The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Accounting Of God's Historical Providence

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 1994, East Garden.
Translator, Peter Kim

As long as there is an historical standard then the truth will remain and return to the original position. We must understand that history never dies but rather lives with us. The true historical events will remain in eternity. However, false historical events will disappear quickly.

Who lives with the truth historically? You don't need to answer this question because history itself will prove it.

What kind of life must we maintain if we consider a life for God? Human history must be hinged upon and centered upon God's will.

Did Adam's family achieve God's ideal of creation? No. Why? Because of the Fall. Therefore, no matter how much human history may have been glorified up until this point, it does not have anything to do with God's will. The fallen world has done nothing to enhance God's providence. It was a history of tragedy and misery.

America enjoys its position as the superpower controlling the entire world. How many days will it last? Nobody can be sure. Is there any American citizen who can claim that the nation of America will last forever?

We must understand in order to continue our life we should not boast about American culture and tradition. Rather we should emphasize what kind of culture and traditions American culture should have originally adopted.

America is representing the entire worldwide Christianity which is in the position of the bride religion. Therefore, America, centered upon the bride culture of Christianity, was supposed to welcome and receive the bridegroom who came as the Messiah. However, it failed in this mission and, in the last forty years, America has been declining.

Because of the Fall, human history has been a fallen history. Mankind did not start out with the true seed of True Life, but rather with the seed of false life. Even though we have over five billion people in the world it has nothing to do with God. Since we are all wild olive trees, we need the bud of the true olive tree. We need to be cut off and engrafted into the true olive tree. This is the only way to go back to God.

Adam was supposed to be the True Parent but he failed. At the moment of the Fall he died. How can that position be restored? We have to restore Adam to life so that he can become the True Parent and save the entire world.

As long as mankind is ignorant of the Fall, then God cannot do anything about it. That is the kind of agony and manipulative abuse that mankind had to endure from Satan up until this time.

Not only has humankind been abused by Satan, but Satan has also been constantly accusing God. Satan charged that no matter how powerful God might be, He could not complete the restoration of mankind. How miserable God has been.

God has provided the concept of Messiah from the Old Testament age, through the New Testament age until now for that one mission: The mission of the Messiah.

We must understand that even if we have to deny everyone from the individual level to the entire cosmos, the one thing we must accept is the need for the Messiah. Suppose it would take selling the entire nation of America in order to buy the Messiah, should we sell America? Even if it takes trading in the entire world, the entire human history, we must do it.

If you have to sell your most precious things and depart from your most precious people in order to receive the Messiah, would you do that?

As a result of the Fall of man, from Adam's family onwards, minds and bodies have been separated.

This is how the family can become unified: First individual mind and body unification, then husband-wife unity, then unity between parents and children. [Father draws on the board.] Unless there is total unification between mind and body, Satan invades. Also if there is no unity between husband and wife Satan automatically invades. The same thing occurs between brothers and sisters.

Unless there is absolute unity between mind and body, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and children, Satan is always invading.

Beginning from the family, all of the religions of the world, the cultures, civilizations, nations and people emerged. That is why in order to form a family unit, Father values marriage highly. Therefore Father has been conducting these holy weddings throughout these years.

Horizontally this unit of Adam and Eve is expanded to the worldwide level. We must have perfection here on this earth. The unification of mind and body must be done here on earth, centered upon True Love. Without having the experience of True Love you cannot even consider the unification of mind and body.

People have high goals in their lives, but remember that your highest goal must be the unification of your mind and body. This is our destiny.

Jesus Christ came as the True Parent of mankind, not because it was his desire but because it was his true destiny. However, he could not fulfill this task due to the disbelief of the people of his time. Therefore he left his words to us that he would return to finish this unfinished messianic task. That is why the Second Advent must take place.

Before Jesus came Elijah was supposed to come and prepare the way for him. But who actually came as Elijah? John the Baptist did. However, people didn't understand this and Jesus was persecuted and finally crucified. The people believed that Elijah would descend in a fiery chariot from the sky. By the same token, Christians in Korea were looking up to the sky in order to receive the Second Advent coming down in the clouds. But actually the Messiah came as a man just as in the time of Jesus. Therefore people didn't understand and so Father had to walk this course of indemnity all of these years. That is why there has been opposition.

Jesus was crucified because of misunderstanding and persecution.

America has been proud of its military and economic power as the super nation of the world. However, even America does not have what Father has. Father has an ideological foundation upon which he has formed all kinds of foundations beyond the national level and which transcend racial, cultural and national boundaries. Even a nation like America does not have this luxury.

We have to make a revolution. This is the final war. The fact is that Father has already won the victory on the spiritual level worldwide and now he begins to tackle this physical level salvation to save all these thousands of people who are dying of starvation every year. The world should recognize this. The time has come. These dying people are our brothers and sisters too. While your younger brothers and sisters are dying, do you still wish to keep your property because you wish to protect yourself? Or would you go out and sell your property and save their lives?

The day that all those wealthy countries are willing to sell their excess of cars and houses in order to save their brothers and sisters in poor countries, will automatically usher in the Kingdom of God on earth.

Now Father has a strong foundation all throughout the world, but when Father first began he was without anyone who could support him. Father simply relied upon the revelation from God. ***

Christians are proud of celebrating Jesus' birth in the stable. But this is not something to be proud of. What was supposed to have occurred was that the people of Israel and Judaism should have prepared everything necessary in order to receive the birth of Jesus. However, Jesus was abandoned and he was born in the stable.

The problem at the beginning of the human history was the false marriage. But now, centered upon True Parents' love, everybody is being engrafted into the True Lineage. Children automatically inherit their parents' property. Therefore, centering upon True Father then all humankind have the opportunity to become true children and create perfection.

It is a miracle that you stand in the position whereby in your generation you can be totally welcomed and accepted as True Parents' true children and establish the Kingdom of God on earth right here.

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