The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


The Time Of Liberation In the Providence and Our Safe Settlement

Sun Myung Moon
February 27, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

Are there any volunteers to translate the title Father has written here, Sum Wee Jauk Hae Bong She Dae Wha Woo Lee Wee Aun Chang? It isn't an easy one. Some of the Japanese leaders might be able to read it. It says, The Time of Liberation in the Providence and Our Safe Settlement. Are you actually able to grasp the meaning of it?

When we speak about the providential history, it is inclusive of the beginning of human history until today. The providence also includes the Fall of Man and the history of restoration; like a transition. Therefore, we have to receive liberation which means restoring ourselves to the correct position of right side up. When you are imprisoned you truly understand the meaning of liberation, but without that kind of experience, it is difficult to fully understand the meaning of liberation. Long term inmates of a prison become more serious the closer the time of their release comes. Especially the three months prior to their release becomes a very critical time for them. Within themselves they begin to reconnect with the world outside. Because it signifies a brand new start for them they become so serious that they often cannot sleep for making new plans in their minds.

The definition of prison is to be confined within a certain boundary. This becomes the entire world of the prisoners. When the time comes for their release it means to go beyond the boundary and this is not always an easy thing for long term prisoners. By the same token, due to the Fall of Man, all humanity has been confined within the prison of the entire planet Earth. Therefore the most critical question for fallen people is how to be liberated from this fallen world, from the individual to the cosmic level. We have individual boundary fences, family level fences, tribal, national, world, universe and cosmos level fences. At every level we find the prison fence. However, in general, people are unaware of this reality. How can we go beyond these fences?

Due to the Fall of Man we are having to deal with all these different levels of fences and whose responsibility is it? Man's. By the same token, when we commit a crime in this world, even though we are part of a family it is not they who are responsible in terms of paying indemnity. It is you who have to pay. By the same token man is the one who fell and so it is man who is responsible. As an individual you are a national of a particular country, but if you commit a crime it is you who have to pay for that crime, your country cannot.

Our ultimate course of life as fallen men and women is following this road and going beyond the boundaries at each level of our confinement. Fallen men do not understand this course and they are often oblivious to the fact that they fell. Adam and Eve were the ones who actually knew that they fell, but since then nobody really understood the Fall of Man. After Adam and Eve, everybody was born within the prison walls and throughout history these prison fences have been expanded from the individual to cosmic levels. At each level it is a war and who is responsible for creating this kind of battle? If you become a prisoner you will experience the fight that exists within any kind of prison. Within a prison, it is usually the one who has served the longest term who is the boss and they are usually the most serious criminal. They act like a king in the prison and new prisoners have to pay respect to him and so in that sense, there is no freedom there. Whatever you have to do in the prison, you have to obtain the permission of the kingpin or you will be punished. If you don't follow the boss's way of doing things then your life will be threatened. It is like a Mafia organization.

Generally people do not realize that they are in this central point surrounded by all levels of prison fences. America may be the most powerful country in the world and yet America still falls into this category also. If we go beyond all these different levels of fences, then where can we go? That is the original world in which we don't find any fences. However, in the fallen world there are fallen individuals, fallen families, fallen tribes, fallen people, fallen nations; we have to feel that. Therefore, if we just continue living in this fallen world surrounded by all these fallen people then eventually even after we leave this world we will end up in fallen spiritual world-so-called hell.

This is eternal hell where all the different levels of hell are combined. If we fall into this hell, how can we get out of it? We have this reverse way to go at all different levels. Those who live in this hell have all the burdens of their ancestors, family, nation and world in the past who made such mistakes and are being carried by those in hell. If you try to get out of this hell then all the people who came there in the past with all their burdens will grab hold of you and won't let you go. Hell is the place where all the self-centered people are gathered. If anybody tries to do something they become besieged by all these self-centered individuals, so you are not free. In that place everybody tries to step on you and go above you. However, God's way is allowing others to go ahead of you by always yielding and becoming more humble. That is the difference.

Have you truly thought about the situation we find ourselves in, surrounded by all these different levels of hell confined within this hellish society? Looking at the world do you see it as doomed to perish or prosper? (Perish.) Then what should you do? Do you really feel that this entire world, including you and your family, is perishing and will be destroyed soon? Do you really feel that? This is not a conceptual matter but a very serious reality. Of course this side is physical hell and this, the spiritual hell, but we are talking about this physical world hell. How can we transform this physical world into the Kingdom of God on earth? We have to go through these eight different stages.

We are saying that the entire world has become a hell, so do you think that we should be able to enter the Kingdom of God altogether or as individuals? (Together.) Is there any single individual throughout history who entered the Kingdom alone? Of course we lost the Kingdom of God at the individual level so we should not follow this entire world which is a fallen world. The trend of this world leads to the door of hell. Where is the heavenly gate? We have to turn around 180 degrees in order to find the heavenly gate. Once you turn around 180 degrees, then the entire world including your family, tribe and nation will oppose you and try to prevent you from progressing. How can we overcome this opposition and obstacle? This has been our task, the inevitable course that we have to deal with. In order to succeed in our mission of turning around 180 degrees and marching forward, we have to deny ourselves, our families, our tribes, our nations and the world. We are now going in the reverse direction and so we deny the world first, then the nation, tribe, family and self. This is the reverse course. Once you overcome the world level then the national level is waiting to oppose you and so on. Do you really feel that?

As Unification Church members we are always referring to the indemnity course, tribal messiahship, etc. However, do you really feel that? Father explains their necessity here clearly, but do you feel that immediate task is right in front of your eyes? You have to pick up whatever tools you may need to accomplish it. Father is not just talking but this is the reality and truth which he is giving to you. There is no choice, we have to go through this course and go beyond each level. When we truly understand this problem, then our external concerns of making a living, and where to live become inconsequential. This entire world is a fallen world and is for us a world scale prison. Please understand this. We have to receive the day of liberation.

People are talking about obtaining freedom, peace and happiness, but what do they mean? They are already admitting that we are living in the fallen world and we are fallen people who need freedom, peace and happiness. Because they do not know where they can obtain freedom, peace and happiness, they imagine these can be found within their own national boundary. However, everybody has to go beyond their national level. Within the worldwide fence level there is no real freedom, peace or happiness. We have to transcend this level. If the Fall of Man is a reality, then what Father is teaching us here is a fact and reality also. Please understand, from the individual level to the world level, eight different levels of prison boundaries have been expanded. We have to turn around from this level and go back the reverse way down to the individual level.

[Father draws on the blackboard.] In the reverse way we have to create a new world on eight different levels again. In order to reach this original point again, as an individual, you have to overcome these eight different levels and then the entire heavenly eight different levels will spread out in front of you. The dispensational time of liberation includes this, as a whole being and not just as an individual. It is 180 degrees in a different direction. In that way the historical dispensational time of liberation will occur.

When will this wrong-side-up world become right-side-up? If this wrong-side-up world is in this position then you have to push one side so that it turns over 180 degrees. Push like this, just as when you turn over a heavy object. Have you done it? When did you do it? Did you reverse it on the individual level? Then the family level lies before you. Even if you complete this at an individual level, you still have your family level, including yourself, your tribal level, society level, national and world levels to complete. As you continue this work then you may probably complete the individual and tribal levels, but just as with Christianity, at a community level they don't want to do that because they want to keep things as they have been doing them on the national level.

For example, America doesn't want to change completely from the wrong-side-up to the right-side-up. This has been the problem. This entire nation of America has to be made right-side-up again and this means totally turning it around. Think about the confusion and difficulties this would create for them. So, they resist it. If this entire nation of America became right-side-up, does that mean the rich people become richer and poor people more poor? (No.) Upside down means turned inside out. That is why, for example, in the communist world, it was promoted that all the farmers and laborers should be the first class people.

As we change this world completely around and then as people become totally changed, they should move from their particular place to a newer place. People don't realize this. In other words, we have to make an exodus from this nation of America as Americans to someplace new to become new people. However, Americans don't think that way. That new world is this world-heaven. Do you understand? In order to enter this new world the way we have been going, we will have such a long trail; a family trail, tribal trail, etc. but this is not the right way. You have to make yourself very clear as an individual at this point to be qualified to enter this world.

Centering upon Adam and Eve, the Fall occurred at the family level. From that family level the world has expanded and so the entire world has to come through that family gate once again. Do you want to remain in this world or leave this world and enter this fresh new world? (Fresh new world.)

At the time of the Exodus the Israelites followed Moses. In the beginning they were so happy to go to a new world, but they did not realize the wilderness was waiting for them. That is why they all perished in the wilderness. By the same token, those Unification leaders and members who have been following just like the Israelites followed Moses and did not understand the life in the wilderness, will just disappear one by one and leave and die. Just as Moses was leading the Israelite people to the new nation of Canaan, Father has been leading all of you to the new Kingdom of God. Therefore we must drop all our relationships and memories from the past and follow in Father's footsteps. However, people have a tendency to stick with their old habits and memories and try to go back to their old lifestyle. This has been a problem. As you reach this level as an individual and family, you have to go through another eight stages of the world and return and bring the rest of the people with you. You should be the spearhead in terms of entering that world. Therefore you have a long trail, you have a family trail, tribe trail, society and national trail and they are not connected to this world [the original world] because they came from this world [indicating the fallen world]. Therefore you are the one who has to connect all these different levels in the new world. While you are going through this process at this level you should not face any opposition. No matter which direction you may go there should not be any opposition. That is why we call it the unified world.

No matter how big this world may be, it will become like one big family in terms of the structure and organization. The concept behind the new world will be like one family; a family level family, tribal level family, national level family and world level family. It is just a matter of size, but the entire world is one family.

In this fallen world there is no level of family that God can work through. That is why God has been working throughout history in order to restore a family. Because God lost Adam's family then God began to work in Abel's family and so on, all throughout history. Do you understand? Ever since the Fall of Man there has not been one single family through which God could work. That is why God has been waiting for that single original family and that family is the family of the Messiah. The Abel side family appears and then the rest of the world represents Cain side families. This Abel side family, even though a single family, will prosper and destroy the Cain side families step by step. All the Cain side families from individual to world levels, will try their best to destroy this Abel side family of the Messiah. The Abel side will suffer, just as the Israelites have suffered throughout history because they were the chosen people.

Until the national sovereignty is secured, which means when the Messiah becomes the king, the Messiah cannot truly be called Messiah. Abel as an individual, should win the victory and then that individual victorious foundation will remain. On that basis he will move on to the family level fight against Satan and claim victory moving throughout all the eight different levels. Whoever is selected by God, whether individual, family or nation, will always have to deal with this kind of opposition from the Cain side. Just as Christianity has been dealing with worldwide opposition, by the same token the Unification Church, ever since its birth has been dealing with this world level opposition. Even in this fallen world there may have been an individual who was strong enough to win a victory here and family level here, but they were not on the same straight line. This line has to be straight, but sometimes the line has been a zigzag and then they don't connect. This has been the problem.

During the Old Testament Era there was the servant of servant level victory, adopted son level victory and this has to be connected in a straight line. At the time of the New Testament, it was like that also. The Messiah's role is to connect all those victories on a straight line so that God can work through them. At the end of the Old Testament Era, Jesus Christ came as the Messiah to straighten the connection. In this time Father came and connected everything in a straight line. As Father is the Messiah of this world, he has to include this entire Old Testament Era and New Testament Era and place all these victorious foundations on a straight line. Presently they are all scattered around, circulating like the four seasons that come and go. They are all in different locations presently. As you know, True Parents made the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age last year. That by itself is an astonishing fact and unimaginable reality.

True Parents could make that proclamation after they had gone through these eight different stages and come this reverse way and won the victory as True Family. Because of the victorious foundation won by True Parents as a family, God, who was waiting outside of all these fences, can now dwell and work with True Parents directly on all these different levels in this world.

These past forty years Satan has been persecuting and opposing Father, trying to prevent him from reaching this level as an individual, and to keep True Parents and the True Family base from extending to all the eight different levels. Even though there has been persecution on all those eight different levels, Father won the victory on each level. Please understand, True Father went over all the eight different levels and reached the victory here at the eighth level where he received God and came back to the original point. Because of the Fall of Man, God couldn't interfere in this sphere of hell, but had to remain outside of the boundary. Father came all the way out and received God and then came back to the starting point. All these eight satanic levels gave way and lost to Father. Since he received God and went back to the original point, no satanic world is able to stop him. Centering upon True Parents' family now we will enjoy all eight different levels of the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan has no business with this. Just as it says in the Divine Principle lecture of the Last Days, this is the crossing point. Father won all the victories, received God and came back to this original point so that we can live with God together and prosper. This crossing point is the time of the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. It doesn't have anything to do with Satan whatsoever. Therefore, the more aggressively we move to do God's work, the more severely the satanic world will be damaged and go down.

Do you Americans want to work with your own nation or do you want to go out to and work for the world? (World.) Then you want to abandon your country of America? (No.) If your answer is no, then you have to go out and win a world level victory and come back to your country just as Father has done. Just as Father dropped everything in the past and went out you, too, must do the same. Abandoning means you are gaining. [Father refers to the blackboard diagram.] This is the fallen world of hell and this is the heavenly world. We need to liberate this hell and make heaven on earth. Is this clear? (Yes.) This liberation dispensation Father is mentioning is again, the crossing point where the left side will become the right side and right side will become left side, a 180 degree turn. The downside will become upside and the upside will become downside. In this family level, centering upon True Parents' family, the tribe, nation and world will emerge and above that line is the Kingdom of God on earth; below it is hell. After the Kingdom of God on earth is established, the Kingdom of God in heaven will automatically become connected. Then the world of the Fall doesn't exist anymore. Only when we have this world can we say that total liberation takes place. Then we won't be able to see all the eight different levels of fences anymore.

Perfection must occur in this physical world on a horizontal level. Father's family is here after True Parents won the victory, then centering upon this central point, on a horizontal level, all these eight different levels must be passed through in order to reach to perfection. Then five billion families will be on the same line. However, because True Family is the central family the entire five billion people of the world must have True Family in their own family as their center. Do you understand? Centering upon True Parents, your entire tribe should be unified. Without having True Parents as the center you cannot have a true tribe, true nation and true world. That is the way the world will expand. The vertical center is True Parents and True Family, but on a horizontal level all these five billion families are on the same line.

Liberation takes place in such a way that if your tribe becomes totally one with True Family then your tribal level liberation takes place. When True Parents and you as tribal messiah become totally one, your entire tribe will naturally become a true tribe. When twelve different tribes become united then that becomes a people-like the Israelite people at Moses' time. When you have restored these twelve tribes together and God works through that and makes you a king, then you become a people. In America if you have twelve different big tribes together and become totally one, then you can even claim national sovereignty and become a national Messiah. With that kind of king or president totally centered upon God and totally one with True Parents, the entire nation will belong to God and True Parents, don't you agree? (Yes.) By the same token, suppose all the representatives of the United Nations, which represents the whole world, become totally one with True Parents overnight. Conditionally, that means the entire world is connected to True Parents. Through what? Receiving Blessing from True Parents.

The Fall of Man eventually comes down to the fact that their marriage was a false marriage. As God and True Parents bestow the correct marriage upon them, the entire world will belong to God and True Parents. Because True Parents already won all the different levels of victory here on this level, horizontally, then Satan cannot interfere with whatever True Parents may do from now on. Suppose Father were to utilize one major television station in Washington DC and gave this victorious trumpet blowing for forty hours, the entire world will be turned around. On each level, as you see, there will be a change because True Parents already won all the necessary levels of victory. Father is able now to expand it and embrace all the different levels of the entire world and globe. In that field Satan cannot interfere because this is True Parents' dominion.

At such a time when True Parents can do as explained here to the world, we are already beyond this time of liberation and are actually at the time of settlement of our own selves. In this liberation place there is no Satan, no hell. Do you understand? True Parents have already made a victorious foundation over the cosmic world. Once again, please remember, for all these reasons, centering upon True Father, we have to make it upside down and right-side-up. This is our task. With one blow on a worldwide scale America would just turn around. We need a clear concept of this for now we have received the time of liberation in the history of God's providence. It is like taking a world tour where you begin in America and travel north around the world and return to your original starting point. This is exactly how True Father did it providentially. Suppose the entire five billion people of the earth want to take this world tour together at the same time? This world would probably be in turmoil. So one representative, True Father, already did it spiritually and physically by setting the victorious foundation all over the world. So now we have to just stick with Father and make sure to stand right behind him and follow his footsteps all the way. The entire five billion people of the world will become united with Father. The body should follow the mind everywhere. Do you really understand how significant and important True Parents are for our lives now?

From the beginning of Adam's family to the entire world level, now there is access here. True Parents have created the access pillar. On an individual, family, or national level the speed is the same. While you are circulating there it sometimes goes up and sometimes down. You are totally free and without barriers. Amen. (Amen!) True Father now occupies a central position in the universe, not just this world, but the cosmos also. Do you understand that we are now on the same horizontal level with True Father, True Parents? You can see by looking at the chalk marks on the board how many times Father emphasized it. Even at the horizontal level, all these eight stages are connected centering upon True Parents. We can separate these into Old Testament Era, New Testament Era and Completed Testament Era. Because the eight different levels are like mountains we need these different time periods such as the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. However, we are now on the same horizontal level so it isn't necessary to have these different time periods because it jumps like this with one blow.

The Completed Testament Age does not have any obstacles or stages to go through. It is the time to build the ideal family, ideal nation and ideal world which will become the world of peace. Historically speaking the eight different vertical stages are represented by the three different horizontal stages of Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. When we look at history vertically, there are three different stages up until the Completed Testament Age which is represented by 6,000 years of history. However, within forty years of Father's life, this entire 6,000 years has been indemnified. The Old Testament Era was the time of the first ancestors, the New Testament Era was the time of the second ancestor and the Completed Testament Age is the time for the third ancestor of humanity. Father has been victorious on all these different levels vertically and has expanded this victorious foundation horizontally. Satan has no claim over this.

This history which took 6,000 years vertically until the Completed Testament Age, had to be indemnified within forty years. This has been Father's course. It is like the completion of the first Adam, second Adam and third Adam. The third Adam is able to restore the first and second Adam. Looking at history from a restorational point of view, the first Adam is the elder brother, the second Adam who is Jesus, is the second elder brother and Father is the youngest, the third Adam. It is like three sons from God's point of view. However, this third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent, came and liberated the two elder brothers, Adam and Jesus Christ. When Jesus came he was supposed to restore the first Adam, but he failed to do this. That is why the third Adam, Father, as the Lord of the Second Advent came and restored these two elder brothers. Do you understand? Even if Father brings Adam and Jesus Christ, God will put True Father on top of them and Satan cannot say anything because nothing but victory will remain there. Satan cannot interfere or say anything. Do you understand? Again, Father stays in his position then Jesus and Adam are next and Satan cannot say anything. Do you understand?

All throughout these 6,000 years, people at different levels had different desires and longings, but now Father expands this onto a horizontal level of Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. Because of Father's victorious foundation, Satan cannot interfere so you are totally free to act. Looking at this situation horizontally there are different levels or stages, but because of True Parents' victory, those tribes and people belonging to all three eras are united. The people from the Old Testament Era which means the first Adam period and the second Adam period which is Jesus' time and includes all the different denominations of Christianity, and the Completed Testament Age which is the third Adam period, are totally centered upon True Parents now and horizontally speaking, they are all one. The fundamental relationship is the father/son relationship centered upon True Parents, so it is irrelevant whether you belong to the first Adam period tribe or the second Adam period tribe. The basic relationship with True Parents will be the father/son relationship and through True Parents Blessing, everyone can be restored and be totally free. According to this principle, in terms of father/son relationship, thousands of different generations can be created here on the horizontal level. Within one week this entire humanity of five billion people can be restored through this father and son relationship.

Though the fallen world is below this horizontal level right now, once it is completely turned 180 degrees, this world will become the Kingdom of God on earth. Is that true? The time of liberation in God's providence is taking place on this one straight horizontal line. Do you understand? (Yes.) Satan knew that this time was coming, that is why Satan created all the immorality problems that we are facing today in America. Therefore, there is only one way to restore this country. Because Satan created the misery we now face, we have to leave Satan and follow True Parents. That is the only way. You were born as children of the first ancestor, second ancestor and third ancestor because Father restored all of them. You should understand this clearly and have the conviction that you have within you the completion of Adam, the completion of Jesus Christ and the completion of True Father. Do you understand?

Blessed couples raise your hands. "Blessed couple" means that you represent True Parents. It means you are like a new tree, True Parents' tree. Therefore, please understand that the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age is this significant and precious. That is why the entire spiritual and physical world have become one at this point. The spiritual world represents the archangel's world and the earth represents Adam's world which is in Abel's position. Now these two are combining into one and we are creating the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in the spiritual world. By having the physical and spiritual world united, just like Cain and Abel being united, True Parents are now able to do their work and the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven can be created. This is equivalent to the time before the original fallen situation occurred. Is this clear? (Yes.)

Then within you, what do you have and whom are you representing? (True Parents.) You must remember Father's conclusion and that is that you are a representative of the perfection of the first Adam, the perfection of the second Adam, Jesus Christ, and the completion of the third Adam, True Father. Within yourself you represent that much. Do you understand? Father brings these three different levels of the first, second and third Adam and engrafts them into you. You have to have the concept that you are becoming the new baby generation. No matter how much difficulty you may encounter, you should never lose sight of the fact that you are the center of the universe. You have to have that kind of concept. Do you have confidence? (Yes.) Only from that kind of confidence and that kind of practice will you find your peace, freedom and real happiness. That is the way we will accomplish the safe settlement of our individual level, our tribal level, our national level and world level.

The grand conclusion from God's providential point of view is that in Adam's family centering on Eve, Cain and Abel should have been united and embraced by Eve. However, this did not happen. At the time of Jesus Christ, the nation of Israel was in the position of Cain and Judaism was in the position of Abel. Centering upon the mother, Mary, this Cain and Abel were supposed to be united and embraced so that they could receive the Messiah. However, this failed also. That is why the dispensation was delayed to the worldwide level where Eve was represented by the nation of England. America was born from this Eve nation, isn't that true? The Anglo-Saxon tribe and France were enemies, exactly the Cain, Abel and mother positions. That foundation was historically awaiting the coming of the bridegroom upon the earth, not spiritually. Do you understand? The Christian world has the notion that Jesus will descend from the clouds. Right after World War II, do you think that it was easy for the nations of Great Britain, America and France to bow down in front of Father and acknowledge him as the Lord of the Second Advent? It was virtually impossible just like at Jesus' time and that is why Father went through the forty-year course in which he won all the victories by himself. It was a re-indemnification.

True Mother is in the position of having the responsibility to unite and embrace the major countries of America, Japan, Germany and Korea. America represents Christianity and the free world. Right after World War II was the only time that the entire free world, centered upon Christianity, was totally united. Returning to the point of the second Messiah we just have to turn and right after World War II it was supposed to have happened that way, but it failed and so Father had to walk the forty year course.

In place of Great Britain, Japan is now the Eve nation. Father actually selected enemy countries such as America which was in the enemy position to Germany and Japan. From Father's point of view Japan was his enemy country and America, providentially speaking, failed. By the same token, Germany was in the same situation. It was the most evil nation during World War II. It was fearful. During World War II Germany was responsible for eliminating thousands of Christians and millions of Jews. After World War II, all these countries failed and so now True Mother came and is restructuring this system of Cain and Abel and Adam and Eve nations relationships. America is in the Abel position and Germany is in Cain's position. America represents Christianity which means it is in the bride's position. After World War II, centering upon the Christian cultural background, the entire free world, particularly the providential nations of England, America and France, should have bowed down in front of Father and received him as the Lord of the Second Advent. However they failed, and Father had to walk the forty year course of re-indemnification. Then Father and Mother came to America and installed True Mother as the world level True Mother, having her speak at the United Nations and Capitol Hill, Cain and Abel. True Parents then connected this with Mother's speaking tour of Japan. As you know Japan was opposing our Church so much, but that opposition was knocked down and Mother won the victory there.

Last year there was so much opposition to Mother going to Japan to speak publicly, but at the Tokyo Dome Mother addressed 50,000 women leaders. She also spoke at the Diet and throughout Japan. This year True Mother is planning to speak to 100,000 women leaders at a few places in Japan. Religiously speaking, there are many different unknown religions in Japan. The population of Japan is about 120 million and half of that represents approximately 60 thousand Japanese women who are influenced to some degree by all these different mixed religious ideas. Father wants to educate them through True Mother with God-centered Christianity which is Godism, and change their views and religious beliefs. After True Parents turned Japan around, particularly using this women power, True Parents then went to Korea. The United Nations and Capitol Hill as Cain and Abel were combined and then connected with the Mother's position which is Japan. Japan's color is a complicated color, not the unified color of Christianity. Eve's country should have only one color, that is the Christian culture color. However, Japan, representing Eve's position has a different color. How can we make Japan the same color as the Christian cultural world? You women have to be responsible for changing the color and turning Eve's position around. Man represents the archangel position and has no power, no partner, no property. Do you understand? Man does not have authority. Women have to follow the right way now. Do you understand? Father has the bridegroom's power, everything is connected to one and moving in a different direction. All men follow behind without opposition. This is the Divine Principle perspective. Do you understand clearly? (Yes.)

In order to bring about the re-unification of Korea we need young people, particularly those college students from North Korea and South Korea, to be totally united. They represent Cain and Abel. Cain is represented by North Korean youth and Abel is represented by South Korean youth and centering upon True Parents these two Cain and Abel countries must combine into one to make the original unification foundation. We need these young people not only to bring about the unification of Korea, but to establish the unified world at the world level. This is why Father brought the youth representatives from different countries and held the Youth Conference in Moscow. According to Father's time clock everything is progressing well. Both South and North Korea have really tried to put the students from both countries together in order for them to have dialogue and build some kind of relationship. However, they have not been successful in all these years, only through Father, at this time. It has begun through the Moscow conference and at the same time Father already established the Women's Federation for World Peace and the International Youth Federation for World Peace. The Mother position and Cain and Abel children are represented there. So the world will follow as Father planned based upon that peninsula unification base. Do you understand? (Yes.) It will become equivalent to the situation after World War II. Once Kim Il Sung and True Parents become totally united then the world will be united.

Once North and South Korea become totally united centering upon Kim Il Sung uniting with True Parents, and the world becomes unified, it will be equivalent to the time of 1945 to 1952 when the entire world should have become like that. It is like the seven days of God's creation and we need this seven years. The world failed, so Father re-indemnified all the conditions within the last forty years. Starting from 1993 we need a seven-year time period in order to complete this. By the year 2000, when Father will have reached the age of eighty years, this entire world must become totally united and must be under Father's sovereignty and the world wide level unification will take place. During this seven-year time period Father needs women. After World War II the bride was unsuccessful so in this seven year period it is the mission of women to inherit this seven years and make a completion. This is why Father has established the Women's Federation for World Peace. It will serve as the worldwide women's base. Do you understand? Based upon that, you can connect with the bridegroom. This is Eve's mission until the year 2000.

Satan knew Father's plan of forty years and so he dominated this nation of America, implanting all kinds of immorality and social problems within this country. Who can save America from this miserable situation? The American government and military power cannot do that. Only centered upon Reverend Moon can this be done; otherwise there is no way for this country to be saved. The only one who understands God's viewpoint is Reverend Moon. If you don't follow Father then this country is doomed to perish. The conclusion is simple, make sure that your mind and body are totally united, unite your family and control your sexual desires totally according to God's law. Once you open your sexual place to free sex then all evil will infiltrate. Think about the actual reality out in the world where father-in-law and daughter-in-law live together and grandfather and granddaughter live together in relationships of incest. This is worse than animals. Satan made that kind of incest relationship. How can it be reversed and restored? How can this miserable situation be corrected and brought back to the original point? "No matter how famous the Second Advent is, he cannot do that! Ha, ha ha!" Satan is laughing like that. But God is a living God with great power forever. Do you understand? (Yes.) God's hand cannot touch that kind of fallen relationship. All those problems should be resolved, chased out. Do you follow? (Yes.)

Centering upon True Parents we must return to our hometown. There is no Japan, no America, no Germany in God's eyes. Wait and see. America is so proud of its power and Japan is so proud of its economic power, but because of free sex and immorality those countries will perish. Who can save them? Only we can liberate them and make a safe settlement. The amount of liberation that you are able to bring to the people in this world will determine the level of your safe settlement. Since Father knew all these secrets and plans and the work that he had to do, if he had stayed in Korea safely and comfortably, what kind of world do you think we would experience today? There would be no change in this world whatsoever. What about you? The world out there is big, it isn't just one country. Are you going to just sit still and hide some place? (No.) That is why Father has sent you out as a family messiah and tribal messiah and eventually, you have to become a national messiah. Horizontally they lie on the same line. "Messiah" means True Parentship and this cannot be invaded by Satanic power. Is this clear? Satan cannot infiltrate that world. We have less than seven years now, so go out and grab those congressmen, governors, senators and leaders of this country and work with them. If it is necessary you have to step on them because we have that kind of strong armament of truth. We are that powerful. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Now it is our world and if there is anyone who is opposing you then go and pay a visit to that person and challenge them. Ask them clearly why they are opposing us? Have they studied our teaching? Have they met Reverend Moon personally? Do they personally know Unificationists? If they have not, then we have to challenge their opposition because they have no foundation whatsoever. Rumors spread by newspapers were originally made up by communists, who wield the worst kind of satanic power. You American leaders, don't lose this golden opportunity because time passes away quickly. Father came to America at the age of fifty four and he began turning this country as an individual. Have you truly helped Father?

Americans complained about an Asian man coming here and teaching Americans, but look at the state of this country, it is perishing. Where is their ideal family, where is their ideal nation and world? There is no true brotherhood, no true couples, no true Parentship. The ideal family love is descending with the Second Advent and chasing out the American way. At last they can understand the truth and turn around the opposite way at the time of the Second Advent. Otherwise, there will only be perishment for America and no power in this country can save it. This is the truth!

A few days ago, Father gave direction to Reverend Joong Hyun Pak to make a video tape of Father's speeches that were given when Father first came to America in 1974 and spread this truth again to the entire world, in particular this country of America. In those speeches given in 1974, Father clearly gave a proclamation and warning to the world. We have to re-educate and re-alert them by giving these speeches because we now have enough external power and foundation to influence people. Many of the leaders, intellectuals, and politicians of this country who used to oppose Father recently changed their attitude by stating that they believe America truly needs Reverend Moon and begged him not to leave from America. However, in reality, it is we who have to do that work. Centering upon the Washington Times, all Christianity in this country is now united together with the conservative power. They are begging Reverend Moon to remain in the center of the Christian and Conservative Movement to save this nation of America. Have you heard of Nostalgia cable television station? Now we have complete ownership of it. During the process of our purchasing this company, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and other prominent Christian leaders were strongly opposed to the idea of Reverend Moon owning this cable TV station. However, God was on Father's side so they were unsuccessful in their opposition.

When you look at the situation objectively, do you think God is on Father's side or on your side? (Father's side.) What about you? Then what are you? (We are on Father's side.) Then that means you have separated from Satan's side. Are you totally one with True Father? (Yes.) How many percent, 100 percent or 1000 percent? (100,000 percent.) You always say that. If it is only eighty percent then it means you have twenty percent of Satan there and God will kick you out. Abel's side is never eighty percent, but completely 100 percent and connecting from generation to generation eternally. That is the original creation viewpoint. You cannot deny this. Because you know the truth which we have learned from True Father, how much liberation we generate and create in God's providence will determine the amount of safe settlement for ourselves. That is Father's message to you this morning. Everybody is equal here. Those who invest more effort and bring more results will be rewarded more. If you don't work then others will come and take your blessing away.

There is one huge Christian denomination working closely together with Father in order to save this country. Something is going on that you don't yet know about. They have understood clearly that the Christian world cannot have hope in the future and cannot digest and control the world as they desire. They have understood that the only solution lies with Reverend Moon. Do you understand? Once they move in and fully begin working with Father, you will lose everything and they will take over your work. We shall see the truth of "the first shall be last and the last shall be first." Father gave you the tribal messiahship right in advance, enabling you to go out and bring in your entire tribe, at least 160 tribal members, and register on the heavenly roster. However, if you fail to do this, sooner or later these Christian ministers will come with big numbers, entire congregations, thousands of people will join at the same time. What shall you do at that time? God's purpose is the salvation of the entire world.

It is fair that the amount of liberation that you bring will determine the degree of safe settlement of yourself. Looking at Father's life we can see that the communist world and entire free world have been opposing Father, but now the time has changed. These major communist countries are now under Father's influence and the world is welcoming Father. Who made this time change? Did America make this kind of change in the world atmosphere? No, it did not. God did not make that kind of change. It came centering upon Reverend Moon and the completion of Adam's position. After the Fall, Adam and Eve started from the lowest position, that means the beginning of hell. How can we eliminate this world? We have to clean it up and re-indemnify the mistakes centering on True Parentship. This was the original point. True Parents are the completion of Adam's mission, the establishment of the formula True Family. Do you understand? (Yes.) From that basis you must expand to the world level. True Parents have appeared on the earth and by re-indemnification have brought the world back to begin again. They will clean up Satan's world based on this center. The world's people will follow that. That is the formula way. Those who unite, will automatically have the value of completion as well. Is that true?

Father had to work under opposition, but we have no opposition to work under anymore. If there is anybody opposing you just grab him and challenge him. It doesn't matter who he might be. Ask him if he is able to solve the problems of today's youth and today's families. If he cannot, then you can tell him he should step down from his public position. We should have guts now. Without it we cannot save this country. It is not the time for us to crawl underneath and peek out at the world, rather we have to be bold and strong. Father is brave and bold and Mother is, too, as she proclaimed, "I am the True Mother." You heard, you saw how True Parents are taking the revolutionary position, the victors position. You, too, must have that kind of guts and attitude and take action just like True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Will you do that? (YES!) Now Father is erasing this morning's topic from the board so do you clearly understand? (Yes.) You now know how we can secure our safe settlement? (Yes.) Father accomplished all this during heavy persecution, but we don't have to face such persecution. Even at the time of the liberation of Korea from Japan in 1945, everybody ran out to the street and cheered but Father could not do that. Because Father knew that the actual liberation of Korea had not come at that point. Now the time has come when we should openly do Mansei. Will you do that? (Yes!) Father will trust you. Please join me in prayer.

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