The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


The Ideal Family Is The Base For Peace And Unification

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 24, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

What a beautiful writing and topic: Yisang Kajong Eun Pyunghwa Wa Tongil Eui Kiji-The Ideal Family is the Base for Peace and Unification. All people in the world long for peace and for a unified world. Do you think this is true? (Yes!) But where does such a world of peace and unification begin? is the critical question. We know that had mankind and God become one at the base, in the beginning, then a world of peace and unification would have come into being. Then why was this world of peace and unification lost? Because of the Fall. The center of the world of peace and unification is God Himself. Therefore, by following the same direction as God, the world of peace and unification would have been established automatically. Then we come to consider: what is God's will? When we ask this question to theological scholars, their answer is always ambiguous. They say, "It is extremely difficult on the one hand and yet extremely simple on the other hand." What kind of answer is that? Ambiguous at best. Because mankind fell, then the road back to God has been pioneered centering upon the world of religion. Religion has been constantly searching to understand the will of God and what man's purpose is.

We in the Unification Church have a clear answer to what is God's will. It is very simple; firstly, God's will is to accomplish the original purpose and ideal of creation. This is the establishment of the four position foundation. What is the fulfillment of the four position foundation? It is the establishment of an ideal family. The ultimate question that we need to ask ourselves is whether or not my family is an ideal family. Here in this gigantic country of America whose building blocks are families, do you think that amongst the many millions of families, there are at least a few ideal families that God desires? Do you think that America has even a small number of ideal and perfected families? (No.) When the answer is no, then the problem becomes very serious. This is because no matter how huge and wonderful this country may be, in God's eyes this country does not pass His standard; He cannot rely on the country whose families are imperfect.

If God is unable to find ideal families, He is also unable to find any ideal country either. Then where does the peace begin which everyone in the world wants so much? Even though many countries may live together, that does not bring peace among them. The center of peace, the master of peace is God. Unless we inherit that content from God, no matter how large a country we may form, this peace of God's ideal cannot begin. It has to begin from myself. All mankind wants to be proud of everything centered upon themselves; that is the way they are born. But are you able to show Father one thing that you can truly be proud of? Is it because of your pretty face, your handsome face, that you can feel proud? Is it because you received a good education or rose high within your society or because you are a millionaire? Are you able to be proud of such assets and accomplishments? This is a serious question.

Do you think that this is a good world we can be proud of or do you think that it is an evil world? (Evil world.) Nobody can disagree with the conclusion that you have just given. No one in the whole of history is able to claim that the world they lived in was a good world. No one has ever been in the position to claim that ever in history. If the world is not good, then what about America, which is part of that world? Automatically, this would be considered an evil country. What about the citizens of a country, can they be called good or bad if their country is bad? The answer is obvious. When you are told that Americans are bad people, do you feel good or bad? (Bad.) You may think that Father is being unfair to conclude so simply that you are bad. Can you protest this? We have to understand first of all why something or someone is considered bad.

The whole history of the world has been a continuous history of wars, killing and fighting one another. That is the record of human history, the day to day circumstances that mankind has had to live with, regardless of age or generations. Why do they fight? When there is discord, God cannot dwell there. He is the center of peace and so if there is discord, fighting and war, God cannot dwell there. When someone comes and reminds us that we are bad, then it naturally makes us feel sad and upset. This is because our mind and body are fighting each other. We are not talking of concepts when we refer to the mind and body fighting each other constantly. [Father speaks to a sister in the audience.] Are your mind and body fighting each other or not? This is a representative of white women. And to the black woman sitting beside her, I ask the same question, and to Orientals too. The answer is the same from all races. This struggle between mind and body has been there all throughout the history of mankind. Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, this has been the struggle of all humankind. In Adam's family we see the first example of an elder brother killing his younger brother. All throughout history this pattern has repeated itself.

What is the biggest problem that exists within an individual? It is this war between the mind and body. You may view the wars of the world as terrible events, but this same kind of war is going on within you all the time. In fact, our situation is even worse, because no matter what world war there has been, there is always the possibility of a peace talk between them and, even temporarily, peace can reign. But the war that is taking place within the individual never reaches a place of peace. Have you ever experienced a cease-fire between mind and body? Actually nobody even thought about the need to establish a peace within the self. People always speak of peace and unification, but can you even begin to establish peace and unification under these circumstances. Whoever speaks of peace doesn't really know what he is talking about. When God looks at humankind, longing for peace and unification, don't you think that He sighs? Peace and unification might be on its way to visit us, but without finding the base of peace and unification within ourselves, how can peace and unification dwell with us?

We now come to realize that the biggest happening in the world is not the world war, it is not some country some place else, rather it is right inside of myself that this great war is taking place. This is the correct way to look at it. Has any scholar thought like this? It isn't that a great building is on fire because of a bombardment, rather it is our own structure that is on fire which we don't know how to extinguish. Has anybody noticed that fire burning rampantly within us and tried to extinguish it? If he really understands the critical problem, he will no longer turn to blame other people. Who is the master or center of evil? Of course Satan is. What is Satan's work all the time? To propagate war and division so that God cannot dwell with mankind and Satan can continue to be the master over them. God's ideal and Satan's ideal are completely opposed to one another. God wants peace and He will do anything to create peace between two individual, among many and throughout the whole world. He works so hard for that, but Satan constantly works for war and division. All the while, mankind does not realize that the war is raging on within each individual; without exception, God is unable to dwell with them.

Do you think that the world of peace will just come to us simply because mankind wants it very badly? No. It is not so much a country that is the problem; rather, the problem lies with individuals. We see that the evil power is rampant all around us. It is the root of ourselves, and the trunk of our lives and ourselves is also evil, and the branches and small leaves are evil. In fact, there is nothing that we can call good within ourselves, when mind and body are fighting. You wish that everything goes your way. We all like to have things instantaneously, don't we? (Yes!) Our mind and body are fighting all the time without a moment of peace, yet we suppose that we are at peace; we need perpetual peace.

All mankind comes from God and we all take after our parents who gave birth to us. Who is our ancestor and the ancestor of our ancestor, all the way back? (God.) In God we see that His mind and body do not fight one another like ours does. If His mind and body were fighting one another, then he cannot be the absolute Being and peaceful Being. Absolute means there is no division. The unique unchanging concept of unification. What do you imagine would happen if God's mind and body fought? The cause and effect are the same. Can you communicate well with your own physical parents? You are supposed to be able to do so. God is our Parents and His mind and body is at peace, yet our mind and body are in struggle. This is the greatest problem that needs to be addressed now. It is the biggest historical dilemma, none other exists bigger than this. How can a human being, born out of the absolute holy God, be so imperfect? One may conclude that God is perfect, but that He created an imperfect person. No. If so, then we can conclude that God cannot be perfect at all. This is a serious question that we must raise. It is very serious. Something must have happened between God and man, some separation must have occurred, something went out of order. We can suppose something went wrong within the relationship. The Bible explains the fall of man which separated God and man.

You might wonder why our mind and body were separated because the fall took place. The best answer given by Christianity is that it is because the human ancestors ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That answer isn't good enough. Did mind and body separate after eating that fruit or before eating that fruit? That is another question we need to raise. Our life began when we were conceived in our mother's womb through the love relationship between our father and mother. Through sexual intercourse, the life began to be ingested. Is that true? (Yes!) This is the root of the problem. If fathers and mothers had been one with God when they conceived, the result would have been different. Then the child born from such parents would not have his mind and body separated. Life must not have been the perfect life to begin with. Love must not have been the perfect love to begin with. The blood itself must not have been the perfect blood when the conception took place. This has been handed down generation after generation.

Even though our parents and ancestors had love, it was a different kind of love from that of God. God's love was different from our ancestors' love. Therefore, it gave a different property to us. Eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a symbolic expression at best; it doesn't serve any purpose at this time. We have to come down to reality and the reality is that the wrong love, wrong life and wrong blood lineage came into being. It did not stem from God, but from some other being. There is no way that we can deny the false love. False love began the division of mind and body, and that is a fact. Our mind and body are separated and fighting; this is our reality. Why? It must have come about because of false love.

We can imagine that had the human ancestors inherited perfection from God, and nothing foreign came in, then today we would experience the same attributes as God Himself. We would have been just like God. But this did not take place, because Satan came in between, causing us to inherit false love and lineage. We cannot deny that something during the course of events has taken place which has caused us not to become what God originally intended. The motivation of the fall needs to be traced to the root of life itself. In the Bible, Jesus explained by saying that those who want to die will live, and those who want to live will die. How is it that when I want to die I can live? Now we are in a position to understand that to die means to suppress all the satanic attributes and raise up even the faint and small Godly attributes within me-and then I will live. If there is anyone who truly wishes for Godly attributes and peace, there is no other way except to let the satanic part of oneself die and be reborn to the life of God. There is no way to deny that.

Christians believe in Jesus very devoutly and practice penance and prayer. But do you think that this will bring about the unification between their mind and body? Just by believing seriously in Jesus, will your mind and body become automatically united? No. If Christianity continues in this way without evolving, it will not serve any purpose at all. However, God wishes to save the whole world and that is why He sent the Lord of the Second Advent. If Jesus comes again and teaches the same things that he did 2000 years ago, do you believe that salvation can be accomplished? When we scrutinize the Old and New Testaments, we find they are not sufficient to answer the inner questions of modern mankind. You who have taken all the lessons and teachings of Christianity and other religions as well, you know that still all together they were not good enough to bring your mind and body into unity. It is that difficult. You have to stamp upon and eliminate the satanic attributes within yourself in order to draw close to God. Conscience and mind are connected to God. How can Father say this? Mind always urges us to do good things, not to fight, but to make peace. Mind always urges us to sacrifice ourselves rather than to fight against others. Mind urges us to serve others even if they don't serve us. It keeps on saying this to us in order to maintain peace. Isn't that true? (Yes!)

However, our body is completely different. It is aggressive. We know this. Mind goes high and body goes low and we suppress our body. This is the ideal way. Is it easier to climb up high or go down low? (Go down low.) You don't need a teacher in order to go down. We can see how easy it is for Satan to propagate evil.

We clearly know that our mind is closer to God whereas our body is closer to Satan. Therefore, my mind belongs to God and my body belongs to Satan. Satan is all the time encouraging us to follow our body, whereas God is encouraging us to trample on our body in order to follow our mind. We are on a launching pad where we can shoot ourselves into orbit-the orbit of God.

How can we conduct ourselves so that we can become like God and gradually take after His attributes? Should a man whose mind and body are separated be allowed to go to Heaven? (No.) Absolutely no! Father has given us a detailed explanation of why not. It is our life long task to successfully bring our body under our mind and keep our mind on God. The mind and body are fighting each other fiercely, but in order to master yourself, which one should you center on? We must understand and realize that the whole world is like an arena where everyone is bickering to become the champion. The one who will become champion is the one who achieves the unity of mind and body first. Are you going to be a champion in bringing your mind and body together, or are you going to concede and let someone else win because you feel it is too difficult? If you are fighting against that evil, are you going to give in or are you going to knock him down in one punch? (Knock him down.) Knock him down completely so that he cannot rise again. That is the kind of fight you have to put up. We have to determine to knock out the evil within ourselves. You always promise and pledge to Father, but by the time you leave Belvedere you forget about it. It becomes your habit to yell out affirmatively to Father and promise anything. Father hears you and feels amazed and hopeful and he believes in you. It is just a habitual response on your part. It is like the habit of eating hamburgers and cheese, Americans are so comfortable with it and eat it daily.

During the IOWC days in Japan, American members worked very hard there for two years. Later on one brother confessed to Father that when they returned to America, as soon as they arrived at the airport, he dashed to Macdonald's in order to eat the hamburger that he had missed for two years. He had been dreaming of eating that. How formidable, how terrible, how fearful is habit. This is only a hamburger, but what about the age-old war when even the cells of the body crave to fight-how can that be suppressed? What religion has been doing is trying to strengthen the spirit and mind of that man and make him stronger and stronger in order to assist him in knocking out the bad body. That has been the goal of all religions. We have to eliminate the hell within ourselves, which is our bodily desires. Unless you absolutely subjugate yourself without any question or doubt, it does not work. Because even a small amount of evil living within you always pulls you in. You must never underestimate the difficulty of the war raging within you. It cannot be won easily, and not even Father can give the secret to win easily. You have to fight with all your might and go over all the miserable points in history in order to win over this.

Do you suppose it would be easier to climb Mount Everest or to climb over the largest hurdle of the body and come over the other side to God's dwelling place? It is that difficult. Dozens of people have conquered Mount Everest, and yet not a single person was successful in surmounting his bodily temptations. Still mankind is struggling and Father is struggling so hard in order to make a paved road. Have you been serious in your quest to go beyond the Mount Everest of your body? Have you ever continuously tried in your life, through many tears and trying again and again? This is a very serious question. The fact that the war is going on in your mind and body is so real, as is the misery taking place in the world, that you must have a real solution to that. You cannot hope to accomplish peace through wishful thinking. You cannot try very hard in mind alone. It isn't good enough to say we tried. We have to accomplish this.

We must accomplish this unity while we are living here on the earth, and only those who are successful will go to Heaven. Those who are not successful in surmounting the evil and becoming completely one in mind and body, will not arrive in Heaven. If you know this clearly, seriously and deeply, then you probably will win. God has sent us the True Father to help us understand clearly what is wrong with us, how to overcome this problem and help to strengthen our morale. Who is the doctor who is going to inject our bodies so that the evil within it will become numb and sleepy? (True Parents.) The false life, love and lineage that were instilled in us through Satan-we have to pull it out. In the flesh of mankind, Satan so successfully implanted all the false realities of false life, false love and false lineage. We are able to see our flesh bodies, but can we see our own conscience? Have you ever touched it with your physical hands? Have you ever seen and touched life and love? Nevertheless, you know clearly that conscience exists, love exists, mind exists; don't you? (Yes!) You know better than you are able to see. But we are able to examine our body from any angle. Conscience, love, life are at best conceptual, and sometimes we wonder if that is beyond my fence, if this is my neighbors' problem, not mine. No. These are more serious problems for us, but we always go after what our five senses can touch, and taste the best food and look at the most beautiful scenery and smell the nicest fragrance. But we never worry about how to strengthen our conscience, how can I glorify my love. Not many think this way.

Our body is always dragging our mind; how miserable it is. You must understand that our body makes our conscience cry and feel terrible. But God cares more about our spirit and mind than our body, because He knows that our mind lives forever, whereas our body will perish eventually. Therefore, body is less important than our mind. Do you really understand and agree with this? (Yes!) When your mouth is longing for good food, your conscience will force bad food into your mouth. Eating that bad food you can feel happy to have won over the temptation of the body and Satan will feel it is no fun to live in that body. We have to follow the religion that tortures the body and is never complacent. We should use the steel rod of the conscience to barbecue that body and eat it up. (Laughter.)

Every single part of the body is on the side of the body, not on the side of the mind. Your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, even your sexual organ. Father wants to insist that your bodily parts are on the side of the mind. (NO.) You are clear about that. The root of this problem is 6000 biblical years deep. In order to pull this root out is not easy. To pull out the false life, love and lineage, we must replace that and graft into the true life, true love and true lineage of True Parents. We have to implant our true love deeper than the depth of the false love. Now you have witnessed the complete expulsion of Satan. Where is he able to remain now if the root is pulled out? It is not difficult to understand that the religion is needed which urges us towards complete penance. The American Indians tortured themselves in order to reach the spirit. Religion regards that kind of torture, that kind of penance, as virtuous. Your mind must act from this point very briskly. Your mind will become the torture master. You have to torture your body and gain surrender from your body.

Each one of your senses must go through a tremendous revolution. They need to become new sense organs. From this time on your eyes are welcome to view anything because you see with original eyes, from God's eyes. Now you touch, smell, feel and see everything as God does. Many people try this little by little, but never enough. From now on, we must become confident that we can achieve this. The most formidable of all is the sexual organ, because that drive is the most compelling drive in the human being. In the religious life, you are not blamed so much for eating too much, but making a mistake sexually is almost not reparable. This free sex that we see in the world today is an expansionism of hell. Hell wants to expand more and more and this is about the last stage of expansion. This is hell on earth. We have to uproot that false lineage and implant the true lineage. You wait and see when you go to the spiritual world. Don't doubt it, it is exactly this way. Therefore, religions encourage fasting, humility and service to others. All these things the body hates the most. Many people do seventy or eighty percent. This is never enough; soon you will fall back again. Therefore you have to accomplish this 100 percent.

True Father explained this morning so simply, but he had to study this and make sure that this was the problem and test it. Then he had to think up the prototype, then find the means that millions of people can do at the same time, pave the road for them. Hoping this will apply to everyone here on the earth, and making sure that they accomplish-so that Father can bring everybody to Heaven-that is what Father has spent all of his life doing, finding this formula and making this formula work. Can you forget some great taste that you have tasted in the past? Sometimes when you are bored and hungry you may think about that, don't you? (Yes!) You have heard the greatest compliment and you feel so elated. Can you forget that easily? You had such a wonderful moment in your senses-can you forget that? You always gravitate back towards that memory, don't you? Now this inborn, thousands of years old, way of being is so numb that you don't even think about it. You just take it for granted that you don't have that kind of thing. That is why Father always pushes us into misery. We think of it as misery, but to Father it is not. Father feels that if there is a big tank roller that would expel evil, but would not kill, then Father wants to put everyone into that tank roller. If there is such a roller that could accomplish this, who of you would like Father to push you into it. Raise your hands. Is that true? You are so greedy all the time. (Laughter.)

You so badly want the diploma, but you don't want to study so much. How can you obtain a Ph.D. without studying? At least you have to write something and even that you don't want to do. Satan is always laughing at you, "Oh, you think that you can graduate?" There is nothing more formidable than that very fact. Father went to many jails. But jail in America is like a resort compared to jail in North Korea; that's hell. You can sleep all you want to in the United States jail, you can eat more or less whatever you want because they bring food from outside; you have plenty of time. Father only slept three hours in the jail, but they say one should sleep seven or eight hours. For Father that was hell. We have to deny ourselves. It is a formula that we have to clearly understand; we have to subjugate our body completely and extremely, and bring forth our spirit and mind to the top. If we do not do this, it will be eternally impossible for us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Father knows what difficulty he passed through in his life in order to accomplish this. It wasn't a charted road; he had to study which was the easiest and most feasible route to follow. It took many agonizing years where Father almost lost his life in the process. [Father draws on the board] Heaven is even higher than that. Human beings were destined to come to this point if they didn't fall.

The Unification Church is like the car of the cable car. Unification Church members are riding on the cable car and they feel very good and easy like sightseeing, but then here is the check point. This is real trouble. Even if you rode the cable car, you actually knew that this is the way you had to go. [Pointing to the board] But the cable car was available and you got in and then you found out you have to meet the check point. This is how Parents went over [Pointing to the board] in order to lay the cable car. We know that through great suffering Father laid the cable car, and that this was the path we should have followed, but thanks to God and Father we are riding the cable car. If we have this kind of heart, then the check point will allow us to pass. The question now is, even though we are in the cable car, are we going to go the easy way, the carefree way, or every minute we are in the cable car are we reminded of Father's tears and suffering and feel gratitude? Realizing the masters of this cable car are True Parents and how they laid this track, determining never to leave them, are you going to feel it was just good sightseeing and now go your own way? Are you masters, true children or travelers? (True children.)

In reality, looking at the numbers of Unification Church members, those who want to become true sons and daughters of the master are few. Whereas other people just want to be travelers, eighty percent or more just want to ride along and don't care so much. We cannot be like that. Those who want to live will die, and those who want to die will live. Now we know that the biggest source of the trouble is none other than myself. If we have our children, our family and our national position, then it is too difficult to go through the way of religion, which requires one to give up everything and go by oneself. To cast everything away and follow me means we have to begin discovering ourselves anew. There is no other way than rediscovering ourselves and correcting ourselves; after this we rediscover our loved ones and family and correct the family, clan, nation-and expand that territory. There is no other way than this. No matter what I may have, it is not worth being proud of. The foundation I may have today does not have anything to do with God, so we have to give that up and build anew. Then connect that with our family, our nation and create the expansion. Thus we are free from Satan. That is the whole meaning of living this way: in order to chase Satan away.

Satan's way is not the way of peace and unification. Therefore, those on Satan's side, instead of chasing Satan away from themselves, which is too difficult, try to chase Father away instead. Persecution was always tough, but Father always told us that we should not think that persecution is so bad. That is because by persecuting us, Satan helped us in some way to accomplish this. Since we are not doing this very correctly, it allows room for Satan to persecute us. Persecution actually helped half of the difficult work that we have done. Do you understand? Satan tortured us to leave the Unification Church or die.

By holding on and going through that persecution, God gives you blessing. Satan cannot take your life away, but you are ready to give up your life. There is always an end to persecution. When they have done their very best and still you will not yield, Satan retreats. Those Japanese members here raise your hands. What is this country? Is this the nation of Japan? (No.) Then which nation is it? (America.) America. Is America heaven or hell? (Hell.) This is the kingdom of individualism. Can individualism and individualists go to Heaven? (No.) Self-centered concept is the real center of our individualism and that is Satan's property. God's concept is public-centered concept which is not individualism. Our conscience is always public side. Our body is always on the individualistic side, which is Satan's anchor rope for us. Which anchor line should you uproot, your conscience anchor line or your bodily anchor line? (Body.) You understand correctly. But activity is different from purpose.

This coming August 1 will be the anniversary of the ocean providence. Father studied this because he knew that this was the way to feed the dying and starving African nations. For twenty years, steadfast, without letting up, Father worked very hard to pave this road. Father made his own nets and built his own boats, Father made his own method and goal of fishing. There is so much abundant wildlife in the waters of Africa that African housewives didn't know what to do. How can you starve when there are fish everywhere, in the lake and in the ocean? They just did not know. They also have many animals there for hunting and many farmlands to be tilled, but they have not been doing anything. They have never been taught. Sixty thousand people starving to death, mostly in Africa. Ask your own conscience. There the people are starving due to the want of food, whereas here in America you eat so much that you become plump like a bull and then have to diet and exercise to reduce that hard-earned weight. Should you or should you not be punished by God? Do you think that God would praise or punish you? (Punish.)

Now the political administrations are stating that all the boundaries should be opened up and all the excess farm products are free to go to any country, anywhere, and be sold at the market price. This is known as the Uruguay Round. This means the poor-sustaining agricultural countries should open up their gates and we will flood the farm products in. But Father is suggesting that like farm products, the population of the world should be allowed to flow back and forth anywhere it wants to go. If Africans want to come here and if Americans want to go to Africa, fine. Open up all the gates and borders; that is more significant than the Uruguay Round. This is just the beginning and the later effects of that will take its toll. This is not individuals' property; this is God's property. It is like taking something away from somebody. What is that called? Being a thief. This is why Father still maintains this formula very rigidly: the only way that Americans can live peacefully and more prosperously than ever in the future is to give up everything, sell their property and bring it to Africa, nurture and serve under them; then America will continue to prosper.

American individualism does not like such an idea. But Unification Church members are different; they know God. That is a big difference. Therefore, Father wants Unification Church members to do that. Those who do not know this-we cannot talk to them. Those who do know this must put it into action and ensure the prosperity of America-forever and ever. This is Father's dream.

This is the daily necessity: Father cannot live without a piece of handkerchief. And Father's bath towel is about twice as big as this handkerchief. Always Mother urges Father to use a bigger towel. Mother uses the bath towel and then Father uses it. (Laughter.) Then Mother puts it into the laundry basket and Father takes it out and uses it again. Father has been doing this all of his life. Father never flushes the toilet; every single time that he goes to the bathroom, he uses it about three times before flushing. What a waste of water! And toilet paper! Father does not use lots of toilet paper. Nobody even dreams that the head of the Unification Church, Reverend Moon, lives this way.

In the spiritual world, Father will make it a point to be known by the rest of the world: what the purpose is. If Father's teaching is implemented right here and 200 people get together and are frugal and save on their spending, then they will be able to support twenty million people. [Father draws on the board] If that many people are living like Father, then the whole population of five billion people don't have to starve. It is relatively very easy. That is how Father has been living.

Christianity worked for 2000 years and could not quite convert one billion people. But when Father lets the people know what he has been doing-and we should do the same-and they agree, then three billion out of five billion will instantly follow Father's direction. Father did not achieve this under affluent circumstances, but when Father could not afford it. Still Father followed the difficult way. When the people of the world find this out, then all men of conscience will instantly understand what Father is doing and follow him. Without even listening to any other teaching, they will do this.

American young members escaped when Father wanted to put them fishing in boats. Every one of them fled. Father is the only one left in the boat. This boat not only travels the ocean but it travels the lakes, channels and rivers. People always live beside the water, so anywhere the water is, Father's boat can go. Father's boat can go anywhere in the world.

Without True Parents really regarding the members as his own kin, he cannot make a road for all mankind. Unification Church members must put two-thirds of everything they own into the public purpose. Public purpose means saving humankind. Do you understand? (Yes!) Father has gone through this 100 percent and more. How can he do more? Because he is indebted. If he borrows money and does it, that means he has done more than 100 percent. Is he a bad or good person? (Good person.) No matter how much the satanically instigated people in America want to blame Father and condemn him, even though they try, they have no source, no reason.

We need the ideal family and ideal families. Historically, there were only two predecessors existing-individuals who were to have been the base. The first time, God wanted Adam and Eve's family to serve as that base. They failed and then God wanted Jesus' family to be that base. In Adam's family, God wanted to begin this from the individual family base, but since that failed, it was to begin at the national base. In order to connect Jesus to the country-base, they were to realize the ideal family all at the same time. Two thousand years later, God is trying again to find this base, this time through the Lord of the Second Advent. This is what Christianity has been doing until now. They are in the bride's position. When the groom comes, the bride is to surrender themselves unto the groom and then salvation will have been achieved.

God's providence is struggling, yet still continuing. Now in Father's time it is at the world base. It is no longer the national base. Father is now deploying this into one huge horizontal base. Now Father can expand to any extent here, because vertical is only narrow, but horizontal is endlessly wide. This is what Father is doing. Had Adam and Eve not fallen and inherited God's attributes instead of Satan's attributes, then mind and body would not be in conflict and today there would be no national boundaries. It would have been one world under God. What failed in Jesus' time Father now is undertaking and creating the prototype of a perfect family. Through each individual achieving an ideal family, the ideal world of peace can be realized.

[Pointing to the board] Here Father has accomplished this. All the different types of people, all the ups and downs-now Father has made this into the God-centered family: into a flat, horizontal, equalizing place. The completion place is the horizontal line. Father has explained many times: there would be no walls to a family, no walls to a country and so we could travel freely wherever we wanted to go. It is Father's desire and God's desire also to do away with the national boundaries, do away with the national customs, mores and social bindings. It is even God's desire to abolish religion. Why should we need religion when God is dwelling with us. Also, racial differences should be abolished. All these things that people cling to which keep them apart, God and Father want to do away with. This breaking down of barriers is well manifested by the mass matrimony of the Unification Church. Father has been doing exactly that.

We are on the way to accomplishing this goal; and then Unification families will be able to travel anywhere, from the family to the national level to the world level, and always come back and forth without any problem. Since this was done through the Blessing by Father, and by inheriting all of Father's tradition, therefore, these Blessed couples welcome one another. This is the world that God and Father desire.

When Father gives you the Blessing, do you just say "Thank you," then close your door and require that Father make an appointment with you before he can visit? Would you do that? (No.) That is the American tradition, is it not? Should the daughter-in-law become upset because her parents-in-law arrive without notification? What kind of life is that? Should Father call every time and obtain your permission before he can visit your home? (No.) Is he welcome anytime, even at unlikely hours? (Yes!) Suppose Father would visit you in the very early morning, say around 4:00 A.M., and the husband and wife are sleeping together under one blanket. Would you move away and give Father your place to sleep and go someplace else, or would you find a motel for Father? What would you do? You should offer your bed to Father, saying, "Father, this is your bed, please sleep." Because that couple has been born out of Parents, how can they claim that to be their bed?

Suppose Father decides to stay there with them for three years. (Oh, yes!) Those who say "Oh, yes" raise your hands. Naturally, as I am only one and you number in the thousands I cannot stay at every house. However, I will send my representative. How is that? (Yes!) (Laughter.) At least you have to say yes or no before you start laughing. Don't laugh first. Is that yes or no? (YES!)

Instead of my visiting your home for three years, what if Father asks you to save that living expense money up and donate that money to me? Would you feel that Father is going too far? Or would you feel that if that is the only way to save twenty million starving people, then you would do it? Would you go against that or would you make more money so that you can use it for more people. Which would you do? (Yes, Father!) "Yes, Father" sounds very good. (Laughter.) But if we do that we could save the starving people without any problem. God would praise Unification members, if they do so. Are we going to do this or not? (Yes!) Then we had better start now.

Father has been thinking about this ever since he undertook this providence. In 1980 Father proclaimed the equalization of all technologies. That means that the advanced nations cannot exploit the so-called advancing or backward nations. Father gave this technology free. America is the kingdom comprised of immigrants. Is this true? (Yes!) The first success is not enough, we have to launch for the second and third successes of this nation. The immigration policy should expand to the third level: nation under God, world under God and cosmos under God.

When this country is ready to sell all of its belongings and donate the money for to backward countries where their brothers and sisters are starving and miserable, then this America will be blessed double and triple and will establish the one world under God. It will be great enough to establish one world under God. Then the third revolution of that nature would elevate America to "One Cosmos Under God." Then the true unification will have been achieved here on earth and in heaven.

Human beings are at best travelers, transient people. Immigration and traveling is the same thing. If God wants us to do that, are we going to do that? (Yes!) What a painful waste we see all the time, people are constantly drinking soft drinks every single day. The urine they pass out just pollutes the water, they don't even use that for recycling and better farming. If we don't drink this "sugar-water," maybe that will help the environment a great deal. Also, don't burn fire to cook. If you can eat food raw, you can live healthy and longer. Have you ever seen any animal, except man, cooking? (Laughter.) No. All this smoke is coming out of the smoke stack in each home. Deer run so fast, but have you ever stopped to think how much practice they have had in order to do that? Tigers and animals of prey are constantly after them and so they are always on the run and watchful. Do animals need new shoes or ride in automobiles. Automobiles are big chunks of pollution, aren't they? If American people began walking, then the world would begin walking. Father is seriously thinking that of all the basic problems in the next 200 years to come, how to cut the pollution is the biggest. Otherwise this great earth cannot continue. You know that, don't you? In the next 200 years to come, it is very important to cut all pollution.

Japanese live the longest because they eat fish and they eat it raw. Now Father is practicing that; after catching fish he makes sashimi and dips it into soy sauce and it tastes so fresh and so good. (Laughter.) The health of America is greatly endangered. The cattle don't want to die and some of them know they are going to die. People kill them and when that meat goes into man's stomach, it does not leave a good effect.

It is guaranteed that America will prosper and be blessed ten thousand times more when it gives everything up for the sake of needy people. Do you think this is just a hoax, or do you think America will receive God's greatest blessing if you carry this out? It is because God is already moving in that direction through Reverend Moon. For forty years, Father experienced it daily-minute by minute. Whenever Father and Mother travel and they stay at hotels, there are always rows of towels in the bathroom. One is enough, yet why do they put out ten? Twenty years ago, Father thought it to be a strange custom. But now, twenty years later, it still hasn't changed.

Father appreciates it that you feel that starting from today you want to follow in Father's way and example. But you cannot do that right away. It takes at least seven years of painful habit forming. You have to make it your habit. It maybe takes decades. Even True Children don't understand this right away and ask, "Father, why do you act so strangely?" Father never bothers to explain this to his own children, but he takes the time to explain it to us in detail-why Father does what he does. Father always had in mind that, at the end of the forty years, he would have the figures and statistics. During the last forty years, he saved so much money doing that. Now Father is going to give the command to all the Unification church members to follow in the same way. Each one who takes to the sea, don't just catch fish and consume or sell it and forget about it. Always keep a record of how many pounds of fish you caught that day, in forty years and in your lifetime. Father knows that if you live this kind of way for forty years, then you will have saved so many tens of thousands of dollars, individually. This also becomes a testimony that you have lived your life for the sake of mankind. You'll have the proof. That is a good condition in front of God and Satan.

What are we going to leave behind? Before we go to the spiritual world, we must understand that we must leave the foundation and proof that we lived here on earth for the sake of all mankind for twenty, thirty or forty years. We must do this in order that others may learn to live this same way. If everyone thought like Father, do you think that the unification of the world would eventually come or not? (Yes!) This foundation becomes broader and broader and more and more expanded.

The ideal family is the base for peace and unification. Then where does the peace and unification come from? From me and my ideal family. My family and I are the four position foundation. Is that clear to you? (Yes!) That was always the ideal pattern that God had in mind towards mankind. We must understand that history is very simple once you understand it. God sent the savior twice. This is the second and last time for the bridegroom to come. Everyone under God's religion at that time was the bride and in uniting into oneness with the bridegroom, they would have been instantly saved. Father worked so hard never knowing what was in his future. Still, he was ready to die ten times a day. Then he established this grand settlement of true family on earth. Father's purpose is to create the ideal family in each family, and in as many families as possible.

Do you love ideal family? (Yes!) Love or like? (Love.) What kind of love is that? (True Love!) Americans have a variety of loves, don't they? There is only one True Love. Absolute True Love is our goal.

Then originally, where would the tradition of this ideal family have been established? The Garden of Eden. Every family was to resemble that model seed. Your family is now the seed that has been inherited from Father; all of the elements are within that seed. From that seed many fruits will blossom. If Blessed couples become perfected ideal families, as God and True Parents expect, would your family bear the same value as Adam's original family or not? (Yes!) Are you sure that you would have the same value? That means that your family is the palace itself? Is it the same palace where the individual can rest and the country can rest and even God can come to your palace and rest in your family? Is it that kind of family you are talking about? Adam's family was small, the seed that would have given birth to billions. In the same way Father has given us that seed of the ideal family.

All women literally want to become queens, and men want to become nothing less than kings. Isn't this true? (Yes!) Literally Adam and Eve were the king and queen representing their own family, own clan, own nation and world to come. Literally they were the king and queen bearing the seed. The fruit of the seed has the same image, doesn't it? (Yes!) Equal contents. If the individual is born out of the perfect family, Father will pick up any boy or girl, any man or woman and wed them together, and they would give the same seed, same fruit. If the Unification Church Blessed couples do not bear this intrinsic original value, they are not worthy. Adam's family is the only representative couple; but every family should have the same value as Adam's family. God is up here. [Pointing to the board] Of course, God is plus and minus, and the one who is on top of this. This is God's ideal. This representative family should be implanted on earth, and settle down on earth, and become the vertical center. [Father is drawing on the board] That settling-down place is the "all cosmic center"; it is a flat area. Here [Pointing to the board] is Father's family, but every other family is of equal value. Therefore, Father is blessing and commending us to be responsible and proud to be like the original family, like Father's own family. You can say, "I represent the whole entire family on the horizontal level." That is our family and that is none other than king and queen of the whole world. That royal family, which is directly related to the king's family itself, is the purpose of God's ideal. It will live forever.

[Father is drawing on the board] The royal four position family was to be God, Adam and Eve, and children. So far, God has only experienced Adam and Eve; He never experienced this position, that is, he never enjoyed his grandson and granddaughter, so to speak. Because this generation fell, how can He have the duly inherited next generation? This model family was lost. That is true.

God has been working through religion for thousands of years in order to recover this lost family. [Father is pointing to the board] This is grandfather's position, this is father and mother's position, this is children's position. If you invert this ninety degrees, then this is the grandfather's position, this is parents' position, this is now the children's position. Each level or generation represents different times; this one past, this one present, and this one future time. Then you have to accomplish this in the horizontal deployment. [Pointing to the board] Right here is the center, which is the central figure point. This is where everyone comes to unite. Since this represents the past and this one the future, today here, my family is the center of today's world. This is literally the palace of the whole world.

Grandfather's position represents the past, Adam and Eve stand in the present position, the children are in the future position. Three generations combined make the four position. Do you understand? Completion is vertical and horizontal centered upon this point [Pointing to the board] God comes down the same distance, children go up the same distance, Adam and Eve are the same distance. Equal distance, equal center, centering upon True Love. That is the completion point for everything. Do you understand? (Yes!) When this pattern is accomplished or completed, then this becomes the model for all of the families of the whole of mankind. Here our family also must bear this four position. Same pattern. You are in the position of the king and queen of God Himself to represent the entire world families. To pass through matrimony under this situation is the highest glory. Here is the center [Pointing to the board] and the grandfather's position represents the whole past and the spirit world. We should revere grandfather as God Himself. Is this the habit of Americans: to serve grandfather like God Himself? (No.) Rather he is chased out to a senior citizens' house. Nobody likes grandpa. That is a real problem because you will become a grandpa also one day. The family moves around haphazardly without any clear direction, and where it is going to perish nobody knows. It is really an unstable and dangerous position.

Adam and Eve are in the palace representing the entire future families of humanity. Since your father and mother are representing the entire world, you must serve them as such. If you become like that, then you have become a son and daughter of filial piety already; you will have become the royal citizen and the saints and holy men and women. Then you can live with God. Children are the kings and queens of the future, or the palace of the future. This grandfather's position is directly connected to the past Kingdom of Heaven, the children represent the future Kingdom of Heaven and this position [Pointing to the board] represents the present Kingdom of Heaven. The three Kingdoms of Heaven is represented by the past, present and future. This is the ideal concept of the family tradition.

In reality, God could love Adam and Eve, but could not love their children-His own grandchildren. Is this true? Is this too difficult to imagine? God must love the past, present and the future; that is, all three generations: formation, growth and perfection. [Father is drawing on the board] These children are not only loved by their own parents, but by their grandparents as well. Therefore, this represents the kingdom of the past, the kingdom of today and the kingdom of the future. The hope and wish of all mankind is that when they grow up to become grandparents, they will be able to love their grandchildren so that they can perfect their love. When you grow old you tend to become like a child, ready for the spiritual world. Then eventually you go on to a good world.

First, there is individualism, but worse yet is "couple-ism." Couple-ism means just husband and wife. Such couples have no children, no grandparents; they believe them to be nuisances. Some bad daughters-in-law even forbid the grandparents to visit their grandchildren, thinking they are a bad influence. Heaven is not for couple-ism or individualism, that is not Heaven. Is this clear? (Yes!) Now we know clearly that the families that we see all around us in this great country is the product of Satan. This is something that Satan conjured up, not God.

[Father is drawing on the board] Here, the peace must begin. Any position is comfortable taking another position, from here to here or here to here. All these positions are distinctly different, yet they are interchangeable; they change places easily and comfortably. This is Heaven and everybody is happy. Do you follow? (Yes!)

From this point, which is at an equal distance from all positions, true unification, peace and happiness begins. There is no question about it; the base for peace and unification is the ideal family. Do you follow? (Yes!) This is to re-establish that lost ideal family which God tried to realize in the Garden of Eden. By propagating that seed to the entire families, God is trying to realize the original ideal of creation. Mind and body become one, husband and wife become one, and all children and parents become united. After forty years of intensely working for the perfection of this model, then Father gives the right or the qualification to recite the New Pledge of the Families.

First of all, mind and body must become one in order to be qualified; husband and wife must become united, and children must be united with their parents. Unless you achieve this unity between mind and body, you are not truly qualified to recite the Family Pledge. What is the second qualification? Husband and wife must come into complete accord before they are qualified to recite the Family Pledge. Third, children must be united with their parents. Children grow up with eighty percent influence from the mother. American mothers may not be exactly exemplary. Out of all of the millions of American families, which one has achieved this qualification? Now we see that between our ideal of family and non-member's ideal of family, there is a difference like heaven and earth. Every day we are fighting against ourselves, and against evil within each other, in order to become better and better in our family. When husband and wife fight each other, because they have conscience, they know who is wrong and who is right. Do you or don't you? But you fight anyway because your body gets the better of you. Whatever you do will show as an example to your own children. God gave us the blessing in order to give us God's qualification, God's own property. God is invisible Parents; visible God is the parents' position. You are in the position of second creators, and the third creators are Adam's children.

You are in God's own position. All that is necessary in order to achieve an ideal family is contained within the New Family Pledge. By the time you carry out all of those pledges, you will have achieved the ideal world also. Even though you can do without the Old and New Testament, you need to accomplish this New Family Pledge's contents. This is the measure for you to go by. Each day you should check yourself to see whether or not you are accomplishing each of the seven pledges day by day. We have to always measure our achievements against those seven pledge criteria. Do you understand that concept? You should be achieving all of these [Pointing to the board] as well as reciting the New Family Pledge. Upon accomplishing these [Pointing to the board] you are supposed to recite the New Family Pledge. Do you understand? (Yes!) This is most important. [Pointing to the board] God dominates directly from this point on.

Man's responsibility is to accomplish the ideal family. That is our responsibility, not God's responsibility. You are the pioneer of completing Adam's family and completing Jesus' family-and completing Father's ideal family. Centering upon Father's ideal family, we march forward to propagate this to the rest of the world. This is the meaning of our lives and mission.

Those who have fought each other in the Blessed families raise your hands. Those who raise their hands may have a chance to be forgiven. Those who fight or have disagreements within your family, please raise your hand. What kind of Blessed family is this? This is a mixed-up family. We have to train and now we have seven criteria to train ourselves by. Father proclaims that you will be forgiven of the past. From this time on, where you know more completely about what a true family should be, this must be a brand new start and a holy day where we start all over again. Father proclaims this. Shall we do that? (YES!) Stand up... Raise both hands and make this pledge to God. From this point on, do not make a mistake. This is a proclamation to the world. God bless you! (Thank you, Father!)

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