The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Father Addresses Japanese Women

On November 3, 1994, Reverend and Mrs. Moon celebrated the thirty fifth True Children's Day in Korea together with 4,000 participants of the Japanese Women Leaders' Workshop. On that day Rev. Moon spoke to these participants and emphasized the role of women in embracing Cain and Abel in unity with Adam. Also, he taught that women must have an absolute faith and an absolute love of father and daughter, and that men must absolutely support this. The following are excerpts from Rev. Moon's speech.

"What can rectify the fact that fallen love so grossly violated the most precious love? Religions are movements to defeat and subjugate desires of the flesh, which enslave conscience. Since human flesh refuses to act sacrificially in order to serve others, those who are willing to do so are naturally drawn to the center. Why does the Unification Church continue to develop in spite of severe persecution by the media? This simply demonstrates truthfulness of the principle that those who serve and sacrifice become central figures by the heavenly fortune. God is the one who serves, sacrifices, invests, and forgets. It is same that parents want to give something better, even though they have given much to children. Therefore, God, who eternally gives and forgets, becomes the eternal subject. This is an invincible truth.

"What was the cause of this disease? It lies in the fact that the human ancestors fell at the top of their growth stage because the power of love overcame power of conscience at that point. Therefore, mankind is not able to return to God, and Satan has completely destroyed human society through problems of love. We must truly understand the tragedy of the fall. Human conscience is not strong enough because it did not connect to love. Therefore, we must unite with God and True Parents. To do so, women must have an absolute faith and an absolute love of father and daughter. Not having an absolute faith, Eve fell by the seduction of false love. Upon a foundation of self-denial, women must establish an absolute faith and absolute love of father and daughter.

"The foundation for God's providence of restoration is the family; therefore, the course of restoration has been heading towards the perfection of the family. The restoration in the realm of tribe started based upon Jacob's foundation of twelve families. The restoration in the realm of race started based upon Moses's foundation of seventy two elders. Jesus created a foundation centered upon one hundred twenty disciples and one hundred twenty families and went on to one hundred twenty nations. Likewise, each one of you must restore your tribe through one hundred sixty families.

"Unless you can connect one hundred sixty homes, you can not connect Cain and Abel horizontally. I have embraced one hundred sixty nations; therefore, I stand as a subject to them. Unless we establish indemnity conditions of plus and minus, thus creating subject-object relationships, no development can be possible. From now on, in order to enter the age of the absolute authority of family, I established the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace. Those who cite the "Family Pledge" unite their mind and body and everything will return to the unified world. Unless you gain victories as tribal messiahs, restoring one hundred sixty homes, you cannot return to God's kingdom.

"The crucial issue is where the Unification Church is heading. The unification of north and south is very important; however, the unification of the entire world is much more important. When Heaven's will is accomplished within the Abel type world, the Cain type world will end. At such a time, all individuals, families, tribes, races, and the entire world will lose the center and the world will enter into an age of great confusion. Since the original family was lost, centered upon True Family we must lead this satanic world. Each man and woman in the family must establish the position of representing the entire humanity, i.e., that of Adam and Even before the fall.

"Since this world is in chaos because of the problem of man and woman, in order to reach the world of peace man and woman must come before God and become one, thus laying the foundation of family. Through this, every difficult problem of the world can be solved and we will bring about one unified world. What is important is first, unity of mind and body, second, unity of husband and wife, and third, unity of children. Please pledge to establish a God-centered unity of nations and the foundation of restored families, representing the nations in unity."

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