The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Total Calculation Or Accounting Of God's Historical Providence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 1994
East Garden
Translator-Peter Kim

Is there any non-Korean brother or sister who is able to read the title of Father's speech this morning -- hananim eui sopliyuksa eui chongkyolsan? [Peter Kim begins to translate the title from Korean but experiences difficulty.] I want to say, "Total accounting" but that doesn't fit. Total Calculation or Accounting of God's Historical Providence. Father wonders if the word "accounting" or "calculation" is correct. The English language does not contain the right word in order to translate this meaning correctly. [Peter Kim says, "Well, I'm having a difficult time from the beginning."] (Laughter.) This shows just how impossible it is to translate from one language to another and, in particular, from Father's language into English. Since Father speaks Korean, then this will be the original language that scholars in the future must study in order to discover Father's teaching. They will have to master Korean in order to do that.

In the future the scholars from the world may ask you on which page they may find Reverend Moon's comments on True Love or some other matter. In that case you should be able to answer. Then they will ask which version you are referring to, the original Korean version or the translated version. If you refer to the original Korean text, then you will have more authority to convey the message. There will be a big difference between those who are able to read the original text and those who can only read the translated version.

As you know, in order to be able to understand the Western civilization and culture you need to understand Latin. Latin is the base of Western languages and civilization. By the same to ken, Korean will be the language that will reflect these things for us. History passes, but the truth of each time period will be remembered and will represent that particular time in history. There must be an historical framework; otherwise, once the time passes, the truth and everything else may pass along with it. However, as long as there is an historical standard then the truth will remain and return to the original position. We must understand that history never dies but rather lives with us. The true historical events will remain in eternity. However, false historical events will disappear quickly.

Who lives with the truth historically? You don't need to answer this question because history itself will prove it. [Here Father corrects Peter Kim telling him not to lean towards Father. While translating he should stand still and use gestures just like Father, centered upon Father's message and words alone.] As Father has said, history is living with us. The critical point for us is to leave either ou r living or dead history behind us. For example if American people and American history live with certain truthful and desirable historical facts, then they will be remembered. However, during a certain time period American people may deal with and create a false history and consequently be quickly forgotten. This same principle can be applied to the individual and family levels as well. As an individual and family, if you live up to the true historical events and facts, then you will be remembered.

If we expand the horizon of this application, then what kind of life must we maintain if we consider a life for God? Human history must be hinged upon and centered upon God's will. Due to the Fall, human history was not begun centered upon God. When we look at the history of God's providence, was there a time when God won the victory? Centered upon the ideal of God's creation, the family of Adam emerged. However, did Adam's family achieve God's ideal of creation? No. Why? Because of the Fall. Therefore, no matter how much human history may have been glorified up until this point, it does not have anything to do with God's will. The fallen world has done nothing to enhance God's Providence. It was a history of tragedy and misery.

America enjoys its position as the superpower controlling the entire world. How many days will it last? Nobody can be sure. Is there any American citizen who can claim that the nation of America will last forever? We must understand in order to continue our life we should not boast about American culture and tradition. Rather we should emphasize what kind of culture and traditions American culture should have originally adopted. Looking at the history of God's providence we see Adam's family failed, Noah's family failed, Abraham's family failed. Because of the failure in conditional offering then Isaac had to offer the substantial offering of himself. Abraham was about to kill his own son in offering to God. Due to his failure in the original offering Abraham created room for Satan to intervene. This lasted for 400 years. Looking at the life of Moses we see that he too failed in the wilderness course. At the time that the Israelites were ready to enter into Canaan, as you know, Moses offered a desperate prayer to God. Yet God did not accept him and so he was unable to enter into Canaan with the second generation. Because Moses struck the rock twice it destroyed the entire history of Israel. He offered a condition whereby Satan could invade the body of Jesus Christ.

When we study the course of Moses in the wilderness, at the time when the Israelites were bitten by the snakes and lost their lives, what did Moses do? He raised up a bronze serpent so that whomever looked upon it could survive. By the same token, in his time, Jesus had to sacrifice his own body in order to give spiritual salvation to mankind. Just as Israelites were bitten and killed by the snakes, so Jesus Christ offered his body in order to save mankind. Those who believed in Jesus were spiritually saved through his sacrifice. Therefore we can say that the life of Jesus was also a failure. Of course John the Baptist played a large part in that.

America is representing the entire worldwide Christianity which is in the position of the bride religion. Therefore, America, centered upon the bride culture of Christianity, was supposed to welcome and receive the bridegroom who came as the Messiah. However, it failed in this mission and, in the last forty years, America has been declining. In all of human history there has been only one time when the entire world was culturally united centered upon the bride culture of Christianity. That time was right after World War II. That particular foundation which consisted of the entire world culture centered upon the bride culture of Christianity, was supposed to be offered to the coming Messiah who comes in Adam's position.

Because of the Fall, human history has been a fallen history. Mankind did not start out with the true seed of True Life, but rather with the seed of false life. Even though we have over five billion people in the world it has nothing to do with God. Since we are all wild olive trees, we need the bud of the true olive tree. We need to be cut off and engrafted into the true olive tree. This is the only way to go back to God. If you accept the fact of the human fall then this result must be accepted also. Without doing so you cannot go back to God.

If the Fall had not occurred, beginning from Adam's children and grandchildren, generation after generation was supposed to live the True Life and automatically enter into the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. There would have been no wild olive trees. Every single tree would have been a true olive tree. But due to the Fall every single tree became a wild olive tree. This meant the central bud, trunk and root all became false, directly connected to Satan's lineage rather than God's. This is absolute logic that no one can deny. In order to get out of this situation we have to first separate ourselves from Satan. The purpose of God's history of salvation is to show clearly how to cut out Satan's involvement in human life. In other words, it shows how to root out the wild olive tree root and cut off the wild olive tree bud, trunk and root and engraft into the true olive tree's bud, trunk and root. That has been the history of salvation. Unless we can turn around the history of God's providence into success we cannot come up with a total accounting of God's providence. We must turn it around.

Without knowing all of the details of the failures at each stage from Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham, Moses and even Jesus, we cannot pursue the history of restoration at our level. We cannot just assume something may be true. Rather we have to prove, through our action, experience and result, that it is absolutely true. Otherwise we will be unable to conquer this satanic world and separate Satan from our lives. We have to clearly understand and come up with a 180 degree different solution. One way was towards h ell and the other is towards heaven. Without knowing how and why Adam's family failed, how can we even think about the history of restoration? Without knowing the details of all of the providential families, we will be unable to come up with even a notion of reaching to this Total Evaluation of God's Providence at this point.

Adam was supposed to be the True Parent but he failed. At the moment of the Fall he died. How can that position be restored? We have to restore Adam to life so that he can become the True Parent and save the entire world. Without this we cannot even contemplate the history of God's providence. We must remember one thing: God and Satan have been aware of the details and every stage of the Fall of man, yet mankind has not known. As long as mankind is ignorant of the Fall, then God cannot do anything about it. That is the kind of agony and manipulative abuse that mankind had to endure from Satan up until this time. Not only has humankind been abused by Satan, but Satan has also been constantly accusing God. Satan charged that no matter how powerful God might be, He could not complete the restoration of mankind. How miserable God has been.

Who is able to dig out all of these historical secrets and reveal them to the world? That has become the historical test. God has provided the concept of Messiah from the Old Testament age, through the New Testament age until now for that one mission: The mission of the Messiah. Father's question is, since the entire humanity is living in the world of failure do we need the Messiah absolutely or just because it might be better to have him? (ABSOLUTELY!) How absolutely? We must understand that even if we have to deny everyone from the individual level to the entire cosmos, the one thing we must accept is the need for the Messiah. Don't we? (Yes.) Suppose it would take selling the entire nation of America in order to buy the Messiah, should we sell America? (Yes.) Even if it takes trading in the entire world, the entire human history, we must do it. Th e Messiah is more precious than all of that. Do you realize the preciousness and value of the Messiah? Do you know that value in fact or do you just recognize it?

Imagine that you have the most valuable gold mine in the entire world, but all of a sudden you realize that a diamond mine is next to you. At that moment would you sell the gold mine in order to buy the diamond mine? Or would you keep the gold mine and forget the diamond mine? You would go for the diamond mine. This is not someone else's opinion, this relates to our life. It is a knowledge that has to be applied to your life and compared to it. So if you have to sell your most precious things and most precious people in order to receive the Messiah, would you do that? (YES!) Have you really felt realistically that you have to go ahead and sell your wife, children, your tribe and even your nation in order to receive the Messiah? Have you really thought about that and felt it to the bone? It is easy to say but the question is have you really set the proper condition and standard to be able to do it in reality. You must question yourselves. You have to be able to calculate the percentage of yourself that truthfully is ready to accept the Messiah and believe in him. Only you know that percentage.

America is a very liberal and free country, but can you find even one person who can truly accept and understand the Messiah here? Answer Father. How about yourself? [Addressing a member of audience.] (I'm trying.) Trying means on the way. When will the trying course be finished is the problem. This is a very serious and critical question for us. Just imagine how desperately serious Father was when he was finding out all of the hidden secrets of Adam's family and all of the historical families and how they failed. Do you think Father took it all for granted? Father had to put his neck on the block in a life and death fight. Satan constantly tried to chase Father out and confuse him, changing the direction. Imagine just how manipulative and evil Satan has been throughout human history, even against God. He played games against God. Then suddenly this innocent Reverend Moon appeared as the Messiah; do you imagine that Satan just left him alone? Satan was desperate to block him.

From Father's point of view, in order to create the future ideal world, he had to obtain the voluntary surrender from Satan. That was the condition. Father restored the failure of Adam's family through a severe battle. There were so many times that he met with denial and refusal. But Father had to restore it. As Father kept on going with logic and proof, then finally Satan had to admit it. After Father succeeded in revealing all of the hidden secrets from Adam's family, then Satan tried to block him regarding Noah's family. Father then had to struggle once again in order to discover all of the hidden secrets of failure within Noah's family in order to restore that stage. When Father came up with all of the facts of how Ham failed in Noah's family, Satan denied the truth many times. Again, step by step, as Father kept producing the factual proof finally Satan bowed down and surrendered that Father was correct. That is how Father restored the failure of Noah in his family.

After this Satan told Father that even though he had restored Adam's family failure, and Noah's family failure, still history carried on through Abraham's family. This area Satan claimed Father had not touched yet and so the world still belonged to him. Once again Satan tried to block Father's way by telling him not to touch Abraham's family because he had nothing to do with it yet. Father had to fight again. Once more Father began to dig into all of the secrets of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, the Israelites' 400 years of history all at different stages, including the restoration between Jacob and Esau and the story of Tamar. Finally Satan bowed down once again. Nobody knew how desperately Father had to fight in order to restore again, not just Abraham's family but all the way to Moses' family. He found all the facts and confronted Satan with those facts and the facts of Jesus' family and John the Baptist's failure, and restored them back again. Nobody in history knew what kind of life course Father had to go through in order to achieve that goal. Nobody knew what kind of course Father passed through in the last forty years in order to restore the entire 4000 years of human history back to God.

After World War II if Father had not known all of the facts of Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, then Father would have started digging out the facts of Adam's family again. Who knows how long that would take, but Father already had that foundation and he put all these facts on the horizontal level from Adam's family through Jesus, all the failures and restoration. That is why Father could begin the reindemnification of 4000 years of history.

As a result of the Fall of man, from Adam's family onwards, minds and bodies have been separated. This formula of how to unify the mind and body was set up by Father at the worldwide level at this time, not just the individual or family level, but also unity between husband and wife and Cain and Abel. This is how the family can become unified: First individual mind and body unification, then husband-wife unity, then unity between parents and children. [Father draws on the board.] Unless there is total unification between mind and body, Satan invades. Also if there is no unity between husband and wife Satan automatically invades. The same thing occurs between brothers and sisters. We can refer to this as Satan's realm and it will become the root to form the Satanic world [indicating to the board]. Do you follow? When it comes to the tree, it takes central root, trunk and bud which is your family. This lineage of the central root, trunk and bud has been falsified and we have to cut it off and engraft into the true olive tree. Father again is telling us, unless there is absolute unity between mind and body, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and children, Satan is always invading.

Throughout the entire human history, no matter what religion we may consider, there is no religion that is giving as much value as Unification Church teaching is giving, to the value of family life. Beginning from the family, all of the religions of the world, the cultures, civilizations, nations and people emerged. That is why in order to form a family unit, Father values marriage highly. Therefore Father has been conducting these holy weddings throughout these years. Horizontally this unit of Adam and Eve is expanded to the worldwide level. We must have perfection here on this earth. The unification of mind and body must be done here on earth, centered upon True Love. Without having the experience of True Love you cannot even consider the unification of mind and body. It is a very serious matter. Unless you are in the position of object to God you cannot experience True Love. Human history began with the separation of mind and body because of the Fall and we have inherited false love, false life, and false lineage. That is the beginning of the separation of mind and body.

The base unit is the family and this is the starting place of the deviation of mankind. That is why Father has given you the Family Pledge. Unless we become totally united and one centered upon the unification of our mind and body, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters there is no way for us to be able to enter the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. This is the formula [indicating to the diagram on the board]. This doesn't apply only to the family level, but tribal level also. The society is not random but well organized into villages and up to the national level. There is always a head of each division. By the same token we have this family unit which is the base. The presidential family, as the first family of America should be plus and the other America families would be in the position of minus. Between this first family and the other families of the nation there should be total unity and there will be success. Otherwise there will only be failure. Satan's major effort throughout history has been to destroy the unity between plus and minus, or subject and object. On the other hand God has been working to help man bring about the unity between plus and minus. Satan always discourages the unity between mind and body, whereas God is urging us through our conscience to unite them. Father is telling us that unless we unite our mind and body centered upon True Love we need not even think about the Kingdom of God on earth.

People have high goals in their lives, but remember that your highest goal must be the unification of your mind and body. This is our destiny. When we refer to destiny it means it cannot be changed, it is already set. Therefore let us refer to true destiny, then there is absolutely no possibility of changing the course. It is already set just like a blood relationship. If your father is a traitor, no matter how good and famous a son you may be, you will be referred to as a traitor's son. Do you understand? That is why this life goal is our true destiny. If we cannot fulfill this goal in this physical world, even after passing into the spiritual world we still have to do it.

Jesus Christ came as the True Parent of mankind, not because it was his desire but because it was his true destiny. However, he could not fulfill this task due to the disbelief of the people of his time. Therefore he left his words to us that he would return to finish this unfinished messianic task. That is why the Second Advent must take place. Because he didn't fulfill his mission he could not enter into the Kingdom of God. He is waiting in Paradise. The truth is this serious and critical. Are you willing to receive this kind of truth for free or are you willing to have your entire body torn apart in payment?

We must understand what the terminology of True Parents means. Nobody throughout history until now experienced the life that Father has experienced and nobody could imagine how difficult it was and how much suffering he had to pay. Therefore, sitting in front of this incredibly valuable True Parent we must be able to set the proper condition to reciprocate on even a spiritual level. Do you understand? In order to have the protection at the individual level we need our family unit. At the family level we need the protection of the tribe. At the tribal level we need national protection. We must not forget why Father and the Unification Church have been persecuted throughout the world -- because the Unification Church does not have its own national foundation yet.

In the country of Korea there have been a false father in the North and a True Father in the South for the past forty years. In the South, Christianity was supposed to be the religion to work with True Father at the beginning, but on the contrary it has been persecuting and opposing Father, making his life miserable at the horizontal level. The communistic groups teamed up with Christianity in order to persecute Father and the Unification Church all these years in Korea. Before Jesus came Elijah was supposed to come and prepare the way for him. But who actually came as Elijah? John the Baptist did. However, people didn't understand this and Jesus was persecuted and finally crucified. The people believed that Elijah would descend in a fiery chariot from the sky. By the same token, Christians in Korea were looking up to the sky in order to receive the Second Advent coming down in the clouds. But actually the Messiah came as a man just as in the time of Jesus. Therefore people didn't understand and so Father had to walk this course of indemnity all of these years. That is why there has been opposition.

Jesus was crucified because of misunderstanding and persecution. In order to eliminate Father as the Second Advent the entire world from the individual to worldwide level has been opposmg him, just as in the time of Jesus. But this is now a different time. No matter where Father goes no one can put him in prison or persecute him to any extreme ever again. Gorbachev considered Father to be an archenemy of the former Soviet Union, but he became like Father's younger brother. Also Kim Il Sung, who was really the worst enemy of God and Father, after Father's one visit to Pyong Yang became like Father's brother. Because of his physical age he became Father's elder brother in the Cain position to Father as Abel. That it is how they became brothers. How impressed and inspired he was by Father's one visit. Just before he passed away, Kim Il Sung said that the re-unification of Korea can only be done through Reverend Moon. (Applause.) Even though Kim Il Sung said that, the 23 million people of North Korea do not know what to do. What choice do they have now? They have to follow Father's guidance.

The nuclear issue was very hot between North Korea and America a few months ago and North Korea and America did not know how to relate to each other. In other words, Father helped both sides so naturally it worked. (Applause.) This is not a concept, this is a reality. This is the task of perfected Adam and so as a True Parent Father has been doing all this. Otherwise there is no hope for us. In America the Unification Church is in the position of Abel and Christianity is in the position of Cain. The symbolic unity between this Cain and Abel in America is the victory of the American people changing the leadership of the country.

The Parents' Day Resolution passed the Congress and the Senate and finally President Clinton signed the bill as a national perennial holiday on October 4 of this year. It is an historical record that within seventy days this Parents' Day Resolution Bill passed in both Houses. There was no such short term endeavor to pass both Houses in the history of the United States. We all celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday here in America, but that took almost twenty years in order to pass this resolution in both Houses and obtain the Presidential signature. Usually it takes one to three years minimum to pass any bill like this. The quick passage of the Parents' Day Resolution was an historical record. (Applause.)

Originally Father was supposed to come to America in 1962. At that time the leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties agreed to issue a visa to Father to enable him to come to America in 1962. Yet, Father had responsibility to work with Korea before coming to America and so he postponed ten years until 1972. The completion of the Old Testament era in Korea had to be completed first. Even if Father had come in 1962 without completing the stage of the Old Testament age, then if Korea were to oppose again then Father would have had to return to Korea in order to finish the work. Therefore Father remained in Korea in order to finish this work. Actually, because America is in the position of the bride country, at the age of sixteen Father began praying and thinking about this mission. This is the first time that Father is revealing his life long story. From the age of sixteen Father has been praying for this nation. That is almost sixty years, is it not?

Father knew that the Allied countries would be victorious in World War II. Therefore he was preparing for the time, after the war, when he was supposed to be accepted and welcomed by the allied nations centered upon America and Christianity, to begin building the Kingdom of God on earth. Yet they failed to do so. At the same time Father had to prepare again that kind of foundation. Father emptied his resources and created the Little Angels to go around the world and enhance the image of Korea. Through this Little Angels and the Korean Cultural Foundation here in America, Father made the foundation to invite President Truman, President Eisenhower, and President Nixon to be on the Board. That was the process of setting the foundation in order to be received by America and other countries. Besides these three, approximately 150 leaders of all different walks of life in this country were on the Board of this Korean Freedom Foundation. Father began CARP activities on college campuses throughout America. That kind of foundation was established by Father in order to re-create the right atmosphere for Father to be accepted by the free world right after World War II. However, America failed in this.

Korea has opposed Father for twenty-five years. Without that opposition, imagine what kind of well-established foundation Father could have achieved in Korea and in the Western world. Through the Little Angels' performing tour we could have influenced the world immensely. However, the Korean government opposed Father for twenty-five years, to the extent of not even allowing the Little Angels to go out to the world to perform. Since the Korean government opposed even the Little Angels team for twenty-five years, then Father took an alternative course. That course was to bring the traditional Russian ballet into America where it has become successful and is indemnifying the Little Angels' course in the West. The director of our ballet company here in America is Mr. Vinogradov . When he first came to visit our Universal Ballet Academy, he suddenly heard a voice from the spiritual world telling him that his destiny was with this organization. That is what he heard vividly, he said. What does that prove? That God is alive. In order for God to be able to act we have to set proper conditions. Father set everything up for training ballerinas in that academy. There are buildings, facilities and students and then this well known figure in the ballet world came to visit. That is when God acted upon Father's foundation.

What we have to understand is that the time that Mr. Vinogradov visited our ballet academy was the time when the Soviet Union was still not dissolved. It was at the time of Gorbachev. But three years prior to his visit to the Washington Ballet Academy, the American government sent an invitation for Mr. Vinogradov to come to America and establish a ballet school. But the Soviet regime refused to allow him to come to America. But even though three years ago he was still u nder the Soviet regime, it still wasn't easy for him to come to America. Therefore President Bush wrote a letter to President Gorbachev and they corresponded back and forth. We have copies of the actual letters that were sent exhibited in the ballet academy. Because of these two heads of state, finally Mr. Vinogradov could come to America and manage to serve as both the head of the Kirov Ballet Performing Arts in Moscow and as the president of our Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, D.C.

The Soviet Union realized back then that they would have to somehow cope with Western culture. Therefore in order to prove that Russia had something to be proud of, they picked Washington, D.C., which is the capital of America as well as of the free world, and gave the absolute right to Father to use this name of Kirov Ballet which is owned by the Ministry of Culture of the Soviet Union. They gave everything to Father to be able to freely use the name and skills of the ballet team of the Kirov. After only two or three years of training this Kirov Ballet Academy of Washington, D.C., went on tour around the nation. As a result the critics claim them to be superior even to the Kirov Ballet team of Russia. (Applause.)

Each year students graduate and so they have to give auditions to new candidates. This year they were choosing sixteen new students. However, 1600 candidates came but only sixteen were chosen. That makes the ratio one out of every 100. But Father predicts that soon it will become one out of 500. Father would like to connect these ballet activities to the University of Bridgeport which has a license to run middle and high school there also. Eventually Father would like to establish ballet, cinema and other artistic courses there so that eventually those graduate students will clean up Hollywood. (Applause.) They can go out as pioneers and replace these homosexuals and all kinds of immoral people no matter how famous they might be. Even at the Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, D.C., if there is any scandal connected to any student, immediately they will be expelled. That is the way that Father is setting the new tradition even in performing arts.

Father has a goal to clean up Hollywood and Las Vegas. Who can do this kind of task? Not even the American government can, but only Father can do that. In the future, if anybody wants to become famous in the performing arts field, they will need to set a good moral standard of a good husband or good wife or good family member. Otherwise, how can we think of building the Kingdom of God on earth? Father has already excelled in different fields, particularly in the cultural area. Has Father's work only shown in the field of art? No. As you know Father has been working with scholars and journalists this past twenty years.

There are thousands of men and women in the academic and political fields with whom Father has good relations. Now, with this strong foundation, whatever country Father may visit, they are always ready to receive Father.

When Father was in Brazil a couple of weeks ago he gave a banquet for the Brazilian VIPs from various fields and over 200 people gathered at the Brazilian headquarters building. Father had not hoped or planned for this, but the State University of Brazil offered an Honorary Doctorate degree to Father and Mother by their own volition. Sooner or later you will see thousands of universities from all over the world come forward with these kinds of honorary degrees. Then Father will share them with you. (Laughter.) Suppose Father were to receive 5000 honorary degrees and he were to hand out two or three to you, this would become your family treasure. Therefore, work hard. When it comes to Father's lifelong accomplishments, just you name it, any field whatsoever, Father has already excelled in. It doesn't matter how wonderful a college you may have graduated from, or how wonderful a career you may have established on your own. Unless you are totally aligned with Father's tradition, in the future you won't have the chance to work in that major field along with Father.

Those parents who want to see their children succeeding just for their own sake without embodying Father's tradition of True Love, and those individuals who are doing the same thing, will naturally become hidden and fall behind the scenes. America has been proud of its military and economic power as the super nation of the world. However, even America does not have what Father has. Father has an ideological foundation upon which he has formed all kinds of foundations beyond the national level and which transcend racial, cultural and national boundaries. Even a nation like America does not have this luxury. This is what we need to understand. The name of Reverend Moon has been resurrected and is going up and up reaching to the heights. It is now reaching the stage where Reverend Moon is the top leader in the world in this time period. (Applause.)

This is possible because of the various scholars who know Reverend Moon. They know that Reverend Moon is the only one who cann ot be surpassed for what he has established during his lifelong career in all these different fields. The time has come that after forty years of severe persecution at the worldwide level, Reverend Moon has established so many prominent foundations in all these different fields. What Reverend Moon is saying is that the Second Advent will not come as a spirit descending on the clouds, but as a man. As a man he will work as the Messiah for mankind. They must accept this conclusion now for we are living in such a time. If the Second Advent comes as a human being, then Reverend Moon is the only one who can possibly claim that role. They have to accept it now because the time has come. Father's goal now is to establish the ideal model for the community and based upon that community the ideal model for the country.

The size of the location for the creation of this model is probably bigger than Rhode Island, almost as large as the state of Connecticut. [Father is drawing on the board.] Almost one million acres of land is where Father will build this ideal community. Father will divide this particular land into 160 different parts and each division will be taken care of by each country, 160 nations. How can we build an ideal community there? Within that particular boundary of one million acres, we will have 160 different nations transcending race, culture, nation and religion. Every single person all the way to the entire group will be ideal people like you. Therefore Father needs you to come there and demonstrate that kind of standard. (Applause.) Also this is how Father will begin saving all these people who are dying of starvation all over the world.

Once we have this kind of ideal community established there, people from all over the world will pour into it, even if only just to see it. It will become a tourist attraction. When people realize that under this kind of heavy persecution for the last forty years, Reverend Moon built this ideal community, then naturally people will open their hearts. About four- fifths of the entire world population falls into the category of poor people. There is only one Father standing at the remote corner of the world village. But using God's truth Father is educating the entire world. This is a reality. With the Divine Principle book, even a high school graduate can teach anyone, any place, anywhere using that standard book. This model village can make a powerful influence all over the world particularly as the secular world is declining fast. Only Reverend Moon is creating this formula. It will appear like a lighthouse in the darkness. The world now is in darkness and Reverend Moon has built this lighthouse in the midst of the dark. Do you understand Father? (Yes.)

The Christian world took 2000 years encouraging members and now has one billion people. They are against us but we will turn all of that upside down. North America has to save South America. The American Unification Church is in Abel's position and the Christian world is in Cain's position. If they combine into one they will make a big Abel position. The Christianity practiced in South America is Catholicism which is in the elder brother position, Cain's position. North America and Protestantism are in Abel's position. When these two unite into one, this foundation can be connected with Germany. Europe is becoming one nation centering largely upon Germany. However, Germany is unable even to unite East and West Germany successfully. Out of Germany came the split between Catholicism and Protestantism. Therefore, once this unification between Catholicism and Protestantism occurs victoriously this big plus can re-unite East and West Germany. This is the formula.

We are now reaching the final stage of history. No advanced nation of the world is able to bring about this kind of unification. Only one person is able to bring this about, and that person is none other than Reverend Moon. The whole of humankind have lost their direction and Father is solving all the problems of mankind. That is the task which Father is implementing now. Father is planning to buy tens of thousands of acres of land where we will build the ideal community. Father has already established a sufficiently strong foundation in terms of the metaphysical field. Now Father is beginning to work on the salvation of the physical level. Father only has to deal with the United Nations in order to turn the world around. Now the physical salvation will take place through Father.

During the last forty years Father has indemnified 4000 years of human history. During this time Father has been persecuted by all manner of people, religions and organizations, and each time he has prevailed and won the victory. It is as if Father has already constructed the infallible castle wall which Satan cannot pass through. No regime in this world is able to persecute Father anymore. Father has formed a band of STRONG unification soldiers throughout the world. (Applause.) You are the heavenly army. We have to make a revolution. This is the final war. The fact is that Father has already won the victory on the spiritual level worldwide and now he begins to tackle this physical level salvation to save all these thousands of people who are dying of starvation every year. The world should recognize this. The time has come. These dying people are our brothers and sisters too. While your younger brothers and sisters are dying, do you still wish to keep your property because you wish to protect yourself? Or would you go out and sell your property and save their lives?

The day that all those wealthy countries are willing to sell their excess of cars and houses in order to save their brothers and sisters in poor countries, will automatically usher in the Kingdom of God on earth. Remember that Father has poured one billion dollars into the Washington Times during the last fourteen years. This is a fact. All the government bureaus such as the CIA have a record of this. In order to save this country, that regarded Father as its enemy Father has sacrificed this much. But in order to save our poorer brothers and sisters who are not our enemies, we should do even more. Will you do that? (YES!) Those rich Americans, if Father tells you to sell your houses and land in order to save those poor people will you do that? Will you voluntarily do that? (Voluntarily.) Father has voluntarily sacrificed in order to save this enemy country of America. The starving people in the poor nations of the world are not your enemies, they are God's children, your brothers and sisters. You have to save them. This is your mission from now on: to embrace and unify the people of South America. God wants that. Do you want to do that? (Yes.) Really? (Yes.) I cannot believe it of American people.

Whether you believe it or not, when Father checked into the price of land in South America it costs one-tenth of what it would cost in America. It's that cheap. Therefore, in the near future the land in South America will become more valuable than the land in North America. Who knows but in the near future a phenomena will occur where North Americans will rush into South America and the situation will be reversed. Then South America will build their fence high and select who will come and who will not, just as North America is doing to South Americans now. (Laughter.) If they connect with Reverend Moon's ideal base that kind of phenomena can occur. Father has confidence to create that kind of foundation. Do you believe that? (YES!) I don't know. I don't believe it myself. God wishes the unification between North and South America. Originally God desired complete unification between all of His children.

You have to inherit from Father how you can walk with absolute confidence within the satanic world, without being influenced. If Father were the size of this circle [indicating to the board] then you should become a circle too. Father will help you to become formed this way. At Father's level he is talking about 160 nations and at your level you have to be responsible for 160 families. That is the responsibility of the tribal messiah: to restore 160 families. Do you understand? If you truly want to inherit Father's tradition and Father's foundation you need to restore 160 families as a tribal messiah. Jesus Christ was crucified because he was unable to secure 120 absolutely loyal disciples. In order to restore the failure of Jesus Christ, as a tribal messiah, all Blessed couples need to restore 160 families so that you will be able to inherit Father's foundation. We now stand at a worldwide level in this age and so we need to restore 160 families. Do you follow? When you accomplish this 160 family restoration, you will be registered in a permanent record. Father established a foundation in 160 nations during this heavy persecution period. Now you are able to restore 160 families without receiving persecution from now on. Then the entire world will have to follow in your footsteps.

Since the tribal messiahs are supposed to restore 160 families, the second generation are standing in the position to relate to the children of those 160 families. It is the mission of the second generation to work with their parents in order to restore those families along with their children back to God. Historically Satan has been abusing, manipulating and controlling mankind for the entire human history. Mankind has been driven by Satan. But now, because of the appearance of True Father as the Messiah of mankind, Father has stopped this trend and it is being reversed. Now Satan is being pushed backwards. You should have confidence even to be able to proclaim to Satan, "I am a true son or true daughter of True Parents." You must have absolute faith even if you have to deny your own nation or your world. Still you have to be able to proclaim yourself the child of the True Parents. The reason that you are free to declare to the world that you are a child of the True Parents, is because Parents have won all of the victories and conquered Satan. Therefore, whatever True Parents possess belongs to us as their children. Automatically, as long as you are the sons and daughters of True Parents you are able to inherit everything. Do you have that confidence? (Yes.)

Are you able to imagine the suffering course that Father has walked? Father has had to deal with every kind of suffering and torment in his life. There was even the temptation that the world's richest family's most beautiful daughter was offered to Father if he would forget his mission. Father spat at that offer. Even if the entire nation of America was offered, Father would reject it. Are you able to do as Father does? (Yes.) Now Father has a strong foundation all throughout the world, but when Father first began he was without anyone who could support him. Father simply relied upon the revelation from God. Father was without resources or manpower. But your situation is so different. Now you have Father's truth clearly leading you all the time. It is a much easier course. Spiritual world is always fluctuating and changing, but in this physical world Father is showing everything to us. Therefore we have to understand what happened in Adam's family, how Noah's family failed, and all the details throughout history, and in this way build your own confidence to stand on Father's foundation. Do you understand? (Yes.) This is the only way for you to win the victory.

Now Father will touch on this main topic of today, The Total Evaluation in View of God's Providence. This will be taught [Father draws on the board]. This represents the Old Testament era, the New Testament era and at the bottom here [indicating to the board] the Completed Testament era. Each period marks 2000 years as you know. All together we have 6000 years of human history. The end of the Old Testament era until the present day is 4000 years. The Fall of man took place in the family of Adam and this represented the first failure of Adam. The second failure of Adam was Jesus Christ. The third Adam is represented by the Lord of the Second Advent. Even in the case of the third Adam the mission was postponed because of the failure of America centered upon Christianity. But instead of failing, True Father restored the foundation again in the last forty years and won the victory in indemnifying 4000 years of history. Therefore, the world of peace and unification is dawning.

Now Father is drawing the size of the Old Testament age [Father draws on the board]. At the end of the Old Testament era Jesus Christ appeared and was supposed to establish tribal level, social level, and national level foundations. The Old Testament era was centered upon Judaism in the position of Abel and the nation of Israel in the position of Cain. Christians are proud of celebrating Jesus' birth in the stable. But this is not something to be proud of. What was supposed to have occurred was that the people of Israel and Judaism should have prepared everything necessary in order to receive the birth of Jesus. However, Jesus was abandoned and he was born in the stable. At the time of Jesus' birth, centered on God, Joseph and Mary were supposed to be in the position of

plus and minus and together become minus to God in the position of plus. Then united with God the three of them could be in the position of plus and Judaism would be in the position of minus. Had they been totally united together in that way then everything would have gone well. In the eyes of God they represented fallen mother and children and restored mother and children. [Father draws on the board.] When restoration of the children occurs it is not usually through the original wife but rather through the concubine or second wffe.

After World War II had those victorious allied countries, centered upon Christianity as the bride culture, accepted True Father as the Messiah, Father would not have had to divorce Sungjin Nim's mother. Instead, with Sung Jin Nim's mother and Sung Jin Nim together, he would have started building the Kingdom of God, unifying the world as one country. The victorious foundation was lost completely; Father had no family, no tribe, no nation. The only alternative was the course of bitter restoration; otherwise, the ideal family, tribe and nation could not have been built upon the earth and spread throughout the world, completing the purpose of providential history.

That is what happened in the family of Jacob. Because of this formula course of restoration, a special relationship between Rachel and Leah took place in the family of Jacob. Otherwise their son could not have become the central figure who could possibly be in the position of the Messiah. [Father draws on the board explaining.] In order for Jacob's family to establish this on the earth, they had to make that perfection through the second wife's position. The second wife had to accomplish restoration following one direction, not two directions. The elder wife and younger wife, who also represent elder and younger sisters, had to unite following the same direction, which leads back to the realm of pre-fallen Adam. Their following two different directions is a problem. Jacob's family uniting in one direction made the foun dation for Jacob's settlement.

Because of this formula, the course of restoration usually takes place through the second wife or concubine, not through the original wife. That is why in the family of Jacob you can see the relationship between Rachel and Leah. Leah had every reason to confront and oppose Laban because in a way he sold his daughter twice. Jacob's mother had the responsibility to work with Jacob and straighten out this situation. But this course of restoration in terms of the family level at the time of Jacob, finally was established and continued. But because of the disunity between these two sons, Jacob and Esau, the one son became the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the second son became the Southern Kingdom of Israel. In order to receive the Messiah they had to set an absolute condition of unity between Cain and Abel represented by the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel. Elijah came and attempted to bring about this unity, but he failed. When Elijah ascended into the spiritual world he promised to return. But who came in the place of Elijah at the time of the coming of the Messiah? John the Baptist.

Elijah tried his best to demonstrate God's almighty power in the Northern Kingdom of Israel but the people tried to kill him. Finally Elijah prayed telling God that he was the only one left. But God told him that there were still 7000 people who had not surrendered to the false god and that Elijah had to work with and unite with them. This was a prediction from God that when Elijah came again in the form of John the Baptist, that he should be united with Jesus and restoration could be fulfilled at that time. Had John the Baptist been totally united with Jesus and mobilized the 7000 people around him and established this ideal community centered upon Jesus, the entire nation of Israel would have accepted this group.

Up to the time of the coming of Jesus, the Israelites used circumcision as a sign of indemnification of original sin. Water baptism was not even recorded in the Old Testament, but at the time of Jesus John the Baptist appeared and began practicing baptism. Who was the father of Jesus Christ? (Zachariah.) What about Elizabeth? She was the wife of Zachariah. Elizabeth was in the position of Leah, whereas Mary was in the position of Rachel. At the time of Jacob, Leah and Rachel fought in order to occupy their husband Jacob. At the time of Jesus this had to be indemnified. The original wife, Elizabeth, was in the position of Leah to Mary, in the position of Rachel, who was supposed to become the second wife or concubine. But Mary was supposed to be in the position of plus in terms of restoration, and had to be united together with Elizabeth, in the position of minus, in order for restoration to occur. We can't ignore this course of restoration. At the time of Jacob's family Rachel and Leah always fought in order to occupy their husband, whereas at the time of Jesus, Elizabeth in the position of Leah, the first wife's position, introduced Mary, the second wife's position, to her husband Zachariah. It was completely opposite to what occurred in Jacob's family. Do you understand? Behind God's providence lies this complicated situation. Many people were unaware of this. Only Father's appearance on the earth can make these things clear. Do you understand?

Mary gave birth to Jesus and Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist. John the Baptist was in the position of Cain and Jesus was in the position of Abel. Centered upon their mothers, this Cain and Abel relationship was supposed to be restored. By doing so, Jacob's position, in other words the position of God was supposed to be restored. Only on the foundation of the unity between Cain and Abel would this occur. Suppose Mary revealed whose baby she was carrying? According to the law of Israel at that time any unmarried woman found pregnant was supposed to be stoned to death. Therefore Jesus would have lost his life even before he was born. In the Garden of Eden Eve betrayed God and her own husband, Adam. In order to restore Eve's position, Mary in the reverse course, prevailed in faith over her father and her husband, just like Jacob and Esau's course. Through following this indemnity course she could stand victoriously in Eve's position upon the earth.

Adam lost his position to the Archangel and so when Jacob was returning home he fought the angel and was victorious. The Bible tells us that he wrestled with God and won the victory. The Archangel represented internal and after this spiritual victory Jacob was to win the substantial victory over Esau. Only after this spiritual victory and physical victory through Esau surrendering to Jacob could the true blood lineage begin through Tamar. At the time of birth the twins in Tamar's womb struggled to be born first. If we reflect upon Tamar's life, her husband died and she was supposed to marry the second son and he died. Then there was still a third son she was supposed to marry but she disguised herself and slept with her father-in-law. In other words she prevailed in faith over her father and husband in order to inherit the lineage of God. It was a revolutionary act on her part. From her womb, the elder and younger brother relationship was restored and because of that condition then God's purified blood lineage began from the family level. This extended up to the national level through the Israelite people up to Jesus.

God's nation was supposed to appear at the time of Mary. Also Mary acted in faith in deference to Joseph, her husband-to-be. At the time of Joseph's marriage his parents prepared everything in order to see their son Joseph have a new married life and happy family life. When they were told that Joseph's fiance was pregnant Mary was in danger. But instead of betraying Mary, he saved her by embracing and protecting her. Joseph's parents strongly criticized and accused Joseph for his actions, but nevertheless he protected Mary by telling his parents that he had caused her pregnancy. Because of Joseph Mary was resurrected from the dead. This symbolized the restoration of what occurred in the Garden of Eden where Eve spiritually killed Adam. But this time, Joseph saved Mary's life.

In order for Mary to be qualified as Eve on the national level she was supposed to prevail in faith over her father figure, husband figure and son figure. That is what occurred. The reason why Mary had to set the condition just like Tamar before her was, for 2000 years ever since the cleansing of the blood lineage in Tamar's womb, many different things occurred. These events caused the blood lineage to become stained. Mary had to purify the lineage once again and so she had to follow this same pattern but on the national level. Because of this condition, Satan had no claim over Jesus. Due to that purification and condition set by Mary and Joseph, Jesus was the first begotten son born in this physical world throughout human history. Jesus would have become the King of Kings and established the Kingdom of God on earth within his lifetime if he had not been crucified. But due to the failure of the people of Israel this task was postponed for 2000 years until the time of the Second Advent. Father's mission is to restore human history and establish the foundation to build the Kingdom of God on earth. This is what Father is doing. Do you understand?

Father wants you to clearly understand the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist as Cain and Abel and Zachariah. Suppose Jesus had found his bride and married, then the history would have totally been changed from that point on. In those days it was customary to marry as young as eighteen years of age. Therefore, Jesus could have married at the age of 18. Why did he not do so? Because he couldn't find his bride? There were many brides, but he was unable to find the bride who could fit God's providence. The Fall of man took place around the age of sixteen years. At the age of seventeen years Jesus honestly told his mother Mary all the providential details that were needed in order for him to marry. Three times he spoke to his mother in all, at the age of twenty-seven and then at thirty. But the family could not accept his proposal. After Jesus realized that his goal for marriage could not be accomplished through his own family, from the age of thirty he went out and walked the public course for three years. But finally he was crucified.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam was in the position of Abel and the Archangel was in the position of Cain. The meaning of the Fall is that the Archangel took away Adam's younger sister, Eve. In order to restore that relationship, Jesus was supposed to take Cain's younger sister, who was John the Baptist's younger sister and make her his own bride. Who was the younger sister? It would have been Jesus' stepsister. According to the law of Israel at that time it was not permitted to marry a close blood relative. After Joseph saved Mary's life and they became officially married, don't you think that Joseph kept on asking Mary whose son Jesus really was? Yet Mary could not reveal the secret, because o nce she would then the entire family, including Zachariah and Elizabeth would be condemned by the society of Israel at that time. Therefore she could not do that. The entire family might have been stoned to death. Suppose Jesus had married John the Baptist's younger sister, restoring the phenomena in the Garden of Eden. Even John the Baptist knew that Jesus was his stepbrother. Even though Jesus wanted to marry his own stepsister, Mary could not allow that because she knew what the consequences would be. Even if Mary had agreed Elizabeth would not allow that. If Elizabeth agreed then Zachariah would refuse. It would create so much trouble with all of the family. It was a doubly difficult situation at that time. Do you understand this clearly? You have to understand this hidden secret clearly. This is the truth Father is proclaiming to you.

If everything could have happened according to God's will, Jesus could have married his stepsister with the agreement of Mary, Elizabeth and Zachariah, and then the family and tribe would have been established. This would have been the beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth. In the Last Days, due to the confusion in Jesus' family, many people have more than one wife and the children from the second and third wives are even brighter than those from the first wife. Because of this particular failure in Jesus' family we see a lot of confusion in our world, even incest taking place in families. Had Jesus been able to establish his family and tribe within the one family everything would have gone well. But Jesus was crucified. Centered upon the bride culture of Christianity this nation of America should have accepted True Father in 1945, but due to that failure we see America is rampant with all manner of sexual problems and even incest. It is like a living hell. This is how history reflects the course of indemnity.

After the rejection of Christianity and America, Father spent forty years laying the foundation through each stage of the indemnity course. He has set a strong enough foundation in North America and is expanding his foundation even to South America. Because of Satan's interference and invasion, Father's family still has some tasks to be completed. Sung Jin Nim's mother, Father's original wife and our True Mother have never met. They are strangers with no relationship whatsoever. However, Father's true son Sungjin Nim may wish to come to Father's house and live together. As Father's true son he has the right to bring his own mother. Not even True Parents could prevent that. There would be confrontation between Sung Jin Nim's mother and True Mother and Father knew that. Therefore, Father has been workmg on this matter quietly this last forty years. That is why the first son and first daughter of True Father are, in a way, in trouble. But when Father looks at you here in America, some of you, instead of helping True Children to stay away from trouble you have supported their involving more deeply. Do you understand? That is why True Mother has paid a tremendous amount of suffering indemnity. Unless True Mother offered more love for Sung Jin Nim than her own children, she couldn't go over the hill of indemnity course.

If Sung Jin Nim's mother, Father's first wife, passes away she were to leave a curse on True Father and True Children then it would be a problem. Then the restoration cannot be accomplished. Do you follow? You have been ignorant of these facts. But this is an historical formula. It is like a formed cancer in God's and Father's hearts. You must understand that upon this foundation Father has appeared. You all have been born upon this foundation which Father has established. You did not appear from nothing. You have to realize this. Right after World War Ii America had the chance to accept True Father and to turn the country around, to free America from free sex and the problem of incest. But due to the failure of America to unite with True Father, this entire country is going down the drain with the problems of homosexuality, free sex and incest. It is like a living hell. There is no way for America not to perish. But Father came and put on the brakes to this trend. In order to apply this brake Father had to endure even Danbury. Do you now understand the historical background?

If John the Baptist had brought 7000 of his followers to Jesus Christ and totally united and made his family united, that would have been the foundation to build the Kingdom of God on earth. It is like indemnifying the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel. History is living with you. If you are sick you have to be healed before you die. Without knowing this formula you have no way out. Father is erasing this from the board now. Father revealed this truth to those Japanese women who came to Korea, but in America this is the first time for Father to reveal these things. Father revealed these truths to the Japanese women because Japan is in the position of Eve.

As Father is in the position of Adam he should reveal this truth to Eve first. Korean women are in the position of the elder sister and Japanese women are in the position of younger sister. American women are in the position of the third daughter. It is again restoring Cain and Abel relationship in order to restore this history and indemnify it.

Do you clearly understand the concept of the failure of the first Adam and the second Adam, and the role of the third Adam? Jesus was supposed to restore the failure of the first Adam and establish the foundation up to the national level after restoring the family and tribe. But the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is the extension of this mission which was supposed to be accomplished by Jesus. In other words the perfection or completion of Jesus' mission is the mission of the Second Advent. However, the Lord of the Second Advent has to establish the foundation to the worldwide level. True Father has restored the first Adam's family failure, the second Adam's failure, which was a national level failure, and he has won the victorious worldwide level. Do you really understand this? [Father is drawing on the board.] Father is pointing out here, ancestor Adam, ancestor Jesus and ancestor Lord of the Second Advent.

At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, Father has established the foundation to establish the worldwide level victory, the national level and family level. All three levels are completely perfected. Centering upon the family True Parents appear and then the national level True Parents and the worldwide level True Parents appear. Family level True Parents already includes the national and worldwide levels. This kind of failure of the vertical relationship has to be restored, at the time of the Second Advent, on the horizontal level. [Father draws the diagram to explain on the board.] You see the different levels here [indicating to the board]. All have the same value. Vertically this represents the vertical brotherhood of the first Adam who was in the position of elder brother and Jesus who was the second brother. But the Lord of the Second Advent represents the third brother. This 4000 years of history had to be restored in forty years. [Father continues to demonstrate by drawing on the board.] The tribal messiah mission of restoring 160 families instead of 160 nations has the same value of inheritance. This all applies to the same concept that Father has explained here.

When it comes to the relationship between brothers and sisters we are referring to one generation. This is why this 4000 years of history [indicating to the board] had to be restored within one generation. Within forty years that task had to be accomplished. Because Father won the victory at the worldwide level, it automatically means the family and national levels are included. Therefore, if Father now wishes to share this victory with Adam at the family level and Jesus at the national level, Satan cannot oppose it. The goal of the Completed Testament era is equal to the Old and New Testament era. Because of the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age all of the s pirits in the spiritual world from Adam's time on, are able to come down to the physical realm and work with us. Adam's family is like the fallen couple who married by themselves without concern for others. Jesus' time is like the couple who live together without being married but who produce children. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent only the pure men and women establish genuine families and produce pure families.

In the Unification Church history Father spread this vertical relationship from Adam down to the Second Advent to the horizontal level. When it comes to the Blessing Father gave different titles to certain couples as Adam's family representative, Noah's family representatives and so on. Do you realize that ever since Father declared True Parents and the Completed Testament Age two years ago, this time period has dealt with more dramatic change than the last forty years of change? The world has been totally changed. Even in America, those who opposed Reverend Moon have disappeared because they can now be challenged by others who know Father's foundation.

When Father goes to nations in South America the leaders are very eager to meet Father. The president of the University of Bridgeport, Dr. Rubenstein, came to Father recently and declared it was his first time to visit East Carden. What about you, is it the first time? (Second.) (Father laughs.) Father is sharing horizontally and vertically the glory and victory he has won on the worldwide level. Because of Father's distribution of the glory to the different levels such as Adam and Jesus, then all the ancestors related to those levels can work together. Satan's power cannot come against this now. The problem at the beginning of the human history was the false marriage. But now, centered upon True Parents' love, everybody is being engrafted into the True Lineage. Children automatically inherit their parents' property. Therefore, centering upon True Father then all humankind have the opportunity to become true children and create perfection.

The crossing point where Father's glory and victory is won is the point where you can deal with the spiritual world vertically and the physical world horizontally. You have a free pass. Do you understand? (Yes.) Centering upon True Parents we must exercise absolute faith and that is how we can restore the lost love and lost blood lineage in the Garden of Eden. Once this is done, this True Lineage will last for eternity. We had 30,000 couples' holy wedding ceremony in 1992. Next year how many couples? 360,000. What about 3.6 million couples? Would the world remain calm? (Laughing.) This is not empty talk. The time can come when the entire five billion people can be blessed within seven days through utilizing the mass media system. The entire world is like our one day work boundary. You can travel to every corner of the world in one day. Before you pass into the spiritual world, unless you have the experience of living together and eating together with True Parents you are not qualified. But because we have the advantage of living in the age of highly advanced mass media, then the entire five billion people of the world can discover what Father is doing every moment of his life.

Do you know that Father has a very substantial foundation in the media world? Examples are the Washington Times and Nostalgia. Nostalgia will become the number one channel in the world soon. Once that happens, and television channels compete to introduce Divine Principle through the mass media, it would take only forty days in order to educate the entire five billion people. If you want to do that you have to follow Father's path of tradition. This 4000 year long history culminates here at the time of the worldwide level perfection of Father being here. This spreads out horizontally in Father's forty year course. For Father to reach to this point is the final evaluation in view of God's providence. [Father writes on the board.] We are all living in the same time period and the entire humanity are all now brothers and sisters. Therefore Father has been working to save all of humanity for this forty years. Now he has finally won the worldwide victory. Therefore, in order to inherit Father's mission and victory the second generation have the task to clean up the mess of this world and save humanity. Do you understand that? The second generation have to go all over the world and plant True Parents' tradition.

It is a miracle that you stand in the position whereby in your generation you can be totally welcomed and accepted as True Parents' true children and establish the Kingdom of God on earth right here. If Father tells all those American members who have followed True Father up until now, to turn around and revert back to their old life, or if Father tells the Japanese brothers and sisters to go back to Japan and return to their old life style, would you do so? (NO!) Did you decide this in your own mind? (Yes.) Yes in Korean means Jesus Christ. That is true. Because of this forty year course of indemnification where Father has won the victory, from now on restoring the world should be easy.

Father is going to return to Korea tomorrow. Don't expect Father to return to America again, because Father wishes to see you after you become qualified before Father by offering yourself to those underdeveloped countries of the world. Suppose the grandchild of someone like Rockefeller becomes our member and Father tells him that he should sell his property and go help the starving people in Africa. Do you think that person would do that? (Yes.) Can you take that kind of action? (Yes.) When Father sees you American members you always have this pride that Americans are the best. Father sees that sometimes even in James Baughman. But suppose you all sell something you own and you buy a piece of land in South America or Africa then you will become the savior king of that particular land. Will you do that? (YES!) Father is reaching almost the age of eighty and suppose he becomes sick and tired of it. Will you still do that? (YES!) That means even without Father being around you will do that, right? (YES!) Are you going to be in front or do you want to stay behind Father? (Front.)

When Father went to South America recently, even those young members all wanted to stay behind Father rather than going ahead of Father. Even catching fish, nobody could beat Father. Working without having meals they were unable to endure. And of course, without sleep, nobody is able to catch up with Father. Therefore, in terms of physical age, will you be beaten by Father or will you outdo Father? (Outdo Father.) Your voices have been recorded on tape. Remember that. I believe in you and have hope in your position. Am I right? (Yes.) In your lifetime you have been working together with True Parents, how wonderful that is. This is Father's conclusion and blessing to you on this special Christmas Day. Father heads for Korea tomorrow and once there he will launch a new fight there. (Applause.) Father has taught you clearly this morning because Father feels that even if he does not return to America, he knows that you will do as he has directed you this morning. Is that right? (Yes.) (Applause.)

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