The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Find Your True Self

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 23, 1994
East Garden
Translator-Peter Kim

According to Father's time he has been awake for the past twenty-four hours. How about you, are you sleepy also? (No.) Father will give you a straight two hour talk and then finish. [Father writes on the board the title of his speech.] Can any non-Korean read and understand this title? [One brother stands and attempts to read the title in Korean which is followed by laughter.] But his reading is correct, though. "Chamdoen chashineul chatja - Find Your True Self". This is a simple title. Do you think that the world out there is good or bad? (Bad.) Why bad? The human history has been one of struggle and war. It doesn't matter what history we refer to, they are all mixed up with the history of war. What about American history? Is America a good society or a bad society? What about American people? What about yourselves? Father gives you only two choices: bad or good. (Laughter.) (Good.) Why do you say 'good'? If the world is bad and America is bad then are you alone good? Why do you think that fighting and war is bad? Because through struggle you always decline below the normal line. On the other hand when people work together in unity their level is always going up. However, you responded that you yourselves are good. But in reality you are still in a bad state because your mind and body are still struggling. Is that not true? (Yes.) But since when did this fight between mind and body start? From the time of the first human ancestors. If we reach beyond our original ancestors we reach to God, so is God struggling between mind and body also? (No.) Why not? When we come to the concept of God we refer to an absolute being. That concept of an absolute being denies fight or struggle. But if God is not struggling and fighting, then why has mankind been struggling all this time? This struggle between mind and body began with our original ancestors.

Where is the place from which we were born? My life started from the very place where my father and mother made love. Therefore we can conclude that when our father and mother made love to give us life, that love was not made with total unity centered upon God. Rather there was an element of struggle and confrontation in their union. The love itself was not pure enough. Therefore a false life emerged, and a false lineage emerged. When it comes to the concept of false love, false life and false lineage, then we can easily draw the conclusion that this is the position which is contradicting God's original love and life. That is what we call the human fall. But without the Fall of Man then humankind would have begun with True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Our conscience is directly related to God vertically, but there is also another false plus present. That is why there is always contradiction and conflict within yourself. How can we conclude that there is another false plus position there? We can draw this conclusion from our love relationship, because there is false love there. The conclusion is that humankind has been receiving false love, false life and false lineage up until this point. We can trace back to Adam and Eve, our original ancestors, to see if something went wrong beginning with them. In the Garden of Eden how many men were there? (One.) What about the archangel? (He is not a man.) But suppose you had to include the angel figures? (Four.) Including God it makes five male figures. What about female figures? (One.) Tell me how many? (Two.) Where do you find another one? Answer clearly, two or one? (ONE.) From God's point of view what is that particular woman's position in the Garden of Eden? As we know, God created man because of love, but when it comes to the love relationship between God's love and man's love should there be any confrontation there or should there be unity? (United.) Through what should the relationship between God's love and man's love be united? (Man and woman coming together in love.) Where? Have you thought about it? Through our love-making organs. Have you ever touched love or seen love with your own eyes? Is love an object which we can touch upon or we can see? What is it? We cannot touch and see love but we can feel love. What about life? Can you see life? You cannot see and touch life. How about our blood lineage, can we see the seed of the human lineage with your eyes? It takes place when man and woman make love. Concave and convex is called in Korean "omok bolok" that represents the love relationship between man and woman.

Are you able to see or touch your conscience? Are you able to touch and see God? We cannot touch or see Him, so where is He? Up in the air some place? The earth itself is rotating so heaven up here may become heaven down below tomorrow in terms of space. If we look at the planet earth from far way, people at the bottom are standing upside down. For Chinese people, heaven is America because they are standing in China. (Laughter.) Where is heaven then, where does God dwell? (In the conscience.) Heaven explains the state of holiness, highest and most glorious place. God is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience. Do you agree? (Yes.) Therefore, Father concludes that God dwells in the innermost depth of your conscience. Do you understand? (Yes.) If you pray really seriously and reach a state of real spirituality, you will be able to communicate with God directly. In this state when you say, "God, where are you?" Heavenly Father will respond from the center of your being, "I am here. Why do you call me?" (Laughter.)

We have love and we have life. How about blood lineage? How about conscience? If anyone denies this he may be considered as a crazy person. When you sit alone and close your eyes do you feel that you have love, life and conscience all within yourself? When you are sitting alone, without moving at all, do you really feel your love, life and lineage actively within yourself? Why are you unable to feel them? Every one has five senses, but these senses do not exist for our own sake alone, but rather for the sake of others. In the same way, everything that is existing within this universe is existing for something or someone else. When God created the world He created the environment first. Within this environment we can see sun, air, water and soil. When it comes to our five senses, the sun represents our eyes, our nose represents air, our mouth represents water and soil. Your face is a representative of these elements. Your forehead represents God, your nose, Adam and Eve, and your mouth represents the creation. Also in terms of the number of teeth which you have, there are four different directions, four corners times eight which is the number which represents new beginning - in total, thirty-two teeth.

We all have love, life and conscience within ourselves. Suppose that you alone feel joy and excitement because you possess all of these and try to kiss yourself for having all of these within you. Do you think that others will observe you as normal? (Laughter.) That is why you have to appreciate how precious your partner, your object is. The same principle is applicable to God; even though He possesses everything, still He needs a partner, an object of love. When you place your fingers very close to your eyes you cannot focus them because once two things become too close, then you can no longer distinguish between them. When you were a child did you ever try to pick the wax out of your ears, or the mucus from your nose and taste it? What did it taste like? (Salty.) Everybody agrees that it tasted salty so it means you tried to do it. Why don't you feel that it was dirty? Suppose somebody else offered you their ear wax to taste, would you taste it? (NO.) Why don't you feel that your own is dirty? Because it is part of yourself. Have you ever tried counting how many times you blink in one day? (No.) If you try to count for one hour you would become so exhausted from it. Why is it that we are unaware of this constant blinking? Because we are totally united with the action; it is part of us.

When you go to the bathroom and make a smell you don't seem to mind. However, if somebody else comes and makes the same smell you want to run out of the bathroom. (Laughter.) Why don't you feel that your own smell is bad? Because it is one with you. Once you become totally united then you feel no difference. Raise your right hand and place it on the left side of your chest. What do you feel? (Heartbeat.) How many times are you aware of your heart beating during the day? Once you are involved with activities of the day, you become oblivious to the beat of your heart. But if you listen to your heart through a stethoscope it sounds like a loud thumping. If somebody touches even one strand of your hair you feel it, but when it comes to your heartbeat it is a hundred times stronger than that touch, yet you don't feel it. Why? Because you are totally one with it. Historically, Father is the first one to describe this kind of oneness within ourselves in terms of our different organ functions.

It is crystal clear that we possess love, life and conscience and yet we don't feel them because they are totally one with us. By the same token, God is within the depth of our conscience and yet we don't feel Him because of the oneness. This is a great revolutionary vision. People have been seeking for God all throughout history, but failed to realize that God was within them. Why is it that we cannot feel something when it becomes totally one with us? We know that we have love, but if we feel only fifty percent of the love that we have, then, if somebody comes along with 100 percent of love, still we are only able to feel fifty percent of their love as well, because of our limitation. [Father and Peter Kim speak back and forth in Korean and then Peter Kim says, "This is very complicated to me."] (Laughter.) Originally we are not supposed to feel love within ourselves because love is totally one with us. However, if you feel thirty percent of your love, and somebody comes along with 100 percent of love, due to your feeling only thirty percent, then that amount will be deducted from the 100 percent of love, thus enabling you to feel only seventy percent of somebody else's love. Do you follow? (Yes.) However, if we do not feel that totally, zero, then if somebody else appears with 100 percent of love we can feel 100 percent also. Do you understand? (Yes.) There is a strong stimulation there. Do you understand? (Yes.) Once you feel love 100 percent, then your life and your conscience become generated into movement. Once you find that 100 percent counterpart of your love, then your life and your partner's life and conscience can be stimulated and motivated into action. We can observe this between a young girl and boy when they find the real oneness through love. Even their look is different.

Only True Love can generate life, conscience and even lineage. Since God is the root of True Love, if you fully utilize True Love you can even activate God Himself. Don't you agree? Because God is the root of True Love and once His love is activated then your mind and body can be totally united. It is like a tuning fork [Father draws on the board]; once you hit this one without even touching the other, because of this resonance, the other fork can make a vibratory sound. After you hit this tuning fork and then stop it with your hand, still the other fork can vibrate and make some sound. Isn't that so? (Yes.) By the same principle, without the Fall, if God's True Love touched your body, your mind was supposed to resonate to the impact of that True Love. When your love partner touches your body, the unseen love and unseen God within yourself can be motivated and activated. Do you understand? (Yes.) Do you follow Father? (Yes.)

Suppose Adam and Eve had married as True Love subject and object, do you think that God within them would have been activated or motionless? (Activated.) (Father laughs.) It is a serious matter. But due to the Fall, even though they married physically they were unable to experience God's True Love. There was no resonating vibration between this true plus and false plus. The relationship became cut off by the Fall. Do you understand? Without the Fall, if Adam and Eve had married, is that the place where True Love would take place or not? (Yes, it would have.) If that is the case, do you have to feel the root of that True Love first, or the branch or the stem? (Root.) If that is the correct answer, then whose marriage would that be in reality? (God's.) Yes, God's marriage. This is a logical conclusion from which there is no escape. Because unless God's True Love and man and woman's True Love have the same original starting point, there will always be two different directions of love, eventually ending up in different places. Therefore, no concept of unification, peace, happiness, freedom and faith can exist there. Nothing can exist there.

Freedom should occur where total unity occurs. For example, if as husband and wife you had a bad fight with one another, do you feel free all day long? We have to make sure that everything becomes one and then that ideal concept can come into place. Without having a True Love foundation you cannot begin to contemplate freedom and happiness. While our mind and body are fighting, how can we even talk about freedom and happiness? As long as our mind and body are fighting, even though we live as husband and wife together, it means that four different people are dwelling there. Do you follow? (Yes.) The conclusion is, only upon the foundation of True Love, which brings total unification, can we even dare to think about peace and happiness. Who needs freedom, happiness and hope? God and man both need love, peace and happiness. It means love without fighting. As long as you continue to fight within yourself then there is no love, peace and happiness.

Throughout the history there have been many different kinds of wars, but eventually all of them have come to an end and there has been a truce. However, the war that has existed between man's mind and body throughout history has never ceased. This is the most dangerous and fearful battle. On this battlefield how can we talk about peace? Because of this ceaseless fight God has been chased out. He has been unable to dwell with His children. When we chase God out of ourselves who comes in? Satan. Was this evil force existing from the beginning? (No.) Many people don't know this. If the devil existed at the same time as God from the beginning, then we are referring to dualism. We know that the archangel became Satan. What then is the position of the archangel after the Fall? False husband and love enemy. It was as though God was about to marry and this archangel came like a thief and took His bride, Eve, away and made her into his own wife. Imagine this scene: the bride of God, Eve, was taken away by Satan. They married and produced children. Then they come before God as a couple together with the children and tell God that even though they ran away from Him they now return and bring these children. Do you think God would be happy about that? (NO.) Our common sense tells us that if we had to confront that kind of situation, we would feel like striking them. But God is still telling us to love our enemy, even that kind of enemy. Can you do that? We can't find that kind of love in the Principle of Creation. Can you love that kind of enemy?

If God has to truly love such an adversary, it means that God considers Himself dead in heart. Why does God love even that kind of enemy? Because God has to restore them first and bring them to the Kingdom of God together. In order to do that, God has to restore them first and have them live their lives as a restored family. Then only after that can He bring them to the Kingdom of God as the direct lineage of God. Do you follow? Originally, without the Fall, man was supposed to live in accordance with God's love and principle and establish a sinless family. As a family they were supposed to enter into the Kingdom of God. But due to the Fall they became Satan, and the enemy of God. In order to restore them back to the original position, God has to offer more love than to His own children. Without offering that kind of love, God cannot bring them to the level that He can love them as His own children. Do you follow? (Yes.) That is why God began the history of restoration from Jacob's family 4000 years ago. Even though human history may have been 100,000 years in length, God waited until then. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Originally God's children were supposed to live united in this way, following Heavenly Father and entering into His kingdom. However, due to the Fall, God's position, which was supposed to be on the top, came down to the bottom. Satan's position, which was supposed to be at the bottom, came up to the top. That is why there was confrontation. That particular relationship began from the individual level, family level, tribal level and expanded in this way to the worldwide level. Only after this relationship is totally restored, right side up, can the True Life of God's children begin. God is climbing up in this way [Father draws on the board to explain] back to the original top position. If this takes place, then naturally Satan goes to the bottom and disappears. We are now in the Last Days and so we see confusion, turmoil of all kinds in the world. Faithful Christians, who started out on the right track of trying to be restored back to God, in these Last Days, because of their wrong turn, may go with Satan and fall back again. On the other hand, maybe atheistic people began at the wrong place, but in the Last Days if they become lucky and follow God, they can receive the blessing of God. In the Last Days a religion should emerge, which has a logical explanation to enable everybody to agree and understand. Otherwise people are left without an opportunity to truly understand.

In medieval history there existed a God-centered time period. But gradually, as we reached the modern period, more humanistic thought became dominant. Even when it comes to the individual level, because we have this invisible mind and root we are still able to connect ourselves to our ancestors and God. Because of this kind of blessing we can find the medieval time where they were absolutely centered upon God by faith. But as history progressed, people became spoiled and abused their church power, and evil things began to take place. This caused some people to conclude that God did not exist. That is why humanism began. After the French revolution this humanistic thought became rampant until finally the materialistic ideology emerged. Strictly speaking, those who practice humanism cannot find the origin of it nor the end. They are practicing a temporary kind of ideology and so it cannot last indefinitely. We see today the practice of a more flesh-based humanism which will continue for a while and then it will end.

Communism was based upon materialism and viewed the entire world from that perspective. They claimed that the origin of this universe had to be material. Material cannot be the subject and origin and, as a consequence, Communism has met its demise. After the demise of Communism in Soviet Russia, how can we now control the worldwide problems that exist? Father proclaimed Godism and Headwing ideology which is the True Love ideology. This teaches the total unity between God and man. Since man is the mediator between the physical and spiritual world, then man is in the position to be totally united with God. In the physical realm, man is united with the entire universe. True Love is the mediator which causes everything to come into oneness. Everything can be embraced and melted here with True Love.

As soon as God reaches again to the top position, then human history will continue in a normal pattern. Here Father is drawing the different levels of love, family, tribe, nation and world. We have to make everything right side up. While history is going through this period religions proclaim that we should deny ourselves absolutely. What is your name? Did you possess your name even before God's creation? Was America born after the Fall of Man or before the Fall? (After.) That means that America still belongs to Satan. God has nothing to do with the birth of America. Do you agree? God never established a True Love relationship with mankind as yet. But ever since God-centered ideology, centering upon True Parents, appeared, then now we have the foundation for God to be united with mankind through True Love. This foundation is now set. Then man now stands as a mediator, with our mind connected to God and spiritual world, and our body connected to the physical world. That is the way the vertical and horizontal connection occur. [Father draws on the board.] Vertically God is positioned here and horizontally Adam is positioned here. Where do they meet?

The most difficult question that Father had to answer was, where do God and man's love meet? After many years of prayer God told Father that True Love meets at the perpendicular angle, that is the shortest distance. When the horizontal line and vertical line meet together the shortest point is the ninety degree point, not eighty-nine and not ninety-one. Do you understand? If that is the logic then when it comes to man's practice of True Love it should go through the shortest distance, which is ninety degrees. That concept can be expanded from the individual level to family, tribe, nation and so forth. That is the formula. The same principle applies at each level. If we divide them in this way [indicating to the diagram on the board] with the upper section and bottom section, left and right, we can see twelve different sections. But any piece that you choose will be identical to any other of the twelve pieces. There is no loss, no addition, no contradiction, no confrontation; everything fits perfectly. Because they are all identical they are totally united as one. That is what we refer to as, the ideal family.

The family can be identified as the basic unit to bring the entire universal unity and harmony. This is the starting point of universal love and harmony. Within an individual family we can see children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, children and parents. Four different relationships are represented there. But actually it is not restricted to one family. The world is made up of these four relationships. When you visit a village or state you can observe these relationships. Therefore, the family is the ideal unit which brings all different levels of community into oneness. Without this basic unit of family it is impossible to think of anything else. Therefore, as long as you can train your family members as citizens of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God in this world can be established. It can be multiplied and applied universally. If you live this kind of life within your family and America becomes the Kingdom of God on earth, then even if you travel to the European continent or some other place, it is just a matter of expanding it. When it comes to the worldwide level, this is one level higher than the national level. This basic bottom level unit, which is the family level, is the key to all of this. Because of this particular reason the relationship between Cain and Abel has to be restored within a family. Cain represents the satanic world and Abel should embrace the Cain world and be united.

In order to embrace the satanic Cain world, you have to invest yourself and practice the Principle in the way in which Father explained to you earlier. We cannot stop at the family level. The family level is the key unit, but this then needs expanding all through eight different stages, just as Father indemnified 4000 years of history of restoration in forty years. Centering on Father's own life, he went through these eight stages and has established his foundation in 160 nations. Therefore, we have to come out of these eight stages and bring at least 160 families with us. This is how you can indemnify 160 nations just as Father indemnified 4000 years in forty years. The size is small, but because of Father's victorious foundation of establishing 160 nations, you can be lifted up to that level. Whatever parents own can be inherited to their children. Therefore you should feel closer to Father than to your own physical parents because they still belong to Satan. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Do you think we have to do tribal messiah mission or not? (Yes.) Usually Father spends three nights and four days talking on these subjects and so he cannot just summarize everything in a few hours. Now you know who God is, what God is and where God dwells, don't you? (Yes.) Why is it that we don't realize that God is with us? Because He is one with us just like love, life and lineage. What was Adam and Eve's marriage meant to be? (God's marriage.) Suppose Adam and Eve's marriage had been in fact the marriage of God. If that had taken place their sexual organs would have become the original palace of love. However, other families' would have been the palace of love, but Adam and Eve's would have been the only original, vertical palace of love. Where is that? Our sexual organ. How precious this place is. Secondly, it would have been the original palace of life, and thirdly, the original palace of blood lineage, and fourthly, the original palace of conscience. But due to the Fall our conscience is not really crystal clear yet. It has not reached completion.

This particular organ is so precious that you would not dare to trade it for the entire universe. This belongs to God. The concepts of happiness, freedom, hope and all good ideals, have their beginnings here. This is the original starting place where the Kingdom of God on earth and in Heaven begins. Is this clear? (Yes, Father.) How wonderful this place is and, at the same time, how dangerous. As Father already mentioned, originally in the Garden of Eden there were five male figures and only one female figure. God knew the preciousness of the human sexual organ, so do you imagine that He was worried about it or did He just relax? (Worried.) He was particularly worried about Eve. That is why God gave them the warning to be careful. God referred to Eve as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She could have produced the prince of goodness. However, due to her taking a wrong turn, a Mafia-like human race has been produced. God gave a clear warning that if they would eat of the fruit they would die. And after they ate they covered their lower parts. If you go into this kind of explanation with people without getting into Chapter Two, you can actually convince people as to how the Fall took place.

Nobody can deny that the Fall occurred through the misuse of love. Once they recognize that this world is evil and that True Parents have appeared, they have to follow True Parents in order to restore this evil world to good. True Love power is stronger than satanic love and so there will be no problem once we restore it. God is stronger than Satan. But we need to reflect upon how precious is this love palace and, at the same time, how dangerous. If we misuse it everything will become broken apart and your life will be destroyed. Homosexualism, free sex, alcoholism and all these things are tools to destroy God's original love palace. God sent Father in order to restore everything back again. The time has come when we need to have our True Parents' picture in our family home, together with the Unification Church flag, because your family home represent the heavenly nations' embassies. When you visit foreign countries and see the American flag displayed in a building, then you know that this building is an American Embassy. If you have any difficulty you would go there. By the same token, when the spirit men come down to this world, and they see the Unification Church flag, they would naturally come to your house. By mobilizing good spirits to your home in that way, then all the bad spirits who might be hanging around will be chased out. Then your home will be occupied by good spirits which will be good for you.

By bowing to True Parents' picture and having the Unification Church flag displayed, Satan will have to go far away from your home. Satan and evil spirits do not like the sound of the flag fluttering in the wind. It drives them away. This kind of powerful foundation exists upon the earth at this time. Do you have your flags hoisted on the outside of your homes? (Yes.) Wherever Father travels around the world many good spirits accompany Father. Many good spirits are coming down in these Last Days. When Jacob wrestled with the angel, when the dawn was breaking the angel was forced to leave. But now, when the good spirits come down, as long as we have Unification Church flags they don't have to go, they can remain with us. In this way we can mobilize more good spirits down to our level. That is the way we can chase this evil force from this world step by step.

As Mr. Joo of the Washington Times testified this morning, since Father's declaration of the Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Era, change has been taking place rapidly in this country, even politically. Don't you agree? (Yes.) Even though America has tried to chase Father out of the country it has failed. Now the Republican party has taken control. The Republican party represents the Christian culture and power. This Christian culture represents the bride culture, and this culture will unify the world. They will connect with the bridegroom and unify the world. Do you understand this concept? (Yes.) Every morning and every night do not misuse your love organ because God is the owner of that. God dwells there. Your wife's organ belongs to God. It is like a body and mind relationship; you are in the position of mind to own that. It is part of your body, but it is not just your body. Do you understand? (Yes.) That is why God found the safest place in your body and placed it there. (Laughter.) He was hiding and protecting it, in a way. That is true. This is a miracle-making organ. Since you know that, then you cannot even dare to think about free sex. But have you not thought about following a beautiful woman or girl at times? Your spouse is absolute -- only one for eternity. Just as Adam and Eve. Without practicing this you cannot remain in the Kingdom of God. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Father has told you that you have to sacrifice yourself and serve others. This is the principle of your life. But as a man, don't you want to obtain the highest position in the world? Historically it has been said that mankind cannot satisfy their desire and hope. But ideally man is supposed to fulfill and reach that desire without exception. Without the Fall we could have enjoyed that reality. Where is that goal? Once your conscience occupies God totally then you will reach your goal, no matter what your goal may be. If you want to truly practice the principle which Father has taught you, give service with respect and sacrifice yourself. Is that the place that you can feel comfortable or is it the place where you will shed your tears, sweat and blood? (Sweat and blood.) Father has always taught us traditionally that as Unification Church members we should have the heart of parents, in the shoes of a servant, and shed sweat for the earth, tears for man and blood for heaven. That is the formula and without practicing this you will not reach the goal. This is the final conclusion of Father's teaching. We have to shed our tears. If you go into the mountains there are always high mountains and deep valleys. What do you see in the deep valleys? All the dead trees and waste accumulate there which in turn invites many insects in such a place and consequently many birds and animals. Such a place may become a famous sightseeing area.

If you want to become a really famous person you have to be able to stand up like a high mountain that can also embrace these low valleys and make them as your own. This principle applies to our lives. When we sow seeds we have to provide fertilizer and topsoil in order to create the environment for the seeds to grow. Fertilizer doesn't have a good smell but the seed needs to digest it in order to grow. What part of our body is the most precious? Our love organ is also the place through which waste is excreted from our body. Bad smell comes from that place. It doesn't tell you how it dislikes that smell, but it digests that smell. God created them together in such a way so as to educate people how we have to go through different circumstances and digest them. We should think about this every time that we use them. If everyone begins to think daily that whatever is dirty and smelly in this country they will embrace and digest and clean up, then the Kingdom of God will soon be here. If you continuously practice that kind of principle then you will become the president of your country. In this sense has Father been living a good or bad life? (Good life.)

Father has been imprisoned many times and people have persecuted him, then how can you call that a good quality of life? All of this persecution and mistreatment have been like insects and birds in Father's life, creating the environment which can attract the tourists and create the most famous mountain in the world. The same principle is operating there. (Applause.) While Father was searching for the truth for mankind, during his struggles and suffering he suddenly had an awakening. He had been sitting on top of the right answer all these years and, in a way, Father was very disappointed. The topic is "Finding Your True Self". That means that we are false selves and we need to find our true selves through practicing what Father has been teaching us. Remember that our conscience has not fallen yet; it still belongs to God. But when it comes to the relationship between your body and mind, which one is controlling which? What is the proportion? Is the mind dragging your body all the time, or vice versa? If your body follows your mind completely then this world will become a good world. But it is obviously the other way around. Answer Father: does your body control your mind or does your mind control your body? (Mind controls the body.) If everybody says so then this world would be a good world. Because you have to admit that you are not a good person then you cannot answer.

If you are hungry right now and there is some nice food available, your conscience tells you to give it to somebody who is more hungry than you. However, your body doesn't listen to that and just takes it and eats it. Which of these directions do you follow? You don't want to admit it so that means you are bound to hell. In reality, our body has been dragging and controlling our mind all of these years. So many times our body has made our mind cry and suffer. People do not even realize this, but we know this to be true. How did this kind of tragic event occur? At the time of the Fall, man and woman were at the top of the growth level. That time the power of love was stronger than the power of conscience, that is why it was reversed. Even if it was satanic love, it was stronger than the power of conscience. Do you understand? If the power of conscience had been stronger than the power of love at that time, then, no matter what, the power of the conscience would have triumphed. We realize this logically now. But if you truly know that reality then we have the ability of creation. Do you agree? (Yes.) Since we know the origin of it, now we have to restore back and rebuild.

In the satanic world, if teenagers feel love for one another and decide that they want to marry but their parents do not give approval, they sometimes even commit suicide together. The power of love is that powerful. We have to be aware of this extreme level of power. If we truly understand the consequences which mankind has been facing throughout history due to the Fall between Adam and Eve, then we can control our body. No matter what kind of strong desire that our body may generate, our conscience can suppress it. Do you agree? (Yes.) Even God cannot interfere and eliminate this kind of bodily desire. If we truly understand this, then we can utilize our conscience fully and crush this desire. There can be millions of scandalous problems all over the world, but at the bottom of them all is usually man and woman problem. As long as we eliminate this man and woman relationship problem then most of the other problems in this world can be solved. Then world peace is before us. Is this not true? (Yes.) That is why it is a very serious and critical matter.

If we truly understand how serious this is, starting with myself, then beginning with the individual the door to the Kingdom of God can be opened here on this world. Don't you think that you can be more serious if you truly understand that? Our flesh-body desires are the problem. God has allowed so many different religions all throughout human history. It was not because God wanted to bring people to the Kingdom through these religions, but through the influence and power of religion God wanted to have people control and eliminate their bodily desires.

These various religions don't realize this. We have to proclaim to the world the liberation of conscience. Up until this point, everybody has been achieving their life goal, but our conscience is still deep inside and misunderstood. Do you follow? (Yes.) Religions usually provide methods of how to control the bodily desires such as fasting, service to others, self-sacrifice and denying the original desire of the body. The Bible tells us that those who seek their lives will lose them and those who give their lives will find life. Also in the Last Days your own family members will become your worst enemies. Some religions even teach that we should leave our families behind and follow the spiritual path and become like a beggar. Also the ascetic life is emphasized in many religions. This is because of the problem in the man and woman relationship. It has been the worst problem in the world. The purpose behind all of this is to destroy your bodily desire.

As long as you control your bodily desire then your mind will naturally go in the right direction. If your mind is going up to the level where God's love can be tapped directly, then your life will become enriched. Do you follow? Then why do we marry? Because as an individual man and woman are only half of a whole human being. If you truly want to conquer the concept of love and perfect it, then you need both the convex and concave sides to become one in perfection in order to create perfect love. Your mind goes into your body and becomes one. Where your love becomes totally one, God's love can be grafted on there and you can be united with God in that very place at that very moment. Do you understand? (Yes, Father.) In order for man to be perfected you have to go through the love of woman. And vice versa, in order for woman to be perfected she needs to go through man's love. It is the only route.

Once you become totally united through the love between husband and wife which represents the horizontal line east and west, then vertically which is north and south, dealing with God's True Love you can be connected and united. [Father draws on the board.] This is upper section, lower section, front section and rear section; all have to be viewed as a sphere. Centering upon this love, man can occupy woman and woman can occupy man. Only when that condition takes place here [indicating to the board] then God can come down and occupy man and vice versa, man can occupy God through this love relationship at this point here [indicating to the board].

We can say that woman occupies the western sphere, and man occupies the eastern sphere. Once they marry and become one, then their goal is to occupy God centering upon True Love. Until this time there has been no axis of True Love in this world. Because of the fallen world's situation the axis of True Love has always been shaky, never set permanently. The meaning of marriage is that through love man occupies woman and through love woman occupies man. They then become totally united into one and that is where happiness begins. When you offer totally then you expect return. Once they become totally united into one in this love marriage, then with happiness and joy you may return to God. If you set that condition then you can declare that your conscience and God's love become totally united into one. Consider how large the scale of your conscience in fact is. But which is bigger, the scale of your conscience or True Love? (True Love.) Why is True Love bigger? (Because it is connected to God.) Well, even our conscience originates from True Love, that is its root. If through your conscience you occupy God's love. Your conscience still wants to rest in the bosom of God's love.

The question is how can we occupy God's love through utilizing our conscience. Until now nobody was successful in doing this, and so the Kingdom of God in Heaven is still vacant. Now True Parents are here with us and therefore the door of the Kingdom of Heaven is open. This is not casual talk given to you by Father. Rather this is the life experience of Father after winning all of the victories. Do you understand? (Yes.) Do you realize now just how much you need True Parents? (YES.) Do you consider True Parents more precious and valuable than the entire nation of America? (YES.) How about the entire world? (YES.) Not just by shouting, but you should truly, deeply feel that. That is how we will be able to liberate God. Even though the Kingdom of God in Heaven is still vacant, if we truly live up to His standard then we can fill it up in one go with the entire humankind. Do you follow? (Yes.)

We need to continuously destroy our bodily desires every moment of our life. Since Father had taught you clearly in detail, even if you fell into hell in the future you will not be able to blame and criticize Father. Father has taught you the truth; if you fail to follow that truth and live that truth, then that truth itself will judge you. The time has come that there are no restrictions whatsoever. This is why Father reveals all of these truths to you. Now we know that as long as we are able to crush this bodily desire we are on the right track. We also understand, that no matter what any religion may be teaching, none of them can take you to the Kingdom of God. Only by reaching God's True Love through our conscience will we reach to there. The True Love way is the only method. You must not forget this. The world out there is filled with mixed up, distorted love relationships. How can we reach that restored love? We need a ladder in order to reach there. There are many different steps. We need our conscience ladder. The world is so mixed up and complicated, that once you begin climbing up the ladder, don't let it go. Use your conscience to take you up higher, one step at a time. Without ceasing, you have to constantly strive forward. Do you understand? (Yes.) That is the way we will be able to liberate our conscience. How precious is our conscience? God is our True Parents, True Teacher and True King. God has these three roles. God gave all of those three roles to us. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Your conscience is in the position through which you can be connected to your vertical Parents, who is God. Therefore your conscience can never leave you, whereas your physical parents may be able to leave you because they are related to you horizontally, not vertically. Therefore your conscience is more precious than your own physical parents. It protects you forever. Do you understand? It is better than your parents. This conscience is the one that can lead you to the Kingdom of God. Teachers in the horizontal world do not stay with you after a certain time. Your conscience never leaves you twenty-four hours a day for eternity. That is why your conscience is more precious than your teacher. Did you hear anybody here in America come up with a statement about the conscience? (No.) Your conscience is the representative of God. Through your conscience you can desire an even higher position than God. Do you understand? As God's partner, you can desire to become more than God.

If you take some action, who perceives it first, God or your conscience? (Conscience.) Why? If God is in the subject position and located on the eastern sphere, He still has to travel to the central point in order to meet the object from the western sphere. Therefore man and woman are different. Every woman has different characteristics from men. Man is in the position of the object of God. Our conscience dwells within ourselves and leads us to the correct direction, in the place of God. Man and woman are supposed to be the ideal objects of God's love. Every single person has different characteristics, different virtues. Between the subject and object they have different standard of characteristics, but through this love they become united into one. Therefore, your conscience will know what you are doing even before God knows. Once man and woman become totally one, then mind and body become totally one and God immediately perceives that. Whatever your conscience perceives as taking place within yourself is automatically recorded in the spiritual world computer, the memory system there. What is your name, sister? (Wendy.) If we punch the name of Wendy into that memory system, many generations past of Wendy's family will be shown on the screen. What has happened, what kind of person she is, etc. Whatever you may have done throughout your entire life, don't you think that your conscience remembers that? Everything is stored there. Once we truly understand that such a world exists as a reality, we cannot commit any sin.

Just as America sends rockets into space, we as human beings after death, are naturally led to the spiritual world. Once you reach to the spiritual world you are able to travel anywhere. Do you understand? (Yes.) That is the way that the world is composed of subject and object reciprocal relationships. We know that we have to be totally united with our conscience. [Father draws on the board.] We call this three great "sam dae jooche sasang" Subject Ideology. God is our Parents who gives us birth; then we go to school and learn under our teacher's supervision; and then we have to serve our King. God is our original Parent, original Teacher, original King all combined into one. Do you understand? As long as you continue to follow the direction of conscience you will become an absolute object of God. Then you will be able to occupy and connect with God's True Love. These three different characteristics -- Parents, Teacher and King -- those three roles become united and occupy God. Because God has the same characteristics, one is internal and one is external. Is this clear? (Yes.)

In Korean your conscience is "yang shim" and conscience came into being even before your parents, because your conscience was given by God. It is your pipeline to God. But this body is always pulling you down from the ladder so that you cannot climb up. But your conscience is always providing the ladder to God for you. Do you understand? Therefore "yang shim eun boomo boda apae yitda". Repeat after me: "yang shim eun boomo boda apsuh yitda". Again repeat: "yang shim eun" that means our conscience; "boomo boda" that means prior to your parents existence; "apsuh yitda" that means prior to your teacher's existence. Repeat it loudly. Just as when you marry you wish for your spouse to be far superior to you, in this same regard, your conscience pre-existed to God. Now repeat these phrases one more time and shout them out. Once you truly understand this meaning and live up to this standard, we don't need religion, we don't need God, we don't need whatsoever here. That is the very spirit of our Family Pledge. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Once we clearly understand what our Father has taught us here tonight, then your bodily desires become as nothing. We can control them, right? (Yes.) We can destroy them, right? (Yes.) No problem? (No.) Now let us end for today. (APPLAUSE.) Tomorrow, all the regional directors should return here to meet with Father again. Everybody else should return to their mission and practice what Father has taught you tonight. Through the regional directors, the rest of the teaching that Father was going to give to you today, may be given to you later in the future. Let us all stand. Since Father has taught us everything so clearly, no more teaching is necessary. (Yes, Father.) Let us offer Father a full bow.

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