The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994

The Settlement of True Love Begins from the Top Representative's Position and the Top Central Position

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 17, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

As you may see, the topic of Father's sermon this morning is unusually long: Cham Sarang Eui Ahnchak Eun Choaego Eui Dae Pyo Ja, Joong Shim Ja Jariaeso -- The Settlement of True Love Begins from the Top Representative's Position and the Top Central Position. Do you understand what this means? Before Father begins his sermon today he would like to mention that there are just three more universities that True Children will speak at in order to cover all of the major universities in the U.S. This is a critical time of transition to see who will lead all of the youth of the world, the second generation. This is a very crucial question. Through the Bible we are reminded that all of the first generation faltered in the wilderness after the forty years of wandering, but the second generation were the ones who went forward into Canaan. At that time the second generation were to have envisioned a new nation and undertaken the building of that new nation. Now is the time in history when the Unification Church must re-indemnify that. Envisioning the new nation means the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This enormously important work rests on Mother's shoulders. It means that all mothers should have educated youngsters in preparation for this end.

American families are in great crisis and the responsibility for healing this lies with the mothers of the families of this nation. In spite of the difficulties, if the mothers were alert and had gone straight forward embracing their children, then we would not have had to face the present crisis in this country. Uniting mother and children is so important, and now is the transition time. At the time of the Fall mother and children did not unify in this way, rather they followed Satan's way and fell into Hell. This needs to be restored today. The expansion that has taken place since the Fall has not been a good expansion, rather Hell on earth is being expanded day by day. The mother of the original family did not fulfill her responsibility. Therefore, now is the time for mothers, as the center of the family, to embrace children and lead them into the right direction. Therefore Father established the Women's Federation for World Peace for this purpose. The mothers are taking responsibility at this time and the purpose of the Federation is to embrace the children and follow the path of God and True Parents.

Father proclaimed the settlement of True Family which means the same as how to nurture the second generation and how to lead them to the right direction. Here in America representing Parents, we are to embrace the second generation. This country, together with True Children, has begun the crusade of covering 3,000 universities and addressing the students. We now stand in the historical position, centering upon the mothers of the Blessed couples together with their children, joining with True Parents' family to address the whole second generation of this nation. [Father draws on the board] True Parents family and Blessed families together with the children, representing plus and minus, uniting together to fulfill our mission. This is the mission God is calling us to do at this time. We have to complete it no matter how difficult it might be. Now we have begun to establish, and are undertaking the establishment of the Youth Federation of World Peace together with the alumni and students of the universities. Those two positions represent Cain and Abel and when they come together and unite then the Parents can settle upon them. Then God can reside there and we can do anything. This is the formula which God and Parents have been preparing so hard for, and we are right in the midst of it now.

Reverend Pak and Dr. Baughman have been called to organize the events to cover 3,000 universities. Korea has already made and is undertaking the schedule of covering 220 universities and Japan is undertaking 1600. As Father has told us many times, if the Adam, Eve and Archangel countries conform to Parents' wishes then all other countries of the world will follow their example. America is cozily settled and to separate from the children is difficult. Once you become greatly involved in it and not able to take care of your families so much, you appear almost like beggars. That is how the chosen nation looked when they were on the verge of entering Canaan. This is exactly what happened in the days of the Israelites when they were about to enter into Canaan, they wanted to get married with the more affluent levels of pagan society and surrounding countries and then they simply lost their direction. The most important point was that they failed to educate the young children at that time. They were about to enter Canaan and amidst all the other difficulties they failed to see that the difficulty was temporary, and that in order to determine their eternal life, they needed to educate their children with tears. That is what had to be done at the time of the Israelites. The Unification Church is passing now through this stage of time forearmed and aware of the time that we are living in. It is such a strikingly similar parallel of history that we find ourselves in today.

All the second generation who have graduated from universities, together with their own mothers will participate in this crucial activity. Those who are sixteen years and above are ready to think in such a manner and to take on that kind of mission. Sixteen or seventeen is the same age that Adam and Eve were when they fell. Do you understand? What is the motto of this year? (The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.) Not just settling, but settling safely and comfortably. This means that Parents literally settle down, not wandering about in search of settlement. Now is the time to settle. The Israelites did not have a nation at that time, and today Korea is divided between North and South. However, once they become united then the country will come into being. As we all know, North Korea with the worst kind of Father and South Korea with True Father are confronting now. Only True Father can bring about unity between them. Everyone in Korea now knows that only Reverend Moon can unify North and South Korea. The Korean people commonly think this way. America may have a difficult time in understanding where to begin in order to bring about the unification of North and South. However, they begin to have a lead to understanding Father's connection with both countries now. South Korea has tried and tried to bring about unification, but they are silently giving up.

Think how difficult it is to translate, Father has to always supplement for us otherwise the meaning will be incomplete. Why have so many different languages and customs emerged throughout history? Since Satan knows that God is to unify the whole world and bring it all into the Kingdom of Heaven, then Satan has been dividing people and creating wars and enmity. If there are five billion population in this world then all five billion do not understand the correct direction. Only one direction is correct and yet they do not know that. There is only one direction through which we all must go and yet all five billion are all going off in slightly different directions. There is no one accepted, understood way that everybody can comfortably follow. Everything is divided, including Christendom; and all other religions as well are divided and fighting each other. Whenever there is division and fighting God cannot reside. Satan can always claim that position. History has been one of war and fighting. The reason we have wars on a global level is because at the individual level the mind and body are fighting. We are the beginning point of all war. When our mind and body will become united then the world will be united. When will this take place? As men of religion we must always come to this point: it is myself and not somebody else who is at fault. The mind is connected to God and the body is connected to Satan. There is a crossing point of life and death and that demarcation line is right within each one of us.

What we have to do is to have our mind pull our body into the domain of the mind. How to break that boundary within me is the question. With this premise Father always fought, at the individual level taking a certain direction, and the family, the nation all going towards one direction. Father has been fighting and preparing in this way and this is the history of the Unification Church. Family connecting with the tribe, the tribe with nation, and the nation with the world and even to God in a consistent direction. No one has this idea except the Unification Church members. Unification Church stands on one line, the individual, family, clan, nation and world also stand on that same line; God is also on that same line. Since this has been accomplished we will have free travel back and forth between God and the individual. God will have the same freedom of travel just as between parents and children. What should an individual do? An Individual should connect to the family. In order to do that what do we have to do? We have to invest and sacrifice for the higher purpose of the family. If five members of the family all want to go in different directions then I, as an individual, must sacrifice for the sake of all other members of the family. We have to sacrifice and invest. The smaller number should sacrifice for the sake of the whole and this concept is so important and yet so foreign to us. We cannot sacrifice many families for the sake of one family. Rather an individual family should sacrifice for a greater number of families. This principle applies all the way up the scale, even at the world level. No matter how many nations there are in the world, God is One and we have to center upon God. Each country should sacrifice for the sake of other countries to obtain this goal.

God also invests for the sake of True Love as a partner. All have sacrificed for the sake of God and it then becomes God's turn to sacrifice for the sake of all others who have sacrificed for Him. This is exactly what God is doing. This plus and minus will make give and take action. Do you follow? What is True Love to do? True Love, and only True Love can make peace within the conflicting self. Mind and body are fighting constantly even though they try not to, but only True Love can make the peace within us. So far mankind has had love within themselves, but it has not been True Love and therefore was not strong enough to make peace within ourselves. With the help of True Love however, we can make peace within ourselves. Since the Fall took place with false love, consequently it will take True Love to restore mankind and unite them again. True Love is that force which can make unity between mind and body. With True Love husband and wife come into perfect union; the same applies to parents and children. Without True Love the unification between parents and children cannot come about. Do you understand?

As you see we already have the grand solution to the peace of the world. The original starting point for world peace is myself and my family. However, today we observe a nation with a mistaken idea. We see how nations think that they can maintain peace and unification through military power or political power. However, these are quite inadequate to bring about world peace. There is no True Love within the reliance on military and political power and we cannot hope for peace in such circumstances. In order for the safe settlement of True Love to come about we must have a representative and central person. Who is that highest central figure? (True Father.) On the side of the mind, which we cannot see, is God and He is the highest representative and highest central figure. God is True Parents and He has a body which is in the object position and God is in the mind's position. These must become one. [Father draws on the blackboard to demonstrate.] Here we have to achieve unity between mind and body and as a unified being, unite together with True Parents and God. True Parents and True Love [Father draws on the board]. This is mind side and this is body side, subject and object. Do you follow?

The result of the Fall brought about the worst parents and the worst love. The world is now residing in the atmosphere of the worst kind of love so that God cannot exist in this world, Satan always takes all sovereignty. The world needs True God, True Parents, True Love. True God has always been sacrificing again and again but at the time of harvest we will bring all to the warehouse of God. As mankind fell so did the archangelic world and the material world together with humankind. The whole world came into the realm of Satan leaving God all by Himself. It means most specifically that God lost all women, and all children. The fallen world is like a toilet. (Laughter.) That is true. (Laughter.)

What is the qualification of this representative and central figure? It is the Adam who did not fall, the Adam and Eve that did not fall. Adam whose mind and body have been united through True Love, and the Eve whose mind and body has been united through True Love. The salvation promise that God has always been giving to mankind has always been centered upon this. Such individuals would be the bride and bridegroom who were to come. Christianity's position and role is that of a bride who is awaiting the advent of the Messiah. That Messiah is in this position [indicating on the board] of bridegroom. The hope for the bride (Christianity) is to eradicate her fallen nature and sin and become the perfect bride to be wed by the groom (the Messiah to come). Satan made the separation between the two and now God should come and cause them to be united. Once they become united then Satan will no longer have a place to occupy. That is why unification is important, that is why the Unification Church is important. Once unification occurs at all levels then Satan will be chased away forever. Do you follow? (Yes.)

This is plus and minus [indicating on the board] and they are to become one. The representative stands in the position of God and the plus and minus realms. He stands here and then he settles down in True Love. Beginning with the individual it is connected to the family, clan, nation and world and all will go into the same direction. Adam and Eve are in the top position. Even though he stands here [indicating to the board] he is still the center of the world. He is the center of the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation. Do you follow this? (Yes.) He is the top representative but at the same time the center of all. Top and center of the whole universe and cosmos. Mind and body become one and men and women become one and between men and women who is plus and who is minus? Who is in subject position and who is in object position? Man is in subject position. Even for American women this truth stands. How can we say this is so? Because there is always subject and object. Why? We think of God and man existing separately and independently. But God has no meaning without man and man has no meaning without God. However, God and man are not the same, one is subject and one is object. Like God, man is in plus position because man represents the vertical position. The upper and lower spheres connect through a vertical line which is man. Do you understand? (Yes.) God will connect mind and body through the vertical line. God is in the upper sphere and man is in the lower sphere and God connects them through the vertical line. That means it is not woman's role to become vertical here. [Father draws on the board.] Just as man stands in a minus position to God, likewise the wife stands in the object position to subject. Women go around the subject or central position of man. Why? Because the woman does not carry the seed within her. Man stands in the visible God's position and only man carries the seed for a child within him. Is that true? (Yes.) The vertical line alone does not afford God room and space. God needs room and woman affords Him that room as man and woman interact together and woman goes around man. God needs space and room for the multiplication of children in many different directions.

Women do not possess anything which they can call their own. A woman's breasts and hips do not belong to herself, her face belongs to her husband and also her sexual organ belongs to husband. The empty space is as valuable as that which fills it. Within that space woman can give birth to God's children, not only five or ten but even more. God will even be amazed at that value of a woman, but it is still an empty place. If she gives birth to a bad man, that is a bad child; if she gives birth to a good man that is God's child. This is why the fruit of knowledge of good and evil is referred to in the Bible. Originally woman gave birth to a bad seed and this became the problem. You cannot deny what has happened in history. When a woman looks at a beggar, so long as he is a man, you should feel his value and bow down. Why? Because he has the seed of life which you do not. This is true. This is not what Father is saying to us in order to make us laugh, this is God's stolen creation. What woman has exists for the sake of everybody except herself.

Now we know who the top representative is. Let us imagine if mankind had never fallen. Then would my ancestors and myself have been the sons and daughters of God or not? (Yes.) Yes, that is a happy yes. The result of the Fall brought misery to us because we don't have the clear idea of myself as the representative and center of all things. This is the result of the Fall. All women, in spite of all the complications, want to be the highest and most beautiful queen in the whole world don't you? Don't you? (Laughter.) Don't laugh answer truthfully to me. (Yes!) YES, emphatically yes. By the same token, all men also want to be the king of the whole world don't you? (Yes.) That means that men and women together can be kings and queens? That is the question. You are blessed in marriage, so do you feel that you became kings and queens? (Yes.) I mean literally, that all of the kingdom will come and bow down before you because you are getting married. What is wrong in our world today is that it has not become the kind of world that recognizes you as kings and queens because of your marriage. Who endorses you as king and queen? The people within the kingdom and also the ancestor of the king. Who is the ancestor of king? God Himself is the ancestor of the king. The descendants become the next generation of the king and the immediate next generation of king and queen would have been Adam and Eve.

The original position was like this, very simple. Do you understand? (Yes.) Every child which Adam and Eve would have given birth to, and for future generations, would have been kings and queens. The kingship would have been inherited down to thousands of generations. The eight stages are here [drawing on the board] starting at the individual level to the world and God's level. All eight levels are here and millions and billions of people are down here. No matter how many people there may be, still they are united with the king and queen because that kingship and queenship is connected horizontally to all children, to all brothers and sisters. Do you follow? Those who are born first are elder brother kings and the younger are younger brother kings. Both are kings. Plus and minus but they are one. God can travel freely within such a kingdom. Do you understand? Everyone is equal; no matter where you would go, there would be a kingship. All men and women would be born with the quality of conscience of understanding that all men and all women are to focus their position on top. No matter how enormous, centering upon one God all are brothers and sisters.

Every single one of us, no matter what position we are, wants to be kings and queens because originally we were supposed to be. No matter how many people may live in the kingdom, still he is the brother or sister, the son or the daughter of the main king. This means that he has inherited everything from the king himself. The same applies to women as queen. In that position one should be confident that "I am a son or daughter of God Himself and the king himself." Each one claims that everyone belongs to him. What makes him or her so confident that everything belongs to them? It is True Love. After restoration we can see that we are newly restored Adam and Eve. I can say that I represent God, king, all things and the whole universe. I am the representative of all that. Connected through True Love we are able to stand in that position. We want to love the utmost don't we? Who is number one? Completed Adam and completed God. We should feel confident and proclaim that I am perfected Adam who did not fall and I am perfected Eve who did not fall. Through what can we claim to be perfected? Centering upon True Love you are able to connect to everything. With what? (TRUE LOVE.) True Love can make mind and body united without problem, husband and wife, parents and children and all the brotherhood can be united without problem with True Love. God created this formula way and you have to use the formula way. This is the principled viewpoint. We should invest as God has invested. Clear? (Yes.)

Always you need to have this clear idea that you are the representative. Top representative position and center position is my position. Man's position is only one and woman's position is only one not two. Man's space and woman's space connects with and represents everything connecting with True Love. Ultimately God will come down vertically here at this point [indicating on the board] and connecting into one with the same value. Do you understand? Same value. We should be always conscious of the fact that we represent all of the historical beings in history and all beings on earth. By doing so we stand in this perfected Adam and Eve's position. We should always have this strong consciousness and we all want to, don't we? (Yes.) We all want to stand in the original position. Why did God give me that desire within me? Because God's original creation was this. [Father draws on the board.] In the spiritual world it would be connected in such a manner. In going to the spiritual world we will add this vertical motion, if we had the horizontal motion here on earth we will be able to make a motion in all different directions and make a gigantic globe.

You may be certain of the fact that even though my eyes may be small, still my eyes are the ancestors of all the eyes of the world. My eyes are representative of all creatures' eyes. My face represents the whole universe. However, the fallen world does not have this kind of concept, but the new world is beginning. Until now everything was at an individual concept, but now Father is teaching that we can do everything. Eternally expanding. When you were blessed in marriage, you may have thought that of the 240 million population here in America, as a man I am one of 120 million. Then as woman you may have thought you are one of 120 million. But this is so wrong. Then what is right? There may be 120 million men but you represent every single one of them. We should think like that because that is God's original way of thinking. You should invite Heavenly Father to please come down to our marriage place because we represent them all. Then God will be so happy to do so. You are a couple representing America whom God has been waiting for so long. How about you Jim? [addressing Dr. Baughman.] (I'm working on it Father.) You have to all clearly understand the position you are standing in now. Public position people will go up and up all the time whereas individual position people will go down and down all the time.

When a person stands in a central position then he is the center of the whole world, at all the different eight stages beginning from individual to cosmic levels. The entire world population will look at you as the center. Your couple's lifestyle must be worthy of this position and if you follow this formula way you can get into Heaven and stand in the king and queen position. God's property belongs to me, God's absolute love belongs to me, everything belongs to me as the center of the cosmos. [Father indicates on the board.] This is the central position and the top position. All central representative's have the responsibility for all. In the place of God we, as the central representatives, take responsibility for everyone. This is the representative's responsibility. We have inherited the position of becoming kings and queens but we have also inherited God's responsibility over all the subjects. The central person must take responsibility. Secondly, the central representative must protect all that comes under him. Thirdly, the central representatives responsibility is to ensure the growth to perfection of those under him or her. In place of Adam and Eve, as perfected Adam and Eve, we will take on the responsibility of all mankind; take on the responsibility of protecting them all from falling away and make sure that they grow to perfection. This is the pledge we must make as the central person.

If each and every one of us is standing in this original position, willing and determining to put everything we have into that goal, then the whole world cannot help but become the Kingdom of Heaven. As God has been historically investing into us, if we inherit that tradition and do the same then the whole world will rise higher and higher and never perish. The only way to prosperity is to invest and invest and forget that we gave. Do you understand? (Yes.) This is most important in order to create God's prosperous world. You have to know clearly this point. Do you understand? (YES!) (Laughter.) Very sharp sound like a canon firing. (Father laughs. Laughter.) Amen. We have to say that we will be like Father and even better than Father, standing in front of him and not behind him. When we do that like crazy then we will become like God Himself. Father took all of the responsibility of protecting us, he even went to jail in order to protect us, but I don't have to do that. We are able to proclaim and shout out as much as we like because we don't face the danger Father faced. We are free of persecution now. We have to march on as a victor. This is the spirit we need to have now. When we all do that then we will take the work away from Father and he will have nothing more to do but to settle down. Father is a grandfather now, you are all young guys; how can you compare yourself to Father?

We should understand that the settlement of True Love can only begin from this position of central representative and central person. Today in your family you should challenge your husband and your wife and even your children, if they have truly become a representative person to the whole world, representing God, our Parents and taking responsibility for all things. We should challenge the members of our family then the whole thing can become perfected. Now Father's position is to encourage us to rise up to Father's and God's position. You may feel you have done enough, but that kind of thinking has no place in us. We have to climb up to God's position. Father has nothing better to say to us than to tell us to come to God's position. This is the top position, there is no one who is higher than God. When you are determined to go to that position, and only too happy because it is the purpose of our life, then God will visit us here. Through True Love we must accomplish this. We have not accomplished this in the past because we did not have True Love. But now with True Love we must accomplish this point. You can proclaim to the whole world and all things that they cannot see God because He is invisible, but here I am; you can see me and I am the visible God. You can be assured that when God needs something which is visible, touchable, material He cannot create Himself, I can create it for Him. Only through me God can have whatever He wants to have. We have to have that kind of confidence in ourselves. We can say that God cannot create His sons and daughters by Himself, but I can reproduce sons and daughters and dedicate them to God. God, you are the vertical being so you only gave birth to one couple, Adam and Eve, but I on the other hand can create dozens of children and I am better than you. God will be happy and tell you mansei! Can you imagine? We have to have that kind of responsible position.

Isn't it true that God created us better than He? We also have that kind of Godly quality of wanting our husband or wife and children to be better than we are. Even the worst wife wants her husband to be better than herself. Isn't it true? (Yes.) God wants to follow us rather than we follow Him, because He gave birth to only one couple and you can feel confident to give birth to a dozen couples. We are better creators. Not in the pattern of the fallen world but the original world. We are the originators, the first ones to be born. Therefore we should never think as an individual, this is the result of the Fall. This is something we have to truly go beyond because we are not individuals, we are representatives of all. When you take on that responsibility and you are happy because your life has that value, can you even imagine divorcing? Divorce destroys your wife, your children and the country. This is actually taking place. Adam and Eve got married individually, they did not get married as representatives of the universe. This is what the Fall was and this is what we have inherited. Therefore, restoring means going back to God's position and representing all mankind and protecting them in God's place. Can a president's wife, Kennedy's wife, marry other people? Of course she can as an individual, which is fallen. But we have no place as an individual, fallen or not fallen. Now this morning we should resolve ourselves to be the banner bearers for the first time in history, the true representative of all mankind on behalf of God. Let that flag hoist as high as possible and be visible to all four corners of the world. Do you understand? (Yes.) Have you lived in that kind of a fashion until now? Did you hoist the Unification flag high and let it be seen by people? Have you done that? Do we have our Parents' picture in our household to make sure who our center is? (Yes.) Did we hoist our flag in our household? That is the symbol that this house represents the entire universe, it is the house of the universe. Satan cannot live there where that flag is flapping in the wind.

Is Father an insane person or not? (NO.) Without following True Parents there is no way for people to find freedom, hope, liberty, peace and happiness. Until we inherit the Completed Testament Age and True Parents' position we will not find these things. How to inherit this is our mission. Until now we lived in all manner of ways, but there is only one way of living and that is with God. We should not live by listening to our husband or wife, but we have to listen carefully to the calls of today. You have five senses with which to perceive. From now will you follow this kind of way or not? (Yes!) Raise your hands if you want to follow that kind of way. Thank you. (Applause.)

Let us pray

[Col Han prayed]

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