The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


True Father's Forty Years Of Life Alone

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 24, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is: Cham Ah-Bo-Nim Saengae Holo Sashimnyon Saengae -- True Father's Forty Years of Life Alone. Do you understand? Today is the last Sunday of April; next Sunday will be May 1, which happens to be the fortieth anniversary of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. We are preparing to have a grand celebration on this fortieth anniversary. We will have worldwide activities including the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace; those who attended the Summit Council for World Peace will come and celebrate with us. We are reminded at this time, that from Jacob to the end of World War II, this foundation was prepared for the coming of True Father. However, this foundation was lost and, in order to establish the unified world, Father had to establish HSA and re-indemnify these lost 4000 years of foundation.

The 4000 years which culminated at the end of World War II were the foundation for the unification of the world. However, God's hope and plan for England, France and America to unify with Father and his foundation did not take place. If this unification had taken place then the unification of the world would have taken place within seven years. However, as this did not occur Father had to walk a lonely course for forty years in order to indemnify this failure. If Father did not do this and re-indemnify within this forty-year period, then a great calamity in God's dispensation would have taken place. Many things happened during these forty years. Even though forty years is a relatively short time, what occurred within this time period as a result of the failure of God's dispensational will was numerous. Everything that happened within the past 4000 years we have seen repeated during this time period of forty years.

Now people realize that the world must come into unification and it is about to unite. How this will take place is something which eludes people. What we do see clearly at this time is that human history is not made and lived by humankind at all. It is not only man who leads and lives human history, but there is also Satan and God. Satan is always treading in front and God and humankind following. Just as Cain and Abel began history so mankind are perpetually following their pattern. The religious and non-religious realms always seem to alternate within history. The religious world represents Abel's domain and the non-religious world represents Cain's domain. Each country and religion had a relatively clear purpose when they began and flourished. But at this time in history the nations of the world do not know where to turn. Neither do religions realize what is the goal of their particular religion.

The reason the world is ignorant of its fate is because they do not know the origin of human beings and human history. The non-religious world does not know where it is headed because it does not know where it began. Even the religious world is ignorant as to the origin of life and religion. This is where the confusion stems from. Adam and Eve fell without anyone realizing. Abel did not know what had happened and what his life represented, neither did Cain. On the other hand God knew this sad reality but there was no way for God to tell man the truth. Why cannot He tell? We know the answer through Divine Principle. If He can tell now he could have told us when the fall was taking place. It took a long history, whereas theoretically it could have happened within a relatively short time, but due to the responsibility of individuals not being fulfilled it has been prolonged and prolonged.

Without telling mankind directly, Heavenly Father raised Adam and sent him to the fallen mankind and let him tell and teach mankind the truth. In the sight of God this has been the purpose of all religion, including Christianity. This happening then is the coming of the Messiah. The concept of the Second Advent not only exists within Christianity but also within Buddhism. All Buddhists believe that in the Last Days the advent of the Buddha is imminent. Confucianism and all other major religions believe in the concept of the Second Advent, the advent of the Messiah. We could give many definitions of the Messiah, but definitely one is that the Messiah comes with the explanation, or the teaching, of the purpose of human history. He tells us clearly who Adam was and what happened to Adam, who Cain and Abel were and where mankind is headed. He leads humankind into the ultimate direction ordained by God for us.

On God's side there is only one person. The role of history has been that they evolved from a servant of servants' religion, then elevated to servants position, then step-son, adopted son and sons' religions and parents' religion. Religion is not all the same. There are different types of religion connected to each of these stages of progress. Then there is the Eve religion which leads people at that stage. Has it been men or women who have played the crucial role within religion? Women have been predominately central in religious activities. The population of the fallen world is divided between men and women. However, within the sphere of religion more than seventy percent of that sphere is women and only thirty percent are men. We see that women have been central in religion. Why is this so? The Lord who is to come has to work through the world of women in order to reach the successful culmination of religion. Women are representatives of Eve whereas men are representatives of the archangel. God and True Adam remain in the same position.

God lost both women and children as a result of the fall. Since the fall took place God has no women on His side whom He can call His own nor does He have children. There are women and children but they do not belong to God. In the Last Days all women within the religious realm must join together. There are two categories of women, one side being Cain and one side being Abel. First, we should bring the women on the Abel side and have them embrace the women on the Cain side. In order to bring them together, we must first bring together the children of Cain and Abel, just as the fall took place within the family, causing Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel to separate. Adam and Eve being in the parents' position and Cain and Abel in the children's position. This division took place at the family level. Since restoration goes in reverse, now the same family must be brought together at the world level. This is what the left and right wing represent. The left representing communism and the right, the free world.

At this time in history we see the left and right wing, but this all began thousands of years ago at the time of the fall within Adam's own family. Cain was on the left wing side and Abel was on the right wing side. At Jesus' time this was to be indemnified at the national level. Israelites were on the Cain side and Judaism was on the Abel side. Cain and Abel have to come together before it can be elevated up to the parents' position. At that national level 2000 years ago there was both the religious world and the non-religious world, each representing Abel and Cain at that time. When these two realms come together it means that this Cain and Abel have come together at the children's level. Cain and Abel united with the parents automatically bring about unification at this level. The father comes from heaven whereas mother and children are restored on the earth. In the Last Days when the Lord comes again the left wing and right wing will come together and unite once and for all. Centering upon the culmination of Mother's role, Father ascends and they join together. Mother's role is none other than Christianity, and Christianity is the bride religion. Do you follow? The Christian cultural world is representative of the bride. Everyone is awaiting the coming of the bridegroom, which is the Second Advent. Father is in this position.

America embraces the rest of the world like Abel embraces Cain then becomes one with Mother. After this the Second Advent will appear. This is the same formula that we see being re-indemnified on a world level. After World War II the world was united because the realm of Abel-America, France and England-joined together, and Japan, Germany and Italy on the Cain side were also united. The conclusion of World War II, the victory of the Abel world over the Cain world, achieved that unity. The Cain and Abel side, united together with the mother, were now in a perfect position to meet Father who is about to descend from heaven. That pattern after World War II is so clear. Do you follow? (Yes)

In the Last Days, women and children together will be visited by God. Just as the fall occurred within the family and the mother and children were lost, so in the Last Days at the world level, the same pattern will be followed. All children, Cain and Abel, must unite with Mother and be restored to this lost foundation. Christians as a bride religion is to wait for the bridegroom to come. If Christians had accepted the bridegroom then restoration would have happened, and this world would belong to God for the first time, not to Satan. They fell in Adam's family and God tried to restore it at that time, but it failed. God had to wait for thousands of years, until the time of Jesus, when it was no longer family level but national level. At the national level Jesus was to unite the religious and non-religious realms, Cain and Abel, but he failed to do this and had to be crucified. In the Last Days the right and left wings become very apparent. The Lord of the Second Advent faces the same problems as Jesus, and he has to bring the left and right wings together. Mother's role, which is Christianity, was supposed to do that but since they failed, Father has to re-indemnify this. It is the same way this time as it was in Jesus' time.

Since the unification of the world or the unification of Cain and Abel did not happen at the world level, it became symbolized by North and South Korea: North Korea representing the entire Cain world, and South Korea representing the entire Abel world. Kim Il Sung appears as the second advent on Satan's side; everybody calls him father in North Korea. South Korea, in the Abel position, has True Father, Sun Myung Moon. If unification had taken place here [Father indicates on the blackboard], then Korea would not have been divided. We see clearly the dispensation moving this way. If America loses hold of Korea it will be catastrophic. It is unthinkable. This is what Kim Il Sung is doing, he is playing tug-of-war with America. The archangel must become one with Adam but since it is not taking place then Satan shakes him, going lower and lower, causing lots of problems and confusion. This is why during his forty-year lifetime, Father had to, with his own hands, bring communism into the Abel world. Father stands in the position to protect the free world and destroy the left wing world. That is exactly what Father has done. He has achieved this through right teaching, and teaching the Christian religion again through the theory which is now Divine Principle.

We must have a clear idea of history, because we learned so much in the past. The world does not know God led history and mankind followed this history. We need to know this clearly. This is the precise time where everything that was lost here [Father indicates on the board] has been found again; this has to be brought back to Korea. It seems like yesterday, but already two years ago the role of Mother was to bring the world and the United Nations-like the assembly of the world. Since the bride religion failed to play this role, True Mother has successfully fulfilled this role. She then brings this victory to Korea to be joined with Father. In the reverse way, it goes to Japan which is in the mother position and then to Korea which is in the father position. Mother returns to Korea and restores the children. The children are none other than the college students. When the second generation of North and South Korea become one it would be the same as these two countries being brought together. These two countries will eventually come together just by working with the second generation. True Mother worked through forty universities for this purpose. This will be a perfect indemnity condition; when Mother does this it will be an exact replay of the world situation after World War II. Cain and Abel will be embraced by True Parents. When this happens then what form the country exists in won't matter anymore. The condition will have been set.

The world outside does not know these details clearly. However, they do know that no human being can bring about the unification of North and South Korea. They realize no politician, no man of power or qualification can do this except Rev. Moon. This is a commonly accepted idea. Not only do South Korean people have this understanding but Kim Il Sung himself also knows this. Without the help of Father, unification can never be achieved. Therefore, his mind moves towards that direction. This is why Father proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament era; now God must live with these restored people. By going to these forty nations True Mother is engrafting into them the foundation of victory. This is the complete and exact re-indemnification of bringing the world together with Mother; just as after World War II Christianity, which is the mother religion, should have achieved this victory on the world level. The free world representing Cain's position and America representing Abel's position as children united with the mother and connecting with the True Father. Through this, God's ideal could have begun right there. Do you understand Father?

Through forty years alone Father took on the task of re-indemnification of this failure, because no one else understood what Father was thinking and doing. The Second Advent must be fulfilled, through understanding and making this work because God cannot tell mankind directly, only through Adam. Many things are not told to Adam but Adam has to find out by himself, make sure it is correct, and then with God's approval descend upon the world in order to save the people completely. Do you have a clear and concise idea of human history now? (Yes) This is the history which no scholar taught or even dreamed of, but this is the unmistakable reality. This is the record and accomplishment of Father's entire lifetime work. This is not only one generation's work but this is 6000 years of work indemnified in one generation.

The world we are about to create is one harmonious, heavenly world. Today the world religions are confronting tremendous confusion. They do not know where to turn. However, it is not complicated at all. At the fall man's mind and body became separated. This mind represents the religious world while the body represents the non-religious world. No wonder these two are continuing to fight each other, the same way that man's mind and body still continue to struggle. This all came about because of the fall. The solution is to return to the place prior to the fall. Once you know this you can begin to do it, but until now no human being knew this. How can it be so clearly and cleanly solved? Because of the appearance of the True Father who will then teach these things that were never taught before. Because this is now occurring this clarity and brevity can take place.

Now is the time of the perfection of Adam and, together with the world, he comes into the direct dominion realm. All throughout history God was only able to view mankind from a distance but now is the time when God can dwell again with man based upon True Father's center. God can truly dwell in the midst of ourselves at this time. Do you understand? In order to bring us to this point you can begin to imagine what True Father's forty-year course has been like. Incredible suffering has to be endured in order to re-indemnify 6000 years of human history.

As Father has already explained, all that had to happen was for America, together with France and England, at the end of World War to support Rev. Moon. Had that happened then in a mere seven years world peace, world unification and the purpose of religions would have been accomplished. That was what God intended to happen. Satan did a good job destroying everything in America, the United Kingdom and France. Satan has made a tremendous mess so that when True Father now comes and tries to teach them it takes a lot of work to repair this. Satan made the countries so miserable by extending hell so successfully here in America.

Adam fell when he was a teenager and in today's world we see all manner of fallen behavior taking place amongst teenagers. Free sex and homosexuality have no place in God's world. However, we see these things rampant here in this society. Satan is making claim before God that because Adam and Eve fell then in this harvest time what was originally sown has to be harvested. There is no word that God can say to successfully ward of this attack by Satan. Rather, Heavenly Father has to remain silent and look on in misery. This is today's teenagers' problem all over the world. Heavenly Father's desire is to save them, yet there is nothing that He can do. The problem we face today in America, as the center of the free world, no religion, no politician, no scholar, no great man can ever begin to repair and solve. Only Rev. Moon stands qualified to accomplish this work. Do you believe that or do you know that? (We know it.) What does that mean? It means that you have to become a doctor. There is no other doctor except you. Father cannot go everywhere and repair the situation. We have to become doctors and go out and heal this world. This is exactly our role at this time in history. We have the mission of Jesus of teaching them and saving them. All women for the sake of the 3300 college campuses must do just as Mother did, becoming one with Mother in that way. You must all become a mother and play the role of mother at the family, tribal and national levels.

All families have to be restored because that is the place where the fall originated. In the family we must set things straight. Now it is upside down but we have to bring it right side up. The nation cannot do this, America cannot do this. Only the individual families can do this. This is exactly the task that we have been instructed to engage in: the restoration of families. Father has appointed each of us as tribal messiahs, we have been given this blessing. Are things clear for you now? (Yes.) This was exactly what was to have taken place after World War II. Father was going to establish the tribal messiahs at that time. Had everything been victorious at that time seven years tribal messiah work would have been very easily completed at that time, not the confusion that we now have after forty years. Satan destroyed the whole foundation. After World War II Christian spirit was at its highest. Imagine so many thousands of Christians at that time working in a victorious way, how easy it would have been. Not like it is today. We would have enacted a constitutional law of tribal messiah in order to save people, which could have facilitated the work even more.

After forty long years of history going around once more to another identical time period, now Father is doing exactly that which he should have done forty years ago. The year that the Second World War ended was 1945; it was a great victory in the sight of God. [Father is writing on the blackboard.] Seven years following 1945 would have arrived at the year 1952. By 1952 the whole task would have been completed, but forty years of re-indemnity time had to occur which brought us to 1992. Then another extended seven years after 1992, beginning 1993 to the year 2000. That is the year of Father's eightieth birthday. The unification of the world will have been completed by that time. This is Father's plan. This is not Father's individual planning of things, but history works towards that goal. Therefore, Father has to meet the right timing.

Christians are still struggling because their theology is incorrect. They believe that Christ will come from the clouds. In Jesus' time also, the Jewish people were awaiting the coming of Elijah in a chariot of fire from the clouds before the coming of the Messiah. However, such phenomena did not take place but Jesus still came. Likewise, at the end of the New Testament era it is exactly the same. What failed in the Old Testament Age must be re-indemnified in the New Testament Age. When this does not happen then it gets extended to the Completed Testament era. Now we must do it. [Father is writing on the blackboard] The blockage to the Old Testament Age accepting the Messiah was based upon the expectation of Elijah appearing in a chariot from the clouds. At the end of the New Testament era, they are also waiting for Jesus to come literally on the clouds. This is absurd, but this is what is causing them to falter. What failed in past ages must be restored in the present age. This is the meaning of indemnity.

At the end of the Old Testament Age Elijah did come. Who was Elijah? John the Baptist. How can John the Baptist be Elijah? Because he came in the role of Elijah. The people were unable to distinguish that fact. At this time also Jesus is to come again and, indeed, he does. However, not Jesus in person but the Lord of the Second Advent will come. Sun Myung Moon comes with the same mission as Jesus in the same way that John the Baptist came with the same mission as Elijah. There is no way around it we have to repeat and win over that condition before we can be successful. The people of Jesus' time ended up killing him. By the same token when Jesus comes again, in the form of Sun Myung Moon, they will try to kill him too. Indeed they did try. Ironically the ones who opposed Father the most were the Christians. Just as the early Christians met with the most opposition from the chosen people themselves, so in this time the Christians have tried to eliminate Father for various reasons.

The very people who are supposed to benefit from him try to oppose him and to kill him, but he desperately tries to save them. Do you follow? During this forty years Father had to take many complicated steps. He needed a scholarly perfection of the theology in order to teach top people in society. Only a fraction of the people are able to understand that. But that fraction did understand and formed many different international organizations to bring about unification. Incredible work has to be done during this forty years before any foundation is built. Father formed the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace. These are the organizations formed by Father to accomplish the work.

[Father is drawing on the board] Under True Mother is the Women's Federation for World Peace. The mind is represented by the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the body is represented by the Federation for World Peace. One representing the religious world and one the political world. Mother and children, women and youth all must become one. The key to world peace is to bring mind and body into unity and also man and woman into unity, which is another form of mind and body. The core of the American problem lies in the family and the center of the family is mother. If the mother plays her role correctly then that is the way to restore the family. For the sake of world peace, individual mind and body must come into unity; then within the family, husband and wife come into unity; then parents and children come into unity. These three elements must be unified. This represents Adam's extended family [indicating to the blackboard]. After the fall mind and body, men and women, and parents and children all separated. World peace comes only through this formula. This is the crux of the formula. Centering upon these concepts we can come up with a Religious United Nations and a Political United Nations and a Women's United Nations. All three elements must become one. Women's Federation is in Mother's position, Political Federation is in Cain position, and Religious Federation is in Abel's position. That is exactly what Father is doing now. The Lord of the Second Advent, True Father, becoming one with this unity [indicating on the blackboard]; then that is the complete restoration.

All that God lost in Adam's family is now being restored at the world level because history has progressed. This is what Father announced and proclaimed at the Summit Council for World Peace in Korea recently. He proclaimed these three types of United Nations. We already have a United Nations but it is very clear to everybody, that these 182 countries all assert their own position and protect their own interests. They are not working for the interest of the world. Everybody is aware that world peace cannot be accomplished this way. Seventy-five per- cent of today's world are in the religious realm and half the world population is made up of women. Women have lots of money too. (Laughter.) This is no accident, this is the way it is supposed to be. Now is the time of restoration, so all the money is in women's' pockets, because they must use that for the sake of restoring and saving the world. Eve fell and inherited Satan's ideas but in this time women must reverse that process. Even this is an over-simplified explanation, but you should now have a clear idea what the world has become.

America must listen to Rev. Moon otherwise it will not have a correct direction to go in. That can only mean that it will decline and the world will decline with it. The world does not know where to go; if it continues to go this way and that, it too will perish. It has to go in the right direction. The True Parents are eternally one. There cannot be two sets of Parents. There is only one set of True Parents. That entity, that name True Parents, all individuals, all families, all nations, religion and the world need them in order to be saved. There is no one who can do without True Parents. Because of the fall God cannot teach us directly. Therefore, we need someone who we can go through, and that someone is True Parents. True Parents have to teach us everything in a comprehensible way so that we are able to follow. This is exactly what is happening. The individuals, families, clans, nations and world who follow True Parents are destined straight to Heaven; security, peace and happiness all will be theirs. All need to follow True Parents in order to find eternal peace, happiness and heaven.

Until now the typical religious thinking was at the individual level at best. It is not the individual who is so important but rather the nation and world. Always the larger aspect is the point of God's concern. If the nation listens and goes to Heaven then the individual will automatically go to Heaven. Is that not so? (Yes!) If the president of the nation has the wisdom to understand this and enacts a law to follow this path, then in no time at all the country would be saved. Do you follow? It is going to happen quickly. Now is the time of light, not dark. We begin to see so clearly what has been happening in human history then it is easier to follow. This will happen very quickly. The purpose of religion was to save the family and the nation, not so much the individual. Tribal messiah mission is to save the families. Families need True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes!) The family is the starting point, not the nation and world. From here [Father indicates on the board] the true world emerges. The starting point is the family. Therefore, Father sent you out as tribal messiahs to save the family base. After the family base is secured then to save the nation and world will be no problem. Do you understand?

This tribal messiah is the formula that really works. This is really a great advancement in our method of working. What the tribe consists of is a relatively small number of individual families. When restoration takes place within these families; individual mind and body becoming one, the family becoming one and uniting with True Parents, then that is exactly where world peace begins. Otherwise it is all too conceptual. But tribal messiah work you can do. All we need to do is to expand the successful pattern of tribal messiah work. This is where Heaven on earth literally begins, not conceptually but literally. Do you understand? It is the building block for the Kingdom of Heaven. That is where the palace of life, love and lineage begins. What does Heaven on earth mean? Peace, happiness, unification, and the ideal world: all these things begin from the family, not from the nation and world. The seed of happiness, peace and unification is within the family. There our mind and body, man and woman, and Cain and Abel children must all become one. Just as division occurred as the result of Adam and Eve's fall, now it is being restored.

It is much easier to accomplish something when we understand it clearly. The unification of mind and body, husband and wife and children makes an ideal model of an ideal family. [Father indicates to a diagram on the board.] Father's role is to make Heaven on earth at the world level, whereas our task is to build Heaven on earth at the family level. How this is accomplished is, as Father has already explained, unification between mind and body, unity between husband and wife, and unity amongst the children. Do you follow? That is the starting point. Everything that humankind desires, peace, happiness and all goodness begins from the accomplishment of this. Do you think there is even one family amongst our families here in America that can satisfy this criteria? If you say no, then it means that no one belongs to Heaven. Where do they belong? Hell. It doesn't matter what position you may hold or how much money you may have, all that matters is that you become one with Parents and God. This is what is all important. Once we achieve this we become an individual family who represents the cosmos. Last Sunday Father made such a strong impact, didn't he? He told us that we must become a representative of our family, our nation and God. We are the central person. Likewise, this model would become the central family [indicating to the board diagram].

When Adam was born he was already king of the future nation. Adam and Eve were in the position of family king, tribal king, national king, world king and heavenly king also. If Father is in the position of True Parents, then what are we? We are also true parents. The whole world is one big tree. Who is that big tree? All of us. It isn't just Father and we are nothing. Father is a big tree, but he is the trunk and root and we are all branches. Today we have a clone which means from this one perfect cell you can make hundreds and millions of perfect cells. That is called cloning. By the same token, once we are perfected, this will spread around the world as a good seed. That is what is to happen. No matter how small your seed may be it is always the same as the parents' seed.

In the Last Days we see confusion everywhere. There is confusion in the spiritual world also. When Father had to swim out of this confusion Satan always tried to block Father's way, making it nigh impossible. God does not stop it but He cannot help either. God can only watch and wait. In order to make order out of the world, one must first make order in the spiritual world. Father proclaimed this truth on the earth but he is actually directing it to the spiritual world. The spiritual world will oppose him because at first they don't understand and, second, they are not good yet. Therefore they oppose him and even God opposes him. Why does God oppose him? Man betrayed God, did he not? Therefore God has to betray man one time before He can accept him. The same confusion reigns in the spiritual world as on earth. Confucius and others all came out and called Rev. Moon heretical. Every religious leader called him a heretic. Then there was a great debate with God presiding and each presents pros and cons as to why his theology is correct and why it is not. For forty days you must go through that. We can only imagine. But God knows that without having a clear blueprint nothing can be achieved.

Confucius would argue what are the proper aspects of character. Confucius had some idea of God, but he never knew that God was like an individual with personality and character. Confucius taught people about heaven so when Father challenged him, with just a few words he was knocked down. Father challenged Jesus by asking, "Why did you not tell that the Second Advent would come as a different person rather than yourself?" He could not answer. Why did he leave it in such a vague way that he would come from the clouds? It is making the Last Days very difficult. Once he went to the spiritual world he realized what mistakes he had made on the earth. There is a great debate going on, like a democracy. Here is God. They debate each other and they denounce Father; but Father challenged them to answer certain things. They could not answer. Even God said, "Rev. Moon is right." (Applause.) You need God's recognition, God's seal of approval, before you can introduce order here on earth first you must introduce order to the spiritual world.

Actually, within the Unification Church there are a lot of odds and ends. We are not regular ones. (Laughter.) Spirits have criticized Father saying, "You are in the John the Baptist position and I am the real Messiah." You cannot become the Messiah just because you want to. It is because that "Messiah" has placed order within the spiritual world and on earth that he is recognized as the Messiah, not because he claims to be. The confused spiritual world and the confused world now comes back into order as a result of Father's work. [Father is drawing on the board.] Look at the spiritual world and the religious world, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, even Confucianism, you name it, have all built a great wall. They protect themselves by their walls, but they don't care about the others. This is the reality of today's religious world and it is the reality in the spiritual world. Just as Jesus kicked all the earthenware, Father breaks all the religious barriers and brings them into unity, into one direction. Not two directions, only one. On the earth today, strictly speaking, we have as many directions as we have population, but we must bring them all into one direction.

People have opposed and persecuted Father, but in spite of themselves they find they are moving in the same direction as Rev. Moon. Everybody has come to the realization that the word "peace" is a very hollow word. Peace remains further away than ever. Now people are beginning to realize that Father is the one who is closest to peace, that he is peace. Even non-religious people pay a lot of attention to Father now. Father is not a religious leader in a narrow sense, he has to make an impact on morality, politics and industry, before he can be a true religious leader. Every aspect of life needs the Messiah. Now this being the way that it should be, what is your concept towards Father? Do we understand Father is such an important person in this wide scope or do you not understand Father at all? Do we really understand Father? (Yes. We need you.) If you know, but you do not do as he teaches then what is that? If you obtained a doctorate degree from Harvard and then just stayed home, it would be better if you had not obtained the degree in the first place. If you have a doctorate and do nothing, it is worse than if you did not have one and did nothing.

Communists were revolutionary, they wanted to make a better world even though they were in the wrong direction. Now they try all over again but in the right direction under Father's guidance. Whereas the free world knew God and had everything but did nothing, so now the communist world is taking their fruit. First Father must put the spiritual world in order before he can do the same on the earth. Father meets with all the top leaders in the various fields and they see a lot of hope in Father. They challenge their own way to Father and they are always mesmerized and bow down to Father's higher level of understanding. They wonder how he learned so much. This is why Father must make his appearance and help the people understand, so that they come to respect him. Mikhail Gorbachev was invited to the recent Summit Council for World Peace and he had a lot of good ideas; everybody respected him because of that. However, Father challenged him and said to him, "Mr. Gorbachev, you must do this." He could not say a word because it was correct. He just listened and nodded. Should Father follow Gorbachev or should Gorbachev follow Father? (Gorbachev should follow Father.) Naturally. Rev. Moon's name is becoming resurrected to a higher level. Some people still regard Father as some kind of fanatic. But we can see that after we have put order in the spiritual world we are now bringing order here on earth. Is it visible to you also? (Yes!) A few more steps and you will be there.

You are all intelligent and smart people otherwise you wouldn't be here. (Laughter.) I don't think you are dumb. That is for sure! (Laughter. Father laughs.) You all see the blueprint for world peace. The world is in your hands. Don't you feel that? You feel it and are confident in that too, are you not? (Yes!) No one can be better than you. Doesn't it also mean that even if Father didn't help and work in your place you can still do it? You feel confident that you are able to do it. It is that kind of a time, not only for us but for most average people out in the world. Unless they are completely dumb, there is no one who is going to oppose Rev. Moon anymore. They opposed him when they did not know. Therefore, if we are smart enough to know how about Father, Father can feel a million more times confident than we about the world? (True.) This is where the True Parents and the Completed Testament era has been announced. Eternally there is only one set of True Parents. All the spiritual world and all mankind should follow True Parents. That is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

What does the Completed Testament Age mean? The Completed Testament Age is the perfection of the ideal of creation. This should have a tremendous impact upon you-the perfection of the ideal creation of God. That means the world will become perfected. Until now, during this forty-year course, no one truly sympathized with Father and went along with him no matter what. Very few people did that. Until now everybody has opposed him, but once the right time comes and Father has established all of these conditions and stands above them, then they all will have to follow Father. This is exactly what happened in Korea. Every former head of state stood up and applauded to Father and Mother when this was proclaimed. Father's true mission is to bring everybody into unity and make the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but more importantly Father must establish a perfect family. Restore the mother and children and have the mother and children become completely one with Father. The completion of this one original family is Father's main task. This has been the culmination of Father's forty years of tremendously hard work. Father's goal and God's goal is the same. He established this family by going through all manner of persecution and difficulties, but by winning over every step of the way he has brought his family into perfection. This simply means to restore one woman and the lost children. Even though she is one woman, she is a woman who represents all women both here on earth and in the spiritual world too.

[Father is drawing on the board.] Individual level, family, clan levels and so forth. Likewise children are not simply children, but they are children who represent the whole world. They come here [indicating to the diagram] and become one among them. Even though the size of the family is small it truly represents the entire cosmos. At the end of World War II had Mother been found everything would have been easy. Within seven years all would have been accomplished. Now Father has deployed this foundation on the worldwide level, horizontally not vertically, then brings it up again to find Mother. The world of women is not steadfast, they are swaying to and fro. Before the fall this happened and it is the repeated now. One time standing closer to God's side, then coming back to Satan's side and then back to God's side, like this. We must help them to stand on the central point and become steadfast and constant.

Ultimately there is nothing that this one woman, who is truly qualified to represent the whole world, did not go through. She has been through the most difficult horizontal experiences and won victoriously. The world does not know this clearly because they are still in the dark. This is because the perfected Adam did not reign yet. Even though they are still in darkness, they have the instinct to understand. The woman Father was looking for was the one who claimed to be the spouse of God. Father had to find such a woman. She stood on the top of the cosmos right next to God, but even in that position she still swayed. Do you understand what that means? One time God teaches her but then Satan has his chance to try and teach her. It is up to her to decide which to follow. Father is able to help her and teach her what is taking place around her. When Father teaches her in the right way, she asks God. But then even God has to oppose her one time. If she asks Heavenly Father, "Is this man a heretic?" God will respond, "As much as he is a heretic on earth, he is a heretic in the spirit world." At other times God will say, "He is absolute. He is representing me." God responds in two different ways. Just as John the Baptist criticized and opposed Jesus, but at the same time he testified that Jesus was the one to come. In the same way Father needs somebody to testify to him in two contradictory ways. Father needs one woman who does that. Various endorsements and testimonies as to who Father is went through many different steps. That is something Father had to go through in order to come to where he now is.

During Father's forty-year course there was a time when Father served a woman as if she were God Himself. You may not know the details, but Father started from the servant of servants' position and continued serving until he came next to God Himself. Because the woman is being served she elevates, then at a certain point she recognizes and testifies as to who Father is. At that time Father must reverse the role, and come right side up. From that point on Father has dominion over her. Only through winning over that period could Father be in a position ready to select Mother based upon that foundation. While Father is doing this, inevitably there were many women who were very closely communicating with the spiritual world. Their ages ranged from teenagers to eighty years old. Many high level spiritual women came and challenged Father in many different ways. Everyone of them claimed that Father was her bridegroom. Father had to be very wise while helping them understand what was happening.

Father could then expand this victorious foundation in a horizontal way and restore everybody to their rightful position. Until that time Satan was above God, all mankind and Father too, but through going through the different levels of servant and winning over Satan could Father go the right side up. During this time Father had to make horizontal restoration for equality, then Father gained dominion over the position of fallen women. Women, represent the satanic world until that time, had dominion. But then this changed and Father claimed dominion. Through the woman who claimed to be God's own wife, Father had to reverse the position or role. A great tragedy occurred. Because she was so intense in following God's way and believing in Father she could automatically be protected by Heaven. But once she had a doubt in Father she could no longer handle it and became overwhelmed and went down to hell. She went insane. It is that kind of intense world-no hesitation-it has to be the correct answer right away.

The meaning of all this is that God already gave the blessing and after World War II, mankind centered upon Christianity had a mission to fulfill. But since they failed the mission and God had already given them the blessing, now through Father God has to collect all the blessing back to Him so that it can be given to the right person this time. This is what Father had to do. Father began with elderly women, serving them unconditionally; they finally testified that Father was the Messiah. Father had to harvest all that blessing back so that he could be ready to give it to the horizontal world. Father had the right at that time to select a bride and give the qualification to whoever he wanted. He had the right at that time. After regaining the blessing back, not only vertically but also horizontally, Father gave this blessing back to Mother.

In 1960, Father chose the bride and the Marriage of the Lamb took place. Father then elevated to the national level and his work was done at that level. The human ancestors fell in this stage [indicating on the board], not in this stage. This stage is equal to the time of 1960, another seven years to reach the perfection stage. Since this is included within the satanic domain all kinds of opposition have to be met. Father and Mother met actual opposition, but from God's standpoint True Children should no longer have had any more suffering from this point on. Since Christianity did not fulfill its mission and lost their foundation, Father had to re-indemnify this. During this course even Father's children must go through incredible suffering which we are unable to observe from the outside. Nevertheless they had to go through much suffering in order to reach this perfecting point. 1992 was the culmination of Mother's work. This is why the liberation of women has been proclaimed for the first time in history. This liberation should have come about automatically after 1945, because God and humankind won the victory and women were to be liberated at that time. It did not occur because Father was not accepted. Father had to begin all over again in order to create the same foundation and, for the first time in history, he proclaimed the liberation of women in 1992.

The liberation of women means that now is the time for women to become united. Prior to this they could not, even if they wanted to, because they had no foundation. What should have been realized in 1945 and the seven years following did not happen. Through Father's work of re-indemnification, the successful pattern has been established and this is now the women's era. 1992 was the beginning of the women's time, prior to this history was dominated by men. After Mother has been established, now Father moves to bring back the second generation. The children are the second generation. Father has termed the children as the second generation because at the time of Moses the first generation was lost in the wilderness. It was the second generation who entered into Canaan and now we are in a similar time. Without them knowing it, mankind has been going through the wilderness course in this past forty years. Now the ones who will enter into Canaan are the second generation because the first generation all fell down.

"Second generation" has two meanings, first as Blessed couples you give birth to children who are in the second generation position. Those born after 1945 are also considered the second generation. Now they are about fifty years of age. That is about President Clinton's age; he was born at the end of that time, but he still is part of the second generation. Father views everyone born after 1945 in the realm of the second generation. Blessed couples are naturally considered second generation in an Abel position, whereas the second generation of the world are in Cain's position. Even Father's children are now actively working on college campuses to restore the second generation. We also, centering upon women and the Blessed couples' children, must go forth to play the motherly role now. The college campuses must be the center where we reclaim the second generation back to God's bosom. Mother and Abel must come together in order to save Cain. This is the meaning of the college campus speaking tour, to enlighten them and bring them towards God.

The Israelites entered Canaan and were supposed to exert influence over them, instead they became influenced by the existing people. Instead of firmly establishing God's tradition among the people of Canaan, they became absorbed by them. It was the role of the mothers to teach their children the right tradition and together to establish that tradition in Canaan. However, they failed to do this. We have to make sure that we do not repeat their mistake. We have to exert complete influence over them and not become influenced by them no matter how brilliant they may appear to be. Mother and children must represent God and establish our kingdom which is the opposite way of the way of this society and world. Don't ever take a neutral position in regard to homosexuality and such behavior. Such behavior is completely against God. It is completely wrong. Mother is Father's responsibility and the children are Mother's responsibility. We must become a part of Mother and completely play Mother's role. Mother completed 266 rallies around the world, including college campuses, and we must do the same here. You have to do even more because we are more in number. This is not a concept, but a reality.

Father fought this forty years realistically, here on earth in real life. In the same way we have to live a real life following the same pattern as Father. Do you follow? (Yes!) We must restore God's world.

Father handed the baton to Mother and Mother is doing exactly what Father has been doing in the past. We don't need to be bothered if the established religions come against us. We simply need to concentrate on the second generation, who are as important as all the established religions. Who has the specific mission to save the second generation? It is none other than Mother. Mother is responsible for bringing in the second generation. Those who were born after 1945, around the age of 50 and less, occupy about two-thirds of the world population. They are in the majority. Half of them are women, and women must play this role of reclaiming the children. Centering upon your sons and daughters, unifying them between Cain and Abel, you united together with them bring the second generation of the world back to God. Then the Kingdom of Heaven will come about. If you embrace the age span that Father includes within the second generation; that is the world. It means the world will have come into your domain and influence, which is God's domain. Our Blessed women have to save those in the Cain position born after World War II, centering upon their children in the Abel position and unify them. On that foundation you will stand in Mother's position and enter into Heaven. This is the formula. Do you understand clearly? (Yes!) No matter what difficulty you face, you have to overcome it. This is your mission. Do you clearly understand? (Yes!) Without creating this foundation you cannot get into Heaven, you cannot follow Father. Is this clear? (Yes, Father!)

Father's ultimate goal was to find Mother. But now what we need to do is to restore the situation after World War II, in 1945. Restore the second generation and together with our family become united into one. Once we accomplish this we don't need to do this [indicating to the board diagram]. This is a far more difficult work to do. Relatively speaking, this is far easier and Father already made a foundation for you. The older people who married each other: their husbands are not in the position of husband at all, they are in the position of the archangel. You observe carefully, that is an archangel relationship. You must work closely with them and bring the wives and children back to God by having them become one with you, then Father will give them blessing. Then that man will be able to stand in the position of husband for the first time in a legitimate way with God's blessing.

All women in the world must align themselves with True Father because they represent a part of Mother. Father is the general of the women. (Laughter.) We are familiar with the term "heavenly soldier" aren't we? (Yes!) In a period of war the military is the most efficient way. It takes a general to bring victory, not just a civil leader. An army must obey the command of the general. In the military if you don't obey you receive severe punishment. We must establish discipline and order. Do you women understand? (Yes!) You American women especially, can you welcome me? (Yes, Father.) How do you express your welcome towards Father? If you listen to Father well, then you are welcoming him. If you welcome Father as a general, then you are welcoming him. Once the general gives an order, everyone has to obey absolutely. Is that right? (Yes!) You have to know the answer to this better than me, otherwise you will fall away again. Father doesn't want that. Nobody wants that. Women answered affirmatively to Father, but does that include American women? (YES!) (Father laughs.) American women or not, we have to do this.

Father has taught us this morning how to successfully work to restore men, children and the entire family. Father's work was far more difficult, but now Father is giving us the blessing and we can now do this. Father never taught this content so clearly before. Why? The time has to be right. Until this time even Father's children did not understand clearly what they were going through. They would ask me, "Father, are you my father or are you the father of the Unification Church members?" True Children had that kind of struggle when they were small. True Children see the horizontal phenomena, but do not necessarily understand the deep-rooted agony of God and Father's forty-year course. They do not understand the dispensation as clearly as we who are already taught. Do you understand? Can you safely say that Father worked for the sake of us and not for the sake of his children?

There are twenty million people dying from hunger. Because of the loss of understanding of the originality of mankind we do not feel pain, as though they are my own brother or sister. Only Father has the heart to address their problem. On June 13, 1990, Father began the dispensation of the ocean. Therefore, June 13 must be celebrated by Ocean Church. During this time, Father has studied how fish products can be caught, manufactured, sold and distributed. Man can live when he has earth and water. That is his minimum. The European colonists in Africa never taught the native people how to become self-sufficient through agriculture. They have a rich and fertile soil, but nobody knows how to cultivate even simple plants. This is why Father has the farm in Texas, which represents the center of the entire farming area of the world. Where there is soil you can grow food, and where there is water you can stock the fish and farm them. We are surrounded by ocean and water; if it is managed correctly the food problem for the future generations will be guaranteed. Women can learn how to fish, raise cattle and farm as well. We don't have to sit and watch our brothers and sisters dying of hunger. Whose burden is this? The burden falls upon those who realize earlier than others. Do you agree? If you know, then it is your burden, especially American women. You are in the central position of the free world. Father told American women long ago that they must buy boats and gain experience in fishing.

Through the mass media the people of the world can be taught what we are teaching individually now. You have to teach fishing, hunting and farming, then the media will teach them the Divine Principle. Buddhism strictly forbids killing and Father agrees that human beings were not supposed to kill living things. Love them, but not kill them. However, the situation is now different. Today man is dying, God's children are dying; so it is not a problem for a fish to give its life for the sake of God's children. Do you agree with that rationale? We see many children dying of starvation and malnutrition; how painful it must be for the mothers of those dying children. Therefore, we must save them. If you develop a transportation system, the food can be transported from one place to another. This is a practical solution to preventing starvation. We can build lots of boats in Korea and distribute them as they are needed. We have to build the highways so that food can be transported to remote areas. If we do this correctly Father feels very confident that in a short period of time billions of people will feel supportive of the Unification Church. They don't have to understand the deeper truth as we do. Do you want to do that? (Yes!) Father encourages and commands you to familiarize yourselves with the boating life and go to fish as fishermen do, hunting also. If one woman begins that way of working, the women surrounding her will follow her actions. This is the women's mission, mothers mission. This is why Father established the women's organization all over the world. We can connect with everywhere.

Father organized Ocean Church years ago but everybody has deserted it. Only Father remains in Ocean Church. However, Father began it so, therefore, it is going to flourish. As soon as Father returned from Texas he hit the water, so to speak. He went straight to the Hudson River and began striped bass fishing. Father went and caught his quota. Father catches fish for this reason, so he cannot really enjoy eating food. Father may eat fish that somebody else caught on another occasion, but not the ones Father caught. He just cannot eat them. Father's goal is very clear: striped bass will become the sacrifice to save many millions of God's children. On June 13, the fourth anniversary of Father's fishing dispensation you should celebrate. Father will transfer it to us and then begin a new hunting program. Do you think that we should do this in the vast land of Africa or not? (Yes!) Father has been criticized all the time for hunting and fishing as a religious leader. However, now that we understand clearly should Father have listened to them and stopped hunting and fishing or was he right to continue? (Right.) Father is the king of fishermen.

Father now successfully ended forty years of his life and looking back Father feels he gave everything he could. Father could feel content and happy. However, Father feels that probably the rest of his life will be somehow an extension of that forty-year course. Even though Father has completed this forty years and tells us to do it, still he never stops. Instead until eighty years of age, Father will continue on without thinking about how much he has already done. Father's goal will be that he will never be outdone by young people. What an irony that Father, at the age of eighty, works like a young man while a younger man lives like an old man. If they don't change quickly, they deserve to perish. We deserve to perish and no mistake.

Father wants to make the point that even though he didn't always see the results of the forty years' work that he has done, in looking back today all the results of that work is appearing abundantly. This is a testimony to us to follow Father's example. You only have one life to live and it passes very quickly. Father wishes to bequeath his way of life completely to us. This is the time when working hard on earth will create what you have in the spiritual world. Only in this world, in your lifetime by living this lifestyle will you be able to create that foundation. Do you understand? (Yes!) One person on earth can be so important. Father works so hard because he knows this reality. This foundation is Father's property which will connect to him in the spiritual world. Do you understand? (Yes!)

We have to reflect at this time and place on how many public tears did we shed for the sake of Parents and the world. We may have had a hard time during our lives, but at best it was a private suffering. This is not what Father means. How much public agony have we felt, how deeply have we felt that the world might perish if I did not accomplish my part? This is what we need to reflect upon and compare it with True Parents' life, Father's life. Then we will determine to change our life exactly into Father's pattern. Whatever we make here will be waiting for us as our property in the eternal world to come. Forty years ago Father set a goal and plan as to what those forty years of Father's life was to be. Without that plan and goal Father could not have lived his life, likewise we have to do the same. All the satanic world came against him and never left him in peace. That means we too have to have an individual plan in our lives: when I am seventy, I'll accomplish this; when I'm eighty, I'll accomplish this, etc. We must make a clear plan and adhere to it.

When you enter college you know the curriculum you will be working by and at the end of four years that you will graduate; then you want to do something. Therefore, you have a plan. No matter what you do or how hard you work, unless you follow your destined way you will meet opposition. Your meeting with opposition is not necessarily a bad thing at all, rather it stimulates you. It makes you check that you are going in the right way. Looking back Father is amazed, because each time Father reached a most difficult point that stimulated him to think more seriously than before and it was always a turning point for good. Father always thought of the dispensation first. If we really determine a goal for ourselves, work in that area of responsibility, pray and work like crazy, without your knowing God always helps. You have to be so serious as to think that until you achieve your goal you will not sleep or eat, then you will surely succeed. Do you think that Father's forty-year course has been a straight line or up and down? (Straight.) Life consists of highs and lows, but the direction is always the same. We must strive to always do better and better. Looking back it seems like a dream because Father was so focused to accomplish, and only on looking back it is apparent what staggering things have been accomplished. The proclamation of the True Parents and the Completed Testament era and the establishment and settlement of True Parents and their family, these are tremendous accomplishments. Looking back Father cannot really remember when he did all that. Without tears Father knows that he could never have done that. Only God knows what a painfully miserable, pitiful life Father went through, both physically and spiritually. Only God knows. Father knows that God also shed a lot of tears for the sake of Father. Looking at Father suffer, God also suffered. Father knows that. It is like a dream and if someone hears this for the first time they may wonder what it is he is talking about, but we do understand.

Father's children, namely us, must resemble Father. Why should we do that? In order to be able to go to the same place where our Parents go. How regrettable it would be if Father taught us so clearly and we don't carry it out so faithfully. We will be to blame. Father does not want that. If we didn't know we might have an excuse; but once we know and do not do it, it will serve as suffering to us. Father knows that our life is lonesome and difficult, yet Father knows this is the best way of life here on earth. Therefore, Father has no regret in encouraging all of us to go the original way. Father wishes this to be a turning point for us all to determine more strongly than ever to follow Father's way of life and succeed like him, that we may rejoice together eternally in spiritual world. Those who determine this raise your hands. Father is planning to leave on the 27th of this month, there are 160 Japanese women who are to be trained and 500,000 Japanese men are on Father's agenda. Like Father, we too shall work hard and take responsibility for America. Always think that you are younger than Father. Remember that whenever you get tired. God bless you. (Applause.)

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