The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Let Us Realize And Pledge That My Family Is A Representative Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 31, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

How many are assembled here this morning? (Approximately 400.)

Na Eui Kajong Eun Taipyo Joongshim Kajong Yim Eul Jakak Haja. This is one of the longest titles Father ever wrote. (Laughter.) "Let us Realize and Pledge that My Family is a Representative Family and Central Family." "Representative", as written in this title, means representing heaven and earth. Unification Church members must realize this fully, otherwise we cannot connect to the ideal world. Today is July 31 and tomorrow will be August 1. This year the date of August 1 is special, in that this year is the true beginning, on a worldwide scale, of a new direction. We are at the pinnacle of the hill and going over to the other side. Plus and minus in the satanic world have always fought but they will cease to fight. That is, all the fighting that is currently taking place between the mind and body, and couples, children, nations, and even heaven and earth, will all cease during this year. The world will change dramatically.

Providence of Restoration

On the lunar calendar we have maybe a month before August 1, and during this period is a time of turbulent transition. Beginning in 1991 Father established the World Federation for World Peace, the Religious Federation for World Peace, Women's Federation for World Peace, Students Federation for World Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace. [Father is writing on the board] That which is political in nature represents the body, whereas the mind belongs to the religious realm. A political United Nations and a religious United Nations should come together. Instead of mind and body continuing to fight, they will make peace and live in accord. Always the political realm had a stronger influence over the religious realm, as the body has constantly been attacking the mind. On the side of the body we had imperialism and communism, and on the side of the mind we had democracy, allied power. The world divided into those two big camps, here [indicating on the board] England, America and France and here Japan, Germany and Italy. Of course, the former represented the heavenly side and the latter the satanic side. Just like mind and body, that was the significance of World War II fought by two camps.

Eve and Cain and Abel came to be united centering upon England, America and France, the allied powers. England represented the Eve nation. Island countries always stand in the position of Eve or female. Whereas mainland always represents Adam or male. America was given birth by England. Japan was in a similar position to England, but Japan was on the satanic side. Germany was also on the satanic side, and the satanic world wanted to kill Abel's world. After World War II, they were unified centering upon Christianity. The Christian world represents Eve, Cain and Abel-the Garden of Eden. [Father is drawing and pointing to the board] There were: the Eve nation, England; the Abel nation, America; and the Cain nation, France. On the opposite side we had the nations of Japan, Germany and Italy; and these two sides were fighting each other. After World War II, they were united centering upon the United Nations.

After World War II, by dividing and representing all the Abel and Cain countries and the mother country, these positions which were lost in the Garden of Eden, were restored and rearranged. This was all preparation and foundation for the Second Coming. In Jesus' time this was at the family base, but at this time it is extended to the world base. The Christian world was the prepared bridal foundation. The mother will embrace both Cain and Abel and all nations as well. American women were to have been in that motherly position and this is why American women have been prepared the way that they are; they are like queens, are they not? Because very distinctly, compared with other nations, the women are superior and men become almost like servants to the women in this country. America represents the position of bride for the coming Second Advent. Who is the Messiah of the Second Advent? (Father.) True Parents.

Unify Cain and Abel

Was it easy for the nations of England, America and France to bow down to Reverend Moon as the king of kings? Do you suppose that it was easy for the Christian world of Protestantism and Catholicism, and the governments to connect and unite centering on the king, Reverend Moon? (Difficult!) How difficult? It would be like dying, that difficult. All of the three major nations are white-superiority nations. They did not pay respect to eastern countries, and may have even despised them. It was the archangel's mission to protect the young Adam and that is why they have been protecting Korea all along. Even the problems with communist North Korea were a headache; still America could not let Korea go. Because if they did, then their country would be doomed, and so without their even realizing, America had to continue to protect Korea.

After World War II, America aided many countries; but none succeeded with the exception of Korea. One third of the Asian communist countries have been washed out. Do you follow? It is so true that the war that began within the mind and body of the individual has extended to the world. That is the meaning of history. Today we can realistically feel that within ourselves our mind and body are fighting, sometimes very fiercely. Do we all feel that? (Yes.) Our goal is to bring them together. By doing so, we will eliminate the possibility for Satan to work in this world and, thus, the Kingdom of Heaven will be here on earth. Actually, this will be accomplished on the worldwide scale by the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace. At the time of fall, centering upon Adam, the two worlds divided at the family level. Now, centering upon the Messiah, this will be reunified at the world level. Centering upon the vertical center, the horizontal world can unite and form a base of unity and settlement. Right now, humanity does not have an ideal aim and, therefore, is not headed in the ideal direction. This was lost at the time of Adam. Now at the time of True Father, this is being restored at a worldwide level through unification activity. One direction. Do you understand? (Yes.)

This was all supposed to have occurred at the end of World War II, but this did not happen, as we know. America has destroyed itself. When Father came to America, that is what he has been doing, restoring America back to its original position. Now American Christianity cannot help but follow Father and they are ready to follow Father now. At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, the thief on the right represented the democratic world, whereas the thief on the left represented the communistic world. That kind of division originally began in Adam's family; Cain represented left wing and Abel represented right wing. From those two, the fighting began. At the time of True Father, these two camps will be combined into one. At Jesus' time, Israel represented the Cain side and Judaism represented the Abel side. Based on the foundation of these two, the mother Mary appeared. Mary, Jesus, born as the bridegroom, and God-the Father-made one body. Connected to this Father-son base should be Eve, Cain and Abel. The Cain nation-base (Israel) and Abel nation-base (Judaism) should then have been connected to God through Jesus. If that had happened, the ideal nation could have started. But, because of the crucifixion, Jesus' mission had to be repeated. The right and left thief represented Cain and Abel. This situation necessitated an expansion of this onto the world-base at the time of the Second Advent. Then the Second Advent must unify those who have been fighting. That is the Messiah's mission.

Breakdown of West

At the time of the Second Advent, the role of the Messiah is to bring these two camps into unification centering upon the mother. Sometimes translation makes things complicated. It is difficult to listen, but you have to because you have not learned Korean. In the ideal world English is not the ideal language with which to convey the heart, thoughts and feelings. You have to learn Korean because it is very subtle. English is a flat horizontal language, there is no vertical emphasis. In Korean, we have ten different ways of addressing "you" depending upon what your position is and what your relationship to one another is. Whereas here in America there is only one way to address each other. There is no vertical connotation. Everyone is moving around without any center. Many countries tell Americans, "Yankees go home! Don't confuse our country." Why did America, centering upon the Christian world, come into such a situation? It is ironic. After World War II, Satan completely occupied this Christian world. [Father draws on the board] The American family completely broke down without any center. The American family system has no place for grandparents, parents and children. Family values have completely broken down. This kind of environment is contributing to the spread of AIDS, alcoholism, homosexuality and drug abuse. God does not want this kind of phenomena to occur; only Satan wants the expansion of this kind of hell upon the earth. You cannot deny that reality.

American people don't have hope. American women don't have hope; there are no real men, parents or family anywhere to be found. They are perishing. This is not just a concept, but reality. Is this true? (Yes!) American people cannot deny the situation they now find themselves in. Heaven on earth would have been realized on the earth during the period from 1945 to 1952 when the world was prepared to become united with the Lord of the Second Advent. During these seven years the unification of the world would have been achieved. This is what God intended, the realization of Heaven on earth. Forty years from that year [Father indicates on the board] is 1992. The Lord of the Second Advent had to restore this broken foundation again, fighting from the individual level up to this level [Indicating on the board] where it had been prepared once. If he would be unable to do this within that forty years, the world would be washed out without being saved. It took 4,000 years in order to establish this foundation and now during this forty years of his physical lifetime, Father had to re-indemnify and build the same foundation back again. Centering upon the four position foundation, family, clan, race and nation will expand.

The essence of this foundation is exactly the same; it is just that it is bigger now. [Father indicates by drawing on the board] It is a 4,000-year history, a 400-year history, a 40-year history and the family is a four-year history. Because of the fall, four is the number that was lost, that is, the four position foundation. The formation and growth stages-both in Jesus' times-took place from four years to forty years. Father cannot live for 400 years; one man cannot do that. Therefore, the number forty is representative of 400. This was Father's mission to accomplish, even though the whole world was against him. The family base, tribe base, national base, world base were all making a great deal of noise against Father.

Peace in Korea

After the fall, man and God were separated and God could not get into the fallen realm that man had created. Where there is disharmony and fighting, God cannot dwell. Do you understand? (Yes.) The whole of human history has been one of fighting and conflict. This is a bad world, not a good world. Is this true? (Yes.) If you go out and stop people in the street and ask them if they think this is a good or bad world, everyone would declare it to be bad. Why is it a bad world? It is a world of fighting and conflict. Are Americans good or bad people? Bad people-and God doesn't like that. He will spit them out. Everyone's mind and body are fighting, and that is bad. You know this better than me because you have become higher people. God's original ideal world is not one of conflict and fighting. Unification activity is to clean up this world. No matter how difficult we may feel, we have to clean up all over the world and create the kind of world God is longing for. No matter how difficult this activity might be, we have to go over and accomplish it. Otherwise we cannot achieve the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Is this clear? (Yes.) Yes? (Yes.)

[Father draws on the board] Every single boundary has fallen down because Father knocked them all down.... Nation-base, world-base, cosmic-base: all of these boundaries have separated man and God, many variety of boundaries have always blocked God. No matter how much God wanted to connect with humankind, He could not because of these various boundaries. But Father has knocked them all down. After the fall, these boundaries came into being. At the time of the Second Advent, these separations between God and man are taken down by the True Adam. The family-base was lost by Adam and Eve. At this time, the world-base lost the God-centered family. [Father draws and indicates on the board] This is blessed couples' boundary of race. All humankind, now centering upon True Parents, are in the realm of original brotherhood. Humankind did not connect centering upon True Parents' Children or True Parents' Family-Brotherhood. This time they can share brotherhood, family, relative, and nation-base. Now the nation-base is unifying in North and South Korea-the Korean peninsula. That represents the free world of democracy and the communistic world. One world is God-denying and one world recognizes God. All this fighting is centered on the Korean peninsula.

The Christian world chased out the Second Advent, the king of North Korea and South Korea, so unification centered upon that independent country was lost. Satan's Second Advent was personified in Kim Il Sung, the worst parents ever to appear on the earth. The Christian world chased out the King of Kings and Satan occupied the entire world. The Korean peninsula completely combines the communist world and the free world. Now the Korean Government has no power to escape from it. This fearful atmosphere pushes South Korea down. Do you understand? (Yes!) Kim Il Sung constantly controlled the atmosphere. Centering upon Korea, America represents the heavenly archangel, China represents the eastern world archangel, the Soviet Union represented the satanic archangel. Japan now represents Eve, centering upon Korea. Surrounding Eve are these three archangel countries. When Adam and Eve fell, [Father draws on the board] at that time, there were three archangels. After falling, the individual base was planted and bore fruit in Adam's nation, Eve's nation and these three archangelic nations. This is exactly the same meaning: the Adam nation of Korea and the Eve nation of Japan and these three archangel nations. America is the Christian world archangel. The Asian archangel is China and Satan's world archangel is the (former) Soviet Union. In Asia, the Cain and Abel archangels combined. The Christian world did not unite. Had Satan's world in the Cain position, and Father's world in the Abel position, combined into one, without fighting, then communism would never have appeared on the earth. Facing this polarity, Satan would have been chased out. Satan would never have been able to take that kind of authority, centered upon North Korea. The problem of North Korea would never have happened.

The appearance of True Parents signifies that the time is now close for the unification of the Korean peninsula. Do you understand? (Yes!) America represents the bride and is in the Abel position. Whereas the free world is in the Cain position. Cain and Abel cannot unify without Parents. This activity revolves around the give and take of plus and minus. Ultimately, they must unite and make a vertical connection. That means Cain and Abel combine centered upon their mother. When Mother appears, Eve, Cain and Abel should combine into one, re-establishing the original perfection of Adam and the perfected ideal master plan. Connecting into one place-this family then represents everything. It is the center of everything.

Restore the Lost Family

Because of the historical events, I and my family are representing the center, the divided I, because each individual is divided. [Father indicates on the board] How can my divided self unite? We cannot unite individually but rather must go through this pattern. We have to unite in this way. The fact is to restore the lost father, lost mother, lost Adam, lost Eve, lost children and lost God. All have been lost because of the fall and all these must be restored through our families. How can that restoration take place when Satan is occupying the head place? God cannot occupy the lower place. Abel position is God's side and all authority is the elder's right. The elder position has to be taken back again and this is the process of indemnity. That position cannot be reversed without paying indemnity.

By accomplishing this, the next step is to find mother and lost brotherhood. Mother is the center point for the unity of Cain and Abel from the family to the world level and uniting with True Father and True God. Until now, God has been the God of restoration, hard work and deep agony. Do you understand? (Yes.) Upon the victory of the Second Advent, God can be liberated into the God of glory. This is exactly today's situation in Korea, because centering upon Korea these three archangel countries are looking towards Japan. Japan is in the Eve position; and America, China and Russia all want to unite with her. Also, the Lord of the Second Advent wants to combine with her, and so who will occupy Eve? These four countries are competing with each other to win over Japan. Now is the time of the global village, global family, which signifies the proximity of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. One world under God.

It is so clear no one can deny that history has been the history of restoration. We must restore all the lost elements of father, mother, children and angels before my family can be realized. Then we have to realize that we are the representing families and central families of this world. Your family is object to True Parents' family as subject and these two have to combine into one. You have to work hard to achieve this. True Parents' family is the formula family. No matter what difficulties you may face you have to combine into one with this formula family, vertically and horizontally combine into one. When that happens everything will be perfected. Do you understand the concept? (Yes.)

Restore Mind and Body

After our mind and body come into unity, then we find mother. Centering upon mother, Cain and Abel must become one, because this is exactly the reverse of the process of the Fall. After the Fall, mind and body came into separation and lost their mother, and Cain and Abel were also lost. Now it is time to combine our mind and body, and find mother. [Father draws on the board] We must go through these historical steps which have actually taken place in the restoration course; then we can find our family for the first time after that. True Parents' family was certainly the family that went through that course and found the family. As an individual, Father has received the world-level persecution as has Father's family. As an individual he finds the family and goes over the hurdle, and takes down the wall of the clan and restores the clan, race, nation and cosmos. That has been Father's path.

Centering upon Korea as the Adam nation, the Eve and archangel nations are what Father is dealing with now. There were so many things that happened in North Korea, and now centering upon the youth of North Korea, the situation has developed so badly that they are now on the verge of atomic war. Will there or will there not be atomic war? That kind of critical position we are facing with North Korea. Father sent a representative to speak to Kim Il Sung and they went and made peace. Then centering upon the United Nations, Mother has restored the children of the world horizontally, centering on the South and North Korean youth. In this time, after forty years from World War II, the question remains how to unify the Eve, Cain and Abel nations. This needs to be done. Otherwise we cannot reach the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

True Mother's Foundation

In the Garden of Eden, the archangel combined with Eve and fell into Hell. At this time, the archangel side, that is, Cain and Abel side-which includes all of Satan's side-is centering upon Mother (Eve). Through this process, Mother is saving that Cain and Abel. Do you understand? On the occasions of the United Nations and Capitol Hill speeches True Mother was welcomed. Making that victorious foundation of unifying into one, Mother embraced the Abel and Cain nations. After World War II, America represented the Abel position, the Christian world, and the free world represented the Cain position. That foundation was lost and at this time is being restored centering upon Mother. After the speeches of United Nations and Capitol Hill this was accomplished. Mother embraced Cain and Abel. But individually, Mother does not have a nation. Just the opposite. Horizontally, that nation is Japan. At the end of August 1992, the Japanese government began a fierce activity against our church. The media and television continuously spread negativity against us, throughout the whole of Japan. However, when Mother went to Japan nobody could come against her. That means that Eve's nation, Abel nation, Cain nation, and three archangel nations combined into one centering upon Mother representing the bride position.

After World War II, America and France in bride position should have combined with the bridegroom's position. So we can go back to the original hometown nation, go back to the Korean peninsula. Those three nations, Mother and Father combined into one means that in this year we reached again the same position as after World War II. [Pointing to the board] Do you understand? (Yes!) Now the Unification Church is in the Abel position and the Christian world is in the Cain position. No matter how much Christianity protests and makes a noise, they are going down and diminishing. No hope. Father has claimed back the youth and has established the Youth Federation for World Peace on July 26. The Religious Federation for World Peace, Women's Federation for World Peace, and Youth Federation for World Peace are victorious Eve's foundation, Mother's foundation. Do you understand? The Eve nation of Japan connected with Mother. Completely, the Eve nation, which represented Satan originally, has been reclaimed by God and combined with Mother centering upon the Second Advent. There is only one direction and that is Godism, the Headwing value system.

Until now everything has been centered upon man. Man's power, man's talent and intellectual power have not saved the world. All that kind of activity has been defeated. There is only one way and that is Godism and Headwing. Democracy is representing brotherhood, and brothers are fighting. Parenthood is Godism, no fighting. True Parents represent real parenthood and the bearing of true children. True Father is the real teacher, real king of kings and real parent. Those three. Centering upon True Parents, everything can be unified. Father has built that kind of foundation throughout the world. Now is the time that Father announces equalization of the cultural world, political world, etc. Only one world under Godism is what Father has declared. Do you understand? (Yes!)

Invite God in Your Family

Now we are headed towards having our own family. We have arrived at the point where we are able to invite God within our family. If we don't know these things then certainly we cannot invite Him because we don't know why and how. But through here [indicating on the board] my family has now arrived at the point where we can invite God to dwell within our family. Therefore, we have to realize that my family is the representative family and the center family through this historical perspective. We have to realize this, and this has been the topic of Father's sermon this morning. Father certainly has gone through this step by step and won the victory, and that is what Father's family is. Our families have to follow the same way. This is the meaning of the Blessing. True Parents and God have given you Blessing in order to make your family a model family after which all other families of the world can pattern themselves. We must inherit True Parents' family and their historical meaning. As a result, our family is in a father-son relationship. What is this relationship? It means that the son is able to inherit everything that the father has. We inherit everything that True Parents have, naturally and automatically.

For the families who are able to claim that they have trod the same course as True Parents and now realize their position as a representative family, and when Father can recognize that family has all these qualifications, then Father will bequeath everything to that family. How can I go through these completely as Father did? Although Father did it all completely and physically, all we have to do is to go along with Father, just as his family has done, deep in heart. By doing so, we will come to be saved. Simply put: God and Father's family really became one, being well connected and united. Likewise, our family should connect and unite with Father's family. Now we have three generations, God as the first generation, Parents as the second generation and we as the third generation or children's position. The perfection place is not the vertical way, but only the horizontal way. God is standing in the grandfather position, Adam and Eve are in the parents' position, and Adam's children are in the children and grandchildren position. This is making, horizontally, three generations. Do you understand? In this time, you must know how to connect into one with Father and Mother, standing on the horizontal base of the earth. God is standing on the right side, Parents in the middle and you on the left side. Combining three generations horizontally creates the horizontal world settlement. After the Fall, God's children and grandchildren didn't appear. In this time, horizontally, God, True Parents and children- three generations-connected all over the world.

Central Being Responsibility

This basis will liberate God and all mankind. Individual position, family position, tribe, nation and world centered upon God-all would be connected under Heavenly Father. Ultimately that is God's ideal purpose of creation. That is called the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. Do you understand? (Laughter.) Thus, let us realize deeply that my family is the representative family and the central family. In reality today there are all things alive which have been here all throughout history, for millions of years, but they are all in lamentation. We know that they are sad and dismayed and that is because the world has never had the rightful master. The rightful master fell and for thousands of years God has been fighting to restore this. In the meantime, the plant kingdom and animal kingdom remain in grief. Literally, truly in grief. This has been going on so long that now, in the last days, even nature is becoming sick. Now we appear because of Father's complete settlement and quick settlement on our part in this family center which represents the world. We will quickly take our position and become the true master of all things. Now is the time when all things are about to revive once again.

As the true masters, we console all things; we should know how to shed tears for the sake of the flowers and plants, asking them how long they have been unhappy and grieving. Then we should treat all things as a true center and true master. We must learn how to do that. Since I am liberated, then in turn I am bestowing upon you liberation. We should give all things the blessing with our own hands. How close are True Parents to me and to my family and to creation, and how close God is to me because He is right next to True Parents' family. How staggering and fantastically huge a subject this is, that all of a sudden the liberation takes place; the liberation of myself, the liberation of my family, and liberation of all things-because of these connections. You must clearly understand what you are now thinking, what you are now very much seriously up to. That world, even if it comes right next to you, has no connection with you. Likewise, no matter how much we appreciate and think, without action, that thinking and that world cannot become our own. Do you understand? Representative family, and center family, is the topic. Those who are the central families, or representative families, must bear the responsibility. Responsibility comes with that position. Secondly, it has the responsibility of protecting the surroundings. Also, the central being has the responsibility to cause the objects to develop and grow. All central beings must realize the responsibility of all that they are responsible for: to give life, to help them grow and develop. Not favoring one over the other.

We Are Indebted

True Father really bears that responsibility and that is why he is always in the front. Whenever there are critical questions, he is always there at that time. Father didn't really do anything wrong which should cause him to go to jail, but the members did not do their part and so that responsibility fell to Father. In the early times, Father discouraged the early members from completely dedicating their lives to the church. He told them to stay in their families and bear the burden of their families and follow him at the same time. But many young members did not obey Father, they just left their homes and this caused social unrest. Therefore, Father had to pick up all of their responsibility and go to jail. We as the central family and representative family, following Father's example, must take up the responsibility, taking on the consequences of our surroundings. Then we have the responsibility of protecting those who are under ourselves.

The Unification Church has stretched its financial resources; Father is now fighting against this situation single-handed. He is teaching workshop to 160,000 Japanese women in groups one after the other, helping them to mature. Father is always making an offering of himself. Even though the position of offering is a difficult one to bear, still everything has to bow down to that offering. That is the nature of offering. Then as the central person he is responsible for each nations' growth. Therefore, are you indebted to Father or is Father indebted to you? (We are indebted to Father.) At least we know. You have persevered a lot in your own way, too. But stop and think. Compare the day you joined the Unification Church and today. Whatever we may have had to go through, now we feel different from before, don't we? (Yes!) We have grown considerably and changed a lot. How much did we change from the past? (180 degrees.) Those of you who think that you deteriorated and became worse, raise your hands. This is why God is striking those who oppose you, those who oppose our camp. Isn't it true that nobody comes to this great land of America bringing their own money with the expectation of helping America? True Father is historically the only person who poured seven billion dollars into this country, together with manpower, for the sake of America. Father is not supposed to do that forever, but at a certain time American members will learn and see that meaning and take upon their shoulders this burden at some time. That time is now.

America is the land of immigrants: one nation under God. God doesn't want this concept centering only upon one nation, but God wants the one world under God. This is God's concept. American people don't know that. Reverend Moon has spent a lot of time, money and effort for this country with only one aim: to build one world under God centering upon America. I have been embracing that concept, but for years America has opposed me. Father has stopped America from perishing and wants to save this nation. Is this true? (Yes!) This is not a concept; this is a reality. Is this clear? (Yes!) One nation under God is too self-centered. This is not good enough for God. One world under God is what God is longing for. You must be the family which is a representative of the world, not just one country, and the center of the entire world. If somebody is starving, that should be very much a part of our concern. Thus, for twenty years, Father has made this foundation strongly by encouraging the promotion and development of the fishing and marine industry. Tomorrow, as we all know, is the twentieth anniversary of Ocean Church and we are planning a grand celebration and commemoration. Father is about to speak on how and what Father accomplished.

The Ocean Providence

The ocean is virtually untapped because it is a hard life to go out to sea. American people don't want to go to the ocean because they have plenty to eat here on the land. That is what they say. But that won't last forever. No one can deny that the future lies with the ocean; that is the last frontier. These twenty years were years of laying a foundation. Meager as it may seem now, it is a good foundation for the future because the sea occupies three times the area of land. There are enormous amounts of resources to be developed in the sea. As the true masters, it is our task to tap and develop it. When Father began this twenty years ago, many America people viewed it from a very narrow perspective of invading their territory. What is their territory? They kept safeguarding their own so-called small territory and for fifteen years kept on protesting. It is only in the last couple of years that they have stopped doing this. Now they know that they will eventually benefit. Nobody can chase Father away from the ocean. Father has been riding on a boat that nobody else has wanted to ride. For twenty years, Father has been going out to sea. Father knew that no satanic world, or no satanic brothers and sisters, would be serious about saving their so-called brothers and sisters. He knew that only the true master of the world can and must be responsible for protecting them, to prevent them from starving. In that respect Father has been the champion and center of the ocean business. Is that true? (YES!)

If you don't like to work on the ocean, then someone else will do so in your place and you will be deprived of that opportunity. All the immigrants from various other countries of the world who came to this nation are the ones who are harvesting from ocean businesses. When we first applied for permission to begin a fishing farm on the west coast, at that time they did not have a law for that. Later on they enacted a law and gave that permission to somebody else, someone who had nothing to do with the pioneering. We were the pioneers but we were bypassed by them. Everywhere we went we were persecuted and unfairly treated. All the things which Father started twenty years ago, America had not even begun to think of doing. Certainly they had no laws enacted for such activities. However, now they are doing this. Father's vision is still clear, that America's millionaires and billionaires should now think and do exactly like Father. They should sell their own houses and bring the proceeds to Africa and help the people there develop and save Africa. By doing so America will prosper even more than it has, thus far, in its history.

America has to allow for the free flow of people in order to facilitate the entire world. America, being the first immigrant and in the Abel position-and Africa in the Cain position-should save Cain and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Soon enough, we shall witness the harvesting of the ocean in order to live. There will be a great movement on the face of the earth. Those who are blessed to a brother or sister from Zambia, for example, may be requested to go to Zambia. You cannot refuse just because you prefer to live in America, but you should go to Zambia and build it up like America. When Father gives us such an order, would we go? (Yes!) Suppose Father asks you to trade the best house in America for the worst house in Africa, would you do so? (Laughter.) No problem? (No problem.) No matter how grand a particular house may be, compared to the blessings that individual received from Father, it is nothing. We certainly can do this, can't we? Japan is already doing this.

The Pain of God

There was one person who donated great wealth. That's a beginning. Then he moved into one small-room apartment. God would declare him to be a wonderful king of properties. No matter how difficult the situation you may face in this world, when you pass to the spiritual world, I will make you the king of rich people. How about that? This lifetime on the earth is very limited, compared to eternity. Those who are eager to give with sweat and tears, and who live like that all of their lives, will be fit to be kings and queens in the spiritual world. Have you experienced being choked when you try to eat a meal because you are so filled with compassion and emotion thinking of the agony and suffering of others? Because today is Sunday, Father has dressed up in this way, but usually Father never does. Father's usual attire is very simple, in order to live in a frugal way without extravagance. The world needs such people. Do we all love Father? (YES!) Do we all like Father? (YES!) Whenever Father is here, everything feels and seems full, but when Father goes away from America, you feel empty, don't you? (Yes!) Immediately your heart feels that your life is vacant. Who made you feel that way?

God looks down at humanity and sees people in difficulty calling out to Him for help. That natural voice; this is not something that is taught. Rather, that natural voice springs up in people. Nobody teaches children to follow behind their parents, automatically they want to follow. Even when parents scold them, even though they may be crying, still the children are following behind their parents. This is a natural way. Mind moves automatically; these are Godly attributes. We must realize deeply that we must save the world, just as Father has been trying to save us and the world. When we have that strong feeling and tearfully express this to the multitude, they will suddenly listen to our voice. We must understand that whenever we are bereaved because one of our loved ones has died, compared to the reality of a country about to die, or which has already died, it bears no comparison.

All throughout Father's life, from the earliest days, whenever he had the occasion to grieve and to be sad, immediately, he would think: Can this pain of mine be compared to that of God who lost the nation, the world, who lost so many of His children? Always Father made sure that he did the right thing and followed the right path by asking himself what could he do in the place of God. God is in such a difficult position all the time. Father always checked himself this way by remembering Heavenly Father's pain. We have to live that way. Whatever happens around us will be a superb lesson to me in order that I may become broader and better like God and eventually save the whole world. Every day we have to live that way. When people become divorced and they fight and say bitter things to one another, looking at that situation Father knows he would never do that. He would rather offer all the blessing to the other party and try to pioneer again rather than to be bitter. No matter what we face, small things, unlikely things, they are all lessons for us.

Father has experienced so many times that God has promised to him the best, the highest, the most exemplary position and then God places Father in the opposite extreme. He finds himself in the lowest, the most horrible kind of place and that opposite lowest place is only paper thin; but one board under that is the top of Heaven. However, when you realize this and are grateful to God, Heavenly Father will embrace you. God has always connected with me and embraced me every time. It is only then that we realize that God exists and is right beside us. There is no trace of Satan in that place, only God's presence. When we go down to an even darker and darker place, beyond a certain level of darkness, even Satan does not reign because it is too dark. (Laughter.) When we go into that place, then God will visit us. You are the source of light at that time and God takes that very seriously and He expands that light. You become a person of personal dignity, high-level dignity. God looks around everywhere, no man, no Satan. Do you understand? At that time God is teaching you to inherit everything. In the deepest valley of tears and darkness, Satan leaves you and goes someplace else.

The Settlement Base

As we all know, for the representative family to go out and fight and win is very difficult. Therefore, what kind of tactics or strategy will God use? He places that representative right at the top and lets everyone persecute him. If you persevere through that persecution, you will have won the war. Satan cannot go God's way. This is a strange place, isn't it? (Indicating on the board) We may have come from a bad place, but it can be an exchange place if we go in the right direction. When we go beyond the worse thing that Satan can throw at us, we come to God's domain. Again, we must realize deeply: myself, my mind and body; my family-husband and wife in unity with the children-with these three elements we become the representative and center. That is the family seed. [Father draws on the board] That seed contains everything: family king, tribal king, national king, world king and cosmic king. God wants to experience each one of these kingships. From one seed, many other seeds can be multiplied. One seed, mother's seed, develops into children's seed, into children's-children's seed. This has the same value, same good-life content. Adam's family represented everything centered upon the seed. Your family has to become the same seed. Do you understand? (Yes!) You Blessed couples represent family-king, tribe-king, world-king, cosmic-king-in meaning. Seed to seed to seed. Each seed is the same, no matter how many generations pass. This should go on forever. Blessed couples represent Adam's family. Adam's family represent all creation, including mankind and everything. Ultimately, you represent God and True Parents.

You must realize that kind of concept as part of your living reality. Determined upon recognition. We have to determine deeply by recognizing these responsibilities. How glorious it is that we have 30,000-plus families whose seed is exactly the same as Father's own seed. No difference. How does the satanic world really feel? How wonderful this is: wherever we go and settle down, God can automatically come and live with us! We are expanding and expanding. As we expand, then Satan will be expelled further and further away. How wonderful this is!

To buy the Empire State Building seems difficult, don't you think? But it is very simple; just sign one paper and the Empire State Building is yours. The owner signs and the buyer signs and that's it. (Laughter.) Father's family represents the settlement base for all mankind and all creation. Therefore, Parents sign and your couple sign and you inherit everything. It's simple. However, the contents is difficult. Contents of Father is everything: you need absolute faith in Parents' concept, in your mind and body. Do you understand? No matter how anyone tries to separate your thoughts about True Family, you should not become separated. You must be absolutely one. You represent the starting point, and everything will follow you-just like Father. It's the same activity. It has the same value, inheriting everything. Do you follow me? (Yes.) Clear? (Yes!) You can do it or not? (YES!) Then raise both hands in the presence of God. We have to pledge to God. Do you want that? (YES!) Really? (YES!) Unification is through God and True Parents. God and True Parents bless YOU! (Applause.)

Let us pray.

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