The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Who Was I

February 13, 1994
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

There are different time periods and yet there is only one distinct conclusion, which is that man and woman are there no matter what the time period. Man needs woman and woman needs man. Then, we ask the question, why, for what reason were man and woman born? Were they born to remain as young children, to study, to become American citizens? The ultimate purpose of man is to become the husband of man and for a woman to become the wife of a man. Regardless of the time period, the eternal universal formula of man for woman and woman for man remains.

Why do we need each other? Because we want to become husband and wife and produce children, a son like the husband and daughter like the wife. Furthermore, whether you like it or not you go after happiness by loving your son and daughter as much as you love your husband and wife. That is where your happiness can be found. Therefore our universal desire is to raise our children and see them become like ourselves, as husband and wife throughout eternity. This is how the human race has been developing and this is what we wish to see in the future also.

We all have a limitation in terms of our physical life here on earth, so it is impossible to watch over our lineage for eternity. This means that we have to be connected to some place other than this earth. Once we join the spirit world there is no limit of time or space whatsoever. No matter how many thousands of years we may stay there we still can enjoy more time with our coming generations. What will be the most joyful substance in the spirit world? The ideal of which we are dreaming is that when we join the spirit world, that world will be filled with ideal children, like our own daughters and sons, whom we can live with together for eternity. That is our ideal dream.

People in general have a desire to be equal. What is the substance which can equalize all the different people in all the different fields of life? Love. Look at the little babies, they don't really have anything to offer yet when you look at them you just feel love, you want to put your cheek against theirs and kiss them right? Even little puppies come and lick babies' cheeks. Therefore love is the substance that can equalize no matter how high or how low.

Let's face the reality, is the world out there good or evil? (Evil) Why do you say so? Because it is lacking True Love. It cannot be found out there. Suppose True Love is above the water level and the entire world out there is below the water level. Then how can you find True Love? That is why the Bible tells us, "Those who seek their life will lose it and those who are willing to give their life will gain life." It is kind of paradoxical isn't it?

Does anybody like that kind of statement? Does Reverend Moon like that kind of statement? No, Father doesn't like it. Why do we need that way of life then? Because we are all sick people and in order to recover we have to go the reverse way. As we are really sick, we may die at any moment. Therefore, in order to sustain our life we have to follow the doctor's direction, no matter how difficult that may be. We have to stay away from the reality; that means we have to overcome the suffering.

Suppose we have to save this world how should we go about it? We have to turn it around 180 degrees from where it is and head in a different direction, the original direction. The conclusion is simple, since the things we see in this world are what Satan wants most then what God likes most is totally opposite of this. That means, no homosexuality, no free sex, no lesbianism, no AIDS and then there would be no problems. Simple conclusion, simple direction.

Can you find any religious movement in this world, except the Unification Church, which is promoting this kind of ideal? The Unification Church is the only one. Do we have something to do with AIDS? (NO) What about free sex? (NO) What about homosexuality? (NO) You cannot find this kind of deviated behavior even in the animal kingdom or even in the world of insects. Only fallen mankind is dominated by this evil. Once you know then it is very simple isn't it? How evil is this world right now? You cannot even describe it. What is the fundamental cause of all the evil that we see in this world? Again the fundamental conclusion comes to man and woman. Once we find the solution for one man and one woman coming out of this mess then the entire world will have hope.

No matter what problem we speak about the fundamental point is one man and one woman didn't know where to stand, they didn't find the right place that they could stand. As a representative woman, she should believe that as long as she can be totally united with this one man and build peace and harmony with him then I can have that kind of family and that kind of world. With what? Not by money or knowledge but by love. What kind of love? Godly love that you give and forget without expecting anything in return.

What does God need? Does he need, money, power and knowledge? God has these things. What then does He need? An object of love, a True Love partner. That is the ideal of creation. Do you understand? (Yes) We have to repent of loving Satan rather than God. We must have a new determination through our repentance that more than we love our spouse, children, family and friends, we have to love God. We didn't love God with True Love.

True Love is such that you even sacrifice your life for God and True Parents, then even if you are born again you must be willing to risk your life again for the sake of them, that kind of love. Suppose you lost your life in this physical world and you join the spiritual world yet still in the spiritual world you are seeking for your wife because of love. Here is a husband who will wait for eternity until his finds his wife. That kind of love we can say is True Love. What would you do with True Love? True Love connects every aspect of life, everything in this universe. As a couple, as long as you have True Love together united then the entire universe is with you. Once you are totally united as husband and wife with True Love including God, then this entire universe will give you applause.

This happiness does not depend on whether it is morning or night, if you are high or low, whatever situation you may face True Love remains the same. True Love can fill up everything like water and air. True Love has such amazing power that as soon as you look at your husband you will see the wide bright world beyond him. Like a 100 mile per hour speed boat in the wide open ocean. By the same token when a husband looks at his wife through her he should be able to see that kind of world. Suppose this ideal husband and wife are driving this 100 mile per hour speed boat out in the ocean, the boat jumps and flies because of the speed and the waves, and they embrace each other;how wonderful it will be for them. Even if you become like a gypsy, so long as you have True Love this is the happiness of all happiness. No matter what you may do you will still be happy. Nothing will make you unhappy.

This is a universal law that women alone cannot get into this kind of experience, man alone cannot either. It needs man and woman together and only then can this kind of happiness be experienced.

Your nose will say that in eternity I want to remain the nose of the husband who loved my wife and felt joy and happiness. That is the way of smelling happiness. That is the way of doing love talk until you have talked so much that your lips become thinner. (Laughter) Suppose you praise and love your husband that much; is that a sin? (No) Suppose you grab your spouse and keep on kissing your spouse for 100 years without eating or sleeping and because of that you eventually die together and go to the spiritual world together. Because of that will you go to hell? No, a love throne is waiting for you.

Between husband and wife have you had any fights? Have you? (Yes) Those who didn't have the experience of having a fight between husband and wife raise your hands. Then you all admit that you have been fighting with each other so are you qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven or Hell? Those who fight will go down to Hell. What if there is an occasion when you must fight. The moment that you feel like fighting then you have to think to yourself that the king of Hell is right in front of you ready to take you. Then you have to shut down all of your organs and become a dummy. Then get into meditation and picture a scene of love and enjoy yourself. (Laughter)

The entire world problem can be solved when we solve the problem of man and woman. Your family is the battle field of the world war right there. Unless this world war in your family is ended then the world problems will not become extinct. Because where there is a battle raging God cannot dwell, only Satan can dwell there. God can dwell only in the peaceful place so build peace within your family. Then hope, happiness and freedom will be yours. This is a simple truth.

We have to make it our habit to push down our body's desires. Without doing so we cannot restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth here. How can we restore the original authority of our conscience? That is the key. We must understand how fearful the fall is, it is more fearful than AIDS. If you have AIDS it may end in your generation, however the Fall will inherit generation after generation so it is more fearful. You have to feel that.

We must have that kind of confidence and conviction. Who was I? I was supposed to be the love partner of God. Even God Himself without having a love partner could not fulfill Himself. We have to have the confidence in ourselves that I am the one who can complete God. As a second God I should assist God in making Himself complete. Man is plus and woman is minus but who helps man to complete himself? Woman, centering upon True Love. No matter what kind of famous subject position he holds without his love partner he cannot complete himself. Do you understand? (Yes) That is why we have this special privilege and right to live with God because we are the ones who are to help God to perfect Himself.

Until now we have had the understanding that as human beings no matter how great our desire, we could not fulfill this. However, originally our desire and hope should have been fulfilled. Do you follow? (Yes) Imagine, because of me God can be perfected and God's love can be perfected, how wonderful this is. Once you have a love relationship with God then the concept of possession follows. By the same token when man and woman first enter into a love relationship each of them claims possession over the other. Through love the right of possession comes into being. Once you become totally one with God through love then God becomes yours and you are God's son and vice versa because the two become totally one. God is like the mind and man is like the body.

Everyone's mind is different, possessing individual characteristic incarnation, and as each one's mind is different then each one's conscience should know first. God governs every person's conscience. Looking back at our original history, when God first appeared to Adam and Eve after the Fall what kind of question did He put to them? Did He condemn them because they fell or did He ask them if they had fallen? Why did God ask man? Because God knew that their conscience must have known that they fell first, the owner was their conscience (mind) not God. Therefore God had to ask first. That clearly indicates that the conscience of each one should know whatever happens within that individual self even before God. Is there anything that your conscience doesn't know about within your life? (No) Absolutely no. Conscience absolutely knows. Therefore your conscience doesn't need any education. As long as you follow the way of conscience then naturally, automatically you will be led to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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