The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Who Was I?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 13, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

The title of Father's speech this morning is Na Noon Nu Goo Aet Noon Ga.

Then who were you? Most of you will respond, "I was an American." Japanese may respond that they were Japanese. Also, you may regard yourself in relationship to your school or university. What about now? Now you will say, "I am a Unification Church member." Is that the end of it? What is the purpose of your being a Unification Church member? At every step of our lives-when we go to high school or university, as an American citizen, as a Unification Church member-we have a purpose. What is the purpose of our going to school, of being an American citizen or of being a Unification Church member?

What is when we say "I," it generally includes both man and woman. As a man, I should be able to connect to the past, present and future; so where can I stand in order to be able to connect all these different time periods? Each period is different, the past is not the present and the present is not the future. There are all different kinds of time periods and yet there is only one distinct conclusion. That is that man and woman exist there, no matter what time period we are talking about. Man needs woman and woman needs man.

Then once again we ask the question, why, for what reason, were man and woman born? Were they born to remain as young children, to study, to become American citizens? The ultimate purpose of man is to become the husband of a woman and for a woman, it is to become the wife of a man. Regardless of the time period, this eternal universal formula of man for woman and woman for man remains.

Regardless of how good a time you had in the past, if your present situation is miserable, then you are a miserable person. No matter how rosy your future may appear, if you don't have your spouse then your future can be interpreted as miserable. Why do we need each other? Because man and woman want to become husband and wife and produce children, a son like the husband and a daughter like the wife. Furthermore, whether you like it or not you go after happiness by loving your son and daughter as much as you love your husband and wife. That is where your happiness can be found. Therefore, our universal desire is to raise our children and see them become like ourselves, as husband and wife, throughout eternity. This is how the human race has been developing and this is what we wish to see in the future also. The desire to see one's tribe and lineage continued is within everybody: my tribe, my people, my nation. When we refer to "my people" and "my lineage," it should not be limited only to the past and present time, but should continue for eternity.

We all have a limitation in terms of our physical life here on earth, so it would be impossible to watch over our lineage for eternity. This means that we have to be connected to someplace other than this earthly life. Once we join the spiritual world there is no limit of time or space whatsoever. No matter how many thousands of years we may stay there, we still can enjoy the future with our coming generations. What will be the most joyful experience in the spiritual world? The ideal that we are dreaming of experiencing in the spiritual world will be filled with ideal children, like our own daughters and sons whom we can live together with for eternity. That is our ideal dream.

Everybody wants to be the center of their own lineage, their own tribe and their own people. Do you agree? Regardless of whether they lived in the past, the present or the future, they all want to begin centering from themselves: my parents, my spouse, my children, my ancestors. When we say "I," it includes both men and women, but there are so many men and women! Because we all desire to become the best, I want to know where is the place where I can stand as a representative of man and woman? What qualifies an individual to become the representative of an entire race? In order to have that kind of qualification you must be able to feel you are qualified to represent the entire group-not centering upon self-but representing the entire humanity. That kind of conviction and confidence should be with you. When that kind of qualified man and woman become one, then that is the ideal couple. Why do we refer to them as "ideal couple"? In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, He wanted them to become an ideal man and woman who would represent the entire world. Why are Unification Church members so precious in this world? Because we are the ones who have the qualification to say, "I, as a man, represent the entire 2.5 billion men in this world" and, "I, as a woman, represent the entire 2.5 billion women in the world." When the man and woman who are able to represent all men and women of the world become one, they become the ideal couple who can represent the entire human race. That is the way the entire human race can be united. It's the beginning point where people can become one.

You should think that "I" represents all my organs, my entire body. That is the value of "I". As you move your arm and finger, your eye should not resist; rather, the eye should follow the same direction. By the same token, if your leg moves, the eye coordinates with it. Whatever part of your body moves, your eyes must coordinate together. It is up to your mind. If your mind moves in a certain direction, your body must follow that direction because the mind is the center. Your nose is also in the center, so when you move forward your nose is in front of every other organ of your body. (Laughter.) It is like the representative. Your other organs may protest that they don't want to see the nose in front. Then you would have to walk sideways so that your ear can be ahead! (Laughter.) Actually, when it comes to reality, it doesn't matter which organ we are talking about, they are all representatives of your entire being. By the same token, should Reverend Moon, the founder of the Unification Church, just favor the white race or the black race? No. He should love every race equally because he is their representative.

If there are many different black countries and the presidents are all fighting one another, Father still has to love and consolidate them and somehow build unity amongst them. If there is somebody who will remain the representative of the entire human race until the last, he will be the winner. As there are so many men and women, we may wonder what is the qualification needed in order to represent the entire human race? Will diamonds and money do it? If money and diamonds are the qualification then people will fight.

How about knowledge? Knowledge alone cannot qualify one for that position. If knowledge is the key, then the person with the most knowledge will be so arrogant that he will demand everybody else listen to him. In the scholastic world if one scholar knows even one formula that nobody else knows he boasts unbearably much about his discovery. Other scholars will suffer a lot if that happens. Don't you agree? When the other scholars suffer under his arrogance, they will get together and spit on him. However, even if one particular scholar has the most knowledge, if he is humble enough then others will join together and raise him up. If anybody is arrogant he will be punched down to be made humble, but if somebody is humble then everybody will raise him up. What does that mean? People in general have a desire to be equal. What is the substance which can equalize all the different people in all the different fields of life? Love. Look at little babies; they don't really have anything to offer, yet when you look at them you just feel love. You want to put your cheek against theirs and kiss them, right? Even little puppies come and lick babies' cheeks. You have seen this, haven't you? (Laughter.) Therefore, love is the substance that can equalize no matter how high or how low.

Let us suppose there is a family whose grandfather was the president of a big country for a long time and was very famous throughout the world. His entire family is very simple and in some ways without formal education and yet there is no conflict there as in the political world because they are a family. Even though they are all at different levels, what is the substance that unifies them and creates peace and harmony in the family? Let's say you have a big sack which contains your family. In it we find yellow, black, white, educated people and uneducated people. Everybody can be contained there and become one family unit. What about God? When you join the spiritual world do you think that you will travel alone or will you need the family environment? (We need it.) Forever? (Yes.)

We are referring to love, but there are many different kinds of love. What kind of love are we referring to? (True Love.) Then what is True Love? Where can you find True Love? If you grab a man or hold a woman, can you gain True Love? Let's face the reality, is the world out there good or evil? (Evil.) Why do you say so? Answer Father, why do you say so? Because it is lacking True Love; it cannot be found out there. Suppose True Love is above water level and the entire world out there is below water level, then how can you find True Love? That is why the Bible tells us, "Those who seek their lives will lose it and those who are willing to give their life will gain life." It is kind of paradoxical isn't it? Does anybody like that kind of statement? Does Reverend Moon like that kind of statement? No, Father doesn't like it. Why do we need that way of life then? Because we are all sick people and in order to recover we have to go the reverse way. As we are really sick we may die at any moment; therefore, in order to sustain our life, we have to follow the doctor's direction no matter how difficult that may be. We have to regain our health that means we have to overcome the suffering and sickness.

God created this world and He still exists, so why is this world evil? The world is like a machine that is temporarily broken. If God had created this broken world and broken man, it means He cannot restore this world back since He created it broken. But Heavenly Father did not create this broken world. It means that man and this world lost God and separation took place. Therefore, we are separated from God and if Satan exists it means that we automatically belong to Satan if we don't belong to God. God wants to lead this entire world into a good direction but Satan, as God's enemy, will try to lead this entire world in the opposite way where destruction and despair reside. When we observe this world, particularly the rampant free sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and AIDS here in America, we see that with all these kinds of problems it is like a living hell. Suppose we have to save this world. How should we go about it? We have to turn it around 180 degrees from where it is and head in a different direction, the original direction. The conclusion is simple; since the things we see in this world are what Satan wants most, then what God likes most is totally opposite of this. That means no homosexuality, no free sex, no lesbianism, no AIDS and then there would be no problems. Simple conclusion, simple direction.

Can you find any religious movement in this world, except the Unification Church, which is promoting this kind of ideal? The Unification Church is the only one. Do we have anything to do with AIDS? (No.) What about free sex? (No.) What about homosexuality? (No.) You cannot find this kind of deviated behavior in the animal kingdom or even in the world of insects. Only fallen mankind is dominated by this evil. Once you know then it is very simple, isn't it?

How evil is this world right now? You cannot even describe it. What is the fundamental cause of all the evil that we see in this world? Again, the fundamental conclusion comes down to man and woman. Once we find the solution for one man and one woman coming out of this mess, then the entire world will have hope. Don't you agree? (Yes!) No matter what problem we speak about, the fundamental point is that one man and one woman didn't know where to stand-they didn't find the right position where they could stand. As a representative of all women, this woman should believe that as long as she can be totally united with this one man, and build peace and harmony with him, that she can have that kind of family and that kind of world. With what? Not with money or knowledge, but by love. What kind of love? Godly love, that you give and forget without expecting anything in return. It is human nature that if somebody sacrifices his or her life three times, or gives you a precious gift three times that you will feel you want to pay back at least once. That kind of mind exists within you. We should have at least that. Jesus also said that we should forgive our enemies seven times seventy. That means for eternity.

Suppose I am such an evil person and Father keeps forgiving me over and over until I finally repented and became a new person. All those people and events that I was related to while I was doing evil will be saved also. The reason is they are all hooked to me. Suppose I knew all these evil people in the world, and one day I became a truly Godly person because of Father's forgiveness. Then I can go around the world again and give my testimony to those people and by doing so teach them and make them new people. I can truly testify that I was the prince of Hell but because of Reverend Moon's forgiveness I finally became the prince of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Then others will want to become like me and follow me. That is why Jesus and John the Baptist all proclaimed that the people needed repentance. They didn't mean only evil people, but everybody, without exception. What is it that we need to repent for? The thing that Satan likes most is the thing that God likes the least; therefore, we should repent in order to rid ourselves of the thinking and the habits which Satan likes most. That means we didn't love God and we need to repent. We have to repent and redetermine that from now on we will kick Satan away and that we will love God. What does God need? Does He need money, power and knowledge? God has these things. What then does He need? An object of love, a True Love partner. That is the ideal of creation. Do you understand? We have to repent for loving Satan rather than God. We must have a new determination through our repentance that more than we love our spouse, children, family and friends, we have to love God. We didn't love God with True Love.

True Love is such that you are willing to even sacrifice your life for God and True Parents. Then even if you are born again, you must be willing to risk your life again for their sake. That is the kind of love we are talking about. Suppose you lose your physical life and you join the spiritual world; even in the spiritual world you will seek for your wife because of love. Here is a husband who will wait for eternity until he finds his wife. That kind of love, we can say, is True Love. What would you do with True Love? True Love connects every aspect of life, everything in this universe. As a couple, as long as you have True Love and are united, then the entire universe is with you. Once you are totally united as husband and wife with True Love, including God, then the entire universe will give you applause.

In the orient we have a common understanding from Confucianist teachings that if you have a true ideal in this world but are unable to fulfill it here on earth, you will still be longing for that ideal in the spiritual world. In the Western world do you have that kind of philosophy or understanding? Your original mind doesn't want one-day love. Is True Mother a happy woman and is True Father a happy man? (Yes!) Ask True Mother. This happiness does not depend on whether it is morning or night or if you are high or low. Whatever situation you may face, True Love remains the same. True Love can fill up everything just like water and air. True Love has such amazing power that as soon as you look at your husband you will see the wide bright world beyond him, like a 100 mile-per-hour speed boat in the wide open ocean. By the same token, when a husband looks at his wife, he should be able to see that kind of world through her. Suppose this ideal husband and wife are driving this 100 mile- per-hour speed boat out in the ocean. The boat jumps and flies because of the speed and the waves. How wonderful it will be for them! Even if you become like a gypsy, so long as you have True Love, this is the happiness of all happiness. No matter what you may do, you will still be happy. Nothing will make you unhappy. Therefore, it is a universal law that women alone cannot get into this kind of experience, nor can men alone achieve it. It needs man and woman together and only then can this kind of happiness be experienced.

Those who have spouses, raise your hands. Have you as a wife, experienced looking at your husband for many days and whether he is sleeping, walking, eating or whatever, your eyes don't feel tired? Without sleeping of course you have to watch him. (Laughter.) Have you done it? Think about it, if you have that kind of happiness and desire from your heart and you do that, then how happy you will be. You will touch even one strand of your wife or husband's hair and you will still feel happy. Just by holding one strand of hair you will smile for one month. (Laughter.) By looking at your husband's photograph, you will bow down for eternity and feel happy for eternity. What a fortunate and happy wife you will be if you can do that!

Your nose will say that in eternity it wants to remain the nose of the husband who loved his wife and felt joy and happiness. That is the way of smelling happiness. That is the way of doing love talk until you have talked so much that your lips become thinner. (Laughter.) If you praise and love your husband that much, is that a sin? (No.) Suppose you grab your spouse and keep on kissing your spouse for 100 years without eating or sleeping and because of that you eventually die together and go to the spiritual world together. Because of that, will you go to hell or what? A love throne would be waiting for you! That is a possible conclusion.

Do you love your spouse to the extent that the five major organs of your body go crazy? You should feel that once you begin talking with your spouse about love, that nothing can stop you. If there was a way to attach your wife to your hip so that no matter where you went or what you did, she would be welded to you, would you do that or not? If you are a husband that is equipped with True Love, you would love that idea, but if you refuse it then it means you are not filled with True Love.

We have 240 million people here in America. Is there anybody except Father who is talking about this? (No.) Who is actually crazy, American people or Father? American people are crazy as Satan's sons and daughters. Now you understand what True Love is so once you grab it, don't let it go. Once you are welded to True Love and somebody comes along and cuts you off then you go around and get welded on the other side. Any place that there is space you should be welded again. You husbands and wives, when you sleep together in the same bed do you sleep with your bodies touching or separated? Which way do you usually sleep? Father says we need training to sleep in a sleeping bag-but this is a new invention-a sleeping bag which has two openings, one for two heads. This one bag will contain two bodies and at the end four feet will stick out. That kind of sleeping bag is needed. That means that even in the middle of the night if you have to go to the bathroom, you have to walk together. (Laughter.) You would be lucky, because it doesn't matter if you do number one or number two your spouse will watch you and protect you. (Laughter.)

Do you like the smell of your husband's semen? Answer to Father. Does it smell good or bad? You may not like the smell of your wife's stool, but do you smell your own? Why don't you smell your own but you smell your wife's? Because you are not totally one. You don't smell your own because it is part of you. Do you feel your heart beating all the time? But actually it is beating all the time. Why don't we feel that all the time? Because it is part of you, it is not separated. Have you seen your conscience? (No.) Have you touched it? (No.) Then how do you know that you have one? Because you feel it. Have you seen love? (No.) Have you touched it? (No.) Then how do you know that love exists? Because you feel it. Have you seen God? (No.) Have you touched God? (No.) How do you know that He exists? By feeling God. Oneness is the key. We shouldn't be able to feel anything that is a part of us operating separately. When we feel some part of us operating separately, then something is wrong within oneself. Your being, consisting of millions of cells, is totally one, without any separation whatsoever and as an entire being, you are dealing with this universe. There should be no separate feeling. We shouldn't be able to feel any separation among our body parts. What kind of factory exists about one foot below our mouth? That is where all waste matter is expelled from our body, and although it is so close in proximity to our smelling organ we don't sense that at all. However, within our daily lives when we are even twenty feet away from somebody and smell their waste, we run away. It is like an object that is within your vision. Once this object gets closer and closer to your eye are you able to see it? No. Why not? Once it becomes so close to you and becomes one with you, then you should know what it is and accept it as it is.

Women look at themselves in the mirror at least ten times a day, don't you? More than ten times. Every two hours you go to the restroom. You always touch up your makeup or your hair and look at yourself. You look at yourself in the mirror more than man does. So if Father asked you to draw yourself, would you be able to do that easily? (No.) Why not? Because you are totally one with yourself. If you are able to feel the difference, then you are in trouble because it means an outside force has intervened. Do you understand? (Yes.) What about drawing your wife's face really well, can you do that? If you can, it means you are not totally one with your wife. Of course you are able to draw the shape of your wife's face, but you are the one who should know the different expressions of your wife's face. When she is sad, you should be able to describe your wife's face as a comforting face. When she is happy, you should be able to see a different expression, many different expressions depending upon the emotional changes. That is why you cannot exactly draw your wife's face. Do you understand that logic? Have you felt that? Think about how happy you would be. That is why if you are married to the person for whom you felt first love, and first love is the most important one, then no matter how ugly your wife may be, she is beautiful. Your wife may be shaped like a pumpkin and yet you feel so happy to touch her, feeling, "Ah, she is so round." Or you may feel that she is so flexible, that if you punch her it bounces back, or she is so big that you cannot even touch your hands around her. (Laughter.)

What is the title of this morning's sermon? Who Was I? It is reasonable to conclude that once we find a prototype of an ideal man and an ideal woman then we can duplicate this prototype man and woman in order to make this world into an ideal world. Between husband and wife, have you had any fights? Have you? (Yes.) Those who didn't have the experience of having a fight between husband and wife, raise your hands. Then you all admit that you have been fighting with each other, so are you qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven or Hell? Those who fight will go down to Hell. What if there is an occasion when you must fight? The moment that you feel like fighting then you have to think to yourself that the king of Hell is right in front of you, ready to take you. Then you have to shut down all of your organs and become a dummy. Then get into meditation and picture a scene of love and enjoy yourself. (Laughter.) Suppose your wife still comes around and punches you and each time she punches you, your body turns a little bit more. Finally you turn a complete circle three times, still with a smiling face. Then her punch will become her kiss. Experiment. (Laughter.) You may ask Father if he has done it and Father will tell you that he can do that. In public, Mother must have at least several points which she never understands about Father. Do you understand that? (Yes.) That is the occasion when Father would go to a different realm.

Your enemy is often within yourself-what you see, what you say, what you hear. Do you understand? [Father writes on the blackboard.] This Chinese character that Father has written usually consists of many different reasonable facts. For example, this letter only on this side means holiness or holy man. This character represents eye, this, mouth and this represents your ear. In other words, what you see, what you say and what you hear and the person who can control these three is a holy man. That is what this character means, Father says. As a king you may hear all types of reports, sometimes very confidential ones, but if you say everything that you hear then your entire country will go down the drain. You have to be able to control the information. Therefore, become holy men and holy women. Do you want to become holy men and holy women? That means to become king or queen of what you see, what you hear and what you say.

Usually women have a tendency to say everything that they hear. When you shake a beer bottle and open the cap, what happens? It shoots out, right? And that is the way women usually act. At that moment you have to treat your organs as your enemies and shut down everything so they don't function. This is a special warning to women. When you hear something, then run away from that if it is not necessary for you to hear. If there is anything extraordinary taking place outside usually women run out first to find out what it is. That is true! When you feel that way you have to command your legs, "Don't move me." Your eyes look at things and analyze and evaluate immediately, but God gave you that merit in order to raise your children properly. You really need sensible eyes, ears and mouth in order to raise children. When you deal with your husband don't utilize them all, but do just the opposite.

If you know these kinds of details then you will be able to use them to help you. What is the conclusion? The entire world problem can be solved when we solve the problem of man and woman. Your family is the battlefield of the world war right there. Unless the world war in your family is ended, then the world's problems will not become extinct. Where there is a battle raging God cannot dwell, only Satan can dwell there. God can dwell only in a peaceful place so build peace within your family. Then hope, happiness and freedom will be yours. This is a simple truth. Mankind's history has been one of continuous fighting until now. How to stop this is the biggest problem for humankind. Only Reverend Moon is providing the answer to this dilemma. How to make a peaceful world is the most important thing. This is your work for your whole life. Until now, mankind has not solved this problem. There are only two struggles within the world: the fight within yourself (the fight between mind and body), and the struggle between man and woman. Once we resolve these two problems, the struggle between our mind and body and the man and woman struggle, then all the problems in this world can automatically be solved. Do you understand? Those who claim not to have any struggle within themselves, raise your hands. That means that you are all doomed to go to hell. Originally, man was not created this way. So if we have conflict within ourselves it means we cannot go to the original Kingdom of God in Heaven, but that we will stay in the middle someplace.

We have all learned about the restoration of brotherhood, parenthood, kingship and royal familyship, haven't we? Did we learn it, or did we only hear it but have nothing to do with it? Once we hear the truth we have to become the embodiment of the truth. That is the key and that is the problem. Therefore, where is our enemy? It isn't the world which is opposing you or the enemy who is piercing you with a knife. The battlefield is right within you. Your body is the very enemy, but this body expands to the nation and so the entire nation is the enemy nation, the entire world is the Satanic world. Do you understand? Your body is the essence of Hell. What is your body? (Hell.) If we say that to somebody else they will sue you and you will go to jail. Therefore nobody will do that to you so you have to do it to yourself. That is why we need religion. The religious way is the way of subjugating the body in order that it may follow the conscience. Conscience should have sovereignty.

We have a couple of feet of snow outside with no place to park so some of you may conclude that if you come to Belvedere on such a morning that your body will suffer a lot because of sitting down for many hours listening to Father and that you prefer to sleep more. Father's response is, "Go ahead and sleep more and see what happens." Why do you think that Father is giving such a difficult talk for us to understand instead of giving us an easy talk? Father knows the reality and if Father does this, our body will become a giant and dominate our conscience. That is the way religious life is. Religious leaders up until this point didn't know where the problem lay. If we study Christianity we see the monks and nuns of the 16th and 17th centuries placed great hardship on their bodies by leading an ascetic life. Now we know what to do and how to do it and what the problem is. They didn't know. We have to push down our body's desire all the time. In society we see that people want to follow whatever others are doing that looks like more fun for them, but that is because they don't fully understand that their body is their enemy.

We have to make it our habit to push down our body's desires. Without doing so we cannot restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. How can we restore the original authority of our conscience? That is the key. We must understand how fearful the Fall is. It is more fearful than AIDS. If you have AIDS it may end in your generation; however the Fall will be inherited generation after generation, so it is more fearful. You have to feel that. Suppose you have AIDS, can you eat and sleep really comfortably? You have to understand that you have a most fearful disease within your blood. You are destined to go to Hell. Suppose there is a way to get out of this fearful situation. Then you should be able to sacrifice everything, including yourself, to achieve that. Because of the Fall, our blood lineage has been stained. Your blood lineage is connected to Satan's blood, your body is Satan's body. Your original mind is accusing the body all the time. Body power is presently stronger than conscience power and this is a problem. Only through True Love's connecting power can we find a way out. The original human ancestors fell down from that place and could not reach the original love connecting point. The world of the mind is always warning you that you have to reach the highest love place. Your conscience understands everything.

[Father writes on the board.] This Chinese character stands for the Fall. This is the first time that Father has written Chinese characters so big, but the reason for him doing so is that the problem is big. Once we get rid of the Fall then automatically, naturally, your mind and body will become united. Are your mind and body totally united? Do you still need to practice in order to overcome your bodily desire? Do you need to fight or not? How about you, Jim? (Yes, Father.) Are you now taking action or thinking? (Fighting.) Is it easy or difficult? (Very difficult.) It has been very difficult throughout history. Throughout history there has been fighting between mankind's mind and body. When can we find the truth? When you are unhealthy you cannot find the truth. Until now, nobody has been able to stop this war. From now on with the guidance of Reverend Moon we are beginning to stop the war. This is the main mission of the Unification Church.

Has America been an enemy country to Father or not? Once it was. Father is trying his absolute best to save this enemy country. But Father doesn't see anybody like himself among you. You have to fight against your body if your body is trying to dominate your conscience. You need that kind of determination. Even if you have to lose your life, you should feel so strongly that you don't want to be subjugated by bodily desires. You must feel the conviction to finish this fight. We have to win this war in our lifetime. The only way to gain the victor's position is on the earth in your lifetime. How important this time is! Do you understand how serious this is? We must understand this.

All these struggles came into being because of love. Adam and Eve made a love relationship with Satan when they were at the top of the growth stage which resulted in the Fall. In the process of restoration, Satan will always attack and oppose you at each stage of growth, but you have to overcome at each stage. All was lost at the top of the growth stage so until we reach that level again this constant battle against Satan will go on. We have to secure our life by winning the victory at each stage until we go beyond that level at the top of the growth stage. Then we will be able to enter the realm of the original world which has nothing to do with the Fall of Man.

[Father draws on the blackboard.] Here is the family level, tribal level, national level and world level. At the world level, Satan can no longer interfere. Satan knows that once God combines all these nations and enters into the world level that he cannot interfere. That is why Satan has divided the world into as many nations as he possibly could. All these nations have their own boundaries and fight all the time. Even America has a boundary between Mexico and the United States. There are boundaries between men and women, parents and children and all struggles and conflicts that exist. Even between East and West there is conflict and America always regards herself as the superpower, sitting on the top of the world. But we need a world that has circular movement just like the circulatory system of the human body. The harmonious action of give and take is where growth occurs.

The Western world considers their civilization the best and regards the Eastern civilization as secondary, but they should not think that way. In reality America is struggling behind Japan, isn't it? The American people's thinking and way of life is more individualistic and self-centered like grains of sand on the beach, whereas Japan at least has a family-oriented society. When you make rice cakes, you combine a lot of flour and yeast together and cause them to cling together. When a national emergency comes about, the Japanese people, no matter what kind of position they may hold in society, will all pitch in and help even in humble manual work to help the whole. That kind of spirit exists there. Do you understand? To save your nation you would even sell your house and go to labor hard every day without complaint for the sake of the nation.

How about Unification Church members, are only Japanese people living that lifestyle here? No, here we are all races and colors and we all do the same. Our countries have been enemy nations, but we all live with the spirit of living for the sake of the nation and world. Do we have the possibility of becoming universal men and women? That is why Father has made interracial and international marriages. Actually, the nations of America and Japan cannot make these kind of arrangements between people. However, the Unification Church can do as it wishes. Suppose half of the American population have this interracial, international marriage arranged by Reverend Moon, then this country would belong to God wouldn't it? (Yes.) Therefore, is your responsibility severe or easy? Yes, very severe. No matter what, we will do it over and over, giving and forgetting until we take up the victor's position.

Satan can only reach up to the national level. When it comes to the world level, only God is able to subjugate it. Once we go beyond the national level then Satan has nothing more to do with our lives. Look at the reality of the world, the gigantic nation of America is being manipulated by Kim Il Sung. President Clinton doesn't know what to do and the Washington Times is giving him such a strong blow that it may knock him down. Who is doing it? Who opposed President Carter? This man standing here on the stage. (Laughter.) Clinton is exactly like the brother of Jimmy Carter. How can we protect the nation and world from their political action? America doesn't have that power. We are the ones who must know in what direction the world should go.

Don't you think it was excellent that Father came up with the declaration of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age last year? (Applause.) Let's remember that the entire leadership in our American Church all, one way or another, opposed Father's idea. Father was the only one who was strong enough to push this proclamation. Do you know why? Because of the fiasco in Waco, Texas. David Koresh was considered as a false Messiah and the media began portraying Father as one also. That is why Father's determination was, "Well if you think that, you will indeed see the real one." All of America was watching and waiting for Father to fail and go down the drain, but Father's response to that was, "You just wait and see how I prosper." Father had the determination while he and Mother were giving the speeches around the nation that if anyone, out of any audience any place, were to stand up and oppose Father then Father would go down and grab him and ask, "Do you know what True Parents and the Completed Testament Age means?" That is what Father planned to do. No dictionary has those words, only Reverend Moon's dictionary. They only have some understanding of the Old and New Testaments but Father is proclaiming the Completed Testament Age which nobody knows anything about. Did Father wipe out the entire American opposition or was it only a mediocre victory? (Wiped out.)

Father gave a direction to members that within three weeks they had to prepare the Capitol Hill speech. It made everybody numb. Usually it takes two to three years in order to prepare and many of our leaders were hesitant. However, did we do it or not? (YES!) What about another three weeks for the United Nations speech, were you all happy to do that? (Yes.) Everybody understands that to stand before an audience in the United Nations and deliver a speech is not so easily arranged. But Father does not concern himself with how easy or difficult it is to achieve such things. Do you understand? The more difficult way is more interesting, more challenging. In Japan people also doubted our ability to bring success because the media had beaten down our church to such a miserable situation. Father knew that well, but with God's power Father lifted up our community in Japan again. This is the reality; Japanese leaders must think about that. They were saying that Father couldn't take action in the Japanese nation freely, but Father broke every barrier.

Then in Korea, Mother spoke in the universities which had previously been occupied by radical students who chased out CARP completely from their campuses, and was received with an open door. Previously they had been occupying the king's position, dominating the universities and chasing CARP out, but now we see a complete reversal of this and restoration of elder position. Do you understand? Now we continue with the Moscow Rally. We will reach North Korean "A" students, South Korean "A" students, Japanese "A" students, Chinese, Soviet and American, too. I've made that kind of foundation. It is most powerful. North Korean students and South Korean students are Cain and Abel. If South Korea connects with True Parents, then North Korea will be no problem. If they come against me they will begin to fall down. This is the Divine Principle perspective. Do you understand clearly?

Suppose that one day Father brings approximately 30,000 Russian students to do pioneering work here in America. Those Russian students speak very good English. Are you able to speak Russian? If you can't then you are the losers. While western students are enjoying free sex and drugs and losing their spirits, Russian students are studying hard and master even foreign languages. We sent some Ivy League students to Moscow where they were taught by Russian students, for which they should have felt ashamed. However, they didn't feel any shame, so they will eventually lose. If we do lose we have to be able to kneel down and surrender.

Because of the false love that was initiated by false parents then this false world emerged, the so-called Hell. We have to be able to go beyond the level of Hell and then we will be able to taste Heaven. Those who seek life in this Hell will fall again and die whereas those who are willing to lose their lives for the sake of God will enter into Heaven. They have to overcome all opposition from the individual, family, tribe, national and world levels. This is the life that Father has been living up until now and he has won the victory at each level so that even the Communist world became Father's friend. Father is going to hold another peace conference in Korea centered upon the Federation for World Peace and Summit Council. Then, even Communist friends such as Gorbachev will come as well as many other heads of state from formerly communist countries. Also, the heads of state of other countries centered upon America, will participate. (Applause.) That particular peace conference will take place in Seoul from March 27th to 29th of this year. Father is hoping and planning that when those heads of state come that Father will send them directly to North Korea to see Kim Il Sung. South Korea may oppose that idea but they will get a punch from these heads of state. We need that kind of power, don't you think? Who is able to create that kind of powerful foundation all over the world? (Father.) Father always has that kind of power. That kind of fighting is the true man's way.

The problem we are now facing is the struggle between our conscience and body. The false parents started this fallen world and so we need True Parents. We must go beyond Satan's boundary. The satanic world doesn't have anything to do with True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Once we have the support of nations we will eliminate all the satanic elements completely. Do you understand? (Yes.) Think seriously about this, how difficult it has been for Reverend Moon as one single person to change this entire western world. Now the time has come for America to follow Reverend Moon; there is no other choice. It is a reality that the entire Christianity is following behind the Washington Times' lead to save this nation. The Christian cultural world have declared their newspaper to be the Washington Times, not the Washington Post. (Laughter.)

In the last twelve years Father has spent 1.2 billion dollars for the Washington Times. Have you even donated one penny for the Washington Times? No. That is why we have a problem. There are many billionaires in this country as this is the richest country in the world. Did they come up with even one million dollars to save this country through the Washington Times? They did not, so that is why they now honor Father. Even now, those people who have come to know about Father's work criticize Unification Church members because they see that we knew the truth but that we have kept our mouths closed instead of going and informing them earlier. Now it is too late. Many of these leaders think that Reverend Moon should not have to stand on the front line himself and proclaim himself as the True Parents and this age as the Completed Testament Age. Instead, you American members should have done this on his behalf. They understand this. Don't you agree that should have been the way it was done? Suppose America had received Father's message honestly like this twenty years ago, what kind of nation would we have today? American people are clever people, not foolish. If they hear this Divine Principle content once, they understand it one hundred percent better than you. The problem is that Unification Church members kept their mouths shut. You think about that. If we remain the way that we are we will become like slaves. Many of you just seek after safe jobs within companies in order to make money but instead you should be able to bring the Presidents of those companies and convert them into Unification Church members. Do you follow? Wake up now; otherwise, like Jesus said, "The first will be last and the last will be first."

Do you need True Parents? We should eliminate this satanic world because True Parents don't have anything to do with this satanic world. Once you enter into the heavenly True Parents' realm then your conscience will be open to True Love and you will receive the power of Parents. It is time for you to open the gate of your conscience in four different directions. Do you understand? Did you open the gates of your conscience or not? Your conscience is desiring to embrace the entire world, the entire human race, but you want to embrace only the white race. You have to testify to True Parents in reality not conceptually. You have to be able to prove yourselves and that is where we will be able to inherit the lineage of True Parents. The life, love and lineage is like a trinity which cannot be separated.

Our body is filled with satanic blood lineage. That is why our body is always trying to dominate our mind or conscience. When we received the Blessing we went through a special ceremony of transforming the blood lineage didn't we? Was this just a children's game? That was the moment that we denied and eliminated this satanic life, lineage and love and became engrafted into the heavenly lineage. Therefore, we must never want to go back to the old satanic world but just progress on in the heavenly world. Father knew that the time would come when we should all win this battle and go back to our hometown. That is why Father gave us the direction to become tribal messiah to our families. Father came up with the proclamation that Father's couple is the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age has dawned starting a new history.

Why do we need True Parents? Because our conscience is still not the full image of God, so True Parents are the ones who will be a constant power and energy source for our conscience for it to function properly. If you want to become true children, you have to stand above your body and lead your body, not be led by your body. In the early days of our church many sisters had the experience of going perhaps to the super market or some such place, but instead found themselves in the church. Such phenomena occurred because the mind was leading the body.

Your body always thinks about free sex and bodily desires. We have all these bodily desires, don't we? It is because we have inherited all the rotten fruits of our ancestors for generations. We are all the result of illicit love, so how can this be cleaned up? This is an historical problem. We are a result of all the illicit love that occurred ever since the creation of mankind. Unification Theological students please raise your hands. I see many of you are present here. You can understand this clearly. If you commit this kind of illicit love again you should determine to be able to cut off your hands, legs or whatever you need to cut off. Just the misuse of love caused such tragedy to the entire human race.

That is why Father has done his best to find any bridge, any way, to give you salvation. These women, you are like robbers. When Father chose True Mother there were so many different people who tried to criticize, condemn and judge Mother in order to take her position. Many women came to Mother and told her to get out from the room, that it was theirs, that they were the spouse of True Father. Even if Father held their hands or kissed them they would claim to have slept with him and that they were his wife. They would have said so. They came up with all kinds of allegations and accusations to destroy the Unification Church. But Father knew this principle. That is why he could survive until now and win all the victories.

This teaching Father offers you is not a simple teaching given at random. Father has already experimented in the spiritual world. He analyzed it and came up with this conclusion and then he gave us this teaching. We have to understand this. The substantiation of our conscience must materialize. Where is God? God is the root of love, root of conscience, root of mind, root of everything. God is the root of every part of my life. He dwells in the deepest place in the root of love, the deepest and most secret place, the deepest and most secret place of your lineage and from that very place everything stems, life, love and lineage. Your conscience is like the house of God. Even if you include God, your conscience still has room. Do you agree? God will be happy to be that way. The number one place is where God dwells.

We all want to become champions, don't we? If you are competing in the Olympic Games do you want to become the champion or would you be content with second or third place? The Olympic Games are held every four years. Sometimes the fastest record might be two hours and ten minutes, at the next Olympics it is perhaps two hours and five minutes, at the next Olympics perhaps two hours and twenty minutes but still the champion is the champion. They are horizontally on the same line as champions.

Are you champions of the marriage wedding? Once you are a champion it doesn't matter what nationality you are. Once you hold the champion position you are all at an equal level. When we marry we have to think that we are dealing with 2.5 billion champions, which means women or men. There are so many millions of men in this country and yet your partner was the only one out of them all. An absolute man has absolute love. An absolute woman has absolute love. There are not two women for one man, absolutely only one and vice versa. That is the meaning of marriage: a representative of the entire population of men becomes a representative of the entire heaven and earth. We should have this kind of pride as a champion when we go out into the world. We should not be side-tracked by the environment we find in the world around us. A champion has sovereign power. The Unification Church consists of all the champions of marriage like Olympic Game champions.

At the last matching Father selected your spouse. Out of 3,000 to 4,000 champions, he hand-picked one for you. This is not a children's game but a very serious matter. However, our eyes are stained with human waste and that is the reason we cannot see what Father has chosen for us. We should be able to produce good and brilliant children. Do you realize how much you need True Parents? You need them even more than your love. Why? Because True Parents are responsible to restore the past, present and future, even the spiritual world. That is why True Parents always dwell with God. God only dwelled with Adam and Eve within the boundary of the Garden of Eden; however, now God is working with True Parents beyond the national level, on the worldwide level. Satan already fell away from the national level; the completed stage is where True Parents are working. You also should have the confidence that you have nothing to do with Satan. Do you understand? Did Father say that we have something to do with Satan still? No. We only have relationship with God and True Parents. Therefore, we must understand that our conscience always stands on God's side and the time has now come when almighty conscience is now dominating the entire body and the entire world.

At the top of the growth stage we fell away from True Love but now we are going up. We are in the victor's position so Satan cannot interfere. Because of the Fall of Man, fallen mankind fell with false love and false conscience. But because of Father's grace we now are starting in the heavenly realm, the completed state; so with our power of conscience we will begin to fly from now on. At the time of the Fall the power of false love was stronger than our conscience, but because of True Parents' grace at this time, the power of conscience is stronger than false love. That is why we are able to dominate this bodily desire. Since we have found God again then Satan is separated from us. Because we lost God, Satan was invited into our lives. In order to chase out Satan we must invite God into our lives. This is true. Because we are in the heavenly completed realm, so long as we are centered on the power of conscience there is no problem in dominating our bodily desire. Do you understand? You have to have that kind of confidence otherwise you cannot win over the power of your body. Mind power is created by connecting with True Parents' power, giving you domination over your body. You have to have the confidence that this time is different from past times. It is time to chase Satan out from our lives. When Satan is gone, we invite Almighty God into our lives.

The subject now is God in the plus position, then man in the minus position. In between these two, True Love brings them into oneness, just as God's mind and body are one. Our conscience is our second God. Our number one God is Heavenly Father Himself, and your conscience is your second God. Do you understand? What is your mind? (Second God.) It is connecting you to the life, love and lineage of God. My conscience is my second God; that strong power can dominate my body's desires. We must have that kind of confidence and conviction. Who was I? I was supposed to be the love partner of God. Even God Himself, without having a love partner, could not fulfill Himself. We have to have the confidence in ourselves that, "I am the one who can complete God. As a second God I should assist God in making Himself complete." Man is plus and woman is minus but who helps man to complete himself? Woman, centering upon True Love. No matter what kind of famous subject position he holds, he cannot complete himself without his love partner. Do you understand? That is why we have this special privilege and right to live with God, because we are the ones who are to help God to perfect Himself. The most precious thing to God is True Love and man is to occupy True Love. It is humankind's original responsibility. How wonderful man is!

Until now, we have had the understanding that as human beings no matter how great our desire, we could not fulfill it. However, originally our desire and hope should have been fulfilled. Do you follow? Imagine, because of me, God can be perfected and God's love can be perfected. How wonderful this is! Once you have a love relationship with God then the concept of position follows. By the same token, when man and woman first enter into a love relationship each of them claims possession over the other. Through love the right of position comes into being. Once you become totally one with God through love then God becomes yours and you are God's son and vice versa because the two become totally one. God is like the mind and man is like the body. It is important to realize that your conscience is your second God, but without dealing with God Himself. Your conscience is absolute God for you.

It is like the relationship between the branches of government. There is Capitol Hill, the Presidential office and Chief Justice, etc. Then it goes down to the state level, county and village level. But as long as there is total unity between subject and object of all the constituents and all the necessary people at this level, then you don't need to bother so much about the organization above that. By the same token, as long as you have mind and body unity at the individual level, your God is your conscience. God and man are a plus and minus but at the individual level, as long as there is total mind and body unity within that individual, then that individual's conscience should be acting as his or her God. Without being led or instructed by God Himself you have your own God within you. Do you understand? Centering upon you, your absolute God is your conscience. Your inner God should be reflected outwardly through your body. Worship your conscience as your absolute God, then your bodily desire is not a problem at all. Father would then ask you who, between God and conscience, knows what you do first? Who shall know first, your conscience within you or God? (God.) Why? It is like a relationship between man and woman, if man knows what woman is doing before her conscience knows what she is doing, then woman will become man's attribute or part.

Everyone's mind is different, possessing individual characteristics. As each one's mind is different then each one's conscience should know first. God governs every person's conscience. Looking back at our original history, when God first appeared to Adam and Eve after the Fall, what kind of question did He put to them? Did He condemn them because they fell or did He ask them if they had fallen? Why did God ask man? Because God knew that their conscience must have known that they fell first. The owner was their conscience mind, not God. Therefore God had to ask first. That clearly indicates that the conscience of each one should know whatever happens within that individual self even before God. Is there anything within your life that your conscience doesn't know about? Absolutely not. Conscience absolutely knows. Therefore your conscience doesn't need any education. Have you heard anybody else teaching this kind of content? As long as you follow the way of conscience then naturally, automatically, you will be led to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now you understand that conscience is everything and is leading the mind to the most high level. Why? Because the mind doesn't understand everything. Conscience understands everything and it is leading you towards the higher purpose during your whole lifetime. The problem for mankind is our flesh body which needs to be cleaned up and subjugated by our conscience and led automatically to the Kingdom of Heaven. Your conscience doesn't need education, which means it doesn't need a teacher. It means you don't need Reverend Moon. (Yes!) No, because once you make that completion of your conscience then you don't need anything, your conscience is your teacher.

Now we are making the conclusion that God existed before Parents, and before any teacher. He existed before everything. How precious conscience is for us and how we can protect its precious value forever: this is the mission of my whole lifetime. We can say that the philosophy of relationship you have to have is that kind of concept. I stand in a minus position and I follow a plus position forever and then combine into one and make another big plus or minus. Then you reach God's True Love at last. Once you are there you have completed your ambition. Your self is full up, your five senses are full up, your mind and body are full up. Then you are in the heavenly world where many are waiting to welcome you to the enjoyable surroundings. How much happiness you will enjoy at that time, how much joy God will feel to embrace you at last! He will say, "You came here my son, my daughter, making one family forever and ever." That is our peaceful, ideal home. How wonderful it is! Do you want to have that kind of world? (Yes!) You want to be like me? (Yes!) How can you do that? You are in the children's position and Father is in the parents' position. Parents make their children like them. Do you understand? They have the same content, same position, same level, which is forever valuable. Do you agree?

What is conscience? (Our second God.) What does your second God tell you? It keeps on teaching and telling you that we need to clean up this mess. The thousands of years of stained blood lineage will be cut off and cleaned. You should obey. From now on you have to connect your generation to the next generation and on and on. Do you understand? (Pointing to one sister.) Her face is that of an analyzing kind of woman. (Laughter.)

We understand now, so who was I? I was born as the partner of God. Without His partner, God cannot perfect Himself and man or woman alone cannot become such a partner for God. It requires couples and then God comes in between. God is the root of Adam's life, love and blood lineage, so when Adam and Eve would have been ready to marry, God would have come and become the root of both of them and joined them together. Do you understand? By the marriage of Adam and Eve, these two portions of God would be placed together and become a perfect partner of God. Eventually God would be perfected though their help. That was the significance of Adam and Eve's blessing.

God is vertical. (Father draws on the board.) This is God and this is children. The children grow up as brothers and sisters, growing through the different stages. It is like elementary school, high school and college. These brothers and sisters will be connected centering upon their parents at each level. It is as though the invisible God is revealed through these physical children. Vertically, God is still existing here as the center, yet horizontally they reveal God here. This portion here is the visible world and this top portion is the invisible world. One is in the subject position and one is in the object position, like plus and minus. This represents the marriage between man and woman, when the invisible world and the visible world are centered here in the middle. Man and woman, representing plus and minus, merge together at that central point and marry there. This invisible God is revealed through different stages: the children's stage, growth stage, couple's stage, and parents' stage. Eventually, this invisible being God and the visibly revealed God will come together. Through this marriage the perfection of brotherhood is possible.

It takes place from four different angles, vertically and horizontally. Even spiritual children will play a role here and become totally combined and circular movement will take place. It is the point of the perfection of children, perfection of brotherhood and perfection of couples. The perfection of husband and wife love is the completion of all types of love. Therefore, your wife is a daughter of God and your husband is a son of God. At the same time, your wife is your younger sister. Your wife is like the invisible sung sang within God and you are like the visible sung sang of God. Once the two of you become one in the center then you become parents, and God is there as a Parent. Centered upon True Love you become the second parents next to God. Just as God created His children we begin to create our children as parents. As a man we can take the place of God, as a perfected object of God, only when we produce our children and raise them as brothers and sisters, then on to the position where they marry and become a couple who themselves produce children. That is the time we should feel the same type of joy and happiness that God felt when He created human beings.

Our conscience is our vertical self and our body is our horizontal self. Do you understand? The invisible God reveals Himself through our body as a visible God and this expands to the family level. Who was I? The conclusion is that I was the one who was supposed to inherit all this from God, that is who I was. The world is an extension of myself. When you look at the world you will see many different levels of people. Some are your children's age, your brothers' and sisters' age, wife's age, mother's age and even grandparents' age. The base for all these different levels of people is the family; it just needs to expand and it becomes the world.

Centering upon your ideal family in this way, you can consider the entire world as an object and you revolve together as subject and object. Those people living in this kind of world will automatically enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This world is a training ground. Do you understand? It is the training ground for Heavenly Kingdom citizens. This vertical line has only one dot with no space. That is why in the spiritual world no reproduction takes place. Only here in our horizontal, physical world can reproduction occur. This world is like a manufacturing plant because we have 360 different angles and therefore we have area and space where we produce. Each family is an individual factory where we produce heavenly citizens which means that the household is the factory for man in this world. Once the direction is set right for the families then we don't even have to educate our children. They will just naturally follow because everybody, even children, have their own God. No teaching is necessary. Because of the Fall of Man nobody understood this and that is why we needed education. Father's conclusion this morning to the question "Who was I?" is "My ideal family is the training ground where we can train ourselves to become heavenly citizens and embrace this entire world and lead it together to the Kingdom of Heaven." Amen. (Amen.) Do you clearly understand? Once you clearly know the truth then the truth itself will liberate you. You don't need prayer life. Make sure that you worship your conscience. No matter what orders and directions come from your conscience, just obey. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, it doesn't depend upon external conditions, just totally obey your conscience. Then automatically you will become a heavenly citizen. Amen. (Amen.) Even this snowy Sunday morning while you were sleeping, your conscience kept urging you to go to Belvedere to hear Father and you followed. Even if it is a heavy rain day with stormy weather, if your conscience tells you to go then you go. If your conscience tells you to go to the battlefield then you should wake up and go. By following your conscience you will never lose. Do you understand?

When Father first came to America it was at the prompting of his conscience that kept urging him to come here. Even though he knew there could be opposition, his conscience kept urging him to come. Therefore Father did come to America and clearly faced many different types of opposition, yet he is still here. Did Father lose or win? (Win.) Now America is following behind Father's step and if Father has to go then America will have to go together with him. Do you feel good? (Yes!) (Applause.) Please receive God's blessing and grace; that is why Father has given you this morning's sermon.

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