do you like that? (Applause.) Two eyes are very important. Then you are able to live harmoniously here and at the same time know the truth about the spiritual world. You can experience the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven and then you have no fear.

Do you think Reverend Moon is telling you the truth? Ever since Reverend Moon came to America, he appears to have said some incredibly fantastic things, but everything has come out on target. His predictions were correct. He declared that this country would decline, and it has been declining. Unificationists, scornfully called "Moonies," know the truth. At least they are trying to imitate me. They may not have completely two-eyed vision, but at least they have one and a half eyes. (Laughter.) You ministers here might feel disturbed by what I am saying, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy it because you need this kind of speech. Being a minister, you wanted to be served but did not want to serve. We want to make sacrificially serving ministers of you all. That is good for you.

You have to teach why God created man, not just tell them to read the Bible. The faithful were reading the Old Testament during the Old Testament period, but when Jesus came, they crucified him. Reading the Bible is not a solution for an individual's life; how to read it is important. There has to be a scientific, logical explanation because now is not the time for blind faith. You have to have a logical, scientific explanation of the truth and that alone will be able to penetrate this twentieth century world. Blind faith, reading the Bible and going to church regularly will not work anymore. These are only matches, which can create a little fire here and there, but you cannot change the universe and explode the entire cosmos unless you have power like a spiritual atomic bomb. That kind of power alone will be able to transform the universe.

What is conscience and who am I? A son of God? We may say it, but did we truly realize the position of the children of God? In order to become sons and daughters of God, you need to have the same lineage that is flowing from God; the same life, love and lineage. Do you have God's life, love and lineage? No, you have fallen life, fallen love and fallen lineage. You inherited your father's life, love and lineage and it connects you to your father. If we are a son of God, then we have to relate to the life of God, the love of God, and the lineage of God.

When God is in agony, do you feel the same suffering within you? When He is happy, do you feel that joy within you? If not, how can we claim to be His children? You want to become sons and daughters of God, don't you? The only thing which prevents us is the loss of True Life, True Love, and the True Lineage of God. This is because of the Fall of Man, which caused all humanity to inherit illicit life, illicit love and illicit lineage centered upon Satan. This makes us Satan's children, and we have to cleanly cut off from those things and graft into True Life, True Love and True Lineage.

In the Garden of Eden God did not need or want religion. Why should He? Religion has become a necessity only because of the Fall of Man. Religion is necessary to help us rectify the wrong. The mind is on the side of God and the body is on the side of Satan and religious discipline works to bring the body back into obedience to the mind.

Religious discipline is very harsh towards the body, requiring it to do early morning prayers and fasting. The body doesn't like this discipline, but the mind is urging it all the time towards the side of God. This is the way religion has been trying to subjugate the body to the will of the mind. Why? The mind is supposed to be the plus or subject and the body is supposed to be the minus and object, but due to the Fall, the body has become another plus. Therefore, we have to find a way to subjugate this second plus and turn it into a minus.

Satan's love is running through the body, and God's love is running through the mind. Even Satan knows that the conscience is on the side of God. The conscience is always quietly warning you not to take the wrong action, but the body rebels against the conscience. This is how everybody is living today. Conscience is plus and on the side of God, whereas the body is supposed to be the minus.

Human growth passes through the formation, growth and perfection levels. At the growth level, Adam and Eve's temptation came to them in the form of illicit love and this illicit love coursing through their bodies created another plus. Even though the love they felt was illicit, it was stronger than the power of conscience. However, if they had reached the perfection level, the conscience would have united with the ultimate love: lawful, God-centered love. That love would have been invincible. Nothing would have been able to alter the quality of that God-centered love. Love is most powerful, even illicit love, and so during the growth period, illicit love won over the power of conscience. That is how the Fall came about.

When a beautiful woman is sitting beside us, the conscience warns us not to touch her, but the body wants to touch and kiss her. The power of love has been demonstrated to be more powerful than the power of conscience. This kind of danger exists only temporarily. It is not a permanent state of affairs, because once men and women grow to perfection and are united with God's True Love, no power under the sun can break that. It would be impossible for men and women to be unfaithful to one another once they reach the complete dominion of God's love, because the body would not have that freedom. The mind would be completely in control. If your discipline is such that your conscience wins over the dictates of your body, including the temptation of illicit love, then you shall win a ticket to heaven. You may not realize this today, but you will know one day. We will all end up in the spiritual world some day. Once you reach that world, you will realize that what Reverend Moon told you on February 15, 1994, was absolutely correct. That is why I have no fear of talking to you this way.

You heard the word "True Parents" today. Were there True Parents in the past? (No.) In future times will there be a new appearance of the True Parents? (No.) How about now? (Yes.) Amazing! There is only one set of True Parents forever. There is only one time in history when the True Parents are here to bring all these goodies to you. Everybody needs True Parents. Your name is listed in the book of wanting to be a member of the True Parents' family. Would that make you miserable or happy? (Happy.)

The disciples of Jesus Christ were headed by Simon Peter. They were fishermen of Galilee, carpenters and even prostitutes. Do you think God wanted his only begotten son to be surrounded by prostitutes and fishermen, or did He want him to be surrounded by men like John the Baptist and Zechariah? He wanted him surrounded by the very best, by men like John the Baptist. How have you ministers been interpreting Jesus' words: "Of men born of women none was greater than John, but in the Kingdom of Heaven the least is greater than he"? Even the least who followed Jesus was greater than John in the Kingdom of Heaven. John the Baptist testified to Jesus as the son of God at the Jordan River and then he betrayed him.

Why was he less than the least important in the Kingdom of Heaven? Because he failed, he chased after the wrong thing. Even the least knew that Jesus was the Messiah, the son of God. John the Baptist was supposedly the greatest man of faith and yet he was the one who betrayed God. The Kingdom of Heaven is occupied by those who make effort. Read Matthew 11. John the Baptist got himself beheaded through involving himself in a love scandal of King Herod. John the Baptist was not supposed to be involved in such an insignificant matter. He had greater things to do. When he failed to do his original mission, he died miserably.

Our congregation here today consists mainly of young people. They are not ministers or graduates of theological seminaries. Do you think God wanted to have these people filling this auditorium or men like you? God wanted men like you, leaders of society, listening to Reverend Moon and propagating his teaching and changing the world. Most ministers are speaking against me. By teaching you this message, will Reverend Moon be entitled to a higher heaven or a lower heaven than the ministers out there who oppose him?

The Fall of Man took place because the power of love is so great that even illicit love can overcome the power of conscience during the period of growth. True Love is the power that can unite your mind and body and make you a dwelling place of God. What is True Love? (God's love.) It is God's love, but what kind of love is that? If you know that, then you know True Love. Do you want to have a love partner who is superior to you or inferior to you? (Better.) We all want somebody better. What about you. Do you want your wife to be better than you? (Yes.) How much better -- just a little bit? (A thousand times better.) Infinite times! Where does that mind come from? God thinks that way.

We come to the ultimate question then. Did God want to have His lover better than Himself or not? (Yes.) Let the famous people answer. (Laughter.) What about God? Did He want to have His own children be better than Himself or not? (Yes.) Do you think that God also needs love, or do you think that He is so powerful that He doesn't need love? (He needs love.) Who is the partner of love for God? That is why God created men and women: to be His love partners. The purpose of creation from all things to human beings is to create a partner of love for God.

Are monkeys God's supreme love partners? (No.) Darwin's theory of evolution states that man arose from monkeys. Don't listen to that. From the amoeba to the monkey, all the way up to human beings, there are millions of cycles of new creations leading to more advanced creatures. All of creation is going through the route of love, one gate after another, creating a higher and more sophisticated creation. Do you think that it would happen that an insect would evolve into a bird and a bird into a higher animal? This theory completely excludes spirit and centers upon the physical alone. Internally speaking, more creative energy comes each time, through each love gate, through each love process. The law of the universe is such that the good and better thing cannot occur automatically. It needs creative energy put into it. Darwin's evolution theory does not recognize two things: one is that every stage of creation is the product of the love of God, and the other is that God centered upon the pair system from the lowest amoeba all the way to humankind.

Even within the mineral kingdom, we see plus ions and minus ions and similar relationships, all the way up through every level of creation. Everything is plus or minus, male or female. Do you think the amoeba came first or did the creative pair system concept? The concept came first. Do you imagine that a man living with a monkey could bring forth an Einstein even if they were married for one hundred years? That doesn't happen. This is why communism, based upon the theory of evolution, would not work. Communism declined simply because it was not true. It was propagated based upon lies and God would not allow it to prosper. Only truth shall prevail. (Applause.)

I am speaking from a basic, fundamental philosophical and religious viewpoint. Each of you wish for a partner who is better than you in every way. By the same token, God is looking to create something and someone greater than Himself. If the energy of God is one hundred percent, do you suppose He would expend only ninety percent in creation or would He give the full one hundred percent? How about one hundred percent a thousand times over? In His investment of a one hundred percent a thousand times over, He would invest and forget the previous giving and give again and again. God has given like that and forgotten about it. I would like you to know that this entire universe was created in this process. God not only gave one hundred percent of His energy, He repeated this more than 10,000 times.

Satan has been destroying God's creation, but God is giving another one hundred percent and forgetting over and over again. Satan cannot do this because Satan's basic nature is one of selfishness. Out of all this, one important principle emerges, which is that True Love emerges when you are trying to give yourself unto your life. Do you love your wife with that kind of love -- are you a true husband? Can you give your life in order to save your wife? (Yes.) Then another life for your wife? (Yes.) How about three times more? (Yes.) That is wonderful, more than God. This sounds very good, but, then, words are easy.

A true husband and true wife are ready to give their love and their lives not one time but three times over. God is doing exactly the same thing. He wants to give life to the world. That is why He created Adam and Eve, but because of the Fall of Man, that did not succeed. God gave Jesus Christ to humankind to become its True Parent, but he was crucified. Therefore, a third Adam is needed. We can see how God has given His life again and again until the completion of the salvation of mankind. The Bible tells us that those who try to preserve their life will lose it, and those who give their life for the sake of others will find it. Unless you give your life, no new life will come about. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for the sake of your friend. All these are expressions of True Love. We have to go beyond the satanic realm. The standard of the love of God is above that.

Why is it that members of your own family become your own enemy? They don't perceive you as wise to be following Jesus' teachings. When Reverend Moon began his ministry, his entire family opposed him because they envisioned a much greater life for him in a secular sense. The whole nation of Korea came against me, the whole world came against me, but nothing can stop me. Reverend Moon is indeed qualified to be a True Parent. Amen. (Applause.)

False parents can only be liberated by the appearance of the True Parents. You can only be liberated by receiving new love, a new life and a new lineage. The entire satanic world has been trying to block the appearance of the True Parents. I was opposed by both the communist and democratic worlds. Primarily, Christianity opposed me. As Reverend Moon kept speaking the truth, even you ministers came to realize that a new prophet must appear for the salvation of the world. (Applause.)

I have nothing to do with the White House, but I cannot stand by and see this country's leadership become so weak that it surrenders under communism. The United States is a Christian nation and ultimately a revival is coming, because God loves America and especially Christianity. Christianity cannot be destroyed. Christianity must be revived. Reverend Moon initiated the Washington Times. Why? It seems crazy, but now so many ministers praise and support Reverend Moon because the Washington Times cuts through the immorality in this country. This makes all the expenditure worthwhile.

I want to see a good man flourish and become the leader of this nation. President Clinton has much to repent for; leaders in Congress have a lot to repent for; and through our paper we want to let them know. Have you joined together with me in this crusade? (Amen.)

You are very good at saying amen, but the time has come for us to seriously get down to work. We must take our lives seriously. Your meeting with Reverend Moon is not coincidental. It is a historical event and your sons and grandchildren will know about it and through them you will be either praised or cursed. Reverend Moon's sermons have been compiled in 250 volumes, but all of them include the kind of message you are hearing today. Nobody is taking this seriously. This problem is serious and Reverend Moon's teachings will never die. He will go on, and you shall be reckoned with. Reverend Moon's teachings will prevail one way or another, either now or later. It is better now than later.

We really have a rainbow congregation here, all colors of hair, eyes and skin. Out of these people, a multitude comprising a God-centered race shall arise. You are a different race. You may have many more people in your congregations than are here, but you will not find men and women like these in your congregations. When God is looking down and evaluating the situation, where do you think He will go and dwell? I want you to know that God created man as the supreme creation, as a partner of God Himself. God planted within each one of you a conscience, which is the agent of God. The conscience knows the will of God and is trying to drive you to occupy the most precious thing in God's own bosom, His love. Human beings are the most ambitious creatures! You will not be satisfied even by gaining the whole world until you dwell within the bosom of God. Then you will become completely intoxicated in His love. There alone can the human being be satisfied. (Applause.) This is the purpose of human life.

Even though all human beings are fallen, there is hope because each one has a conscience, the agent of God, implanted within them. The problem is how to strengthen our conscience. First of all, we must know the tragedy of the Fall of Man as well and as deeply as God does. It was so tragic because the result has been that each one of us has been the battleground of Satan and God fighting within us. Often we have sided with Satan. That battle has been going on from the time of the creation until now. It is still going on today. Our blood came from the satanic lineage. All throughout the years there have been so many crimes, so many people have been killed, so many immoral acts have been committed. You have to feel so much hatred towards the satanic blood that you have the urge to break open your veins and drain it out. You have been an instrument of Satan, and your body has gone 180 degrees against the way of the conscience.

The habitual fallen life is very dreadful. Habit is a very difficult thing to break. Our five senses have certain habits that cause us to want to hear a certain kind of music, to see certain things, to smell certain things. We are habitually seasoned and we have to get out from it. This is very difficult, but we must do it. You cannot get out from it until you plant a new tradition, new way of life. You must find new things to enjoy and become busy with new things.

We want to eliminate the agony of the Fall by liberating our consciences from the domination of our physical bodies. If your body is hungry, then you make it fast. If it is sleepy, you make it open its eyes. We have to go in the opposite direction. If you want to wear a beautiful suit, instead give it to the needy and wear rags. In every regard, try to go against the orders of your body. The battle between the mind and body is a severe battle, a committed battle. Do you suppose that sitting in a living room in a comfortable armchair will win this battle between your mind and body? It will not.

Reverend Moon himself is a living standard. He has been in and out of jail six times, often under the most incredible torment. They virtually killed me many times. Bleeding and beaten, they threw me out into the snow to freeze to death. Yet I never gave up, not once. (Applause.)

God exists for the sake of others, not for Himself. This is a most important attribute of God. Not only is this the source of True Love, it is the source of the true creation of God. Because God lives for the sake of His creation, God was motivated to create something wonderful, better than Himself. God lived for the sake of humanity. The Fall of Man brought about self-centered love. In opposition to God's way of life, which is to live for the sake of others, Satan's way is to live for the sake of one's self. This is the battle between God and Satan. The spiritual world operates on this principle, and without this kind of training in the physical world, you will not be able to maneuver in the spiritual world. When you live for the sake of others, wherever you go, you are in harmony with and are welcomed by others because you are existing for their sake.

When Reverend Moon came to America, he came to give himself for the sake of this nation. It used to be that the nation opposed Reverend Moon and wanted him to go home. They put him in jail and wanted to deport him, but ever since Danbury, the situation has changed. Even the United States government feels that America needs Reverend Moon now. (Applause.) When you live for the sake of others, then you become a central person of your society. Why were the great patriots of America loved and respected? Because they lived for the sake of the country and its people, not for themselves. Therefore, they are respected and honored in history.

Who is Reverend Moon? He is not living just for the sake of one nation. He goes beyond America, beyond Korea, beyond black and white, and wants to give his entire life for the will of God, for the sake of humanity. I want to give God's love to humanity. This has brought incredible persecution to me, but as far as Reverend Moon is concerned, I receive a warm welcome wherever I go. God always brings incredible success and has all throughout my life. My life's goal has been to live as God lives and to imitate the love of God. I really don't care if all of humanity comes against me as long as God loves me. As long as God is on my side, I fear nothing.

When I went to Danbury, everybody imagined that I was finished, but I had hope. I saw beyond Danbury. I know that God loves me and that wherever I go, God is there ahead of me, preparing the way so that miraculous things can happen. I forget my adversaries, I forget the American people's persecution of me. I just love them and keep giving 100 percent of myself and my resources again and again. God always prepares my way to be prosperous and He always opens up the way for new challenges and new successes. The central person always takes up the responsibility and never negates it. Anyone who is truly responsible for the sake of this nation and world has to be a man of God.

I am the one who takes up the responsibility, I am the one to go to jail, not my people. Whenever anything happens, the buck stops here. I always thank God, no matter what. First, I take up the responsibility and, secondly, I bring harmony. God's promise of prosperity and protection have always been with me. I always push those who are following me, but I want them to be prosperous. Through the Danbury ordeal, we ministers became very good friends. We fought together. Danbury brought about a miracle in my ministry in the United States. If those ministers continue to work with me and become evangelists to 120 different countries, we could do so much. Mrs. Moon preached a most incredible truth in forty different countries alone, non-stop. (Applause.) If one lady can do forty countries by herself, what about men like you? You can do 120 different countries without any difficulty. Do it.

When God is living within you and you feel God totally, then first of all, you have responsibility. I am paying the salaries of thousands of people around the world, but I never received one penny of a salary for myself, because I am the originator, so I have nothing. I am one dot, the eye of the hurricane. I want to be responsible for America and give the blessing to America. If you are living for the sake of America, how can you be destroyed? I am living proof that by following the principles of God, you shall not perish. (Applause.)

Would you like to be loved or to love others? Satan likes the ideology of individualism very much because he is the king of individualism. America has grown more and more individualistic over the years; this is not a good sign. The fact that America has become more and more individualistic shows in the national policy of concern for the nation before concern for the world. There are those who don't even think on the national level, only on the family and individual levels. By living this way, this nation will not prosper. Satan either has to become your servant or you shall become his victim. There is no partnership.

Have you been living for the sake of your congregation or do they live for you? Do you pastor the church for material gain or do you want to pastor where you are able to engender life in the poor and suffering congregation? (Poor church.) That sounds very good.

Man is created for the sake of woman and if men existed without women, humanity would be extinguished in less than 100 years. Man thought that he was created for his own sake. Women are not created for themselves, but for the sake of men. God created men and women in such a way that they harmonize sexually. Man goes into woman and woman goes into man. Man is not the owner of his sexual organ. It belongs to his wife. You have to know clearly that the man's sexual organ does not belong to the man. This is the simple truth and no power can change this truth. The woman's sexual organ is owned by her husband. The two of you exchange ownership and then there is only one owner forever. This was how God created Adam and Eve. The problem has come through the idea that you have ownership over your sexual organ and you have the right to use it however your body dictates.

Now it is almost noon. Shall we continue or shall we stop? (Continue.) What rascals you are. This is my birthday and you are trying to work me to death. Let us draw the conclusion. Before True Parents come into being, a true couple must exist. Before there can be a true couple, there should be true brotherhood and sisterhood. Before true brotherhood, there should be true childhood. The purpose of human relationships is to be a child of good parents, attain good brotherhood, then good "coupledom", and then go on up to good parenthood.

All these things can be accomplished between men and women. That was the whole purpose of Adam and Eve, the first ancestors. Where did all these relationships come from? They came from our ancestors and, ultimately, God. God longs for the establishment of all these relationships. Tragically, God did not have His own children. He has not seen the establishment of all these relationships because all was contaminated by the satanic element. God has not owned or experienced any of these relationships, but His heart has been longing for them and you and I have the same desire as God. God is our parent and we are His children. As our parent is, so are we.

Our desire as human beings is to fulfill this longing within our own families: to be good children, to be good brothers and sisters, a good husband or wife, and to be good parents. You are the model for others to become like yourselves. Through their children, parents are reminded of their own childhoods. As husband and wife, you really enjoy your children. The wife can know more about her husband through their children and vice versa. This generates so much joy between husband and wife. Through your children, you live a second life. When they go to school and find a boyfriend or girlfriend, you are reminded how you both were in your youth. You know you must properly guide them, but you live another life through your children, too. You feel that as you have such a wonderful wife and loving children, you want your children to find a wonderful spouse and enjoy their own children, too. It is the desire of human beings to have their children prosper throughout the world and fill the earth.

God is also going through this period of childhood, brotherhood, "couplehood" and parenthood. God wished to have this experience through creating human beings. Just because God is invisible, it does not mean that He is non-existent. When God looked at Adam and Eve, His own image, he could feel joy, as we feel joy as parents. Once Adam and Eve were perfected and God was dwelling totally in them, they would have had children who would grow and through Adam and Eve, God could enjoy the entire love experience again.

Why did God bother to create? He created in order to fulfill love. Why does God need substantial men and women? When you pull your finger towards your eyes and it gets closer and closer, once it comes close to your face are you able to see your finger well? (No.) Why? Once you become one with it, you don't see it anymore. Have you seen or touched your mind? How do you know that you have one? You know it through your feelings. Have you seen or touched love itself? (No.) Then how do you know that love exists? It is through your feelings. Have you seen and touched God? (No.) Then how can you know that God exists? You know it through your feelings. No one can deny this consciousness.

When you totally become one, you don't see it. This is important. Your sensation can come when your object is apart from you, but when your object totally becomes one with you, then you no longer see it or feel it. This is why God needs a substantial creation, apart from Him, a separate entity, so that He can have an exact reflection and sensation. Do you follow? (Yes.) If you become totally one within yourself, then you don't feel it. The reason you become totally one within yourself is so that when your substantial object appears, you are able to have a 100 percent reaction in joy, happiness and love.

Do you count your heart beats? It is like a drum beat. How many times do you feel that drum beat? You don't even realize your heart is beating until you have some reason to go to the doctor. You blink your eyes thousands of times a day, but do you feel that each time? Why? Because it is totally a part of you. Are you able to draw your face at any time of the day, knowing exactly how you look without looking at your picture? Why? Because it is yours, you are one with it. Even though you have love within you, you don't feel it because you are one with it. You have a conscience, you have God within you, but you don't feel God until such time as you have a substantial partner. The sensation of love doesn't come when you are alone but when you are in the presence of your partner. It is the same for God. He also needs the stimulation of love through His object. God has power, love, wisdom and all that He needs, but until He has a substantial partner with whom He can have give and take, He doesn't feel joy, love or happiness. It is for this reason that God created man.

(Father draws on the blackboard.)

This is an invisible area. God is in the center and within God exists every aspect of human life: the child, the brothers and sisters, the couple and parents. However, He does not feel all this because in order for Him to feel these things, they must be reflected in a physical creation. God created Adam and Eve in the image of Himself, His own physical being. God wanted to imprint His invisible image into human life starting with Adam and Eve, allowing them first to be children, then brother and sister, then to experience being a couple, and then parents. Each of these phases correspond to God. When He was a child, it was represented here, when God was a boy and girl it was represented here, when God was a couple, it was represented here, and parenthood was represented here. In other words, it was a reflection.

All these different kinds of love -- the love a child experiences, brotherly love, conjugal love, parental love -- are they consummated at one time or at separate times? Are they consummated in four places or in one place? The consummation point is right here in the center. Each individual is in the man or woman's position, but they join together in the center and this is the point of fulfillment. This is the real manifestation of God in the creation. This is the cause and this is the effect. At this point, the invisible becomes visible. The dwelling of God is with men at this point. This is the point where marriage takes place between men and women, where they become husband and wife. This point is the moment of fulfillment of the entire creation. When you become married, plus and minus become totally one. This unity should be the sharing of first love. The first night when husband and wife join together in total unity through complete physical and spiritual love, when the sexual organs join in total harmony -- that is the point where the whole purpose of creation is fulfilled. That is why we cannot take this lightly.

The first realm of love is as a child. The love of the parents is manifested into the children. It is the completion of brotherhood. Then there is the love of couples and then the love of parents. That is the point at which God wanted to feel the sensation of absolute joy in the fulfillment of the creation. All of human life is moving toward a culminating point. God did not want anything to go wrong before you reach this point as pure, genuine children of God. God gave men and women sexual organs so they could join together, which is the most incredible blessing. Through their coming together, God wants to feel joy in the True Love palace. This is the beginning point of true happiness. That is the way men and women must begin their lives together. The sexual organs were the palace of love, the palace of life, and the palace of lineage before the Fall.

We inherit our blood lineage through the sexual act. That is not only the consummation point for men and women, it is also the point of consummation for God. This is the completion or perfection of the invisible world. The entire invisible image of God is completed upon this point. When Adam and Eve would have come to this point, it would have been the marriage of the Lamb, not only for Adam and Eve, but for God as well. God would also have married that same day, with the same joy, the same fulfillment.

(Father draws on the blackboard some more.)

God is coming down here and Adam and Eve are going up towards the center and God is dwelling within Adam and Eve. When they fulfill their True Love, it is the place where God also fulfills His True Love. When Adam and Eve become the parents of humanity, then God becomes the Parent, too. Adam and Eve become the horizontal parents of humanity, whereas God is the vertical Parent of humanity.

Has God experienced this kind of wedding day? Unfortunately not. Who is God? He is the vertical Parent. Perfected Adam and Eve, not fallen Adam and Eve, should become the horizontal parents of humankind. My conscience represents the vertical parent, God, and True Parents represent the horizontal parents. You must receive the blood lineage from the True Parents and on that day you shall be known as true sons and daughters of God. That is the point. Your conscience is your vertical parents and your body is the horizontal parents. Centered upon True Love, they represent the real you eternally.

"I am a child of God, I am the image of God and True Parents." Once we become like that, our mind and body will not fight, men and women will not fight. The spiritual world and the physical world, creator and created, all become one at that point. This is where the joy of creation comes into being. This is the beginning of happiness and hope and we must restore this, we must attain this. This is the life which God envisioned for every man and woman here on earth and when you finish this kind of earthly life, you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven in the eternal world. Amen. (Applause.)

Human beings are the supreme creation. They were created for two worlds, the physical and the spiritual worlds. There is supposed to be no barrier between these two worlds for us; we are supposed to communicate back and forth. Therefore, human beings are not only the central figures here on earth but also in the spiritual world. We have been created in the image of God, living as God here on earth and thereafter in the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world. There would be no more death. You are the princes and princesses of this physical world and of the spiritual world. The two worlds are identical, so you can fit into either one. You have complete harmony and complete freedom wherever you go.

All this has to be done here on earth, for once you leave this earthly plane, there is no more chance to perfect yourself. Life here on earth is so precious. Everything that you bind here shall be bound in heaven, whatever you loose here shall be loosed in the spiritual realm as well. We have a golden opportunity here on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven shall be the dwelling place of the princes and princesses of God who have completely inherited True Life, True Love, and True Lineage from God and True Parents. (Applause.) Amen. The ultimate conclusion is that this is accomplished by the Messiah. The Second Coming of the Messiah shall be anointed as the True Parents. They shall begin the True Family here on earth and the new reorganization of humankind shall begin. This is the day which we are celebrating and this is the meaning of the topic given at the beginning of this day's sermon. Amen. (Applause.)

The simple conclusion and practical advice for the ministers is that since you were married under false parents, you must be married again under True Parents. (Applause.) The new human registration in heaven has begun. That is what the Bible refers to as the Book of Life. Until you reach this point, you have no time to sleep. You must be wide awake. Amen. (Applause.) God bless you. 

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