The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Explanation Of The Meaning Of The Family Federation For Unification And World Peace

Excerpted from a speech delivered by Reverend Sun Myung Moon on November 23, 1994, at East Garden. Translated by Mr. Peter Kim.

We are living in the Last Days, the end of history, and we will witness more and more the destruction of families. The only hope is through the Unification Church, centering upon sacrificial love and family values. The whole world is lacking this central God-centered concept. This time has been labeled the era of the global village. However, Unificationists call it the era of the global family. This is the reason Father has established the Family Federation for World Peace.

The dispensation of restoration has eight different levels. These eight different stages represent the entirety of human history. Without the Fall of Man it would have taken just twenty years to reach the pinnacle. The biblical history calculates approximately 6000 years, but in reality it was more than tens of thousands of years. It took thousands of years until history found one central man. Even after the establishment of one sinless person, still that person has to wait until he establishes the family level. If God were allowed to come in at any stage and turn everything around, then He could have done so by now. But the Principle prevents God from doing this. The Fall was committed by human beings, and so men and women have to resolve this problem, not God.

Family Perfection

The formation stage, corresponding to the Old Testament era, represents the satanic family level. The second stage, which represents the New Testament age is equivalent to the satanic national level. Only beyond this satanic national level, can the heavenly family level begin.

The level at which Unification Church members receive blessing is at the satanic national level. Then we strive toward the line beyond which can begin the heavenly family level. Upon receiving the blessing we begin as a heavenly archangel family and grow up, beyond this line. Even Father's own family began at this level in 1960 and Father reached this line by the year 1980.

During this period Father set the three seven year course periods. Upon the completion of these three seven year courses he reached the heavenly family level. On that victorious foundation, in 1992, Father proclaimed the Women's Federation for World Peace. Up until this point, the dispensation was that of restoring Adam and so Mother could not surface. However, upon the completion of this restoration period then Mother surfaced. Because of that victorious foundation, in 1992, the perfected man True Father, and perfected woman True Mother, declared the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age worldwide. Anyone who stands on the same line as True Parents are at the same level. That is why Father could declare the era for the liberation of women.

Based upon this foundation, Father has declared this year The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. The entirety of humanity can be standing on the same level horizontally with True Parents. This means that the missions of Adam and Jesus have been fulfilled by the appearance of True Parents in the world.

Three Adams These three different stages, the Old Testament era, New Testament era and Completed Testament era, are each a return to the original point of Adam and Eve. From Father's point of view these represent the first Adam, second Adam and third Adam (Father). However, vertically, the first Adam and second Adam are within the third Adam's boundary. Once this first, second and third Adam are completed, perfected, then all three Adams can be included. Eventually there will be no boundaries, no different stages, but one genuine Adam.

The pre-Old Testament era is 2000 years, the Old Testament era is 2000 years and after 2000 years the Completed Testament era begins. These three together make 6000 biblical years. However, when we speak of three children of God, they can be elder brother, younger brother and youngest brother all belonging to one generation. That is why Father had to indemnify this 4000 years of biblical history within forty years. Within his own generation he had to accomplish this in order to have them stand in the same position as Father.

The Fall occurred in one single family and developed through the 6000 years of human history. Now Father is indemnifying the entirety of human history within the one generation; within forty years, to make them all into one generation, like one family. Adam was supposed to pay the proper indemnity in order to restore his own family level. However, Jesus was at the national level and Father is at the worldwide level. Once Father completes his mission then all of them can receive the same blessing by belonging to the same generation as Father. Centering upon God they represent the three children, brothers living as one family and doing the same work together. If anything comes from God to Father then Adam and Jesus can share evenly with Father. Of course Father is at the worldwide level, but spiritually it is as one family.

Through this Father has set the condition for all the different people in different times and even those in the spiritual world, all of these different generations to stand on the same line with Father. The reason is that their ancestors, Adam and Eve, now received the condition of victory through Father, allowing their descendants to naturally belong to the same level. Anything which belongs to the parents, the children naturally will own. That is the way in which Father can combine all humanity at the world wide level and marry them all together.

Now is the time when all humanity has the opportunity to live together with True Parents family in the same generation. Without falling, in this time period serving True Parents' family, and in accordance with the Principle given by True Parents, they can all enter into the Kingdom of God.

Tribal Messiahship

What is the meaning of the Fall? It means a wrong or a satanic marriage. Through this wrong marriage they established false parents, false lineage and false consciousness. Therefore, centering upon True Parents with true love they can all be married and engrafted. There are steps to take; first the restoration of the lineage, secondly, the restoration of your possessions, and restoration of your heart (shim jung). This represents your tribal level. The concept of nation is a little too far away, but as long as you have your tribe then you have a strong enough foundation upon which to stand.

Based upon the family level, if you have twelve tribes you can claim people and then a nation. There are three different stages: first the satanic family, then the heavenly archangel family, and finally heavenly Adam's family. Once you decide to follow Father, if you give your absolute faith, you can go over this level and receive the blessing. By receiving True Parents blessing we move to the heavenly archangel level and can easily go to the heavenly Adam family level. At the time of the Fall Adam lost the level of absolute faith and the level of absolute heart (shim jung). In other words he was not totally united with God.

Because of the absolute foundation which Father established after 1992, the heavenly family now has been established and so the Family Federation for World Peace has been inaugurated. Now the unification of the world can take place through unifying all of these families. The Family Pledge has come out of this forty years of victory of indemnification. In order for us to qualify to recite the Family Pledge we should be able to reach the realm of the perfected Adam's family where we connect with God's true love and the true love of True Parents. Centering upon True Parents now we have to be connected to true life, true love and true lineage. That is our beginning point. Because of the Fall of Man our mind and body are separated, and husband and wife, children and parents all are separated. But through true love we can all be totally united again. Therefore, as a family, if you want to be qualified to recite the Family Pledge correctly, then your mind and body must be united, your couple must be united, and children and parents must be united.

Based upon this Family Pledge now Father is championing the Family Federation for World Peace. Therefore Father is establishing a new tradition that in each family blessed couples should have worship service within your family on the first day of each month and the fifteenth day of each month. If you don't have children you begin as husband and wife. After having children you must teach them the tradition also and demonstrate your unity to your children. It is like God in front of Adam and Eve. At the time of Adam God could not interfere with Adam's fallen act because they were at different levels. But because of Father's victorious foundation we, as blessed couples, are in the realm of heavenly Adam's family. If anything goes wrong we can intercept it and correct it. This is direct dominion.

Representative Couple

We are living in the era of the heavenly Adam's family and this means that we must practice what the Family Pledge is teaching us. In each number we start centered upon true love. We seek our original homeland and establish the Kingdom of God. Number two refers to restoring our lost sovereignty of the land. It explains that Adam and Eve make the central family as well as the representative family of all humanity. Adam and Eve, centered upon God, have to become united. The marriage represents only one man and one woman becoming totally united. That is why we say that man is a microcosm, the seed which establishes the family level. As fruit, there may be many different families, but the value of each is the same.

If America consists of two hundred and forty million people and you marry as an ordinary person, you consider yourselves to be one couple out of probably one hundred and twenty million couples in America. That is the usual concept which people have when they marry in the world. They never think of their marriage as a representative marriage of the entire humanity for the past, present and the future, even including those in the spiritual world.

You have to consider yourselves to be the only man and only woman representing all of humankind, directly representing God and humanity. That is why the value of the entire humanity is given to the particular marriage.

Adam and Eve had three children and so that means there was potential for three marriages. If each marriage produced three children, the multiplication would have continued. Once this love flows from Adam and Eve to their children, and from their children to their grandchildren, that flow is steady and the same in terms of value, because the flow is from God. That is why you have to think that you are the only man representing the entirety of humanity, that you are the only woman in the eyes of God. The first love is only one man and one woman relationship.

The first love began from God, Adam and Eve. It was absolute, because that was the only one man, one woman relationship in front of God. The very blessing concept derives from this kind of relationship between God and Adam and Eve. That is why a husband must be only one, a wife must be only one from the beginning to the end, and children must only be between the two of them. If human history had begun in that way, without the Fall, then every child would have been filial sons and daughters and patriots and naturally everything would have been connected. The extension of that kind of family would have been the three great kingships and four great realms of heart. It would have become a textbook of teaching for generation after generation. Everybody would have become a perfected man and woman. This is the concept of the royal family.

This means that after you restore yourself and your family, the people should be restored so that you can take them along with you into the Kingdom of God. The family is the model and from that point the expansion takes place from tribal, national and world wide levels. At the family level it was reversed and so at that level we have to make it right side up. This is why we need to establish the Family Federation for World Peace. Do you understand that Adam's family is supposed to be in the position of the representative family, and at the same time at the horizontal level, the central family of humankind? We must have the conviction that "my family is the representative family of this entire humankind and at the same time the central family of mankind". If we are truly the children of God then we should have that quality.

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