The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Excerpts from the Midnight Speech, January 1, 1995

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Human history started with the loss of the individual, who was Adam. Therefore, history has been a process of restoring Adam back from Satan to God.

There have been so many different kinds of religions throughout human history. Because of the fall of man-in other words, because of the fall of the mind and body-humankind inherited false love, false life and false lineage, and therefore came to have no relationship with God. That's why God's history of salvation, which is the history of re-creation, started.

History is the history of the division of mind and body, the division of husband and wife, and the division of everything; thus it is the history of war and struggle. Again, it is the history of the expansion of hell initiated and controlled by Satan.

The history of restoration started from the Garden of Eden, centered on man's conscience. The purpose of religion has been to restore the original state of the creation, centered on the conscience. In other words, its purpose was to restore true lineage, true life and "True God's Love".

Humankind has to be restored in order to join God's lineage and become God's children. God's ideal is to restore the family of three generations.

Our desire stems from God. The purpose of our desire must not be power or anything other than true love. God wants man to become better than Himself-even ten million times better. Therefore human desire is unlimited and infinite. This is because of True Love.

If we offer absolute love and absolute faith to God, then infinite power from Him will come to us. Desire for love is infinite. It transcends time and space because it's connected to the spirit world. But we lost this because of the fall.

The physical body is the biggest obstacle toward restoring our original desire. The biggest problem for mankind is the war between mind and body. Therefore the primary goal for our life of faith is the unification of mind and body. God Himself exists as mind and body, which are totally united in eternity; therefore the object of God, which is mankind, should have mind and body totally united.

When we look at history, we see many levels and sizes of wars, yet they all came to some conclusion; however, the war between mind and body has never ended; it is still going on.

The conscience is always directing us for the sake of others, always upward, always trying to promote the higher value. Our conscience is pleading with us to liberate humankind and God.

Because of false love, humankind lost freedom. Once we restore our original nature and original love, everything looks beautiful.

The entire world is represented by man and woman. Centered on true love, our mind and body absolutely have to be united and upon that foundation, husband and wife should be totally united-and establish absolute unity between parents and children. That's the qualification to enter the kingdom of God. The purpose of religion is to teach us how to subjugate the body. Your body is not united with God. If we follow the body's direction and desire, we will drink, dance and engage in free sex. Later we will feel regret and emptiness. When you take drugs, after you become sober, you feel regret. But if you are intoxicated by true love, the entire universe will dance with you.

Being wealthy doesn't mean that you are happy. If you mistreat people for the sake of money, soon your wealth will disappear.

Satan always stays in our body, so we must destroy him. How? Through prayer and fasting.

If I don't have true love, I am not qualified to be the founder of the Unification Church.

Religion itself cannot save man. But through religion we can weaken the power of the body. Therefore, the purpose of religion is to subjugate the body. People think that they will enter the kingdom of God through merely believing in Christ. That is wrong.

Father's face is that of the king of kings, not a beggar's face. Yet I have come through six periods of incarceration. God and evil cannot coexist. That's why the satanic world hated Father. Father constantly marched forward, even in prison, centered on God's love.

If the president of a nation is doing his job really well, the entirety of that nation will be blessed. So too, if the founder of the Unification Church wins victory, the entire membership will automatically inherit the victory. The established Christian churches have big congregations, but God taught the Unification Church the shortcut to reach God. The abandoned stone sometimes becomes the cornerstone.

There can't be two sets of original True Parents of mankind, but only one.

Once we become related to True Parents through lineage, we automatically inherit everything from True Parents.

The terminology True Parents existed even before the creation of the universe. God came up with this terminology as the symbol of an ecstasy of happiness. The fact that we met True Parents and we are still living with True Parents is an historic event.

What kind of victory did True Parents win? True Parents restored everything we lost because of the fall-God's children, God's tribe, God's world.

Father did everything possible to subjugate his body without praying for help from God, even in prison.

The word "Safe Settlement" is very fearful. Because only after forty years of wilderness in Father's life, he finally won a victorious foundation and could proclaim the word settlement-for the purpose of inheritance.

The time is coming that we will not need a church. The time for the Unification Church is passing and a new time for the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace is coming.

If there is a destiny for man, we must fulfill it even in the spirit world. We must understand the han [suffering love] of the fall of man-the sorrow and lament of heart. Men and women have shot billions of arrows into God's heart.

Within Father there is the perfection of Adam and Jesus. Even at the brink of death throughout prison life, Father never betrayed God. Within the perfection of Father's life, there is the perfection of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Even when meals were given to Father in Hungnam prison, he divided them in half and gave the other half to inmates.

The only task left for Father is to build the ideal country for mankind, transcending race and national boundaries. In order to do that, we must restore the United Nations through the Federation for World Peace, the InterReligious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the Youth Federation for World Peace.

We must unify the four major countries' women in order to bring the reunification of Korea centered on True Father. The key is absolute faith, teaching them the relationship between parents and children, how to be a child of filial piety, a patriot, a saint and a holy son or daughter.

You must work even harder than True Parents; then you will be able to liberate God. That's the place where you and God can have joy together.

Please make sure your family is qualified to build the family of heavenly tradition. Up to this point, blessed couples failed in keeping up with True Parents' tradition.

After the hill of the fiftieth year since the end of World War II, we don't face a narrow valley, but it is a wide open land.

If you follow money, fame or sex, they will make you fail.

The era of the global village has come. This is the time of satellites and computers. It's the beginning of the creation of the kingdom of God on earth by the utilization of technology.

Our success will depend on how much and how hard we work for this cause. Eventually we all have to become saints and holy children of God.

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