The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Who Are The Parents Of Heaven And Earth And The Unified World?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 27, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

As you can read here, the topic of Father's speech this morning is, Chonji boomo wa tongil saegae-Who are the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Unified World? Heaven is symbolic of the father, and earth is symbolic of the mother. The sun symbolizes the father and the moon symbolizes the mother. Air symbolizes the father, and water, the mother. We know that both air and water are life itself. Father does not have much time this morning, therefore let us all listen attentively. The purpose of the restorational history and the ideal of creation is the creation and recovery of parents. Parents are that important. They are God's everything. Parents are the center of the entire creation. Centering upon parents, all things exist.

The kingship of earth and Heaven are like both sides of the hands; the inside and outside of the same thing. It is like the relationship between mind and body in an individual person. Centered upon what, do we become one in mind and body? If humankind had not fallen only one love, True Love, would be in the center of mind and body unification. Centering upon parents, only True Love can unify all that we intend to unify; such as mind and body, couples, and parents and children. These three elements constitute families, as you know. The purpose of all creation is to create families. It is the formula and purpose of God's creation itself. The purpose of men and women is the family unit.

Parents symbolize Heaven and children symbolize the earth. Heaven and earth must become harmoniously unified, and so must parents and children. Man and woman represent east and west, respectively. Heaven and earth, east and west are to be unified. North and south are closer to the relationship of up and down, or Heaven and earth. The children represent the people of the world all living harmoniously. We have to bear in mind that only True Love can bring all of these elements into harmonious unity. Since the fall, a false love came into being and now everyone exists centering upon this false love. We see conflict everywhere and people are seeking unity and peace. False love, false life, false lineage and false consciousness are all components of the false families which have extended into the world we see. Day and night mind and body are in conflict, giving us pain as individuals. Such men and women are living together with children, all with their minds and bodies separated. This becomes like eight people living together in conflict, instead of living in harmony.

Everyone is longing for peace, but it is impossible for peace to come into existence easily. Instead of one large family of goodness coming into being, we have developed into one large, bad world. Therefore, centering upon each individual, God began separating good from bad. God is working to bring a person to His side, but Satan resists and will not release him. It is so plainly obvious, that the history of the world is the history of good and evil. It is none other than the Cain and Abel relationship and left and right wing. Centering upon Jesus, there was a right and a left wing and this goes back to Adam's family. This is the right and left wing that is apparent in our world today.

The world has been fighting for such a long time between right and left wing. Now, the atheistic left wing has crumbled. Centering on the fall, Adam and Eve ceased to exist and their children consequently fell into conflict, into right and left wing. Since failure occurred at the individual family unit within Adam's family, then in Jesus' time it was to be restored at the national level. At the national level, Jesus was unable to survive. Therefore, the thief on the left and the thief on the right, symbolizing Cain and Abel, have come to fight each other in the Last Days. In the Last Days, the Lord of the Second Advent, in the place of Jesus himself, as Parents will fulfill at the worldwide level. He will restore the loss of parents at the family level and the loss of parents at the national level. At this third stage, the victory will be won by the Lord of the Second Advent. He will become the Parents of the whole world and bring Cain and Abel into unity.

As True Parents emerge centered upon True Love, Satan has no more claim in the realm of True Love. This is what Adam and Eve were meant to establish within God's providence. What Adam could not accomplish and what Jesus was unable to accomplish at the national level, will now be accomplished at the worldwide level by the Lord of the Second Advent. This is to fulfill the purpose of creation and open up Heaven which is presently empty. To bring all men, women and families back into unity and to create Heaven on earth. God's purpose of creation is accomplished on the earth, not in Heaven. This is the overview of God's dispensation.

Forty years ago this could have been accomplished. We need to seriously consider why this was not able to be accomplished at that time. At the end of World War II, England, America and France were the three central nations of God's providence. In God's view they represented Eve and Cain and Abel [indicating the board]. At both the family and national levels, God had lost both Eve and Cain and Abel. Only after the allied victories of World War II was the bride realm of the Christian culture able to make complete unity, for the first time in history. It was a time when mind and body, Heaven and earth could have come into unity. At that point, all the restored units of the family could have become one with the bridegroom (the messiah). This would have been the culmination of God's purpose of creation. The whole world would have become Heaven at that time.

Heaven and earth could have become into one and brought the children into unity, thus creating the Kingdom of Heaven. All, would be turned around 180 degrees and automatically have been moving into Heaven, instead of hell. All this could have originally been accomplished in Adam's family. However, this was not accomplished, and so after thousands of years, at the end of World War II, the world now stood at a worldwide level. After all, indemnity had been paid, then Satan would have been expelled from the world.

Humankind has been falsely believing in the Lord of the Second Advent coming on the clouds in the form of Jesus himself, not as a physical being. Since in the Old Testament time they failed to believe in Jesus' advent; in order to re-indemnify this failure, the Christians must believe in the Lord of the Second Advent. Christianity is placed in the same position as the Jewish people of Jesus' time, believing the Lord will come from the clouds. They have to be able to go over that belief and accept that he will come as a human being. Before the Old Testament is fulfilled, the New Testament cannot be fulfilled. The True Parents and the Completed Testament Age must be preceded by the fulfillment of Christianity. Father is going through the same situation as Jesus, 2000 years ago. Because he did not literally come on the clouds then he receives persecution, just as Jesus did in his time.

Father must go through this cross, go over it and live. Christianity stands in the same position to Father that Judaism did towards Jesus. At the time of the Second Advent every element is represented: the family, nation and worldwide level. Once this is accomplished, unity will occur instantaneously. Even the unification between North and South Korea will become instantaneous when this time comes. Do you follow? (Yes.) Forty years ago the bridegroom was not accepted. This was equivalent to the chosen people rejecting Jesus. Once Father was expelled, God literally lost everything. From that point on everything went into the hands of Kim Il Sung, the worst parents, the false parents. He represented the Second Advent of the communist world. He occupied everything. Father found himself totally isolated by the satanic world. Thereafter, the family would break into pieces, and even the nation of Korea was divided into two.

Because Father survived and continued to exist and strive for God, Korea was able to exist. Even though North and South were fighting with one another, without Father's existence Korea would not have existed at all. These were forty years of incredible fighting and struggle by Father in order to bring all of the lost pieces back into position. Through this, Father indemnified 4000 years of history in this forty-year period. In 1992, when Mother began her work, until 1995 are a time of great transition for the whole world. The second year of this three-year period, which is 1994, Kim Il Sung died. [Father draws on the board.] In July 1994, Kim Il Sung died. 1992 is the fortieth year [indicating the board]. These three years after 1992, in the second year of this three-year period is 1994 which also happens to be the fortieth year of the founding of the Unification Church. If we place Christianity in the position of Cain and the Unification Church in the position of Abel, then it has taken exactly forty years to indemnify the entire lost history. That is equivalent to 4000 years of God's work re-indemnified. Since the work was finished by the end of that fortieth year, then this time can begin without delay. [Father continues to draw on the board.] It is seven years from 1945-1952. The fortieth year after 1952 is 1992. As we see, the Family Pledge came into being at this time. That symbolizes the complete re-indemnification of the whole lost history.

At the end of forty years the Israelites were marching forward with the Ark of the Covenant, and now the Unification Church is moving forward with the Family Pledge. We must bring forth the construction of the heavenly nation or fatherland. Without this, there can be no kingdom on this earth. Just as the Israelites claimed their own nation, so also the Unification Church has to establish a country of its own. Which is the country of God? Korea is not yet. No country can be called that yet. In God's mind, the Korean peninsula has enough signs that it might possibly be that nation. It is the only country in the whole world where North and South are fighting, and where there are two sets of parents, one true and one false. At the end of the fortieth year Kim Il Sung had to leave as there was no place for him any more.

After World War II, once the worldwide foundation prepared by God was lost by the bride culture of Christianity failing to unite with the messiah, there was only one way and that was to rebuild this foundation. Without this there would be no hope for the Kingdom of God to come on the earth. It is not something vaguely conceptual, but rather it falls into precise time periods. Since God lost England, America and France, [Father draws on the board] then Father chose Japan, America and Germany in their place. Since the restoration takes place always in reverse, then children or sons and daughters will be recovered first, then mother. Adam, or the Lord of the Second Advent, comes as the bridegroom. Who is God? What is God? Parents. What parents? Vertical parents. How about Adam? Horizontal parents. Where do these parents connect? When the love of God and man begins individually, then the path will become divided. This will become a great problem. Because, if so, unification can never be accomplished in this way. God's love and man's love must begin precisely from the same position. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Where does this precise position begin? (True Parents.) Where precisely in True Parents? In the sexual organ. Most people consider that to be the worst place. Before the fall, this was the most holy place. God was meant to dwell in that place, centering upon True Love. True Love foundation is exactly that point. Which place? (Sexual organ.) Is that true? (Yes.) Satan knows this better than anyone else, and he tries to bring this holy place into disrepute through free sex. God's original ideal base has been brought down so low. Through this degradation, it has become the extension of hell on the earth. Originally, it was meant to become the extension of Heaven on the earth. Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism are exactly opposite to God's purpose of creation. Is that true? (YES.) We must clearly understand this. As long as this trend continues, America is completely on a false path. The disease of AIDS is far worse than the once-dreaded leprosy. Just as lepers have been isolated in the past, so those with AIDS have to be isolated.

When Father announced this, he was really boiling up, because people do not know which way to go. The Washington Times has been clearly speaking out in this way and is now being listened to. This disease is becoming rampant amongst the rich, famous and privileged. Do you follow? (Yes.) Most especially, the responsibility of the second generation is to protect themselves from this phenomena.

The world holds no central concept of family, tribe, nation and world. To be confused and complicated means to have no consistent direction. Satan has made this complication out of God's original ideal of creation. No matter what power anyone may have, they are unable to restore this original base of the ideal of God's creation. You have to understand this? The contrary position in the Unification Church is that we have that ideal individual concept, family, national and world concept. Do you understand? (Yes.) The most pronounced problem in today's world is that of the family. Every nation of the world is experiencing problems within families. What about the Unification Church? Only the Unification Church is free of family problems, free of AIDS, homosexuality and free sex. Now we understand.

The name of Reverend Moon, finally resurrects. (APPLAUSE.) [Father draws on the board.] Eight stages here; Adam and Eve, family, tribe, nation, world, cosmos and God. Within the family, mother (Eve), Cain and Abel, these three elements which were lost in Adam's family, at the worldwide level were represented by England, France and America. [Father indicates the board.] This is the family level and this is the world level. At Jesus' time, we can see it was the national level. If Jesus had been successfully married in the sight of God, then he would not have had to die. Israel was in the Cain position and Judaism was in Abel's position in Jesus' time. Had everything come into unity within the family itself, it would have been the successful conclusion to God's providence. If Mary did well in Jesus' time, then Jesus would not have had to die. That, of course, is another problem. When unity takes place, then a unified world comes into being. [Father draws on the board and indicates.] Individually this failed, and worldwide this failed. This is a 4000-year lapse from this point to this point [indicating the diagram], then for the third time, Germany, Japan and America are representatives.

As you can see, ironically both Japan and Germany were originally members of the Axis countries and the satanic world. God selected them because they were ready and God had fostered them [indicating the board]. Since these were lost to Satan, what is left is only the worst; represented by Japan and Germany. Since America represented both the Jewish world and Christian world, it was selected again. All members of this second trinity are enemies of one another. In the original trinity they were allies. Korea and Japan are enemy nations, Germany and America were enemy nations, and America and Japan were enemy nations. All of them are enemies to each other. Now with them becoming one, we are rediscovering the lost America.

Therefore, this new trinity of countries must now climb to the level of the original trinity of countries [indicating the board] which they are now. To Father, all of these nations are enemies because none of them embraced Father as they should have in the sight of God. America has betrayed Father, because Christianity did not embrace Father. Leading all of these conflicting countries, Father has come to save America out of all of this. At the end of the forty years of the Unification Church, there is a mammoth victory in accomplishing all of this. Also, at the end of the forty years, America wins a gigantic victory of its own. That is the victory of the Republicans. (YEAH. Applause.) Everyone recognizes that the Washington Times has been an instrumental force in achieving this. Together with the victory of Abel, the victory of Cain also came about. As the Unification Church then wins in the position of Abel, America, in the position of Cain wins also as the representative of the free world. From now on, they must listen to and follow Father. Can you do this? (Yes.) Americans did not know this is what they should do. That is the Unification Church's mission to help the American people and the leaders of this nation understand, otherwise there is no other way for America to live.

Here then the problem is Eve. How to bring the world into unity? Because of the fall, mind and body came to be divided. Through the mother, Eve, the mind and body came to be divided and Cain and Abel came into being. The religions of the world are comparable to the mind; while the body is represented by the political world. These two worlds are fighting one another, just as man's mind and body are fighting one another. How can these be unified? The only way is through God's True Love, connecting to that blood lineage. Centering upon the mother, Eve, mind and body, Cain and Abel separated. Since this happened, the whole world followed this pattern. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace were created representing the mind and body. In Abel's position at the world level is the democratic world. In the Cain position is the atheistic world. We see this mind and body, Cain and Abel division represented at the world level. The role of mother here [indicating the diagram] is to bring this into unity and that into unity also. Both of these are the role of the mother. The unification between the religious realm and the political realm which is equivalent to the position of mind and body.

Mother represents the Women's Federation for World Peace which has expanded to 160 nations. These eight stages [indicating the board] are all a partial entity of Mother. Within the Unification Church 160 families are comparable to 160 nations of the world today, which is all the result of these forty years of re-indemnification. These families are representatives of each nation. The family must elevate through these stages back to the world level. Since they are all grafted into Parents, they can inherit the blessing of the world level. Unless we do this, we cannot register into the heavenly country. In other words, we cannot belong to Heaven. Do you understand? True Mother goes through these eight stages, and each of these stages will become a part of Mother at each stage. Mother then has to give rebirth, which means being born again. Each person must establish the condition that they have indeed lived centered upon True Parents. [Father draws upon the board.] Six thousand years, divided into three. Two thousand years of vertical time period must be indemnified horizontally. This took place vertically because time flows vertically, but at the same time today this is re-indemnified on a horizontal level. Individually beginning with the first Adam, then second Adam (Jesus), and the third Adam (Lord of the Second Advent), are in God's eyes all three brothers. This means they are considered as contemporaries; brothers of the same generation.

When these three brothers are all successful, then the whole vertical history will revive and live again. Amazing! All people in between and around these three are all in parent and son relationship. Once Father gains victory, the same success will flow automatically to the children. Whatever belongs to the parents can automatically be inherited by the children without claim. All that is needed is that one individual to sign and everyone on that realm can automatically go into the Kingdom of Heaven. This means that all generations since the time of Adam can now resurrect and accomplish the work of resurrection. Now they can all come and instantaneously help the situation here on earth. When earth gains victory, they will gain victory all at the same time. The spiritual realm is the archangel realm. The archangel was supposed to help in Adam's perfection. The original creation was brought about with the help of the archangel. Therefore, the spiritual realm has the condition to assist in the re-creation at this time. In this Principle all you need to do is pass through one marriage ceremony. Centered upon that, everyone who participates in that is restored back to Heaven, because in the very beginning the wrong marriage was the cause of all misery. Now, in order to repair that, it is necessary to go through the right marriage ceremony. Do you follow?

What is the result of the fall? Everyone who has entered into false marriages, that means everyone in the world population. The remedy is to return to the blessing by True Parents. That is it. Since we cannot deal with it individually, the rest of the people between here [indicating the diagram] can register, back to their own ancestors so to speak. There are thousands of generations represented here. Suppose that thousands of families were married here, it means that thousands of generations can be restored at the same time. Because they represent each one [indicating the diagram] like so, in this relationship. Several thousands of generations can be represented. Horizontally, one generation becomes blessed, then back in the history of that generation all can gain benefit. Suppose 10,000 couples are blessed, that means that 10,000 generations are represented in that 10,000 couples. The tribal messiah work will bear fruit instantaneously. What a staggering amount of work you would need to invest in order to make this happen, but here [indicating the board diagram], this is how it can happen.

Father already has proclaimed this throughout the world. The spiritual world has understood this. On this side we have the CARP and on this side the Youth Federation for World Peace. [Father is drawing on the board.] They represent Cain and Abel. Mother works directly on Cain and Abel, her children. Likewise, True Mother embraces the whole world and each individual mother in each family must work through their Cain and Abel. Like so, vertically [indicating the diagram]. When that individual work is accomplished, all will be connected in order. We need a clear concept of how the world will be meticulously woven so that all can be brought back into one.

In the Unification Church, we will do the work centering upon the United Nations at the world level. That whole world will be embraced by True Mother. [Father is drawing a diagram on the board to illustrate.] At each level, high school students and college students will all be brought into oneness. They are all a part of True Mother. In other words, they represent True Mother. They will engraft into the victory that True Mother has won and they will inherit that victory as her children. The Youth Federation for World Peace is doing all of this. All this part is Abel and all this part is Cain. True Mother is bringing this Cain and Abel into unity at this level, and individually collectively here [indicating the diagram], and this itself becomes the unified world.

Here, the parents of Heaven and earth means that Heaven represents the positive or subject, and earth object, plus and minus. Father and Mother are also plus and minus. Here, Heaven and earth become plus and Father and Mother become minus here [indicating the board]. This stands in the plus position to the minus position which now becomes of the unified world. Centering upon Mother, all are in object position and come into unity of a subject and object relationship. The coming of True Mother embraces the whole world. All mothers of individual families should, representing True Mother, work on our individual families. Together here [indicating the board] then connect vertically with the Youth Federation for World Peace.

The responsibility of women is very great. We are now in the time of women. The Lord of the Second Advent's main work is to pave the road for True Mother to tread. Forty years ago in 1945, this work could have been accomplished in such a short time. However, since God lost everything at that time, there is no country today. Whereas after World War II, there were countries. Centering upon Christianity, countries must be restored. The United Nations, the nations in the Cain position and the nations in the Abel position must be brought into unity. We must all work to bring this about. Since True Mother had no clear idea of this, Father has paved the road for Mother to walk. Until 1992, Mother followed Father absolutely without question, otherwise the unified world could not be created. Do you understand? In 1992, the liberation of womanhood was proclaimed, centered upon True Mother. This was the first time in history that Mother stood on Father's level side horizontally. That means that, worldwide, all women can be liberated.

True Mother represents the whole of the woman's world. Once women inherit the victory of True Mother, they are ready to come forth to their husband, the bridegroom. Until now, women did not have this qualification. You may not understand this completely clearly; that is all right, it is not so important, compared to other things. When Father has more time, he will explain this to us more clearly. Once you follow True Parents absolutely, you don't have to know. (Laughter.)

The source of the problem within Adam's family was disbelief and the discord of love. They failed to make a connection with God's True Love. In order to restore this lack of confidence, we need absolute belief. Instead of this discord of love, we need absolute heartistic unity. The fall took place because the children's mind did not understand the agony of their Parent's mind. Because of this, the children became indifferent. In order to re-indemnify this failure, all of us must seek to know what goes on in True Mother's mind, what kind of difficulties, what kind of agony she has to face in order to reach out to us and the rest of the world. That is the commandment which Father has required of Mother also. Mother has to pay attention to everything which Father does. Likewise, we must have an absolute experience of what Father and Mother are going through. We must become as one body with our Parents. This is the commandment of children; to believe absolutely in what Father and Mother are doing and experience our Parents' heart. This applies to all family relationships, including True Children. Whoever does not agree with Father and Mother has no place here.

The children's unity with their Parents must work to bring about the unification of the nation, and indeed the nation itself. When we have a country, the second generation can be blessed at that time. Until that time, there will be no inheritance made to children. Once this country comes into being, the second generation can be blessed. Only when the nation emerges, can True Parents pass the inheritance to the children. The second generation has to understand this point very clearly. It isn't that the second generation is free to do whatever they wish after inheriting the victorious foundation from the first generation and Parents. After reaching Canaan, the second generation should be burning with the desire to establish a nation of their own and God's own. They need to create a new constitution. The second generation must clearly understand this, otherwise they will be without direction.

After entering into Canaan, the problem was that the mother and children did not come into complete unity. In Haran, the mother worked so hard in order to provide for the children, but did not have time enough to educate the children correctly. Father is now asking all children to come into complete unity with True Mother, at all levels. All satanic forces, visible and invisible, work toward trying to separate the unity between the True Children and Mother and any kind of unity within True Family. That is what Satan does all the time. That is not Father's individual advice, this is the Principle. This is traditional thought, not any individual thought; not even True Father's. This tradition cannot be altered or influenced. You must understand that there is no such thing as a new tradition, unless God commands that new tradition through True Parents, not directly from God to True Children. All children and the rest of the world must follow in the wake of True Parents. There is no other way. The president of the United States or any president of any country must tread this universal path. This is the formula.

First of all, you must come into complete unity. Without uniting your mind and body, you cannot make a building block for the Kingdom of Heaven. Is this clear? (Clear.) Man and woman have to complete individual unification of their mind and body first and foremost. Otherwise, there is no way. Heaven cannot just spring up, even after all the work which Father has accomplished. It is not Father saying this, all of a sudden, but when Father began his dispensation he began with this concept from the very first day. This is the sermon which Father gave twenty years ago. What Father spoke twenty years ago and what Father is speaking this morning is exactly the same. Father's point is that tradition never changes or evolves. In Korea and now in America also, Father is commanding that there be a standard way of giving a lecture and sermon. The standard way of giving a lecture will be introduced later in more detail, it is reading from the black book which is color-coded. Read that off and that is a consistent Divine Principle lecture. It is also very persuasive because you do not introduce your own ideas at all. No matter how great a person is who stands up to give a sermon, it is not good enough at this time of urgency and in this time of saturation. Father has spoken on various topics over forty years, and all future sermons will consist of reading such sermons alternately.

All the formulas and blueprints are there of how to conduct your family life and what to do. Father's sermons have been consistent throughout these forty years. The Israelites must follow Jacob's route. After returning to Canaan, they had to follow Moses' path. By the same token, all of Christianity must follow Jesus' path. All Unificationists must precisely follow the course of our True Parents, otherwise there will be confusion. Christians never speak about what Jesus spoke. Likewise, here in the Unification Church, we must pay utmost attention to what Father has done so far for us. Do you understand? (Yes.) It is like a formula and there is no substitute for the formula. The formula is the formula. Just as Mother followed Father absolutely, so should all women of the world follow Mother at this time. Children do not follow their elder brother or their younger sister, but children follow their Parents. The key to this is to follow with all of their might and never separate from the path of Parents. That is it. When the nation is built, then the blessing of inheritance will take place at that time. Heaven will be inherited. From the family to the national level, we must follow in Father's wake. For the sake of the unification of North and South Korea, we all must sacrifice.

Please do not be confused by complicated thinking. Father has re-indemnified in forty years the 4000 years of complicated works. Father has to be truly precise in this. Likewise, we have to be precise in our thought as to what to do in the next years in order to follow True Parents' path. How can we achieve this gigantic work without being able to control our own family? Should Mother fail in her role, it would bring a lot of confusion to the rest of the world. In the same way, if we as families fail it brings about confusion within all families. Adam and Eve's failure to fulfill their role was serious enough for God to expel them from the Garden of Eden. We must understand that what Father has in mind and what Father commands us to do is of such a strict order. The country has not come into existence yet, therefore we cannot create the constitution. We have to behave very seriously in conformity with Father's direction.

We have to truly be serious in following in True Parents' path. Twenty years ago, Father clearly told us all what America needed to fulfill. Now looking back on the last twenty years, Father has accomplished all that he spoke twenty years ago. Now Father is going to call upon Dr. Tyler Hendricks to read that same sermon to us now. Father is urging True Children, who have the responsibility of making sure that the world is saved. True Children are in Abel's position and you are in Cain's position. After combining into one, then the world can be unified.

[True Father will now listen, along with all of us, to the speech that Dr. Hendrick's will read. Please read as fast as you can.] (Laughter.) This is a prototype of how a Sunday service should be given.

[Dr. Hendrick's reads from Central Figure of Victory given November 23, 1975, at the Unification Theological Seminary.]

Just as Father told us a few minutes ago, Mother is the center of all of our activities and we must follow her. By the year 2000, we must all cling onto Mother's effort towards humankind so much. Especially after the successful education of Japanese women, 160,000 in all, Mother now has the unswerving foundation in order to be recognized throughout the world. We must bear in mind that this is Mother's time and the countries of Japan, Germany and America will follow in Mother's wake. Now Father expects Mother to focus on the unification of the youth of North and South Korea. Father encourages Mother to work wholeheartedly for that purpose. Father extends all the privileges to Mother. In the absence of Father, Mother will take all the power of Father and concrete this mission. That means that whenever Father is not here, Mother is equivalent to Father. Wherever True Parents will go, Mother will work on solidifying family units; not only Mother's own family, but Mother will help us solidify our families also.

This is the beginning of a new era and we must prepare ourselves mentally. We must pray to place Mother in our minds just as Father. Once Father occupied all of our mind, but now it is Mother, as well as Father, that must occupy our mind. Until now all of our love went to Father, but now we have to place Mother in our hearts to the same degree as Father, exactly the same level. American women especially must give your full hearted support, and your lives for Mother. We are proclaiming to the world that, while Father is first in the Unification Church, Mother is most definitely not second officially. We should bear that in mind. (Applause.)

[True Mother comes up to speak.]

Thank you for your support, and just as Father has commended us, the True Children and you are in the Cain and Abel relationship. Therefore, Mother expects us to unite with each other completely and follow in Mother's wake. We will all then accomplish the task which is expected by history and Heaven.

[True Father continues speaking.]

Centering upon Mother, Cain and Abel, we being Cain, Abel being True Children, unite. Together then, united with Mother, we have the qualification to step forward to Father and God in that order. It is imperative that we become united first before we expect to be united with Father and God. Do you follow? (Yes.) It is being restored and going up to the original point. We have to have a clear concept to begin with so that we can carry that into action. Without being clear in our mind, then our action cannot be that clear either. The children of each family must come into complete unity with the mother of their respective families before they can return back to God and the perfected world. That is a crucial role.

Husbands are in the position of archangel. Therefore, by them becoming one with mother-centered unity, then they too can return to Father. The mother of each family, together with children must step forward to True Father and become one, and then they will be ready to save their husbands. In that order because the position of all husbands is that of archangel. The archangel must serve the woman who represents God's queen. The children of the queen are the princes and princesses of that queen and God's children. Do you understand? Therefore, through serving them, then husbands too will become one with God. Father can then give the Blessing. True Mother has the grand task of bringing the Cain and Abel children of the world together before stepping forward toward True Father.

This correct thinking needs to be firmly rooted in our minds before the worldwide activity can be launched. All women are part of Mother. From the individual level to God's level; all eight stages, we women and Mother can become one. Father is now announcing and proclaiming that, centering upon Mother, we should come forward and come around. (Applause.)

Now let us give a half bow to both Father and Mother, and especially to Mother.

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