The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Let Us Find Our True Self

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 4, 1994
Belvedere-International Training Center
Translator-Sang Kil Han

Chamdoen Chagee Reul Chatja, Let Us Find Our True Self. This is the main topic which Father spoke to 160,000 Japanese ladies who were trained in Korea. It is imperative that we all know this content. Therefore Father has chosen this topic for his sermon this morning. Also Father spoke on this subject at the last leadership conference at East Garden. It is very broad in scope, but Father will condense it as much as possible. Please listen carefully.

Do you consider the world that we find ourselves living in today, good or evil? (Evil.) Why do you say that? It is not simple to give an answer, actually. We think that the world looks evil, and yet it is not simple to theorize. It is largely because we are unaware of the cause. Therefore the effect that we see manifest around us truly confuses us. Always cause and effect are related. Whenever there is a cause there is always a clear result. If there is an absolute cause, it will take an absolute certain direction and will come to an absolute result. Today men are living without the knowledge of where they come from, where they are going and where they will end up.

Let us then consider why we can say that the world is evil. We can see today that the world is filled with conflict. Why then is it bad to fight? For one thing, if we fight with one another we never rise up, but rather we fall back or deteriorate. Since this is a world of conflict, it comes closer to the world of hell. Within a family, if the members of that family fight then they divide and go down. There is no way to deny that human history has been filled with wars and conflict. This is true on the family level as well as a national and worldwide basis. To fight means to perish. If the world in general is bad then is America an exception? (No.) Then it means that America also is evil if the world at large is evil. How about American men, are they good or evil? (Evil.) How about you as an individual American? Are you good or are you bad? (Bad.) Be clear about this. They are individually bad; also, they fight and trample on others.

Americans very often emphasize their privacy. Is that a good or bad way of life? (Bad.) Why is it bad? Emphasizing privacy leads very easily to conflict with others. We see that fighting all around us and even within us. Our mind and body are fighting also. Therefore, it is an evil world that we are living in. Why then is it so bad to fight? Again, the reason that it is so bad is that not only does fighting degrade man's life, but if there is a subject of goodness of this universe, He will not remain where fighting exists. Through fighting we chase out our good God. Therefore, there is no good individual, good family nor good nation.

God claims those who are like Himself. Therefore there are no individuals whom God can claim as His own. This is true also for the family, nation, world and even the cosmic level. There is nothing and no one that exists on earth today that God can claim as His own. Things and people do exist, but to God it is as if they do not exist in fact, because they have nothing to do with Him. Is there even one individual or one family who can dwell within God's kingdom? We can reason clearly, that since there exists no good individual, family, or nation here on earth, then in God's own heaven He is without any of these. This is an inevitable conclusion.

Wars begin and take place, but they can all be brought to an end with a truce. However, the war that is being waged within individuals has been going on all throughout history. There has been no truce; the fighting continues on and on within individuals. Viewing individual problems in this light, then it is not money, knowledge or power which matters, but the evil self is what matters. The world wars were naturally very formidable, but the war within an individual is more problematic than any world war. The individual war is far more serious. When this war is raging between the mind and body of an individual then religion, salvation and ideology do not matter. Even within the religious world there is fighting. Within Christianity alone there are hundreds of different denominations in conflict. This is also true in all of the religious traditions of the world. When this fighting is going on do you think that God can dwell with them?

In order to console ourselves let us consider that if the fighting occurs in order to create betterment, for the larger objective, for the larger good, then maybe it would be all right to fight. But to fight for the sake of self is not good.

The Unification Church is participating in lots of fighting also. But we are not fighting in order to promote ourselves, but rather for better understanding, for a better world. In order to have this happen we are exerting force. In other words we are fighting.

If a husband and wife fight, then how do you feel later that day? Do you feel comfortable, happy and free? No. Let us imagine that peace has come to the world and yet my war inside of myself has not yet stopped. Then what good will the peace of the world do for me? What relationship do I then have to this peaceful world that has been coveted so much? All over the world we see many problems, but any problem, large or small, all have the same origin: man or woman. No natural phenomena causes these problems. These problems come about because of men and women. Either two men or man and woman are the cause of all these problems. Isn't this true? (Yes.) Each man and each woman always wants their own way without conceding.

Who are the men and women who goodness desires? Who are the men and women evil desires? What does goodness desire of men and women? Goodness desires the end of destruction, the beginning of peace and to invite God in. Again the question arises, do my mind and body live harmoniously together with God inside of my being? The absolute God resides within myself and so I also am absolute, because I am the object to the absolute subject.

Therefore, the main problem is not the war that we observe outside of ourselves, but rather the war within ourselves. This war that rages within, destroying ourselves, is the most formidable problem in the world. What about God, where is He? If He exists then how is it that all individuals have become so divided? Why does He not help? God and man are inseparable. God is the causal being and man is a resultant being. The cause and result cannot be separated. However, God is the center of goodness, and man finds himself at the center of evil. How then can this be resolved? These are very important questions that we need to solve. What is God's relationship to man? What do you call that relationship which exists between the Creator and the created? Father and child? It is a relationship of blood lineage in other words. Do you really believe that God's blood is flowing in you? Do you think that God's mind and body also fight? (No.) How can you say no? He is an absolute being with one content, not two. When we refer to God as an absolute God, it means that His mind and body are one. Never two. Therefore we can refer to God as an absolute being.

However, the child of this absolute being manifests entirely different characteristics. How did mankind become so different from their Creator? God created His children with the intention of their becoming ideal beings. How then did they become so completely different? We, who are fallen human beings, when we take a spouse, desire that he or she be better than ourselves. Then God surely feels this way about us, His children. Do you feel that you want your spouse to be ten times better than you or one hundred times better than you? (One hundred times.) What about more? (Ten thousand times.) The counterparts of love are only two kinds: one's spouse and one's children. There are no parents who desire their children to be less than they are. All parents wish for their children to be infinitely better than themselves. Is that true? (Yes.)

If even fallen men and women feel this way, then we can easily imagine what God wishes for His spouse and His children. If God's intense love and desire is to see us infinitely better than Himself, how must He feel to see us fallen down so low in conflict with one another? This is not a concept but reality. Isn't it true? We are far from what God wants us to be. How did this come about? Looking back at all the past religious leaders, we see that saints and sages have never placed enough emphasis on individual conflict of mind and body which is the crux of the matter. Isn't that strange? But this is true. Without engaging this realm, the human problem can never be addressed or solved. We have to look at the root problem of the individual and take this out. Where does this root come from? Is it from God or is it from Adam and Eve? (Adam and Eve.) If so, then we are a step closer to the solution. If indeed, it began with Adam and Eve, then God's desire was not fulfilled in them. We can conclude that. Also we can deduce that God has not been a part of man becoming far from His original ideal. With whom then did this division begin? Adam and Eve did not really know what was going on. But we know that there was an archangel who was ministering to Adam and Eve. He is the cause of Adam and Eve separating and their minds and bodies separating.

The fighting that we observe all around us has its root with whom? (Lucifer.) That is correct, but it is jumping to conclusions without enough steps to lead to that conclusion. There must have been a being whom God, Adam and Eve loved very much. Who was that being? (Adam and Eve.) More completely, Adam and Eve who perfected themselves as God desired. They had not yet perfected themselves and so there was not a complete relationship between God and Adam and Eve yet. If Adam and Eve had grown into perfection successfully and manifested God's image, what then would have happened? What is it that God desires the most? True Love counterpart. God is very lonely, all by Himself. Without True Mother, True Father would feel so unhappy and lonely. He would feel that he had nothing. What about God? God has five senses just as we do. But if he has no object, what good would the five senses be to Him? The five senses exist for the sake of the love partner. Your eyes exist in order to see your spouse, not yourself. All five senses are the same.

Do you think that God needed a knowledge partner? (No.) He needed His True Love partner. True Love is everlasting love. We can see that God absolutely needs this love and for this purpose He created the whole of creation. The crucial question is, does God have His love partner or not? The answer is obviously He does not. Therefore, is God happy or is He miserable and pitiful? Is He happy or sad? (Sad.) Is He miserable or glorious? (Miserable.) The fact that God chased Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden means that everything became chaotic and different from its original meaning.

We can safely conclude that God has created such a magnificent creation, including His partner, and yet today He has lost everything. He has nothing from His original purpose of creation. This sad and miserable God is having to listen to the Christians pleading with Him to save them individually. These are the unfair acts that men of religion are pursuing today. The cause and result is now showing so painfully clear in these, the Last Days. Therefore there is nothing which God can have the smallest attachment to. At the end of time God wants to sweep everything away. He does not want to even look at or think about any of it.

There is no question that God had an ideal in the very beginning. But today, in these Last Days, He is witnessing a completely opposite reality to what He originally desired. However, had Adam and Eve not fallen, then God's absolute love would have been ours today. This world would consist of individuals united in mind and body, creating loving families throughout the world. Now we have to clearly understand the origin from which mind and body began to fight. That is the root. Clearly we have to understand this root.

Where did life begin? Where did your life begin? (Parents.) And more particularly the love between the parents. Is that true? (Yes.) If this love between the parents would have been God-like, then fighting would never have taken place. Adam wanted love but Eve seduced him. This was the beginning of this conflict. The motivation was the origin of the fighting. We can conclude that the origin of this conflict was false love. This very origin of Adam and Eve's false love gave rise to all the conflicts thereafter. As a result everyone that exists is different from God's ideal. God's desire was there at the beginning, but due to some accident we are far away from this original desire. We do not know God, we do not know our own origin and root.

In the Bible we see how God chased out His children from the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve's false love resulted in false love, false life and false lineage. The lineage changed. It no longer came from God. It was supposed to have resulted in True Love, True Life and True Lineage. But now these two are in conflict with one another. The false direction will wage war against any power that wishes to go in a true direction. There is this insurmountable wall here [indicating to the diagram Father has drawn on the board]. From Adam and Eve there are eight different stages. The false life expanded through these stages. In order for us to rediscover our true self, how many steps have we lost? We have lost eight steps: the individual, the individual within a family, the individual within society and so forth. We lost eight stages of ourselves.

Have you ever thought in this way? This is so tragically true. And just repairing oneself as an individual will not suffice. Even if I am repaired, but my family is not, it won't do. Therefore, we have to repair ourselves at eight stages and win over that before we can move from false to true domain. How do you intend to accomplish this in your lifetime? Who is the subject of false love? (Satan.) Then you know enough to say that Satan is God's love enemy. He is the destroyer of God's love. This is his main work.

In God's world there are eight stages also. We have to reach to this point [indicating to the board] in order to penetrate to this point. Each stage has a big boundary and wall. You cannot simply jump from one to another. This is a natural prison within ourselves. As you rise up it becomes more difficult. The wall gets higher and higher. As difficult as it is from the individual to the family, from clan to nation is more difficult. How are we to liberate this? This is a practical, not a conceptual, matter. In order to come out of here and enter into this true realm [indicating to the board] we have to escape here and gain entry here. It takes a life and death venture in order to jump from here to here [indicating to the board]. It is so difficult that only through risking one's life it might be possible. That is why the Bible tells us that only those who are willing to die will live, whereas those who are unwilling to die will in fact die.

No human being in history has ever addressed this problem. As an individual, I must be liberated first before I am able to get into the family level. I must be liberated individually before I can belong to the clan. Also, I must be liberated individually first before I can belong to the nation, world, spiritual world and God. If I am not liberated then even if I rise up to each level it will not mean anything. This is a very realistic matter. When we go to the spiritual world, if we don't liberate ourselves then even though heaven is right in front of us we cannot enter. It is much more difficult to liberate oneself in the spiritual world.

Christianity is teaching that through belief alone you will be saved. That is completely unreasonable. That does not amount to anything. Such nonsensical people are calling Father a heretic. Do you understand? (Yes.) Satan the super destroyer is rampant. The Bible warns that when we witness such phenomena then the end of the world is near. In America today we see that individuals are devastated by AIDS, people are living immoral lives, the family is hanging in threads. Nobody has time to pay respect to the nation any more because they are too busy paying attention to the individual. Satan has truly devastated this country.

When the complete destruction comes, there will be a new bud of life that will emerge. Although it may look humble, that will be the Unification Church. The whole world will sink to destruction in the Last Days, but a few will rise up. Their aspiration will not be to save themselves alone, but to save the whole world and God also. These few are the Unification Church members. Satan, the love enemy of God, has destroyed everything. That same world which Satan destroyed, God is now recreating. Do you follow? (Yes, Father.) [Indicating to the diagram on the board.] Here is the point of transfer of the times. It is confusing, but we should not become confused during this time of transition. It took God thousands of years to create and it took thousands of years for things to crumble to where they stand today. But this is going to be mended in a few days.

The root of the whole problem was the sexual behavior. Satan's world is an immoral world. Satan is the God of immorality. God is the God of holiness and purity (soonkyul). Since the western world does not have a very strong moral concept, then the word "pure" is as close a translation as is possible. However, soonkyul is far more than simply pure. This word in Korean literally means that you have to go through so many trials but still keep purity intact deep within you. This word in Korean means the clean lineage. There is no such concept as clean lineage in your language. Do you understand? (Yes.)

We have to clearly teach the Fall. At least we now know the cause of this confusion and immorality today, and the cause of fighting also. Then we can more closely examine why mind and body are fighting so desperately. Because of Satan the rift between mind and body came into being. [Father draws and writes on the board.] Man has mind and body. In his mind dwells his conscience. Even Satan knows what is unprincipled. Mind came from God and body came from Satan, in a manner of speaking. The conscience knows that the body must follow the mind. Why does the conscience belong to God? Because the conscience is vertical. There is only one ideal vertical and in God's world that is plus. The conscience, which is an absolutely vertical line, enables us to decipher right from wrong. However, the mind dwells within the body. The body belongs to Satan horizontally, but the spirit cannot help but live in it while here on earth. This is plus, God, and this is minus [indicating to the board]. Mind and body.

If God is plus and Satan is minus then there would be no problem, because they would be conforming to the confines of the Principle. However, this body which is supposed to be in the minus position has turned into a plus. Here is a legitimate plus, the mind, and here is what is supposed to be a legitimate minus, but it has turned into a plus [indicating to the diagram]. The body now is the root of false love. Therefore the mind and body are in conflict. The question is how to nullify this reality. Originally mind and body were to have been subject and object. Had that happened then, just like a tuning fork, if one had sounded there would have been a resonance. That is how harmoniously sensitized mind and body were supposed to have been.

However, due to the Fall, they became plus and plus. We are very much aware of conscience. Is conscience always the victor over the evil body or is the conscience always vanquished by the evil body? What is your experience? (Body.) Mind actually plays a small part in our activities, whereas the body seems to dictate. Conscience is being driven by the body constantly and is very sad because of this. Our conscience knows to which world it is destined to go. Even though today's reality is hell, still conscience knows that it is supposed to dwell in heaven. That is what our conscience continuously reminds us of. But the body continues to drag the conscience about where it pleases. There should be an age of the liberation of conscience that will come. Our conscience is fettered right now. We need to liberate our conscience so that it may do as it pleases.

At least we are fine tuned now; we know where the problem began. The problem began in the body. Adam and Eve were growing towards perfection when they fell. They were in the perfection of the growth stage when the Fall occurred. Once Adam and Eve had reached the perfection stage then there would be no fall possible. They would have had no other possibility but to go to heaven once they reached perfection. We can see what is hell and what is heaven. [Indicating to the board] This is heaven. Once Adam and Eve reached oneness with God they would dwell automatically in heaven. However, now heaven is empty.

Why did the evil body get the better of the good mind? It happened because when the Fall took place, the power of the false love was stronger than the power of the conscience at that time. False love was stronger than conscience at the time of the Fall. That was the problem. We see how powerful false love is all the time. When two people wish to marry and be together and are prevented from doing so, they decide to kill themselves. They would rather die together than live without one another. Even false love is so very powerful. That is the problem. But we have to have a strong conscience to be able to counteract this. Do you understand clearly? (Yes.) You have to understand why and where this Fall came about.

The conclusion is simply to destroy the temptation towards false love the very moment that you detect that powerful urge inside of yourself. This false love power which is stronger than our conscience, we must destroy within ourselves. That is it. That is what the religious life is all about, is it not? To deny the desires of the body so that the conscience will rise up stronger. God knew this reality and so God introduced religion into human life. Religion helps an individual to suppress their bodily desires and uplift their mind or conscience. The purpose of religion has been to destroy the bodily desires and uphold the conscience. Therefore it is so clear that we cannot be saved by simply believing in religion. The purpose of religion is not to save us. Do you understand? (Yes.) Then how can you be saved? Only when we connect with God's love are we able to go to heaven.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen then religion would never have been necessary. Do you understand? (Yes.) Without the Fall, Adam and Eve would automatically have connected with God's True Love. Without connecting with that True Love of God we cannot enter into heaven. What is more important than religion is to understand how to destroy the urge of the body. This is far more important than religion itself. Believing in the Unification Church will not enable us to reach to heaven. This will not happen for the very reason that Father has explained to us here. Through connecting with God's True Love and overcoming our bodily desires we will be able to enter heaven.

Let us examine what religion teaches us. Religion teaches fasting, abstinence from food. Nobody wants to abstain from eating. It teaches us to serve and sacrifice, but again human beings do not want this. We are simply not naturally built that way. Why does religion command this then? Because of Satan's influence we have become arrogant. The only way for arrogant people to become Godly individuals is by sacrificing and serving others. Religion also teaches us to make ourselves an offering. The meaning of offering is to lay a condition by dividing in half, representing good and evil. Blood must be shed and then the offering has to be burnt. To make ourselves into an offering is what the body hates the most. But if someone comes along with a knife and wants to cut you into half and burn you alive, the body would hate that the most. However, the mind is willing to go that way for the sake of heaven. Then the mind rises up higher and higher towards heaven in the spiritual world.

If the age of the liberation of conscience comes quickly, then the conscientious people around the world will all rise up in power. Because they will be connected with God's love they will receive God's grace and power and opportunity. That is why we need True Parents. True Parents are absolutely necessary. Why are they so absolutely necessary? Because they help us to cut the ties with evil and to embrace all the individuals and families of Godly attributes. Also to embrace all the tribes and nations of the world and have them belong to God, True Parents are necessary. The motto for this year was The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. The five billion population will become one in the minus position. True Parents' family settlement on the earth is a big plus.

God wants to have a big plus of the Ideal Family here on the earth from which He can make extension. Settlement means this huge subject and the five billion humankind in the object position. When every family follows True Parent's family's ideal settlement they will become object families. Settlement refers to taking of position. Now for the first time in human history settlement here on the earth has taken place. To live the life here on the earth which God had intended, then we go to the spiritual world and fill the heaven that has been empty until now, that heaven where God intended everyone to go. Settlement means for this to occur all at the same time within one generation, not only the individual family, but the whole world all at the same time.

Unless we live serving and centering upon True Parents' family we cannot go to heaven. Do you understand? (Yes, Father.) Until now no human being ever had the opportunity to serve True Parents. Therefore we must serve True Parents and indemnify before we will be able to enter into heaven. Do you want to become an offering? (Yes, Father.) Suppose Father requests you, as an offering, to go to poor suffering Africa. Then you should invite the poor people of Africa to come and live in this affluent nation of America and inherit it from you. That is an offering. Love is the entity that flows, just like air and water. If they stagnate they become rotten. Does the high pressure follow the low pressure or vice versa? (High goes to low.) How about air and water? Same direction. In the same way love follows this same principle. However, now it is stagnating because the people of affluent nations stay only in affluent nations, whereas individuals from poor nations remain only in poor nations. Who made this? There should be no demarcation just as there is no demarcation with air. It just flows freely. The individual-centered concept has brought about this stagnation. This is Satan's concept.

If we are returning to nature then it means that just as high water flows to the low, affluent nations' wealth must flow to the low. When this happens, then the so-called, "world problems" will cease to exist. Do you think it would be a solution or not? (Yes, Father.) Individualism is really the worst problem. America is the kingdom of individualism. God has nothing to do with that. It really must fall down in the Last Days. Air flows through even the smallest crevice, as does water. Then so should love. Wherever love is needed then there it should seep in. If True Love wants to seep into your mind do you resist or welcome it? (Welcome.)

We should have an original mind just like original water and air. Original love should be that way. Now let me remind you again of the topic today, Let Us Find Our True Self. How much have we deviated from our true self? We lost everything and we don't even know what in fact we have lost. Our mind represents heaven and our body represents hell. Now you have heard Father's words on this subject and you have understood clearly. Our life purpose on the earth is to overcome the domination of our bodily desires and liberate our conscience. It is not that we believe in some religion and therefore go to heaven. Then what is the future of religion? Well, in future times it would become useless. It would have fulfilled a role and then it would end. It means where True Parents and dear children, namely all of us, live together then there is no religion necessary. There are no problems.

Who created the border lines between nations? The border line around America for example, who created it? American men created it. God did not create it. The same is true for any border of any nation. Individually we are living in hell on earth without peace. What is the opposite of an individual? The whole or public. Who is a good person? A good person is a public person and a bad person is an individualistic person. We can define this very clearly. The age of liberation of conscience will come. In past times we have seen that those who have been born with a good brain ruled the world. But at the beginning of creation it was Godism, was it not? God was at the center. Then during medieval times man became the center. Isn't that true? Then more recently, as we draw closer to the Last Days, then materialism has become central. During the medieval times God was part of their world, but they were very unclear as to where the cause and result was. They just blindly followed God. Blindness inevitably leads to corruption. In these times it is the corruption of man being central rather than God.

From the brain to power, that is empiricism [indicating to the board diagram] and within power there is further uncertainty as to the cause and effect. People came to realize that no matter how great a man might be, he dies after 100 years at the most. Now is the age of materialism and the age of science which denies human spirituality. We are back to Godism again, but this time is very different from any other. Father explains very clearly who and what God is and Godism is no longer unclear. We know now, for the first time in history, clearly about God. We understand very clearly today man's relationship with God.

As well as Godism, we uphold humanism as well. Originally, human beings' mind and body were to be connected to God and with all things. Human beings are the central point for the connection of the entire universe. [Father is drawing on the board.] That is the headwing thought. Parentism is in fact Godism. Headwing unites up and down, right and left, back and front -- all directions. Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent all come into one unified realm: The realm of Parents. Actually headwing is Parentism after bringing the right and left wing together. From Adam's time to Jesus' time and the time of the Second Advent, all connect with God [indicating to the board]. Centering upon Parents, the right and left wing bring into unity and bring God and humanity back into oneness. Godism is the vertical viewpoint and headwing is the horizontal viewpoint centering upon True Parents.

From Godism to humanism to materialism, now all are brought into unity. Godism represents the brain, humanism the power, and materialism the body. At this time Satan works to have people believe that God is dead. Now humanity may return to God and Satan is very afraid and so he is trying to proclaim that God does not exist. Satan is trying to prevent man from understanding the concept of a restored humanity. Until now, ironically, everyone has had the common idea that bad people always seem to do well in the material world, whereas good people are always on the bottom. But now the time of liberation of conscience is coming and good people will gain God's power and help.

Now the time is drawing close when the conscientious people will rise up to make a good revolution to turn this world right side up. At least, even if only for the short range reason, you should unite your mind and body to prepare for this day. The Fall is the cause of the conflict between an individual's mind and body, the conflict between husband and wife, and the conflict among children. The Fall has brought about all this conflict. The right and left wing are represented within the children. [Father is drawing on the board.] And the Christian culture brought about the bride civilization. When the bride unifies the right and left wing into unity, then the Lord of the Second Advent will come. This one [indicating to the board] represents the bride culture, which is the Christian culture. Is that true? (Yes.) Three entities become one here, [indicating to the board] then unifying the children and becoming one with the children. Such a world will bring unity between husband and wife and through such a process the individual liberation will take place.

The reconciliation between the children, left and right wing, must take place. After this the unification between spouses will take place and restore the family. Then the individual will be restored. It is in reverse order. [Indicating to the board.] Here, we see them centering upon True Parents as husband and wife. Then, becoming united with True Parents, each individual around the world will liberate him or herself. Then here [indicating to the board] like a minus and a plus, they will enter into heaven.

This is where the Family Pledge comes in. Unless our mind and body become one, and unless our family become united and we become one with the True Parents, we cannot recite the Family Pledge. We must become families who can represent the whole world. With each family representing the whole world just like Adam's family. Now the trend of the world is coming about so that a conscientious person will be welcomed anywhere and by anyone. All of you are going in a certain direction but what is your goal to unite with? (God.) Eventually God. Is that the natural human desire? As a woman don't you want to become married to the greatest man on earth? Not the second greatest but the greatest. Is that right? (Yes.) You would like the greatest man in all of history. Who is the qualified man on the earth? (Father.) Father lives only for one generation here on earth. He will disappear after one generation from the earth.

Throughout the past, present and the future who would he be who was the greatest? "GOD!" Only God. Is God a man or a woman? (Both.) Which one? There is no such entity as both. He is a man. How do you distinguish man from a woman or woman from a man? Through the physical characteristics. One is indented and one is protruded. Do you think that God has the physical characteristics of man? Does He or does He not? He is your own Father. (Yes.) You know more than me. I am learning from you now. All women must become wives of God. Do you feel good? (Yes, Father.) What is the qualification that you need? You already have the qualification in a sense, but on top of who you presently are, you need True Love. Then you will be qualified to marry God.

Father has drawn this diagram here depicting Adam and Eve and their offspring. They had three children. If God dwells in Adam and Eve, then He also dwells within all three children in an equal way, and also in their offspring in a very equal way. Even though the generation may be different, the fruit is the same. First, second, third generation -- it does not matter. God dwells within each fruit in each generation. God dwells within all of His children in the same way. The value of the fruit is the same. No matter how many millions of years may pass, the fruit will always be of the same value. This is one grand pattern which guarantees all of your descendants, no matter how many generations, passage to the Kingdom of Heaven, the same as we and our True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes.)

God created everyone the same and each generation has the same value in God's sight. Adam and Eve naturally represented the entire world, even though they were individuals. Our marriage is not just one among five billion. Rather, each couple represents the whole world. You are representing couples, just like Adam and Eve. Do you understand? (Yes.) You are the same level -- not a fraction of the whole, but the whole itself. Do you understand? (Yes.) What does that mean? It means that each child bears the same value as Adam and Eve themselves. One husband, one wife together pledge before God to marry representing God Himself. That is our marriage. Our marriage represents the whole world.

Had Adam and Eve married with that genuine heart then their marriage would have been the marriage of God also. For example, the closer an object comes to your eyes, the less and less you see. Why? Because you are fusing into one with it. Likewise, with God, you are already one with Him and so there is no need to see because you are no longer the object. When you were children did you ever taste the mucous from your nose? (Salty.) That means that you have tried it. Why is it not dirty to you? Because you are totally one with it, not divided and separate. For example, the atmospheric pressure is a tremendous weight but we do not feel it. The reason is that we are one with it. However, if you are slightly deviated from it, you feel it. How often does your eyelash blink each day? It blinks thousands of times but you are not conscious of it. You are one with it. To stand and try to count it for one hour would drive you crazy. It is so important but you do not care or pay attention. The reason is that it is part of you.

All men and women feel your left chest and tell Father what you feel. (Heartbeat.) How many times during the day are you conscious of your heart beating? Even for as long as one year you may not even notice that your heart is beating. However, if someone touches even a strand of your hair you feel it. Why then do you not feel the beat of your heart which is so much stronger? Why? You are already one with your heartbeat. Do you usually wear a mask when you go to the bathroom? (Laughter.) Even the worst person doesn't wear a mask when he goes to the bathroom. The reason is that you are one with every aspect of yourself. God has all of the five senses and, like us, He does not feel them either. Just like us.

We all have love, life and lineage within us. We also have our conscience within us, don't we? Have we ever seen, heard or touched love and life? We may have seen a body filled with life, but we have not seen life itself. We cannot touch life either. We cannot even see our own seed that goes to create a baby. Can we see and touch our conscience? Even with our five senses we are unable to sense love, life and lineage. God is no different from us in this regard. Where is God? This question also applies to love, life and lineage. We cannot see and feel them but, nevertheless, they all exist in a very real sense. God is part of us just as love, life and lineage are.

One can never experience love by one's self. Even though love exists within us we are unable to feel it by our own selves. God is the origin of love. He is the root of the love, life and lineage within me. This we cannot deny. God is within the root of conscience, life, love and lineage. When we expand the love, life and lineage within us, then God will come to the surface. How do we do that? We accomplish this through investing ourselves for the sake of others in a completely selfless way. Through this total investment God can be experienced.

The birth of the universe has its origin in God. God invested everything of Himself for the sake of His creation. [Here Father begins to draw on the board.] Here we see God's output and on the other side input. The very beginning of the universe came into being through the total investment of God. For what did He invest everything? For His True Love partner: man and woman. God's partner of love is not a monkey. The evolution theory claims that we originate from monkeys. No matter how wonderful an amoeba might be, it cannot give rise to life that is in a higher form that itself. This is simply impossible unless somebody puts in additional power. Do you think that the amoebae would be a more likely origin to creation, or the concept of plus and minus, male and female? (Plus and minus.) Even within the mineral kingdom there is the existence of motion. This implies that the plus and minus relationship is in existence; otherwise, motion cannot come into being. And the amoebae came into being after that. If there are 108 different kinds of elements, they cannot merge into one another. No matter how they may try, by themselves they simply cannot interact. Do you understand? Even the amoebae must have the plus and minus element within it.

Darwin tried to claim that an amoebae is neutral gender, but this is not so. For example, in the daytime there are both sunlight and shadow. However, at high noon there is no shadow. It does not mean that shadow does not exist, it simply means that the shadow exists within a person's perimeter. In the same way, even though it may not be clearly visible within the amoebae as with other forms of creation, without the plus/minus concept, no living being exists. Certainly without the plus and minus element they cannot fuse together and give rise to a third being.

There are forty-seven differences in construction between a monkey and a man. Suppose we find the most handsome monkey in the whole of the ape kingdom, and we find the ugliest woman in the world and then everybody prays for them to produce offspring. Do you think that they will produce new offspring? No. Absolutely, forever no. Whatever gave Darwin the idea that man came from the monkeys? Different species maybe, but how can monkeys give rise to man? The same family of vegetable kingdom or animal kingdom can give rise to offspring. But if they are different species they cannot reproduce. When you are sleeping with your husband together do you want a third party to come and intervene between you? (No.) Absolutely not.

Male and female elements can horizontally connect very closely, but they can never rise up vertically. Vertically means they cannot elevate their status. The greatest flaw in Darwinism is the idea that different species can give rise to human beings. What he tries to do is to deny the element of love in giving rise to the human beings. This is the most devastating thing, because love is the origin of mankind, not monkeys. Just because monkeys bear a physical similarity to man does not mean that a monkey is a man. In perspective they may appear somewhat similar, but never in essence.

How big is the aspiration of human beings? God saw the need to implant in human beings limitless desire because God wanted his partner to be greater than Himself. We must be aware of this very strong desire within us and that is the action of conscience. You can imagine your conscience as a large bag which you are able to put many things into. How big is your conscience bag? You can put God Himself into your conscience bag. Does that make your conscience bag full with no more room for anything else? If your conscience bag becomes full, then you would like to put more in your other pockets. Once everything is absolutely full then you want to open your mouth and bring it in there. That much. No limit. Do you have that kind of greedy desire or not? (Yes, Father.) There is no limit to your good greed. In Korean we say yokshim but there is no word that is equivalent in the English language. Greedy usually means something bad. But this means a good greed. Therefore you have to make up a word in English for this. Such attributes of mankind began thousands of years ago when Adam and Eve were born. Do you think that during this time this has changed? (No.)

Scientists tell us that the universe is made up of energy. Did energy suddenly arise without any prerequisite or is it generated? (Generated.) You have such immense love within you. Do you think that it suddenly rose up just like that? In order for love to arise first your eyes have to meet the eyes of either your subject or object. Some kind of action occurs. Your five senses will further accelerate that action. It then explodes in the power of love. In order for power to occur is action necessary? (Yes.) Before action occurs, first there has to be a subject and object in order for action to begin. Then action takes place and power occurs. The scientists say that before power there is action and prior to that there is an element of action, or subject and object. The action of the conscience for example, means the conscience has to be touched off, as it were, or evoked. That means there is an action, which in turn means it must have a subject and object relationship. This is logical. Without this no action can take place.

Even if we may not have thought this way, we can now have it in our mind that subject and object has to be very much there before our conscience or our love is evoked. That is plus and minus centering upon God. We cannot deny the existence of God when we observe the same trait from millions of years ago, flowing down in an unchanging way through mankind. It will eternally continue because there is a subject and object existing within the conscience. We therefore cannot deny that God is present there. Before we consider the theory of evolution, we understand the Principle of Creation. We cannot deny or do away with God.

Within creation we can conclude that God must be present; within the subject and object relationship we can conclude that God must be present. Do you understand? That conscious action has been unchanging all throughout human history. Therefore we cannot deny God. Looking at the root of love, life and lineage we also cannot deny God. [Father has drawn a diagram depicting all of this on the board.] Looking at this we cannot deny God. Conscience is very much present, but we are not conscious of it all the time. God is the root of our conscience, our love, life and lineage. The philosophical concept of, "I think and so therefore I am" has given a great deal of confusion to mankind.

We have eyes, [Father draws on the board] eyebrows, nose and mouth. (Laughter.) Before that eye came into being do you think the eye itself knew that there was an object for it to see? Do you think that eye knew that there would be air, sunlight, and dust? (Somebody knew.) Not somebody, the eye itself? The eye itself did not know these things. Why did the eye come into being? Eyes came into being in order to see things. Eyes are equipped to look at the sun. Even though the material eye is unaware, the creator behind that eye knows. Is that true? (Yes.) Did the somebody who knew come first or did the eye, not knowing, come first? (Somebody who knew.) That's right. Somebody knew that there would be dust and air and so the eyelashes were created, like a fine screen. Somebody knew that dust would exist. Also the eye is constantly bathed in liquid. Therefore, somebody knew that there would be heat that would dry the eye and that it would need constant bathing in its own liquid. The eye did not know this.

Now we come to the solution of this age-old question: did the chicken come before the egg or vice versa? (Laughter.) Which came first, the entity or the concept? (Concept.) Concept came first. We also have eyebrows to prevent sweat rolling into our eyes. Therefore it seems reasonable to conclude that somebody knew that there might be sweat on the face. Don't take everything for granted; every day when we wash our face let us give thanks to God. All the wondrous design of the human body God created. Remind yourself daily that God made everything with us and our comfort in mind.

With this evidence can we say that material came first? (No.) Why do you insist on denying it? Because it is not true. How close is God to us? Knowing all of this we can see how close God is to each one of us. God is the closest to each of us and that is why we don't feel Him. If we feel only thirty percent of love, life and lineage and our partner comes along with 100 percent of all of these, we naturally feel seventy percent lacking. We should in fact not feel love until our subject or object appears. Until then we should be at zero point. Then 100 percent give and take can occur. We should not feel love when we are alone.

If God is alone He doesn't feel love. If man and woman are by themselves they also don't feel love. But when they meet each other, then suddenly God will jump like electricity because He feels 100 percent of love towards them. Do you understand? (Yes.) With the sudden appearance of your spouse or your lover, then your heart pounds, you become short of breath and you perspire until you crash into one another. Thunder and lighting which involves water and electric current are symbolic of love between spouses. That's nature's love in action.

Should Father end here? (NO.) Father spoke this content to the Japanese women's seminar for three days, day and night, and they were deeply moved and in tears. They also paid a good tuition. Therefore should we stop here? (No.) Listen carefully then. Adam and Eve's marriage was whose marriage? (God's marriage.) Why was it God's marriage? If a tree married, automatically its root would marry along with it In the same way, when man marries, the root of that man, God, automatically marries also. The marriage means two lives joining into one. Their conscience, life, love and lineage fuse into one. Do you understand? Where does life and love connect? Which exact spot? (The sexual organ.) That is correct. The love, life, lineage and conscience all connect through that part of ourselves.

What is the starting point of life, love, lineage and conscience? The joining of the sexual organs of man and woman. None of the ideals of a man can ever be triggered without the sexual organ of woman. In the same way, none of the ideals of a woman can be triggered unless a man's sexual organ touches her. Ideal love, life, and lineage cannot begin without this. Not even conscience. Do you understand why this is so important? What then is the marriage ceremony? The love connection, life connection, lineage connection and conscience connection. The opening of that secret place and exchanging possession. That is marriage. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The starting point of God's and man's love should not be separate. They should commence from the same point. If there are two starting points it will be impossible to create a unified and peaceful world. God's and man's love have to begin at the same point. Therefore, Adam's marriage ceremony is God's marriage ceremony. Once Adam and Eve marry legitimately, centering upon God as their root, then Adam and Eve become God in entity. God being invisible God, dwells within Adam and Eve who are visible God. Do you understand? (Yes.) God being absolutely vertical and Adam and Eve being absolutely horizontal make a ninety degree angle. This was not easily acquired knowledge. Father truly agonized over the solution of the question of where God's and man's love begins from. When Father agonized he heard a voice from heaven saying that God's love travels the shortest distance. That shortest distance means any vertical line which intersects with a horizontal line at a ninety degree angle. If it is ninety-one degree angle it is too short and if it is eighty-nine degrees it is too long. The path of True Love is an exact ninety degree angle. Man and woman's love meet in a straight line and so does God's and they intersect at a ninety degree angle.

This is the very central place where God's and man's love meet [indicating to the board]. Man represents the sun and woman represents the earth. The sun radiates towards earth. When a man becomes a great man, his wife also becomes great. [Father draws on the board.] This line denotes the father-son relationship, this one the husband and wife relationship and this front and rear line denotes brothers and sisters. This is the formula for the family system, centering upon True Love. Centering upon True Love brothers and sisters never fight. As a rule of thumb, if you observe brothers and sisters fighting, their parents are not based upon True Love. Family has everything within it; it has parents, spouses, brothers and sisters. Children are equivalent to brothers and sisters. This is the formula and this is the unit.

If we expand this to the universal level it is the same formula: Children's world, brothers' and sisters' world, parents world and spouses' world. This is the formula at every level of society. Four different levels. Each family is a real microcosm of the huge universe. It contains everything of the universe within it. When good education takes place within a family, when the children grow up and move into society, then everywhere they go they will behave according to that education. Everywhere they go they will find parent figures and respect them; every woman a man may meet he would treat with the same respect as his own wife and so forth. This would make such a person welcome everywhere. This would be heaven on earth. The family contains within itself the universal foundation. Do you understand? (Yes, Father.)

The Unification way of life that Father has taught us is very clear. An individual must live for and be absorbed by the family; the family likewise must live for and be absorbed by the clan. At each level this principle of the smaller existing for the larger exists. This was the key of the original creation. Why do we do this? Because a greater being comes to exist for everyone. Whatever belongs to me also belongs to my family. Whatever belongs to my family belongs to the tribe; the tribe's property belongs to the nation; the nation's property belongs to the world; the world's property is cosmic property; cosmic property belongs to God. Whatever is God's property belongs to me. Do you understand? This makes a complete circle. Since human beings are God's True Love partner, eventually whatever belongs to God belongs to me. God needs a True Love Partner and that means humankind. Are you clear? (Yes, Father.)

The Communistic and satanic concept has been that whatever the other may have belongs to me and whatever belongs to me is mine. In God's original ideal it was meant to be the way Father has explained to us, because man's capacity is huge enough to be able to accommodate all of these things. Do you understand? (Yes.) Do you think that Americans should sell their homes and invest into Africa? (Yes.) Why? In order to make whatever belongs to America the property of the world. The highest should belong to the lowest, otherwise a revolving circle will not form. Everybody wants to remain at the high point forever. However, no other existence operates this way.

As Father has already mentioned the male and female characteristics are invented as a plus and minus circuit. Does God have male characteristics? Yes, He does. [Father draws on the board a male and female.] Now which part of the human body can make these two into one body? It is the sexual organ, isn't it? (Yes, Father.) Why, people may wonder, why does the great leader of the Unification Church keep on mentioning the sexual organs of human beings? (Laughter.) Because it is a most important and holy, holy place. After the Fall it became the worst place. But it is originally meant to be a holy, holy place. Without the Fall this would have been the object of praise. However, due to the Fall, today it is completely opposite. It is something to be avoided, something vulgar. However, the key of happiness, hope and freedom are there. Man's hope is woman. Woman's hope is man. Do you understand? (Yes.) Man's absolute truth being is woman. Woman's absolute truth being is man.

All of our consciences are directly inherited from God centering upon True Love. Our True Love center is God. My conscience is vertical me centering upon God's True Love. Body is horizontal me. Clear? The vertical love place and the horizontal love place connect the vertical line with the horizontal line at a ninety degree angle. The connecting place for this connection is man and woman's sexual organs joined in True Love. Only through this part can love, life, lineage and conscience connect. This is the original source of love. It is the original palace of love, the central palace of love. This is such a blessed place -- it is the central palace for life, love, lineage and conscience. But look at the American lifestyle today filled with free sex. Such dirty behavior! How fearful it is to misuse this holy place. Absolutely God does not like this misuse through homosexuality, lesbianism, and free sex. God hates these things. America is making a bad influence all throughout the world through this false culture.

If we cannot maintain this sacred place securely, then we cannot keep our love, life, lineage and conscience. Do you think that Father is over-emphasizing this point, or do you believe this to be true to the fullest extent? (True.) True Love, True Life, True Lineage and true conscience can never be obtained without going through the joining of sexual organs. That is why for a husband his wife is so important and indispensable and vice versa. Do you understand this, American women? Seventy percent of divorce in America is said to originate from women. Women take part actively in free sex here. This is unthinkable. Sometimes by force, and sometimes voluntarily, it all comes from ignorance. Women are worse than men in this regard. Is this true? (Yes, Father.)

Even though the original ideal world has faded away throughout history and we are left with only a trace of it, still fallen people have within them the desire of conscience. This is hopeful for salvation. You evaluate the situation: there is no hope in men or women, but there is one stick which we call our conscience. Only this conscience is the life stay remaining with us. Like a ladder here [indicating to the board diagram] there is an individual ladder, clan level ladder and so forth. You cannot jump over the different levels. The shortest way is the only way in which you can travel up a ladder. Going up step by step, this is the ladder of conscience.

We already know how this misery occurred through the Fall. The remedy for this is to suppress our bodily desires and give rise to our conscience. That conscience is very much bound and gagged right now. We are longing for the day of liberation of conscience and that day will arrive very soon. Father has already spoken about the bag or the sack of conscience. Which do you imagine is larger: the bag of the conscience or the bag of love? (Love bag.) What love? True Love bag or conscience bag? (True Love bag.) Why? Because conscience is born out of love. If we think of love as plus, then conscience is in minus position to love. If you place True Love into the bag of conscience and everything is so filled up, you don't desire anything else. Do you know that there is such a thing as love sickness? (Yes.) Once this bag of love and conscience is filled, all you need to do is dance, sing and enjoy life. You find that you are happy in whatever position you may be in. If you run, roll over, or stumble and hurt yourself you will remain happy. (Laughter.) Whatever you do you are only happy.

Now we know how we are able to subjugate our body to its master, conscience. We have already transferred our lineage from the false parents into True Parents' lineage and so we should be able to accomplish this. Let us march forward towards the era of the liberation of conscience. In order to do so we have to accomplish these three points [indicating to what Father has written on the board]. Until now we did not realize that the conscience played the crucial role of bringing us from the evil to the good world. Did we inherit our conscience at our birth? No. It was before life. It has always been with God. The conscience remains the same constantly. My parents are only connected to me by one generation before me. Therefore, conscience is more important than my parents. My conscience is my utmost teacher because it is directly connected with God. Do you understand? (Yes, Father.) You don't need a teacher. God is an absolute teacher. Conscience existed before life itself, and it is my best teacher.

If the Fall didn't take place we would not need to think about God because we would be God, dwelling with Him. We can be higher than God Himself, thanks to conscience. When Father realized this it was really a shocking moment. All these great men of religion and philosophy have been teaching this and that, giving rise to a lot of confusion, while they themselves died in vain. Father really felt hollow and sad to think about this reality. When we live in the days of the liberation of conscience then everything will be God-oriented.

When God created He did not have a partner. Now that we realize that we are the partner to God we will request Heavenly Father, "Heavenly Father, we want to make the world into the world of conscience. Please help us." Do you think that God would help us or not? He has a partner, I have a partner. If we ask God to recreate the fallen universe with a serious heart He would do it. It stands to reason that He would. With God, nothing is impossible. Only if we exert our power we can recreate the universe one hundred times larger than the existing universe. Through this we begin to understand how precious is man's value. Now look at mankind. Compared to the original value of man and the way they have reduced their value, they appear as maggots by comparison.

Conscience is higher even than parents. Please recite this, yangshim eun boomonim boda apsuh yitda. That means, conscience exists ahead of True Parents. Please repeat one more time. [Conscience exists ahead of True Parents.] Again. [Conscience exists ahead of True Parents.] The second is, yangshim eun seuseung boda apsuh yitda. Now repeat this, the conscience exists before the teacher himself. [Conscience exists before the teacher himself.] Again. [Conscience exists before the teacher.] This means that the conscience is ahead of the teacher. The third, yangshim eun hananim boda apsuh yitda. Conscience exists ahead of God. Please repeat. [Conscience exists ahead of God.] Again. [Conscience exists ahead of God.] One more time. [Conscience exists ahead of God.]

Do you think that God or your conscience knows first what you do? (Conscience.) Clearly your conscience knows first. Your conscience knows whatever you have done good or bad in your life thus far. It is like your heavenly computer. What is your name? (Heidi.) In the spiritual world Heidi's tape will be played back to her and in one minute she will review her whole life's deeds. How convenient is that place! Do you want to go there? (Yes.) You will, after you die. (Laughter.) Therefore you need to know these things.

First, conscience exists ahead of True Parents; second, conscience exists ahead of teacher; and third, conscience exists ahead of God Himself. Even the most loving parents, since they are older than you, can never stay until you go to the spiritual world in order to protect you. However, conscience will. After parents marry their daughter to one man, then their protection of their daughter ends. However, that daughter's conscience will protect her the rest of her life and even beyond. Your conscience will protect you always from going astray. Therefore we must understand that before God knows our actions, our conscience is already aware. Conscience exists even before God. If you fully understand and follow what Father has taught you this morning, then your style of prayer should change. Where does God live? In the True Love dwelling place. Where is that? (Sexual organ.) The most holy, holy place. We must restore it again to the most holy place and protect it forever. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Therefore, when you wake up and throughout the day you have to give thanks to your holy place. Actually we should bow down to one another as husband and wife for each other's holy place. Do you understand? (Yes.) That place is the starting place of heaven on earth and in heaven. Without this the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot come into existence. Happiness, hope, peace and freedom all want to live on that base. But without this holy place none of these ideal concepts can come into being. Are you clear? (Yes, Father.) This place is the universal ideal center. Now you understand how precious is that place. Do you understand or not? (Yes.)

Through the Fall we lost everything -- the True Self, True Family, nation, world, and universe. All things were lost, including God Himself. Centering upon True Love the vertical Father is God. Now we understand everything. You have to realize just how great and joyful is our position. We should feel pride and gratitude to be in such a position. If you share this with the world you can instantly create a revival of such a strong magnitude. It depends whether or not you decide to keep your mouth closed or open it and share this content. You have to open your mouths and share this truth in order to help your brothers and sisters to resurrect. Can you do this? (Yes, Father.) Those of us who feel that we can do this let us raise both of our hands.

God bless you. (Applause.)

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