The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Leaders' Meeting - November 23, 1994

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 23, 1994
East Garden
Translator - Peter Kim

[Reverend Farley Jones was appointed by Father as the President of the Family Federation for World Peace, FFWP and Father is asking him if he understands the contents of that title?]

Since May 1, 1994, Father already announced the title Family Federation for World Peace. However, America failed to catch that spirit, and so finally yesterday this leader was inaugurated as the President of FFWP. Have you heard already from Father the significance of FFWP? (No, we haven't Father.) It is now 3 p.m. and we began at 10 a.m.; how many hours do you expect Father to speak to you? It is your opportunity now to say something. (Fifteen hours.) Well, even if you say fifteen hours, including the translation it is only seven and a half hours. (Laughter.) That means it will take us two days. Therefore I urge you to please study Korean. If you don't speak Korean you will have a difficult time ahead of you.

According to the Divine Principle, due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, language has been divided into many tongues. However, originally the Adam culture would have been inherited generation to generation. That means there would have been one single language: the Adam language. But due to the Fall there have been struggles, wars and all such evil things which caused the division of a single language into many. Even in one single family, the father and mother struggle and fight, taking opposite positions to one another.

Father has been speaking to the Japanese and Korean leaders in Korea now for many days and so consequently Father's voice is a little hoarse. Can you bear with it? (Yes, Father.) Since you are younger than Father you are obligated to work even harder and longer than Father. Do you realize that? (Yes.) Do you understand why the Unification Church leaders are unable to bring new members? We are so-called "leaders" but the question is, why are we unable to bring new members? What is the reason? (We are not teaching the Principle.) From now on our Divine Principle education will be done by the use of the black Divine Principle book. Why do we need the Divine Principle book? The biggest advantage to carrying the Divine Principle book with you wherever you are is that if you feel low spiritually and are in need of spiritual help, then you can immediately refer to the Divine Principle book. You can read it and immediately regain spiritual momentum.

If you were to read twenty or thirty pages of the Divine Principle black book each day continuously, then your level of spirituality would go up and continue to rise daily. Can you honestly tell Father how many times you have read the Divine Principle book, cover to cover, in your life? Those who have confidence that they have read it over fifty times raise your hands. How about over ten times? It is clearly not enough. Of course some people can counsel you, but their source is the Divine Principle book also. If you have the Divine Principle book always with you then you can receive your own advice directly from the source. Therefore, please always refer to the Divine Principle book before trying anything else.

When former President Eu was writing the Divine Principle book he wasn't just writing it out of his own head. With Father's input and supervision it was God's revelation. Not a single word in that book is from former President Eu's head. Paragraph by paragraph he would bring it to Father for correction and approval. Therefore spiritually former President Eu was totally united with True Father and God. It is similar to this light bulb here; in order for us to have light we need plus and minus wiring to be connected to our generating plant here in order for us to have light. It is connected step by step; otherwise we would not be able to have the luxury of electric light. Likewise, this is the reason that we need the Divine Principle book.

As history progresses you will see more and more just how significantly important Father's message is. Therefore we cannot touch the Divine Principle content. We must understand how preciously we must take True Father's words. Do you remember, Dr. Young Oon Kim wrote her own version of Divine Principle to a certain extent? She did not do it with Father's approval at each chapter. That is why Father didn't approve it. That particular book was colored, to a certain degree, by Dr. Young Oon Kim's own understanding of theology and philosophy and that is why it wasn't approved. That particular book may be a very good explanation in certain areas both philosophically and theologically, but her writing was not approved by Father and so spiritually there was no connection. Therefore, when it comes to even the translation of Divine Principle book into languages, the meaning can be conveyed but the spirituality, the essence has to be connected. Without this essential essence the words are without life.

In this Korean Divine Principle book, which we refer to as the Korean Black Book, the Principle of Creation takes up seventy pages. If you wish to lecture even the outline of these Principles of Creation it would take three hours. Those who have experience will agree with this. However, we should be able to summarize the essence of this so that we can give a lecture of the Principles of Creation in fifteen minutes. That is the idea behind coloring the different sections. Originally this book was written and edited so that anyone who read it would understand it. Before former President Eu began writing this Divine Principle book he gave lectures for three years and eight months for sixteen hours every single day. Based upon that foundation he began to write this Divine Principle book under Father's supervision. While former President Eu was giving these sixteen hour lectures daily, Father sat in on every single one of them and gave his critique. That has been the Unification Church's tradition set by Father.

Therefore, if you are a church leader it is most important that you maintain the standard of lecturing for twenty-four hours in your church. That is the kind of dedication with which the spiritual world can connect directly with what you are doing. However, lecturing for twenty-four hours every single day is virtually impossible. Therefore have the members of your congregation take turns in reading the contents of the Divine Principle book twenty-four or sixteen hours a day. When you give Divine Principle lecture, remember that first and foremost you are lecturing to the spiritual world, not to the physical audience. You may have only two or three new-comers but you have to know that there are thousands of spirit men attending there. Therefore you have to give your sweat and blood into your lecture. That means continuation without ceasing.

When we refer to creating the spiritual environment while giving a lecture, it means that you must be able to mobilize the spiritual world and then there will be a real spiritual atmosphere present. Do you understand? (Yes.) Again, remember that you should be able to mobilize the spiritual world. Of course, after the Fall of Man we still have conscience; even though we are fallen the conscience is still related vertically and is the point through which we can mobilize the spiritual world.

One of the biggest problems that we face here in America is individualism. Remember that this is a fallen world. The history of salvation is the history of recreation, but when it comes to the terminology of recreation you cannot use old material and old concepts. Rather you need new materials and that means we cannot mix old concepts with new concepts. Nothing from the past should be connected to that. It has to be a pure and genuine new source. In order to accomplish recreation we should be able to reach the original point from which God created this world. What then is the original point? When it comes to originality think about the terminology of creation. Creation is not conjured up out of nothing, but creation began from giving and pouring out of oneself into that, until eventually you have put everything out. Putting out means that you sacrifice yourself and give out for the sake of others. Do you understand? That is the point that we need to understand.

When God began creating He was totally pouring Himself out for the sake of others, not bringing something into Himself. Those who pour everything out for the sake of others are in the position of subject. But if as a subject you pour everything out for the sake of others, it does not just stagnate; rather, it naturally turns around and comes back to you. It is like an injection. However, what we need to understand is that once you pour out and it turns around and comes back to you, then that is the moment you should shed your tears of gratitude. Why? Because when God created the world and, in particular, man, it wasn't because He needed power and material, but it was because He needed an object of love. Even God is lonely and sad and was in need of an object of love. Do you understand? (Yes.)

In Father's life, even though Father has gained a certain amount of fame internationally, without Mother he would be a very sad and lonely man. Divine Principle teaches us that God created man and woman and creation in order to feel joy and happiness. What is the source of happiness and joy? The object of our love. Again the same question arises: before you married did you expect and desire for your future spouse to be inferior to you? (Better.) How much better? (Millions of times better.) In fact infinitely better than ourselves is our desire. Is that not true? (Yes.) Where do we receive such a desire? From our ancestors? The original cause is God because everything derives from Him. By the same token, even God wanted His object of love to have infinite possibilities for greatness. Do you agree? (Yes.) Who can be in the position of object of love to God? Man and woman, of course.

When God created man and woman He poured every ounce of Himself into the creation of His children. Therefore, this is most important for man to understand. Since God gave everything to us when He created us, from our position we should be able to return everything to God with tears of utmost gratitude. That is the only way that God can return to us even more. Without that kind of give and take nothing flows. If you give something to a person and they fail to return any feeling of appreciation whatsoever, then you don't feel inspired to continue to give. By the same token, we should be able to return our gratitude and appreciation to God. This kind of genuine, heart to heart give and take between God and man must occur before total giving and receiving can take place. By continuing this give and take action the level will multiply.

As human beings, we are meant to be the objects of God's love for eternity and we should be able to go for eternal love. How? By returning our tears of gratitude to God. We usually shed tears when we are excited and happy or moved to sadness. When tears are shed in excitement and joy your spiritual energy is rising up. But when you shed tears of sadness your energy goes down. Why do we feel sad? The moment that we experience sadness is the moment that our emotion drops below the standard line and spiritually we drop down also. The first tears that human beings shed were tears of sadness because of the Fall. It was the path to hell rather than heaven because they were cast out after the Fall. When we receive love from True Parents we should be able to go even deeper inside of True Parents heart through offering our joy and love. When we receive love and joy from True Parents and God we must be able to return it with tears of joy and excitement. This is the only way that we can continue this love relationship for all eternity. This is the formula.

As a parent, when you have to go away for a time your children cry, don't they? What about you, did you have that kind of experience with your own parents when you were children? (Yes.) But when your parents returned and you felt the excitement of joy you cried again. When they stayed with you and you felt good you shed tears of joy some times. Once you continue having this experience of shedding tears of joy and happiness with God then you will live with God for eternity. The key point is our heartistic level. We were created as the true object of love to God, but because of the Fall we have been going down hill into hell. However, due to God's grace and love we have found the new lifeline to be restored and recreated. Therefore we need to establish now the heartistic level of shedding tears of joy and happiness.

In the scriptures it tells us that unless we become as children we cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. What does that mean? We have to understand that particular verse in terms of the relationship between children and parents. If we are always close in heart with our Parents then we will shed tears of joy and happiness. When a small child is separated from his mother he will not forget it until the mother returns and he again feels the joy and happiness of being with her. The longer the waiting period the greater the joy and happiness can be. Just imagine how many tens and thousands of years that God and man have been separated; do you think that after this amount of separation that we can just be adopted by God and feel normal? God is our vertical True Parents. If we truly understand this then can we face God without genuine tears? Just place yourself in the position of a two year old child, separated from your parents for a long time; do you think that the first time you face your parents again that you will feel normal? Suppose you have the chance to grab hold of your mother's arm; do you think that you will let go of it again? (No.) The most fearful thing for that child is being separated again. We should be able to feel that kind of experience in our life of faith. That is the key and that is the problem for fallen human beings.

When God created man He poured everything into the creation of His children. Therefore we should be able to feel that kind of closeness to God just as a small child feels closeness to his parents. That relationship should be maintained. That is why mothers give their own milk to their children joyfully, with no regrets. Mother's milk line is a pipe line for life. The mother is giving life to her child. When the baby is sucking milk from its mother's breast it feels happy. We should remember how precious it was while we were growing, being nurtured by our own mother's milk. God's heart and mind is exactly like the moment when a mother is giving her own milk to her child. That was God's state of mind when He created man and woman. That is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? (Yes.)

As men we should be able to respect, even revere those mothers who raise their children. Giving and forgiving over and over, that kind of life and love. That was the original relationship between man and God, but due to the Fall everything became cut off. Because of the Fall what we are seeing is just horizontally, but we should be able to see vertically also. Even in terms of the true love practiced between a mother and child, when we are able to see that way our level can go up and up from the individual all the way up to world wide level.

You need to question yourselves, as church leaders who are supposed to be in the position of God and parents to your congregations: are you truly fulfilling these positions? If you are a church leader, do you truly feel that you love the members of your congregation more than your own children? Because they are all God's children. When you look at your own physical children, of course you need to look upon them as your children, but your congregation members should be looked upon as God's direct children. Do you truly practice that kind of love? Even your own children when they grow up will have to follow the path of the members of your congregation. Do you understand? Your congregation members are children of God and children of True Parents, but your own children haven't reached that level yet. In other words you have to raise God's children out of your own congregation.

If this is the Principle and formula course then let us review our lives up until now; have we really practiced this? Have we? (No.) That is why there is a problem. Between you as the leader, in the position of God and parents, and your congregation there should be a relationship through which your blood and tears can be communicated to one another, because your blood and tears represent your love and your life and sacrifice. Father is referring to blood and tears, but of course you don't see the blood because it is flowing within your body. However, if the blood is connected it means internally you are connected, and through one another's substantial tears you can be heartistically connected.

Whenever there is a collision, in terms of goodness, in people's lives and love, there are always tears, either tears of joy or tears of sadness. It involves some kind of intimate relationship of love and life when you see tears of either sadness or joy. When we raise our members we should be able to feel this and we should long for our members' return to partake of the meal which we have prepared for them. You should have that kind of motherly heart, longing heart to see those members again and that longing to give them more food both spiritually and physically, just as your own parents oftentimes saved good delicious food for your return and as soon as you arrived joyfully provided that food for your consumption. That kind of heartistic and love relationship should exist between you and your members.

The Bible tells us to love our enemy. However, your members are not your enemy and so consequently you should be able to love them even more than you would your enemy. The Principle is clear; if you genuinely offer everything for the sake of others there will be genuine return. Of course Adam and Eve were created as God's objects of love. As objects of love they were supposed to return their love to God while revering and worshipping Him as their subject. We call this bongsa which in Korean means service for others and heisang means sacrifice. It means serving with an attitude of respect and reverence. When you serve your subject of love you need to offer your reverence and respect as well as your service.

It is like cutting one's own flesh in order to offer it to your subject. Those are the concepts which we must be able to practice in our lives. If you want to raise your members as objects of love, then you should expect them to become infinitely superior to yourself. Practicing a high level of sacrifice and becoming high level love partners, is the Principle upon which God created man. God is our subject and we are clearly in the position of His objects. This means God is the subject of our love, life, lineage and even our conscience. But out of these four, love is in the highest position because without love, life and blood lineage cannot be produced. Love is the connecting point of everything.

In conclusion, raising your members means recreating man from God's position. God lost the entire humanity due to the Fall and He is now recreating man. By the same token we are recreating our members, just like God. It is a continuation of giving and receiving, investment into and receiving back from. However, the recipient of our outpouring should be able to make return by shedding tears of gratitude and joy. Because of those tears of gratitude then God will turn around and give back once again. This also applies to our friendships; when a friend gives something and you really wish to thank him so warmly, then he will naturally feel like giving something else again. This kind of human relationship exists.

This formula has to be practiced by us. The very first time that Father placed his foot on American soil he thought that God had sent him here to do more than anyone else who had ever lived by offering the parental heart and parental love for the sake of this entire nation and people. That is the conviction Father had as his first thought upon arriving in America. God is in the position of being the center of the entire universe, and as long as you are connected to Him and are practicing the same principles, the entire universe will be united with you. After that first thought which Father had upon his arrival here, wherever Father went or whatever he saw, that particular thought was always practiced by Father. Father is wondering how many Americans from the past or present have lived with the same dedication to this country and people as Father?

In general Americans claim that they love this nation, but they are all focused upon their own particular assets. They have their own houses and try to multiply their own wealth. But from God's point of view He is investing absolutely everything for this nation and world. There is an imbalance there between these two ways of thinking and being. Through Jesus God wanted to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth starting in Israel. Jesus was God's son and the Jewish people were God's chosen people and from this point God wanted to save the entire world.

It is crystal clear; if you are placed in the position and are practicing service with respect and a sacrificial lifestyle, then you are in the position of the central figure. That is the universal law. That is why Father is launching this campaign for the entire Unification movement worldwide to practice this very spirit of service with respect and sacrifice. Then automatically Unification Church members will become the central figures for the world. Why? Because this is God's position. Do you understand? God has this kind of attitude and if we adopt the same attitude then we automatically connect with God and we will receive His protection. Is this clear? (Yes.)

It is the universal law that if you keep investing with genuine heart, it automatically returns to you. This is what creates this circular motion. Once you observe a certain motion there is generally a diminishing of the energy, but because of this give and take, this circular motion, it increases the energy centered upon True Love. Even in the world when you have a horizontal lineal movement then the energy level diminishes and eventually disappears. But because of this kind of give and take relationship, if you continuously create motion then the energy level increases. Of course this must be centered upon True Love. It isn't like a physical movement, but because of the True Love center that it increases.

The history of restoration is the history of the recreation process. We should be in the position of God as a re-creator. Do you understand? By doing so we can invest again and forget. This perpetual movement of investing and forgetting will continue in a love partnership. When it comes to love partners we refer here to either parent and child or husband and wife. We have two different objects of our love. And, as the central figure who is initiating this recreation process, you have to be able to love and recreate your members more than you do for your wife and children. This is the only way that God can work through you. Without that relationship nothing is possible. Just as when you are really longing for your parents and brothers and sisters you sometimes shed tears without realizing it. You should be able to do that for your members while you are raising them. That particular genuine heartistic relationship is the treasure with which you can raise your members. Otherwise your spiritual level will decline. If you simply sit there in the position of the central figure and subject in the position of God waiting for people to offer something to you, then you are doomed to lose. That is Satan's position. God gives out while Satan takes in. Do you understand?

This is a very important teaching Father is giving to us today. Because we have been lacking in this particular practice, then our movement didn't grow. Therefore this is a very essential teaching for us. Do you agree? (YES!) As a local church leader, for example, if you have a prayer room such as this, while your members are working outside, from early morning in the dawn your prayer room floor must not be dry. Your tears should be there each and every morning. Your genuine tears and love always travel together. Do you understand? (Yes.) You, big brother, do you understand? When Father looks upon us from this standard, then none of us are qualified to be in the position of leaders. But unless we turn around and reach that level which Father is expecting from us, our children will not have a good future. They will even become crippled.

Because of the sin of the Fall, the Old Testament era, New Testament era, and Completed Testament era have appeared. Because of our sin. Since the Fall of man our sin has been accumulating like a huge mountain. Because of man's desire to reduce the level of sin, throughout history they have made burnt offerings and ceremonies and rituals such as that. Even when it comes to Jesus he offered his own life for the sake of fallen mankind. The same principle applies to Father's life. When it comes to our own life, Father has been giving us so much, but if we don't realize what we are doing and if we fail to return the proper loving gratitude towards Father, then we are doomed.

Even after the Fall, because God created man, He has been responsible for mankind, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly trying to restore them back. Likewise, since Father has been offering everything for us, if we fail to realize this and don't return our love to God through Father, the consequences of this will befall even Father's family. Because of God's sadness, indemnity must occur. It may affect Father's family. The same principle applies to us, that since Father has given everything to us we now stand in the position of central figures, parents and God. If we fail to practice the same principle of giving, then our children will have to pay indemnity for us. How can this be avoided? If you feel that you have received approximately ten percent, then make sure that you give back more than ten percent. Then if a certain amount does not come back to you, still you did the best that you could. Then you are secure. You didn't have to give fifteen percent, but you did and so now you have five percent extra. That is the kind of margin you can work with, or you can go even further and give more. You are doing for the sake of the other person and that is how he is able to make return and create a circular motion. That is why the very concept of loving one's enemy is the essence of truth. Instead of punching someone you have to give them more. That means you want to take responsibility for that particular enemy, and fill up the gap.

The Washington Times is practicing the very same spirit of loving one's enemy for the sake of this nation. This country was trying every possible way to crucify Father, but instead of taking revenge on America, Father offered more through the Washington Times. That is how Father has returned, and that is how we can pay the proper amount of indemnity so that both can survive. Because of this very principle, Father's own family have been sacrificed greatly. Father offered Heung Jin Nim to the spiritual world and yet Father's immediate family is still suffering. It is indemnity paid by Father's family. Therefore, if Father were not here there would be a big problem. God has been paying indemnity for others all throughout history. Without God what else is there? Do you understand? (Yes.)

Without complying with this very principle which Father is teaching us today, we cannot stand in the position of central figure, parent and God. If, as a church leader, you sit comfortably at home while your members are shedding their tears and blood on the front-line, making even one more penny of money, trying to do even one more minute of spiritual work, then you will be damned by God and your children will be taken by Satan. This is the reason that it is a fairly common phenomena today that these famous TV evangelists' children are not so good. When these TV evangelists do their work they make a lot of money, but where do they spend that money? It is usually spent for their own sake and as a consequence their children's lives are not so good. Instead of spending that money for themselves they should be spending it for the nation.

This is a very critical and important message today. Until you practice the principles which Father is teaching you here, you will never understand what kind of life-long work of tears and blood that Father has shed behind the scenes for the sake of God and humanity. Do you understand? Again, because we didn't live up to this standard there is no improvement within this movement. When Father first announced this 160,000 Japanese women leaders education program not a single church leader believed Father. Every one of them thought that it was an impossible task because after one month of effort in trying to mobilize people to attend Father's training, we ended up with 380 people. That was the first result. Even True Mother herself quietly suggested to Father that he cease the program right there because it looked impossible.

Father's question was, how much did we invest and dedicate ourselves in order to accomplish the goal of bringing people? Father was so serious. He invested himself one hundred percent twenty-four hours a day seriously, so then the people underneath him naturally had to be pulled up to the level of seriousness which Father was practicing. In the end 7,148 people attended, because the number gradually increased to that level. This is more than reality. This is not a concept. I made this foundation from this reality, not out of concepts. I have created this kind of foundation by using God's original creation essence of investing everything. Do you understand Father?

Once again, the universal law is if you are the person who offers service with respect and sacrifice then you are the central figure. But in the communist world we hear that what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. Then what is the difference between that and our concept? We say that what is mine is for the sake of my family, my family is for the sake of the tribe, the tribe is for world and God, and God is for me. God's love is mine. Step by step make sure that you are the central figure by investing ten for the sake of your family; then you are the central figure there; your family offers ten for the tribe and becomes the central family for your tribe; the tribe offers ten for the sake of the nation and so on. This is the only way that we can occupy God's heart and God's love can be mine from the bottom rung of this ladder all the way up to the top.

If Father gives you more perhaps you will forget. Therefore, maybe this is enough for today. (NO.) Do you think so? (Little more, Father.) In a way you have received so much from Father but you have not practiced it. This makes you like robbers or thieves. Do you clearly understand why the American Unification Church didn't grow? (Yes.) The very reason that thousands of members left is because we failed to practice this principle. The reason why American people are becoming more and more individualistic day by day is because they don't understand this principle. Satan is pulling them away. If this trend continues in this nation then America is doomed to perish. Who can reverse this trend? Only the Unification Church members can. It is your responsibility. If you are truly serious then you won't be able to stop shedding tears even when walking on Fifth Avenue.

When we discover that a member of our family has cancer we shed tears out of sadness, but here in America the entire population has cancer, so how can you lead your lives normally? If we truly and seriously take this as a reality, how can we just eat and sleep? We cannot lead normal lives knowing this reality. In order for a tree to grow taller the nutrition must go through the root system and come back and re-distribution takes place. Instead of doing this, as individual branches we are trying to grow without going through the root. Eventually these branches will wither up and die. Individualism causes us to think only of our individual selves or our individual families. It is like a small branch trying to survive without being connected to the root. It is impossible. This is the problem of this society. Without practicing this principle, America is doomed to perish. But once you practice this particular principle which Father has explained to you today, it doesn't matter whether you belong to the Unification Church or not; wherever you may go, you will survive and flourish in whatever you do. As long as you continue to practice this principle you will always be ahead of everyone else. You will always try to do something which nobody else wants to do.

Once again Father wants to emphasize, the reason why our movement here in America has failed to grow is because we have failed to practice this principle. Father doesn't feel like continuing to speak because even if he gives more he doesn't see that you have borne fruit. It is like a mother's breast full of milk which has to be sucked out by a baby. Father doesn't feel that you are sucking the milk he is trying to give you. The water has not been flowing and it has stagnated now.

These are the Last Days that we are living in now, and at the end of history we will witness more and more the destruction of families. This will occur because of Satan's final challenge. The only hope is through the Unification movement, centering upon sacrificial love and family values. Humanity has no other place to go except to the Unification Church. The whole world is lacking this central God-centered concept. This kind of phenomena will happen more rapidly from now on. Therefore, this is the reason that this time has been labeled the era of the global village. However, Unificationists call it the era of the global family. It is like a Cain and Abel relationship existing there. Within the concept of global village there is no central concept and no central figure; these exist only within the concept of a global family. This is the reason why Father has established the Family Federation for World Peace. In Korean we call this Kajong Yonhop. [Father writes on the board.] This is the dispensation of restoration with eight different levels. As you progress through these stages, if at any time you stop practicing then you go back to the original point and repeat again. However, if you continue without stopping then you can proceed, one step at a time, higher and higher. These eight different stages represent the entire human history.

Without the Fall of Man it could have taken just twenty years to reach the pinnacle. [Father indicates on the board.] The biblical history calculates approximately 6000 years, but in reality it was more than tens of thousands of years. Without the establishment of one genuine, sinless person it took thousands of years until history found one central man. Even after the establishment of one sinless person, still that person has to wait until he establishes the family level. This is how progress occurs in the dispensation of restoration. Even though it may take millions of years, still they must wait. If God were allowed to come in at any stage and turn everything around, then He could have done so by now. But the Principle prevents God from doing this. The Fall was committed by human beings, and so men and women have to resolve this problem, not God.

Because of the Fall restoration has taken place up until this point. [Father indicates by drawing on the board.] This left section represents the Satanic family. The formation stage, corresponding to the Old Testament era, represents the Satanic family. The second stage, which represents the New Testament age, is equivalent to the satanic national level. Only beyond this satanic national level, [Father draws on the board.] can the heavenly family level begin. The level at which Unification Church members receive blessing is at the satanic national level. Then we strive towards the line beyond that which can begin the heavenly family level. [Father indicates on the board.] It is at the growth stage where we receive the blessing because the Fall occurred at this level. After we receive the blessing we have a certain distance to cover in order to go beyond the growth level stage. In other words, we come out of the realm of Satan and go beyond it. Upon receiving blessing we begin as a heavenly archangel family and grow up, beyond this line [indicating on the board]. Even Father's own family began at this level in 1960 and Father reached this line by the year 1980.

During this period Father set the three seven year course periods. Upon the completion of these three seven year courses he reached this level [indicating to the board]. Because of that victorious foundation, in 1992 for the first time, Father proclaimed the Women's Federation for World Peace. Up until this point, the dispensation was that of restoring Adam and so Mother could not surface. The archangel represents the male character and Father had to spend time up until this point [indicating to the board] without Mother surfacing. However, upon the completion of this restoration period then Mother surfaced. Because of that victorious foundation, in 1992 for the first time, the perfected man True Father, and perfected woman True Mother, declared the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age worldwide. By proclaiming this significant organization in 1992 it has enabled anyone who stands on the same line as True Parents to be at the same level. That is why Father could declare the era for the liberation of women.

Because of Eve's sin in the beginning, then historically women have been under male dominion and mistreatment. But now, due to this new era of the Completed Testament Age, women can enjoy being with True Father and True Mother in the same time period. The satanic world cannot give strong opposition any more and 1992 became the dividing line for all of this. Based upon this foundation, Father has declared this year The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. This fallen world exists presently at eight different stages from the individual up. Because of the appearance of True Parents at this time in history, they are establishing a super highway through all of these eight stages. This is a vertical view [indicating to the board] but we can also view these eight different levels horizontally. In other words, instead of having these eight different levels vertically, the entire humanity can be standing on the same level horizontally with True Parents here. This means that the failure of Adam and the failure of Jesus Christ have been restored by the appearance of True Parents in the world.

These three different stages of Old Testament era, New Testament era and Completed Testament era are equivalent to returning to the original point of Adam and Eve. Due to Father's victory instead of each level being disconnected, they are now all connected. From Father's point of view these represent the first Adam, second Adam and third Adam (Father). [Father continues to draw on he board to illustrate this.] When we spread out these three different levels of Adam, we are able to see first Adam, second Adam and third Adam. However, if we look down vertically then the first Adam and second Adam are within the third Adam's boundary. Due to this victory Father can spread out and show you clearly how these are all connected. When this vertical view is spread out over a horizontal view, you will be able to see this. What Father is drawing now indicates that once this first, second and third Adam are completed, perfected, then all three Adam's can be included. Eventually there will be no boundaries, no different stages but one genuine Adam.

The relationships indicated in this diagram may be looked at differently, the top representing the Old Testament era, this representing the New Testament era and here the Completed Testament era. [Father is drawing on the board to indicate the point.] Can you see the relationship now through this? This is the vertical view of the relationship among these three. Now Father is drawing, spreading it out horizontally, and we can see the relationship between these three from this view. You can connect the relationship from vertical to horizontal by drawing the corresponding lines. This Old Testament era is 2000 years, the New Testament era is 2000 years and after 2000 years the Completed Testament era begins. As you know, at each level it took 2000 years and these three together makes 6000 biblical years. However, from God's point of view they are all three children of God. When we speak of three children of God, they can be elder brother, younger brother and youngest brother all belonging to one generation. That is why Father had to indemnify this 4000 years of biblical history within forty years. Within his own generation he had to accomplish this in order to have them stand in the same position as Father.

The Fall occurred in one single family and has become the 6000 years of human history. Now Father is turning it around and indemnifies this entire human history within the one generation, within forty years, to make them all into one generation with Father. Like one family. Adam was supposed to pay the proper indemnity in order to restore his own family level. However, Jesus was at the national level and Father is at the worldwide level. Once Father completes his mission then all of them can receive the same blessing of belonging to the same generation as Father. Centering upon God they represent the three children, the same brothers living as one family and doing the same work together. If anything comes from God to Father then Adam and Jesus can share evenly with Father. Of course Father is at the worldwide level, but spiritually it is as one family level.

Through this Father has set the condition that the entire human family can stand on the same line with him. These small lines or dots [Father has drawn on the board] represent all the different people in different times and even those in the spiritual world. All of these different generations can stand on the same line with Father. The reason is that their ancestors, Adam and Eve, now received the condition of victory through Father, allowing their descendants to naturally belong to the same level. Anything which belongs to the parents, the children naturally will own. Do you understand? That is the way in which Father can combine the entire humanity at the worldwide level and marry them all together.

Throughout history, up until this time, there has not been anyone who was able to live with the True Parents' family, not even at the time of Jesus. Because of Father's victorious foundation of establishing True Family here in this one generation, now is the time when the entire humanity have the opportunity to live together with True Parents' family in the same generation. Without falling, in this time period serving True Parents' family, and in accordance with the Principle given by True Parents, then they can all enter into the Kingdom of God. What is the meaning of the Fall? It means a wrong or a satanic marriage. Through this wrong marriage they established false parents, false lineage and false consciousness. Therefore, centering upon True Parents with True Love they can all be married and engrafted. There are three steps to take: first, the restoration of the lineage; secondly, the restoration of your possessions; and third, the restoration of your heart, shimjung. This represents your tribal level. The concept of nation is a little too far away, but as long as you have your tribe then you have a strong enough foundation upon which you can stand.

Based upon the family level, if you have twelve tribes you can claim people and then a nation. By receiving True Parents' blessing we begin as a heavenly archangel, but prior to the blessing everyone belongs to the satanic family. After 1992, centering upon True Parents' family, which is the heavenly family, three different stages were established: the satanic family, then the heavenly archangel family, and then the heavenly Adam's family. We as Blessed couples are still struggling along at this level here [indicating to the diagram on the board] from the heavenly archangel level to the heavenly Adam's family level. Once you decide to follow Father, if you give your absolute faith, you can easily go over this level and receive the blessing and go up higher. At the time of the Fall Adam lost the level of absolute faith and the level of absolute heart (shimjung). In other words he was not totally united with God.

Because of the absolute foundation which Father established after 1992, now the heavenly family has been established and so the Family Federation for World Peace has been inaugurated. When was the Unification Church established? 1954. If we count seven years from 1945 we arrive at 1952. From that year Father took forty years to indemnify the entire 4000 years of history of restoration which ended in 1992. If we subtract seven years from 1992 it is like the seven year course from 1945 to 1952. Do you see the reasoning there? Then from 1992 if we add seven more years we will reach the year 2000. In terms of counting the number of years, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, the year 2000 will make seven years in total. Right after World War II America practically unified the whole of Christianity but failed to accept Father and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After forty years of dispensation this is the time equivalent to 1945. This is the seven years course, including this year.

Because of the significance of this time, Father established the Women's Federation for World Peace and this year the Family Federation for World Peace and horizontally it has spread out. Now the unification of the world can take place through unifying all of these families on the horizontal level. The Family Pledge which we recently received and have begun reciting has come out of this forty years of victory of indemnification. In order for us to be qualified to recite the Family Pledge we should be able to reach this level, beyond this third level here [indicating to the board]. In the realm of the perfected Adam's family we connect with God's True Love and the True Love of True Parents. Centering upon True Parents, now we have to be connected to True Life, True Love and True Lineage which is exactly the opposite position of the fallen world. That is our beginning point. Because of the Fall of Man our mind and body have separated, husband and wife, children and parents all have become separated. But through True Love we can all be totally united again. Do you understand? (Yes.) Therefore, as a family, if you want to be qualified to recite the Family Pledge correctly, then your mind and body must be united, your couple must be united, and children and parents must be united.

Without this kind of unity among your family members, even though you may recite the Family Pledge, Satan will still always be with you. The Family Pledge should be recited upon the victorious foundation of these relationships. Based upon this Family Pledge now Father is championing the Family Federation for World Peace at a worldwide level. Therefore Father is establishing a new tradition here. From now on, in each family, Blessed couples should have worship service within your family on the first day of each month and the fifteenth day of each month. If you don't have children you begin as husband and wife. After having children you must teach them the tradition also and demonstrate your unity to your children. It is like God in front of Adam and Eve. At the time of Adam, God could not interfere with Adam's fallen act because they were at different levels. But because of Father's victorious foundation we, as Blessed couples, are in the realm of heavenly Adam's family. If anything goes wrong we can intercept it and correct it. This is direct dominion.

We are living in the era of the heavenly Adam's family and this means that we must practice what the Family Pledge is teaching us. In each number we start centered upon True Love. What is number one of the Family Pledge? We seek our original homeland and establish the Kingdom of God. What about number two? Of course number two also begins with the words "Centered upon True Love." Number two refers to restoring our lost sovereignty of the land. It explains that Adam and Eve make the central family as well as the representative family of all humanity. God, two circles representing Adam and Eve, [drawing on the board] and centered upon God they have to become united. The marriage represents only one man and one woman becoming totally united. That is why we say that man is a microcosm, the seed which establishes the family level. As fruits there may be many different families, but the value of each is the same.

If America consists of two hundred and forty million people and you marry as an ordinary person, you consider yourselves to be one couple out of probably one hundred and twenty million couples in America. That is the usual concept which people have when they marry in the world. They never think of their marriage as a representative marriage of the entire humanity for the past, present and the future, even including those in the spiritual world. You have to consider yourselves to be the only man and only woman representing the entire humankind. Because when it comes to the individual marriage, they represent the entire humanity; they are sitting on top of the entire humanity, directly representing God and humanity. That is why the same value of the entire humanity is given to that particular marriage.

Adam and Eve had three children and so that means there was potential for three marriages. If each marriage produced three children, the multiplication would have continued. As Father is showing us here through this chart [indicating to the board] once this love flows from Adam and Eve to their children, and from their children to their grandchildren, that flow is steady and the same in terms of value. There is no difference, because the flow is from God. Do you follow? That is why when it comes to marriage you have to think that you are the only man representing the entire humanity, that you are the only woman in the eyes of God. The first love is only one man and one woman relationship. This is applicable between God and us. If mankind had been educated from the elementary school level to the middle, high school and college with this kind of educational system, then the world would be entirely different today.

The first love began from God, Adam and Eve relationship and is therefore absolute, because that is the only one man, one woman relationship in front of God. Do you understand? When it comes to blessing, that very blessing concept derives from this kind of relationship between God and Adam and Eve. That is why a husband must be only one, a wife must be only one from the beginning to the end and children must only be between the two of them, nothing else. If human history had begun in that way, without the Fall, then every child would have become filial sons and daughters and patriots, and naturally everything would have been connected in this way. The extension of that kind of family would have been the three great kingships and four great realms of heart. It would have become like a textbook of teaching for generation after generation. Everybody would have become that kind of perfected man and woman. This is the concept of the royal family. What that means is, that after you restore yourself and your family then the people who belong to Satan should be restored to you so that you can take them along with you into the Kingdom of God. That is the way that you restore elder sonship. The Cain people in the satanic world are in the position of younger brother and so you would have more younger brothers. That is the way in which we reverse the position of elder sonship.

You, the direct children, should be able to bring the Cain children from the satanic world together with you into the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? You bring your generation and your children's generation and your grandchildren's generation until the entire satanic world is restored. That is why the Adam and Eve family is the representative family. But when they come down to the horizontal level [drawing on the board] they become the central family. Then all of these different levels, from the individual to the worldwide level, would be perfected. From the individual view: the individual, family, tribe and worldwide level. Do you follow Father? (YES.) The family is the model and from that point the expansion takes place from tribal, national and worldwide levels. At the family level it was reversed and so at that level we have to make it right side up again. This is why we need the Family Federation for World Peace established. Do you understand that Adam's family is supposed to be in the position of the representative family, and at the same time at the horizontal level, the central family of humankind? We must have the conviction that my family is the representative family of this entire humankind and at the same time the central family of mankind. Do you understand? (Yes.) If we are truly the children of God then we should have that kind of quality, don't you agree? (Yes.) As Blessed couples, if you want to join the true Adam's family, then we must be able to practice what the Family Pledge teaches us. Do you follow Father? (YES.)

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