The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


My Family Is A Representative Family

This is excerpted from a sermon given on July 31, 1994 at the Belvedere International Training Center, NY. The interpreter was Sang Kil Han

Peace in Korea

After the fall, man and God were separated and God could not get into the fallen realm that man had created. Where there is disharmony and fighting, God cannot dwell. The whole of human history has been one of fighting and conflict. This is a bad world, not a good world. Is this true? (Yes.)

If you go out and stop people in the street and ask them if they think this is a good or bad world, everyone would declare it to be bad. Why is it a bad world? It is a world of fighting and conflict. Everyone's mind and body are fighting, and that is bad.

Restore the Lost Family

Each individual is divided. How can my divided self unite? We cannot unite individually but rather must go through a pattern. The goal is to restore the lost father, lost mother, lost Adam, lost Eve, lost children and lost God. All have been lost because of the fall and all these must be restored through our families.

How can that restoration take place when Satan is occupying the head place? God cannot occupy the lower place. Abel position is God's side but all authority is the elder's right. The elder position has to be taken back again and this is the process of indemnity.

By accomplishing this, the next step is to find the lost mother and lost brotherhood. Mother is the center point for the unity of Cain and Abel from the family to the world level, uniting with True Father and True God. Until now, God has been the God of restoration, hard work and deep agony. Upon the victory of the Second Advent, God can be liberated to be the God of glory.

It is so clear no one can deny that history has been the history of restoration. We must restore all the lost elements of father, mother, children and angels before true families can be realized. Then we have to realize that we are the representative families and central families of this world.

Restore Mind and Body

After our mind and body come into unity, then we find mother. Centering upon mother, Cain and Abel must become one, because this is exactly the reverse of the process of the Fall. After the Fall, mind and body came into separation and lost their mother, and Cain and Abel were also lost. Now it is time to combine our mind and body, and find mother.

We must go through the historical steps which have actually taken place in the restoration course; then we can find our family for the first time. True Parents' family was certainly the family that went through that course and found the family. As an individual, Father has received the world-level persecution, and Father's family has been persecuted. As an individual he finds the family, then he goes over the hurdle, and takes down the wall of the clan and restores the clan, race, nation and cosmos. That has been Father's path.

True Mother's Foundation In the Garden of Eden, the archangel combined with Eve and they fell into Hell. At this time, the archangel side, that is, the Cain and Abel side-which includes all of Satan's side-is centering upon Mother (Eve). Through this process, Mother is saving Cain and Abel. On the occasions of the United Nations and Capitol Hill speeches, True Mother was welcomed. Making that victorious foundation of unifying into one, Mother embraced the Abel and Cain nations.

After World War II, America represented the Abel position, the Christian world, and the free world represented the Cain position. That foundation was lost and at this time it is being restored centering upon Mother. After the speeches at the United Nations and Capitol Hill, this was accomplished. Mother embraced Cain and Abel.

Until now everything has been centered upon man. But man's power, man's talent and intellectual power have not saved the world. All that kind of activity has been defeated. There is only one way and that is Godism and Headwing Thought. Democracy is representing brotherhood, and the brothers are fighting. Parenthood is Godism, with no fighting. True Parents represent real parenthood and the bearing of true children.

Invite God into Your Family

Now we are headed towards having our own family. We have arrived at the point where we are able to invite God to dwell within our family. Therefore, we have to realize that my family is the representative family and the center family through this historical perspective. Father certainly has gone through this step by step and won the victory, and that is what Father's family is. Our families have to follow the same way. This is the meaning of the Blessing.

The families who are able to claim that they have trod the same course as True Parents should now realize their position as a representative family. When Father can recognize that family has all these qualifications, then Father will bequeath everything to that family. Simply put: God and Father's family really became one. Likewise, our family should connect and unite with Father's family.

Central Being Responsibility

This foundation will liberate God and all mankind. The individual position, family position, tribe, nation and world centered upon God- all will be connected under Heavenly Father. Ultimately that is God's purpose of creation, the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. Thus, let us realize deeply that my family is the representative family and the central family.

In reality today, all things of creation are alive and have been here all throughout history, for millions of years, but they are all in lamentation. We know that they are sad and dismayed and that is because the world has never had the rightful master.

The rightful master fell and for thousands of years God has been fighting to restore this. In the meantime, the plant kingdom and animal kingdom remain in grief. Literally, truly in grief. This has been going on for so long that now, in the last days, nature is becoming sick. Now is the time when all things are about to revive once again.

As the true masters, we console all things; we should know how to shed tears for the sake of the flowers and plants, asking them how long they have been unhappy and grieving. Then we should treat all things as their true center and true master. "Since I am liberated, then in turn I am bestowing upon you liberation." We should give all things the blessing with our own hands.

How close True Parents are to me and to my family and to creation! How close God is to me because He is right next to True Parents' family! How staggering and fantastically huge a subject this is, that all of a sudden the liberation takes place; the liberation of myself, the liberation of my family, and liberation of all things-because of these connections.

One World

America is the land of immigrants: one nation under God. God doesn't want this ideal to be centering only upon one nation, but God wants the one world under God. This is God's ideal. American people don't know that.

Reverend Moon has spent a lot of time, money and effort for this country with only one aim: to build one world under God, centering upon America. I have been embracing that concept, but for years America has opposed me. One nation under God is too self-centered. This is not good enough for God. One world under God is what God is longing for.

You must be the family which is a representative of the world, not just of one country, and which is the center of the entire world. If somebody is starving, that should be very much a part of our concern. Thus, for twenty years, Father has made this foundation strongly by encouraging the promotion and development of the fishing and marine industry.

The Ocean Providence

The ocean is virtually untapped, because going out to sea is a hard life. American people don't want to go to the ocean because they have plenty to eat here on the land. That is what they say. But that won't last forever.

No one can deny that the future lies with the ocean; that is the last frontier. It is a good foundation for the future because the sea occupies three times the area of land. There are enormous amounts of resources to be developed in the sea. As the true masters, it is our task to tap and develop it.

When Father began this twenty years ago, many America people viewed it from a very narrow perspective as an invasion of their territory. What is their territory? They kept safeguarding their own so-called territory and for fifteen years kept on protesting. It is only in the last couple of years that they have stopped, because they know that they will eventually benefit.


Father's vision is still clear, that America's millionaires and billionaires should think and do exactly like Father: they should sell their own houses and bring the proceeds to Africa and help the people there develop and save Africa. By doing so America will prosper even more than it has in its history thus far. ***

America has to allow for the free flow of people in order to liberate the entire world. America, being the first immigrant nation and in the Abel position should save Africa in the Cain position and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Soon enough, we shall witness the harvesting of the ocean in order to live. There will be a great movement on the face of the earth. Those who are blessed to a brother or sister from Zambia, for example, may go to Zambia. You cannot refuse just because you prefer to live in America, but you should go to Zambia and build it up like America. Suppose Father asks you to trade the best house in America for the worst house in Africa, would you do so? (Laughter.) No problem? (No problem.) No matter how grand a particular house may be, compared to the blessings that individual has received from God, it is nothing.

The Pain of God

God looks down at humanity and sees people in difficulty calling out to Him for help. That natural voice; this is not something that is taught. Rather, that natural voice springs up in people. Nobody teaches children to follow behind their parents; automatically they want to follow. Even when parents scold them, even though they may be crying, still the children follow their parents.

This is the natural way. Mind moves automatically; these are godly attributes. We must realize deeply that we must save the world, just as Father has been trying to save us and the world. When we have that strong feeling and tearfully express this to the multitude, they will listen to our voice. We must understand that we are bereaved because one of our loved ones has died, but compared to the reality of a country about to die, or which has already died, it is nothing.

Throughout Father's life, from the earliest days, whenever he had the occasion to grieve and to be sad, immediately he would think: "Can this pain of mine be compared to that of God who lost the nation and the world, who lost so many of His children?"

Father always made sure that he did the right thing and followed the right path by asking himself what he could do in the place of God. God is in such a difficult position all the time. Father always checked himself by remembering Heavenly Father's pain. We have to live that way.

Whatever happens around me can be a superb lesson to teach me to become broader and better like God and eventually save the whole world. Every day we have to live that way. When people divorce and fight and say bitter things to one another, Father looks at it and learns never to do that. He would rather offer all the blessing to the other party and try to start over again rather than be bitter. No matter what we face, small things, unlikely things, they are all lessons for us.

Separation from Satan

Father has experienced so many times that God has promised to him the best, the highest, the most exemplary position, and then God places him in the opposite extreme. Father finds himself in the lowest, the most horrible kind of place. But that opposite lowest place has a floor that is only paper thin; under it is the top of Heaven. When you realize this and are grateful to God, Heavenly Father will embrace you.

In this way God has connected with me and embraced me every time. It is only then that we realize that God exists and is right beside us. There is no trace of Satan in that place, only God's presence. When we go down to an ever darker and darker place, beyond a certain level of darkness, even Satan does not reign because it is too dark. (Laughter.) When we go into that place, then God will visit us. You are the source of light at that time and God takes that very seriously, and He expands that light. You become a person of personal dignity, of high-level dignity. God looks around everywhere, and sees no other man, and no Satan. At that time God is teaching you to inherit everything. In the deepest valley of tears and darkness, Satan leaves you and goes elsewhere.

As we all know, for the representative family to go out and fight and win is very difficult. Therefore, what kind of tactics or strategy will God use? He places that representative right at the top and lets everyone persecute him. If you persevere through that persecution, you will have won the war. Satan cannot go God's way. This is a strange place, isn't it?

We may have come from a bad place, but it can be exchanged if we go in the right direction. When we go beyond the worse thing that Satan can throw at us, we come to God's domain.

The Family Seed

Again, we must realize deeply: myself, my mind and body; my family- husband and wife in unity with the children-with these three elements we become the representative and center. That is the family seed.

That seed contains everything: family king, tribal king, national king, world king and cosmic king. God wants to experience each one of these kingships. From one seed, many other seeds can be multiplied. One seed, mother's seed, develops into children's seed. This has the same value, same good-life content.

Adam's family represented everything centered upon the seed. Your family has to become the same seed as true Adam & Eve. You Blessed couples represent the family-king, tribe-king, world-king, cosmic- king-in meaning. From seed to seed to seed. Each seed is the same, no matter how many generations pass. This should go on forever. Blessed couples represent Adam's family. Adam's family represents all creation, including mankind and everything. Ultimately, you represent God and True Parents.

You must realize that as part of your living reality. We have to determine deeply by recognizing these responsibilities. How glorious it is that we have 30,000-plus families whose seed is exactly the same as Father's own seed. There is no difference. How does the satanic world really feel? How wonderful this is: wherever we go and settle down, God can automatically come and live with us! We are expanding and expanding. As we expand, Satan will be expelled further and further away. How wonderful this is!

To buy the Empire State Building seems difficult, don't you think? But it is very simple; just sign one paper and the Empire State Building is yours. The owner signs and the buyer signs and that's it. (Laughter.) Father's family represents the settlement base for all mankind and all creation. Therefore, when Parents sign and your couple signs, you inherit everything.

It's simple. However, to do it is difficult. The substantial content of Father is everything: you need absolute faith in Parents' concept, in your mind and body. No matter how anyone tries to compromise your thoughts about True Family, you should not separate. You must be absolutely one. You represent the starting point, and everything will follow you-just like Father. It's the same activity. It has the same value, and you will inherit everything.

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