The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Peace and the 21st Century - The Fundamental Principle of True Peace

Founder's Address Federation for World Peace Second World Peace Conference
by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

My dear President Mikhail Gorbachev, distinguished Co-Chairmen, honored heads of state and government, respected ladies and gentlemen. To all of you I express my deep gratitude that you have been able to come here in such large numbers, to take part in the Second World Peace Conference.

As we enter the age of internationalization and globalization of the 21st century, we are confronted with the urgent task of overcoming a large number of difficult obstacles to world peace. I have an absolute conviction about our global problems, and it presents a solution that addresses the fundamental root of all these problems. I have dedicated my entire life to the pursuit of the will of Heaven based on this persuasion. Please allow me to share with you a few elements of my conviction.

Our world today has become evil, filled with conflict, confusion, and hatred. This is true of individuals, families, societies, and countries. The root cause of so much wickedness is a conflict between the mind and body of individual human beings, a conflict that started at the beginning of human history and has dragged on throughout the ages.

As embodiments of discord, such individuals naturally produce families fraught with conflict, which compose countries torn by strife and a world divided by struggle. What is the result? An evil world of hell. For Heaven, it is the most abominable of all possible worlds. The origin of this ongoing conflict lies in the relationship between two individuals, man and woman, who are themselves torn by conflict within.

Therefore, the solution to our complex global difficulties lies in creating unity between mind and body and in harmonizing the relationship between man and woman. If we accomplish these two goals, we will have found the solution to the problems of the entire world.

Why have mind and body come into conflict with each other? Why have man and woman not been able to establish harmony and unity? The reason is that something in our history went wrong. It is my firm conviction that the original fall took place at the dawn of human history. It was then that the mind and body of individual people became divided, and strife emerged between man and woman. The human world became evil, centered upon Satan.

The solution to the world's problems

The first step in solving the world's problems, then, is to find God. The second, expel the evil Satan from this world. The third would be to establish men and women who have accomplished the unity of mind and body

God expelled fallen Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. They had become husband and wife centering on Satan instead of God, and because they bore children while in that state, all the ancestors of humankind came to inherit the lineage of Satan. Their blood lineage was corrupted..

Through adultery, the archangel who became Satan stole the intended bride of Heaven. It is a principle of Heaven that whenever a relationship of love is established (whether false love or true love), ownership becomes established from that point. According to this principle, the human ancestors came under the ownership of Satan.

Originally, the mind and body were to become one, centering on God's true love. As it turned out, however, before God's true love had a chance to be perfected within the human mind, the mind became bound by false love from Satan. That enabled Satan to take root in the body.

Originally the mind was to exert a positive polarity over the body, but due to the Fall the body formed another positive pole, repelling the original mind and finally coming to dominate it.

For that reason, God has been working to project the power of true love into the human mind in order to bring about the absolute subjugation of the body now engulfed in false love. Only when unified through true love can mind and body return to the state where God dwells within them.

The fallen ancestors became false ancestors. This is what created the need for religion and for a Messiah. The tasks of religion and the purpose of the coming of the Messiah are to break down the hell of false love, false life, and false lineage, which have given rise to false individuals, false families, false societies, false states, and a false world. Religion and the Messiah must guide us back to the original world of true love, true life, and true lineage. It is the world of the true parents centering on God.

God, too, feels loneliness when He is alone. He created the heavens and the earth centering on a relational ideal, and his reason was to find true love. Look at the created world. You will see that it is structured in pairs: The mineral world, the plant world, and the animal world are all arranged in subject-object relationships as a way of providing ideal models for true love between human beings.

True love is the reason why women are born for the sake of men, and men for the sake of women. Solutions to global problems become possible only when our minds and bodies--and when men and women--come to live for the very purpose of becoming one centering upon true love. True love can be found only in a situation where a person exists for the sake of his or her relational complement. Satan's love is centered on the self, whereas God's love is centered on others. These two kinds of love are diametrically opposite.

For our fallen bodies to be free from the world of Satan, we need to know absolutely that we have achieved the position of a second, visible God, that the invisible God is our ideal subject of true love and we are in the position of His absolute objects. Our minds and bodies must be united by means of the invisible God and by means of true love, and we must honor and respect our heart and conscience just as we honor and respect God Himself.

Three-Subject Thought

We can recover our "original selves" only when we submit absolutely to the commands of our conscience. God is the Parent of parents, the Teacher of teachers, and the Master of masters. This forms the basis for the "Three-Subject Thought" encompassing on heaven and earth.

It is only through the conscience that these three can form an absolute unity and to fulfill the Three-Subject Thought. Thus, the conscience is more important to us than our parents who gave us birth, more important than any teacher, and more important than the king of any country. Only when elevated to such a position can the conscience become an object of God's love. The conscience needs no education about right and wrong. We must give it absolute honor and obedience, just as we would honor and obey God.

There is nothing I do that my conscience does not know about; it sees everything. The conscience objects whenever the body schemes to do something wrong. Yet, because the power of fallen love was stronger than the power of the conscience at the time of the fall, the body is able to drag the mind around wherever it chooses. This kind of problem would not exist if the human conscience had achieved perfection and had formed a relationship of true love with God in the Garden of Eden.

Adam's family in the Garden of Eden was to be a family of true love, in accordance with God's ideal. God created them so they would give visible expression to every kind of invisible existence. God and man were in a subject-object relationship centering on true love. He created the two ancestral human beings, Adam and Eve, with the expectation that they would become the substantial perfection of the invisible children, invisible brother and sister, invisible husband and wife, and invisible parents that exists within God's heart. God wanted the true love of children to be perfected in substantial form; he wanted to see His objects of true love perfected as actual brothers and sisters in a family, as actual husband and wife, and then as actual parents.

True love in a father-son relationship is vertical; in a husband-wife relationship it is horizontal; in a brother-sister relationship it is on the front-and-back axis. God wanted such a spherical ideal of true love.

Unification, then, is accomplished at one central point, where there is a convergence of the upper and lower hemispheres on the vertical axis, the right and left hemispheres on the horizontal axis, and the front and back hemispheres on the third axis. This point becomes the focus of centripetal force. The Four Great Realms of the Heart--that is, the realms of love of the child, brother-sister, husband-and-wife, and parents--reach their perfection when human beings who are centered on God are married and enter their first relationships of love. This is the central place where all perfection bears fruit.

Marriage thus represents the synthesis of the virtues of heaven, earth, and humankind and the perfection of all things vertical and horizontal, left and right, and front and back. Accordingly, Adam and Eve as husband and wife, as God's most beloved substantial objects, were meant to be the second ancestors. From that position they would stand as the second creators and would inherit all of God's feelings. They would feel the joy of God in the positions of children, brother and sister, husband and wife, and parents. Their joy as the second creators would be in the experience of bearing children, by which they could experience the position of the First Creator.

From this perspective, God was the first Creator; Adam and Eve were to be the second creators; and the children of Adam and Eve were to be the third creators. The first, second, and third creators--that is, God, Adam and Eve, and the children of Adam and Eve--would have established a formal pattern, a pattern that would have been the fundamental principle that all humanity would have to follow.

From the perspective of Adam and Eve, there would be connection between upper and lower (the parent-child relationship), left and right (the husband-wife relationship), and front and back (the brother-sister relationship). It would have led them to the perfection of their family. It would have been the unified foundation of God, Adam and Eve, and their children. As people approached God, they would accomplish the unification of mind and body and the unification of man and woman, and they would form a stable foundation where peace, freedom, happiness, and hope would converge to form the basis of fundamental peace.

The family is the base of true love

Through Adam and Eve's having children, God would have enabled Adam and Eve, who were the second creators and who were visible and substantial, to take part in the creation of the third creators.

Through this process, the family becomes the foundation on which the Four Great Realms of Heart can be experienced generation after generation. The family is the base where each form of true love can be brought to perfection. In this way, the family achieves the unity of God and man through love, and it serves as the starting point toward the perfection that enables us to establish true ownership in heaven and earth. This is another way of saying that the family is the origin from which we come to have children, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, and parents.

Only in such families can we find men and women who have accomplished mind-body unity.

Only in such families can we find husbands and wives who have achieved the ideal unity between man and woman. Such families are the starting point for ideal parents. Here, too, we can see the creation of a model, centering upon true love, for the perfection of children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, and parents.

It was God's ideal of creation that this model be expanded not just to the level of country and world but to the entire cosmos. Thus, it is possible for a country to become a family-patterned unit that is larger than the family; the world can become a family-patterned unit that is larger than a country; and the cosmos can become a family-patterned unit larger than the world.

Accordingly, the models for children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents--which represent the Four Great Realms of Heart--can be found in the family, in the nation, in the world and in the cosmos. Since a country contains many families and is larger than a family, families should exist for the sake of the country. Since the world contains many countries, countries should exist for the sake of other countries in the world. In similar fashion, the world must exist for the sake of the larger cosmos. Finally, the cosmos must exist for the sake of God, who is the greatest and most central existence.

Thus, when the standard of the perfected Four Great Realms of Heart within the family is projected onto higher and higher levels, the ideal of unity becomes a reality. On that basis, we can enter a cosmos of peace, happiness, and freedom. This is why we need, and need vitally, the unity of mind and body and family harmony centering on man and woman.

God is also growing

God, too, you see, has been growing. He created Adam and Eve as substantiation of the inner son and daughter, brother and sister, husband and wife, and father and mother, who are all within His invisible heart. With Adam and Eve, God becomes a growing child, a brother and a sister, a husband and a wife, and finally a parent. By experiencing His second self, God establishes children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents. He unites them in true love, and that brings to Him boundless joy.

As well as to God, humans are designed to give joy to other humans. We are all in the position of someone else's child, sibling, spouse, or parent. All human beings are members of families centering on the Four Great Realms of Heart, which make the family an underpinning to experience the ideal realm of heart. We all have a longing to form families, and the reason is that only those persons embodying the Four Great Realms of Heart can become ideal human beings, capable of making heartistic oneness with anyone in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth or in the spiritual realm.

This explains the consummate human desire to achieve mind-body unity and husband-wife unity. Unless we achieve this all-important mind-body unity, we are unqualified in all other aspects and can develop no unity in the family either. We will fall away from our families, from our nation, from the world, from the universe, and from God Himself. Only through an utmost effort to accomplish mind-body unity and family unity can we achieve perfection.

We need to know that we ourselves are God's representatives. We are in the position of a second God. All people, need to be working together to restore the family to a position of goodness and happiness.

We must become aware that the position of husband and wife is the union between a son of God and a daughter of God, the union of a brother and a sister within God's family, and the union of a father and a mother. From the perspective of the Four Great Realms of Heart, the position of husband and wife is the absolute goal of human life, through which we can actually achieve the perfection of our individual selves.

The husband, therefore, stands in the position that enables the wife to receive an ideal son of God, to receive an older brother of heaven, to receive a husband of heaven, and to receive a father of heaven. The corresponding case is true of the wife in relation to her husband. Such husbands and wives bear children in a manner analogous to God's creative act. They feel joy through experiencing their own growth in a substantial manner, through their children.

Achieving a world of peace

God's love is absolute. Accordingly, it is a principle of heaven that the relationship of husband and wife cannot be broken. Fallen human society has lost sight of this principle and must be restored so that we may return to the original homeland. When such a restoration is accomplished, the Federation for World Peace will have fulfilled its purpose. At that point, the family-level heaven will become a country-level heaven; the country-level heaven will become a world-level heaven; and the world-level heaven will become the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world.

This will be the point at which, at last, we will have achieved a world of peace.

The position at which a husband and wife marry and love each other with true love is the heavenly palace, which is the origin of the love, life, and lineage of God and humankind. It is the starting point for the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

When children who are the fruit of such true love achieve perfect unity as husbands and wives, they form families living in attendance to God. They constitute the base upon which peace and all ideals can be established. Then men and women, each representing one side, will perfect

Centering on true love, God perfects humankind as an existence of unlimited value. When that is done, God, too, will see the perfection of true love, the fulfillment of the family ideal, the fulfillment of His own ideal for the creation, and the cradle of eternal, ideal love. From the perspective of Adam and Eve's family, God is the first ancestor; Adam and Eve, the second ancestors; and their children, the third ancestors.

A royalty centering on God. Adam and Eve's family forms a royalty centering on God. God is in the position of grandparents; Adam and Eve, in the position of parents; and Adam and Eve's offspring, in the position of children. In this manner, the original pattern of three generations within the family comes to be established.

According to this original pattern, the grandparents are in the position of king and queen of the spirit world, representing God and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. They should be honored and respected just as we would respect God.

The parents are in the central position of king and queen of the family, representing the Kingdom of Heaven in the present world. They should be honored and respected just as we would the king and queen of the present world.

The children are in the position of princes and princesses within the family. They should be loved as the ones standing to inherit the future Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

In this way, the members of Adam and Eve's family were to form a royalty centering on God and were to live peacefully on earth until they moved into the heavenly, eternal world. Only in that heavenly world can human desire, freedom, aspiration, peace, and happiness attain complete fulfillment. This is the purpose which humankind must fulfill.

A philosophy and conviction of peace

As respected representatives from countries around the world, each of you has devoted an important period in your life to tireless efforts for the sake of your individual country and the world as a whole.

As a result of your sacrificial efforts, humankind today enjoys conditions much improved over what existed in the past. Still, the ideal world of freedom and peace, which is the fervent desire of all the people of the world, has not yet been achieved. Even at this hour, countless people in many places around the world are dying from hunger and pain as a result of conflicts and struggles among peoples, races, and religions.

I have responded as a religious leader to God's calling. I have lived my life for the purpose of saving humankind from war and sin, and of establishing a world of peace. Out of this calling, I have acquired a conviction and daily philosophy regarding peace, which is the Headwing Philosophy. In my address to you today, I have expressed a few elements of that conviction.

The perspective of Godism and Headwing Philosophy is that world peace will be achieved neither by means of political ideologies oriented toward power nor by any argument based on physical force. Peace will only be accomplished when all men and women share in God's love and truth and put these into practice--starting with the individual and expanding to the family, to the society, to the country, and to the world, thus forming one global, extended family.

From this perspective, the founding purpose of the Federation for World Peace is to promote education and practices related to true peace as a means to realize peace in various societies, nations, and the world. May all of us here perfect the family-level heaven and go on to play major roles in the accomplishment of world peace.

I pray that God's blessing be upon each and every one of you.

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