The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


True Parents and the Creation of the Ideal Family

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

These are excerpts from the speech give on True Parents' Birthday, February 15, 1994, at the World Mission Center, NYC. The interpreter was Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

Do people in general truly know the will of God? What is the definition of the will of God? In trying to deal with this question, many professors and theologians have come up with all kinds of answers. It appears to be a very easy question, but in actuality, it is a very difficult question to answer. We Unification Church members must know very clearly what the will of God is. The will of God is to fulfill the ideal of creation.

What, then, is the ideal of creation? It is the completion of the four position foundation, which means the establishment of the ideal family. In order for the ideal family to come into being, True Parents must first be established. Without such a center, there is no such thing as an ideal family.

Were Adam and Eve chased out of the Garden of Eden or did they voluntarily walk out? They were chased out by God and after this, they bore their children. There were only two people in the Garden of Eden and when they left the Garden of Eden, they bore illicit children. From that point on, humanity proliferated.

Do you suppose they had a baby one year later, two years later, three years later or twenty years later? Common sense dictates that they had their first child within five years. They became husband and wife, but do you think that God officiated at their marriage? (No.) If you were God, what would you think about such fallen children?

Who is Satan? He is the seducer of God's children, and once Adam and Eve became servants of Satan, God certainly could not bless them and claim them as His children. Therefore, we can logically conclude that humanity, from Adam and Eve on, were married under the auspices of the satanic sovereignty. This is the most fundamental question.

Are you true men or not? No, you are not. Each one of you knows that your mind and body are fighting and are not in harmony. You cannot deny this reality.

The world is not wrong. It isn't the world that has trouble; it is men and women who are wrong. Men and women are the problem. Once the problems of men and women are resolved, the problems of the world will be resolved.

The problem in this world today is that we have not been able to find true men and true women. Once they come into being, the problems of the world will be resolved. Don't look outside yourself for the problem because the problem is within you, your mind and body fighting within you. Without uniting your mind and body, how can you tell somebody else that they must have peace within their heart? It's impossible.

People try to negate the evils of society by claiming they have nothing to do with it. However, the problems of the world are your problems. They surround you because they originated from your heart.

The problems of the world are not the difficulty. The problem lies within each individual. If each man and woman becomes a true man and true woman centered upon True Love, then the problems of the world can be resolved. The mind and the body can be united centered upon True Love.

The President of the United States has the exact same human problems. When the mind and body are struggling within his heart, he cannot find peace.

Reading the Bible is not a solution for an individual's life; how to read it is important. There has to be a scientific, logical explanation because now is not the time for blind faith. You have to have a logical, scientific explanation of the truth and that alone will be able to penetrate this twentieth century world. Blind faith, reading the Bible and going to church regularly will not work anymore. These are only matches, which can create a little fire here and there, but you cannot change the universe and explode the entire cosmos unless you have power like a spiritual atomic bomb. That kind of power alone will be able to transform the universe.

Satan's love is running through the body, and God's love is running through the mind. Even Satan knows that the conscience is on the side of God. The conscience is always quietly warning you not to take the wrong action, but the body rebels against the conscience. This is how everybody is living today. Conscience is plus and on the side of God, whereas the body is supposed to be the minus.

Human growth passes through the formation, growth and perfection levels. At the growth level, Adam and Eve's temptation came to them in the form of illicit love and this illicit love coursing through their bodies created another plus. Even though the love they felt was illicit, it was stronger than the power of conscience. However, if they had reached the perfection level, the conscience would have united with the ultimate love: lawful, God-centered love. That love would have been invincible. Nothing would have been able to alter the quality of that God-centered love. Love is most powerful, even illicit love, and so during the growth period, illicit love won over the power of conscience. That is how the Fall came about.

True Love is the power that can unite your mind and body and make you a dwelling place of God. What is True Love? (God's love.) It is God's love, but what kind of love is that? If you know that, then you know True Love. Do you want to have a love partner who is superior to you or inferior to you? (Better.) We all want somebody better. What about you. Do you want your wife to be better than you? (Yes.) How much better-just a little bit? (A thousand times better.) Infinite times! Where does that mind come from? God thinks that way.

We come to the ultimate question then. Did God want to have His lover better than Himself or not? (Yes.) Let the famous people answer. (Laughter.) What about God? Did He want to have His own children be better than Himself or not? (Yes.) Do you think that God also needs love, or do you think that He is so powerful that He doesn't need love? (He needs love.) Who is the partner of love for God? That is why God created men and women: to be His love partners. The purpose of creation from all things to human beings is to create a partner of love for God.

Satan has been destroying God's creation, but God is giving another one hundred percent and forgetting over and over again. Satan cannot do this because Satan's basic nature is one of selfishness. Out of all this, one important principle emerges, which is that True Love emerges when you are trying to give yourself unto your life. Do you love your wife with that kind of love-are you a true husband?

Even though all human beings are fallen, there is hope because each one has a conscience, the agent of God, implanted within them. The problem is how to strengthen our conscience. First of all, we must know the tragedy of the Fall of Man as well and as deeply as God does.

You have to feel so much hatred towards the satanic blood that you have the urge to break open your veins and drain it out. You have been an instrument of Satan, and your body has gone 180 degrees against the way of the conscience. The habitual fallen life is very dreadful. Habit is a very difficult thing to break.

God is our parent and we are His children. As our parent is, so are we. Our desire as human beings is to fulfill this longing within our own families: to be good children, to be good brothers and sisters, a good husband or wife, and to be good parents. You are the model for others to become like yourselves. Through their children, parents are reminded of their own childhoods. As husband and wife, you really enjoy your children. The wife can know more about her husband through their children and vice versa. This generates so much joy between husband and wife.

Through your children, you live a second life. When they go to school and find a boyfriend or girlfriend, you are reminded how you both were in your youth. You know you must properly guide them, but you live another life through your children, too. You feel that as you have such a wonderful wife and loving children, you want your children to find a wonderful spouse and enjoy their own children, too. It is the desire of human beings to have their children prosper throughout the world and fill the earth.

God is also going through this period of childhood, brotherhood, "couplehood" and parenthood. God wished to have this experience through creating human beings.

When you totally become one, you don't see it. This is important. Your sensation can come when your object is apart from you, but when your object totally becomes one with you, then you no longer see it or feel it. This is why God needs a substantial creation, apart from Him, a separate entity, so that He can have an exact reflection and sensation.

Even though you have love within you, you don't feel it because you are one with it. You have a conscience, you have God within you, but you don't feel God until such time as you have a substantial partner. The sensation of love doesn't come when you are alone but when you are in the presence of your partner. It is the same for God. He also needs the stimulation of love through His object. God has power, love, wisdom and all that He needs, but until He has a substantial partner with whom He can have give and take, He doesn't feel joy, love or happiness. It is for this reason that God created man.

This is an invisible area. God is in the center and within God exists every aspect of human life: the child, the brothers and sisters, the couple and parents. However, He does not feel all this because in order for Him to feel these things, they must be reflected in a physical creation. God created Adam and Eve in the image of Himself, His own physical being. God wanted to imprint His invisible image into human life starting with Adam and Eve, allowing them first to be children, then brother and sister, then to experience being a couple, and then parents.

Each individual is in the man or woman's position, but they join together in the center and this is the point of fulfillment. This is the real manifestation of God in the creation. This is the cause and this is the effect. At this point, the invisible becomes visible. The dwelling of God is with men at this point. This is the point where marriage takes place between men and women, where they become husband and wife. This point is the moment of fulfillment of the entire creation. When you become married, plus and minus become totally one. This unity should be the sharing of first love. The first night when husband and wife join together in total unity through complete physical and spiritual love, when the sexual organs join in total harmony-that is the point where the whole purpose of creation is fulfilled. That is why we cannot take this lightly.

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